New Moon Aquarius – February 2021 – Unravelling Structures

New Moon Aquarius

A great many changes are in play right now. Looking at the alignments for this New Moon, it’s a fair bet that something is likely changing or coming to an end on your end as well, some coming out of the blue. There’s plenty of opportunity here, however, if one is able to keep their head straight and see where the streams will take them.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 23 Aqu 16’45” on February 11th, 2021 11:05:39 PDT (19:05:39 UTC). This lunar cycle, being in Aquarius, involves friendships, the unconventional, and our hopes and ambitions in a way. The main aspect of any New Moon is, of course, Sun conjunct Moon, notating new beginnings, fresh starts, and the shifting of gears into a new focus for the next four weeks. Aquarius is ruled both by Saturn and Uranus, so there’s a good bit of give and take, some rebellion, and of course going against the grain of orthodoxy. Traditional ways of doing things just don’t appeal to us all that well during this season, hence the always-seeming arms race of changing things up around this time of year.

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

Just one direct aspect to this New Moon, and it’s kind of weak.

New Moon Aquarius Square Mars in Taurus

This is a bit of a rough one, but it’s a wide orb so is rather muted. Mars in Taurus can represent some drive and ambition in terms of security and finances, and of course in securing resources as well. While we want to use the Aquarian energy and pursue some matters that matter more to us and our sense of belonging, Mars squaring that denotes the ever-present drive of having to pay the rent and the bills, and also the notion that we shouldn’t be spendthrifts right now. Resources could be a bit limited, which also reduces what we have available for spending with friends or on our hopes and dreams. Speculation may not be the best move right now without double and triple-checking things, especially when it comes to money.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

More craziness in yet another lunar period. Maybe a little less crazy than the previous lunar cycle.

Jupiter Conjunct Venus in Aquarius Square Black Moon Lilith, Mars, and Uranus in Taurus

This is a wide spread of squares to a conjunction between the two benefics of our solar system, and thus the Taurus portions aren’t really conjunct with one another, disjointing the energies a little bit here. Now Jupiter and Venus together in Aquarius, this can indicate some major optimism when it comes to hopes, our friendships, and activities we like to do with others normally. That said, the tight square to Black Moon Lilith in Taurus suggests some conflict when it comes to hidden matters of resources and stability. Perhaps someone keeping secrets from others when it comes to how much they’re spending as one example. With Jupiter and Venus making wide square to Uranus, there’s a further element of sudden events and surprises regarding money, valuables, and finances further complicating our relationships and friendships at this time. On the other side of the equation, the wide square from Mars towards the benefic duo also suggests some conflict and perhaps even arguments regarding property and money. This combination indicates more volatility in the markets, similar to what we saw with the WallStreetBets subreddit and the GameStop stock event that still seems to be ongoing. Certainly not a good time to short sell more stock than is available, as a particular hedge fund discovered last lunar cycle, and similar energies are still in play.

Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius

This aspect also denotes some caution when it comes to unbridled optimism with friends and breaking traditions. Mercury in its retrograde motion signifies some review is necessary in how we deal with our friends and acquaintances. Also, rocking the boat when it comes to others’ expectations of ourselves can lead us into a bit of hot water right now. Still, if there’s something you need to go back to and double-check, that can work well right now.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Square Mars in Taurus

This is where it gets a little more dicey. Mercury square Mars can bring arguments, big ones too. Mercury retrograde during this square can indicate the past coming back to haunt you, sort of like the wheel of karma in a way. Misdeeds and misadventures you thought you might have gotten away with before have a tendency to pop back up now, and these will have to be dealt with one way or another. Hopefully we haven’t been telling too many tall tales and making promises we weren’t going to be able to keep, as that very concept will likely be confronted now.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Trine North Node in Gemini

Sometimes we have to go back to the basics, retreat, and regroup. Mercury retrograde trining the North Node can be helpful in going back over older notes and making sure that we’re still somewhat on the right path to get to where we want to go in the future. Perhaps conditions have changed enough that we need to revise our planning for our most important goals. If the way forward isn’t clear, take a step back now and see where you need to change your approach. Perhaps reaching out to someone you trust can help now.

Mars in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces

We can be more proactive now in confronting our illusions and fantasies now. Perhaps something we’ve been speculating about has changed, and now we need to see past the wishful thinking. We can see through this with some more clarity now, though it will require us to be a bit more honest about our circumstances. Perhaps more physically-demanding methods of enlightenment, such as yoga, will be of benefit for some now as well. Don’t be afraid to try different ways of opening and unlocking your mind, provided they serve us well and aren’t coming from malicious beings. That said, we should have an increased ability to ward those off now with this sextile in force.

Saturn in Aquarius Sextile Chiron in Aries

Self-discipline and self-discovery are essential right now in resolving some previous wounds and hurts. Perhaps a change in diet is necessary, and we may also recognize the need to put our foot down and no longer submit to peer pressure when it comes to breaking bad habits. In another way of this aspect coming about, we could find some of our friends being effective accountability partners for helping getting past a stumbling block right now.

Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Now this aspect can be a bit contentious. We’ve got the planet of rebellion and sudden changes in a sign associated with staying the course and being stable, so Uranus doesn’t really like being there. Saturn represents discipline, following advice, performing tasks, and it’s in it’s other home sign which is associated with upstarts and unconventionality. Don’t expect others to easily do what you ask them to do right now. Perhaps you find a willing assistant, but do take care that they don’t help you in a way that winds up being unhelpful. One example of this could be hiring someone to perform some chores, and you tell them to do a task one way, but they do that task a different way other than how you wanted it, or they try to be helpful and do some extra cleaning which actually winds up ruining an item you were saving. Be very clear what tasks you want done right now, and how you want those tasks done or not done.

Neptune in Pisces Square North Node in Gemini

Things are still unclear regarding the illusions and mysteries that surround us right now, and we’re still feeling pulled in different directions. We could still be dealing with mental issues and blocks from the past, and these blocks are probably muddling our clarity as to what the future should be. We can also find ourselves unable to clearly express what we want to say right now, relying more on wishful thinking that may or may not be helpful. Perhaps our own imaginations and daydreaming are getting in the way of what we need to do, or what we want to do right now. This is also a time where we need to confront addictions, and break the bottle as it were (or the screen, or the slot machine). Be clear with yourself about what you want to accomplish in life right now, and then peer past the veil of the BS and see where you’re holding yourself back. This is also a time where what we thought gives us relaxation and respite may instead be feeding our own addictions and may be mere distractions.

Asteroids Aspecting the New Moon

There’s a few interesting asteroid patterns aspecting the New Moon this cycle…

New Moon Aquarius Conjunct Pallas

This New Moon cycle brings some needed clarity when it comes to what is wise and unwise right now, and we can also expect matters of law to be handled during this cycle. The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump serves as one example of this, as the senators in the U.S. Senate are to act as jurors for this matter.

Asteroid Yod: New Moon Aquarius Quincunx 1862 Apollo Retrograde and 99942 Apophis Retrograde in Virgo, and 149 Medusa Retrograde in Cancer

This is a time where we may be feeling like we should be shining bright, but we’re not sure how to shine that light. We may be afraid of rejection or of somehow ruining something, and perhaps we’re wary of being betrayed somehow, perhaps thinking we’re less attractive than we actually are. It’s easy to fall victim to self-sabotage right now, especially around a day people normally seek some sort of companionship, and we still have a raging pandemic around us. Don’t betray yourself or your health (or sanity for that matter) for a fleeting fling.

New Moon Aquarius Semisextile 5264 Telephus in Pisces

This lunar cycle may act as a trigger for more sixth-sense matters, such as picking up more on others’ feelings, or perhaps some more metaphysical sensations (such as hearing voices or seeing orbs) comes about for some. Be watchful and mindful now.

New Moon Aquarius Sextile Eris in Aries, and 5239 Reiki in Sagittarius

This set of sextiles could help us find some sort of healing or rejuvenation in the face of the ongoing chaos of the times. Perhaps the ongoing pandemic inspires some of us to seek better healing and taking care of ourselves to ward away the worst of outcomes from this and other ailments.

New Moon Aquarius Square 307 Nike in Scorpio, and 4179 Toutatis in Taurus (Asteroid T-Square)

This lunar cycle will have us feeling like we want to get up and go, yet we may be pinned down by restrictions and events beyond our control. Again, the pandemic and the health restrictions it brings being an example of this (such as stay at home orders and closure or restrictions on gyms). It will take more effort to get started on paths to victory now, but they’re still possible (and the rewards may be even better for overcoming such challenges).

New Moon Aquarius Trine 1027 Aesculapia and 258 Tyche Retrograde in Libra, and 14827 Hypnos Retrograde in Gemini (Asteroid Air Grand Trine)

This combination also denotes some sort of healing potential, perhaps in the form of mental health disciplines. This would be a good time to engage in hobbies and side projects that calm us and bring us a further sense of clarity, such as a creative project (painting, writing, etc.). We must take better care of ourselves now.

To Sum it All Up

Another rough lunar cycle with the series of squares, particularly to Mars, but not all of the challenges will be insurmountable. We need to be mindful of what’s going on around us and remain calmer than we’ve probably been right now if we’re going to get through the next few weeks. Of course, there are the other positive aspects where we can invoke our inner discipline and make sure we can heal ourselves better from the toxic miasma that’s been current events.

Definitely make some time for yourself right now, and be mindful of physical symptoms. There is the possibility that we may be experiencing some “as above, so below” moments which may feel strange now too. Pay special attention to your intuition and sixth sense now, and as far as money is concerned, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket right now either.

Hopefully the next lunar cycle in Pisces will be a bit easier after this one. For now, set some awesome intentions and make the hard choices and changes you need to make now so you don’t leave yourself behind.