Full Moon Aquarius – Aquarius 2020 – Breaking Point

Full Moon Aquarius

We are in the midst of a major storm, so to speak. We’re at another culmination point of a lunar cycle, and this one is intense beyond intensity. I may be biased given the transits to my own chart… or am I? I’m not going to sugarcoat this: the next two weeks are going to be quite challenging, and the hard aspects all going off at once with this Full Moon are just one reason why. Remember, there is that free will thing too. At any rate, the trends coming up are quite… earth-shaking. I will also note here that we are now in the Mars pre-retrograde shadow period, so we are definitely seeing an uptick in Mars-related activity as well (aggression, quick action, virility, I’d even argue pride associated with conflict.)

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 11 Aqu 45’50” on August 3rd, 2020 08:58:45 (AM) PDT (15:58:45 (3:58:45 PM) UTC). This Full Moon takes place in the eleventh sign of Aquarius, a fixed air-elemental sign associated with social bonds, unconventionality, friends, basically society in general (as opposed to the tenth-house themes of career and reputation). Aquarius is ruled by Uranus as well as Saturn, which is pertinent as Uranus is making a direct aspect to this Full Moon which we will get into shortly. Naturally, we have the primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon, and with Sun in Leo (in its domicile), the focus is on what makes us feel good, children, short-term relations, entertainment, and games. Normally this is a pretty social Full Moon, though the circumstances surrounding us are throwing a few monkeys into the wrench this time around.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

There’s a couple direct aspects this time, one is pretty critical in my view.

Full Moon Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

This is the big one for this lunar cycle. Uranus is, of course, not in a happy place in Taurus as Uranus is rebellion, sudden change, and Taurus is stability, the rock on which we base our resources. The Full Moon squaring this indicates a major shift when it comes to our social circles, our notions of fun, recreational activities, and society in general. Everything is in upheaval right now, and the situation is fast changing. I just read a headline that Melbourne, Australia, is entering a lockdown-curfew phase again, and this would certainly serve as an example of social circles and fun-seeking being disrupted heavily. As we have just seen an expiration of benefits here in the United States too, we are seeing further disruptions in resources. This isn’t an easy T-Square here, and we can expect more disruptions for the duration of the last half of this lunar cycle.

Full Moon Aquarius Sextile Chiron Retrograde in Aries

This aspect is a bit softer than that Uranus square, and this indicates a time where we are considering how we’ve hurt ourselves in the past, sacrificing our identity and our selves for causes and people that have not been fully appreciative, and we are in a review period where we are considering what we need to do to close up these wounds. We need to consider what we need to do to move forward into more appreciative and useful paths and people in our lives.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

There are a great deal of other aspects happening as the Full Moon goes exact, and many of them are quite harsh. Brace yourselves.

Mercury in Cancer Opposite Saturn Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

If there’s any indicator of harsh messages playing out when it comes to home vs public matters, this would be one of those. Saturn and Pluto are both considered conjunct again, and Saturn will get closer, so we do have that level of upheaval to consider right now. A great deal of messages, communication, harsh words, and perhaps protestations and announcements of separations are likely now. This can also be a bit rough on the work-from-home crowd for different reasons, such as internet outages, lost emails, and surprise terminations. On the other hand, perhaps this is a time where you need to pull the trigger on some major changes you need to make in your life too to further your career or regain some stability in your home life. (This plays well with the Full Moon sextile Chiron retrograde aspect).

Mercury in Cancer Semisextile North Node and Venus in Gemini

This is a triggering aspect that is quite pertinent to our pursuit of romance, money, valuables, and that which we desire, as well as our greater mission in life. We definitely want to grab hold of that which will propel us further along our greater destiny, such as “the one” when it comes to relationships, a nice chunk of change so we don’t have to worry about where our next meal comes into play, and even fitness and health concerns so we can enjoy these things longer (very pertinent concerns right now!)… And we’re going to be hearing some news that plays into this, for good or for ill. It will largely depend on our own individual situations and how these aspects impact your own natal thumbprint.

