Full Moon Pisces – September 2020 – Hekate at the Crossroads

Full Moon Pisces

This is a lunar cycle for the books. We’re up to the culmination point of this cycle, and it is just getting more and more intense. We are at a crossroads, and this one I sense the goddess Hekate lighting the way. Which path we take at the crossroads, that is for each of us to decide. There will be a great many reckonings regardless of what we choose.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 10 Pis 12’18” on September 1st, 2020 22:22:03 (10:22:03 PM) PDT (September 2nd, 2020 05:22:03 (AM) UTC). This Full Moon occurs in the twelfth sign of Pisces, a mutable water elemental sign associated with illusions, deep emotions, fears, institutionalizations of differing forms, intuition and psychic awareness, and hidden enemies. Things are not clear right now, and this also plays into the primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon, where the Sun is in the sixth sign of Virgo (service, jobs, obligations, health). Our collective mental health will very much be in focus right now.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Surprisingly, as far as major bodies go, there is only one aspect to speak of that directly aspects the Full Moon this time.

Full Moon Pisces Sextile Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

The Full Moon making a flowing sextile to rebellious Uranus in Taurus, further affected by being retrograde, does allow for some intuition and reading between the lines when it comes to our resources, our money, and our possessions. Are we feeling weighted down by the physical concerns of the world? This may be the time we start letting that crap go. You should be able to think a bit more clearly on what you want to keep, and what you can discard or give away now. Remember that you can’t take it all with you at the end. Perhaps a flash of inspiration leads to new gains down the road as well. Another possibility is stumbling onto an old idea you’ve jotted down somewhere, something that might be more meaningful to you than what you’re doing now. Full-steam ahead isn’t advised right now, but you can plan for the future when an opportunity opens up. Those times will come again.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

It’s the other aspects that are happening during this Full Moon culmination that concern me greatly.

Mercury in Virgo Quincunx Black Moon Lilith in Aries

Right now our focus as far as communicating and travelling seems to be on the essentials, and there are some devils in the details we may be overlooking. There are hidden undercurrents that are demanding to be heard, and quite forcefully as we are continuing to see in the events playing out in multiple cities here in the United States (as well as in Germany with the protests at the Reichstag, itself a concerning omen). There are some secrets in the shadows that are waiting to come out, and they don’t want to wait long. We are also seeing some major players who are reaping what they sow now as well, such as porn star Ron Jeremy and the multiple allegations of sexual assault coming to the forefront. He’s just one example of what we do in life coming back to haunt us during this period.

Mercury in Virgo Trine Saturn Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn and Pluto together are a powerhouse, and this is a time where public structures and institutions such as governments are going through great upheaval. We have some obligations and duties to consider as these events unfold, and we can use the trine between Mercury in Virgo and these two juggernauts to determine a proper course of action to collectively set things onto a better course. The trine also allows us to see the cracks in the foundations a bit better and can give us ample space and time to get out of the way of the worst of the collapses that may come. Now, a total ripping apart of these structures doesn’t have to happen, but they are likely. Call out attention to what needs to be changed, or conversely, this trine between Mercury and Saturn/Pluto can act as a warning to hold back until a better time and place to speak comes (like if doing so would put you in immediate and unnecessary danger).

Mercury in Virgo Sextile Venus in Cancer

We may be experiencing a greater desire to speak out or be sending/receiving messages regarding some possible home improvements right now, or perhaps we’re finding ways to beautify our homesteads even in the face of uncertain times. This can be as simple as picking up a few new plants at a garden to decorate your kitchen table. This could also involve some creative flourish like starting or finishing a painting to hang on the wall. Relationships with loved ones in the homestead should be a little more harmonious now, or at the very least there can be productive conversations regarding some of the other goings on.

Mercury in Virgo Opposite Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

This is where it gets a little bit more murky. This is a weak opposition, so things aren’t as unclear as they could be, and its a separating opposition at that. Do pay close attention to communications you’re having, especially when it comes to your job and other obligations, but do watch out for any hidden signals or other things hidden between the lines. It can be easy to miss some nuances right now, so do be aware of players with ulterior motives.

Mercury in Virgo Square North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius (on Galactic Center)

This is a time where we will need to consider what’s being said quite closely for the next couple of weeks. This plays into the crossroads aspect a bit as we are seeing where past choices have led us, and what we should be saying or writing in regards to the future. Local and national level affairs will play most harshly into this. Pay close attention to both what is being said, and what is not being said right now.

T-Square: Mars in Aries Square Saturn Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, and Venus in Cancer

This is one of the harshest T-Squares we could be having right now, and it’s part of the longer Mars square Saturn/Pluto transits that will be occurring for the next several months. Mars square Saturn is rough enough, and invokes the image of power struggles, clashes with authority figures, and wanting to going on affairs but being held back. Mars square Pluto is another contentious part of this aspect, and this can signify even more severe power struggles and also the tendency and possibility of violence. Mars square Venus can be pretty harsh if handled badly, and can imply loss of resources, destruction of valuables, or if handled well can imply some rather explosive and steamy sexual encounters.