Venus and North Node in Gemini Quincunx Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

Certainly a tough and unclear time when it comes to money, finances, our placement in careers, and self-discipline, we are finding that things are too unclear to plan ahead as we are getting conflicting messages in these regards now. If you don’t believe me, check the news cycle and check multiple sources to cross-reference and verify. Some of the circumstances hamstringing us may be self-inflicted, so check and see that you’re doing everything that you can to advance your goals, and that you aren’t self-sabotaging your efforts to build up to the better life you desire. Perhaps something you’ve counted on in the past to keep you on track or that you’ve disregarded in the past is holding you back now.

Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Aries Square Pluto Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

This is perhaps one of the most harsh aspects we can be seeing right now. Jupiter generally amplifies what it touches, and being retrograde and weakened in Capricorn, we are not seeing a whole hell of a lot of good fortune right now! Pluto conjunct Jupiter, that’s a major shift in world affairs as well, and Pluto retrograde is forcing a lot of revision and review, especially in the context of government entities and institutions. Mars square Pluto is a pretty big indicator of conflict normally too, and with Mars and Black Moon Lilith joining? We have the potential for a lot of long-buried and forbidden knowledge bubbling up to the surface like a volcanic geyser. And both of these square both Pluto and Jupiter joined? More salacious devilry from the deep hidden realms are going to come to the forefront and wreak all sorts of havoc. Recommend exercising as many self-preservation protocols as possible during these next couple of weeks. I would also say expect more scandals to come to the surface, particularly salacious sex scandals. The Ghislaine Maxwell case isn’t going away, so watch that very closely…

Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Aries Semisextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

This triggering phase could be a bit interesting… so Mars and Black Moon Lilith together is considerably more forceful in driving the hidden mystery, the occult, the sacred feminine touched by the fire of the masculine in this instance. Neptune retrograde in Pisces, its home sign, brings mysticism, introspection, and can sow the seeds of mental illness in the worst of circumstances. Mars and Black Moon Lilith semisextile this will bring some rather interesting visions in meditation at this time, and you may feel an urgency in whatever missions and magickal workings you have going on for the next couple of weeks during this aspect as well, stronger at this time as Mars passes over Lilith. Sex magick now would be highly potent, and potentially with catastrophic results, so I would advise serious caution right now if you’re engaging in that, especially if not in a monogamous union (pandemic concerns aside)!

Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Sextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

If there’s a time of deep introspection and epiphanies, this would be it my friends. Jupiter and Pluto together is the demolishing of structures we’ve come to depend on, and both of these sextiling the planet of mystery and high spirituality, well, there’s a lot of messages to process from the aether here. Those gut feelings, those inner inklings of more to this reality than meets the three-dimensional eyes in our heads? Those are particularly important, especially now. And the dream visions to come in all of this? Oh, absolutely be paying attention to those right now. Meditation and prayer will also be quite productive and beneficial right now, though perhaps in ways you do not expect or desire. Try to keep an open mind to the visions and feelings you see and feel, and do use your best judgment to determine if these are coming from Spirit/Universe/God/Creator/etc… or if these images are coming from something far more malevolent meant to betray you. Remember, Mars and Black Moon Lilith are united right now, so there’s a great deal of occult activity going on whether you believe in it or not. Make sure you’re grounded and centered right now, especially now.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

Asteroids are a sort of spice that add a new dimension to the reading, and though this Full Moon doesn’t have a large amount of aspects to asteroids, the ones that are there paint a rather interesting picture…

Full Moon Aquarius Opposite 55 Pandora, 2601 Bologna, 3402 Wisdom, and 4955 Gold in Leo

This is an interesting combination of asteroids I’m seeing here, all conjunct the Sun to boot. Pandora represents the unleashing of factors that we cannot control, in accordance with the Pandora’s Box myth. Wisdom and Bologna together seem to suggest that we watch out for “knowledge” and “wisdom” that is supposedly sound, but is in reality malarkey, and vice versa… to not dismiss actual useful knowledge out of hand thinking it’s pure BS. Gold opposite the Moon, this plays into the other asteroids as the chaos of the other three impact this one as well, and I think this indicates some decidedly strong impacts to the economy at large right now, and with a square to Uranus? Not in the best of ways, unless one can harness the chaos effectively and beneficially to make profit… but will that be used to benefit the people at large? In many cases, I somehow doubt it.

Full Moon Aquarius Quincunx 5325 Silver in Virgo

Another awkward aspect regarding the Full Moon and another monetary/career asteroid, we will need to watch our pennies and nickels right now. Also, considering that silver also has known antibacterial properties, we need to be very watchful of information we see right now that purports to be the panacea against COVID-19. Follow the money in all studies, and also consider the implications of all health advice given. While this is usually outside the scope of this asteroid, the health usage potential of this element compels me to add the health angle here.

Full Moon Aquarius Semisextile 4179 Toutatis Retrograde in Capricorn, and Nessus Retrograde and Ceres Retrograde in Pisces

This is a set of asteroid triggering patterns I really don’t like seeing here. This suggests to me some obsessions, compulsions, and abuses in the home space right now. Domestic violence survivors should be on guard at this time, especially for the next two weeks, especially if still in those environments. Toutatis amplifies things, however, Toutatis would be sextile Nessus/Ceres, so perhaps some interventions are amplified at this time? Do what you must to keep yourself and your children safe is my suggestion.

Full Moon Aquarius Sextile 100 Hekate in Sagittarius

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a good bit of occult energy to this Full Moon cycle given the Mars/Black Moon Lilith link. That said, there’s also something to be said about being at a crossroads and needing to decide on a path. Hekate would also be trine Mars/Black Moon Lilith right now, allowing for a “regulation” or “throttling” of the occult influences right now. There is a lot of wisdom we can learn in silence right now, so do not fear the unknown, and trust that the right path will be made known to you.

Full Moon Aquarius Square 42355 Typhon in Scorpio

This asteroid is effectively completing a Grand Cross when considering the Full Moon square to Uranus in Taurus. Typhon is an amplification asteroid from what I know, and from other postings I’ve read online, also is a disaster asteroid that we should be watchful for. Exercise heavy caution and know the signs of natural disasters over the next couple of weeks (the East Coast Hurricane notwithstanding). Typhon sounds close to “typhoon”, another name for a hurricane, but could also indicate an uptick in seismic activity. We’ll see if the seismic notion bears fruit, however.

Full Moon Aquarius Trine 8690 Swindle in Libra

Finally, an asteroid named similarly to a form of lying and deception, especially as it’s conjunct fixed star Algorab (in Corvus, the Crow, not to be confused with Algol), well, this is particularly important. The trine aspect indicates some good omens here, however, in that a lie and some swindling that’s been propelled for awhile is likely to either be exposed, or heavily mitigated. As always, use your best judgment and don’t fall into the trap of sweet talkers.

In Closing

To sum up this Full Moon, holy hell there’s a lot of potential for mayhem and chaos, but also for some renewal and self-reflection, and even some setup for taking steps to get your life back on track. Spirituality and self-reflection is the order of the day here, and patience will need to be called for as things are not going to resemble “normal” anytime soon. In fact, we really just don’t know what “normal” will be several months from now at this point, much less even a few weeks from now.

Globally, expect a lot of movement, and a lot of frenetic chaos.

Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe, as much as you can. We’re not through the entire storm yet. And keep in mind: the United States Pluto Return is less than two years away, and I have a feeling that’s going to affect the entire planet. Also, we are in the Mars pre-retrograde shadow period. Fires of discontent are going to amplify. Whatever major moves you are able to make, finish them soon if you can, because once Mars goes retrograde, it’s going to be even more dicey.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll see you again soon. Until next time, peace.