Given that Venus is opposing Saturn and Pluto while all are squaring Mars, this points to a period where there will be an increase in property damage (including burglary, arson, and general mayhem), and with all of this together, we can expect further uprisings and riots, as well as other protests for a great many causes. Protests that start off peaceful are not likely to remain so for long, and you can expect agent provocateurs to egg the more destructive elements on. If you must go into an area where protests or demonstrations are being held, take every precaution you can.

I’d advise staying away from cities experiencing heavy unrest if at all possible right now. Getting caught in crossfire is likely.

This could also imply an international incident or series of events that could lead to a near miss at best, possible skirmish, and outbreaks of war at worst. Be ready for anything.

Mars in Aries Sextile North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius

Fortunately, Mars does also make a softer aspect to the nodes, with a greater emphasis on where we are drawn to retreat to with the trine to the South Node. This allows us to use Mars’ energies to identify where we’ve actually done well in the past, and apply that to working on a better future. We just need to be smart about it, and it won’t be as easy considering that Mars is about to enter a lengthy retrograde period. Use this time to consider which way you want to go, into the future for better things, or into the past to shore up what needs fixed. Why not both?

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

The asteroids aspecting the Full Moon are a bit interesting this time around, with one aspect rather alarming given the other major aspects going on.

Full Moon Pisces Conjunct Nessus Retrograde

This is a rather concerning conjunction, as Nessus represents obsessions at best, and abuse at its utter worst. Given the Mars T-Square going on elsewhere in the chart, it is important to understand the gravity of obsessive and abusive behaviors for the next couple of weeks. Compromise is something that I feel will not be at the forefront of many decisions, and I would also further interpret this as an escalation of self-destructive behaviors. Definitely keep those tendencies in check in your own lives if you can, and protect yourself from those who would give no care about others at this time, especially now.

Full Moon Pisces Opposite 258 Tyche, 9770 Discovery, 389 Industria, and 407 Arachne in Virgo

This combination, along with the Virgo Sun, implies that some major discovery could be in store regarding health industrialization and productivity. Arachne implies snares or bringing things together, such as a spider’s web. I suspect this will likely culminate in some important news regarding a vaccine or other immunology advance in relation to the current pandemic, though this remains to be seen.

Full Moon Pisces Quincunx Vesta, 2063 Bacchus, 896 Sphinx, and 26955 Lie in Leo, and 128 Nemesis in Libra

This asteroid Yod to the Full Moon is a bit interesting… on one side of the equation, we’ve got matters regarding riddles and possibly ciphers (perhaps cryptography?), intoxication, and deceptions, and on the other side we’ve got an asteroid that implies enemies and adversaries in the seventh sign of relationships and partnerships. It’s likely that some further news of debauchery and sex scandals will be coming out into the open. Again, further developments in the Ron Jeremy trial are likely, though I suspect there will be other major, perhaps political figures, snared by further revelations. We are a couple months away from election day here in the US, so anything is possible.

Full Moon Pisces Sextile 34 Circe, 15845 Bambi, and 829 Academia in Taurus, and 16089 Lamb in Capricorn

Another interesting asteroid Minor Grand Trine… it would seem on one side we have an asteroid concerning academics and learning, along with an occult asteroid denoting witchcraft among other things and one prey animal, and the other side of this from the Full Moon we see another prey animal. Perhaps a sign that the meed shall inherit the Earth… or perhaps an omen of liberation of those who would be preyed on by predators. A reminder that Nessus is also in range of conjuncting this Full Moon and is therefore within the asteroid Minor Grand Trine as well. Perhaps the hunters become hunted, or perhaps those that would be hunted will wind up being protected in some way (assuming they wisely avoid the predators).

Full Moon Pisces Square 1912 Anubic in Gemini, and 4464 Vulcano and 1488 Aura in Sagittarius

This is an explosive combination of squares, I think. Anubis, conjunct fixed star Aldebaran forms one side of an asteroid Grand Cross (considering the opposition to some pretty industrial and productive asteroids), and on the other side you have Vulcano and Aura with fixed star Antares. Anubis is considered an occult asteroid and in mythology he was the guardian of the underworld. On the other side you have an asteroid associated with auras (the energy field surrounding living beings) and a rather volcanic asteroid in name, and the influence of a particularly incendiary star to boot.

I would hope this would not point to a massive conflict leading to a large loss of life in a conflagration. As provocative as the current times are, this is a possibility. Do exercise caution when travelling and going about daily business at this time.

Full Moon Pisces Trine 42355 Typhon in Scorpio and 149 Medusa in Cancer

Finally, a small asteroid Water Grand Trine to the Full Moon from one asteroid that I believe is prominent in some disasters (Typhon… think typhoons or hurricanes) and the other is named for a priestess that was cursed to become a gorgon, and is associated with betrayal. This implies that disaster aid should be forthcoming for those areas ravaged by recent storms, but do check for the devil in the details as there could be some hidden snares and petrifying surprises.

In Closing

This is a rather intense Full Moon we’re having here, and with the Mars T-Square occurring at the same time right before Mars goes retrograde, we’re in for a rough ride. Do be aware of dangerous situations for the next couple of weeks beyond viral concerns, and don’t go looking for trouble right now. It’s likely that trouble will reach out and find you if you’re not careful, so definitely keep the spiritual protections up and be vigilant wherever you go now. Remember, we are at a major decision point here. Choose your options wisely.

As it is getting a bit late, I will knock off here. Peace.