New Moon Libra – October 2020 – Light the Match

New Moon Libra

Another short one, but no less important than the previous New Moon. This lunar cycle will be one of the most challenging we will face in this lifetime, and given the active aspects, is almost as powerful as an eclipse.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 23 Lib 53’28” on October 16th, 2020 12:31:01 (PM) PDT (19:31:01 (7:31:01 PM) UTC). This lunar cycle points to our relationships and partnerships with others, be it romantic, marriage, business, or long-term colleagues. As this New Moon involves Sun conjunct Moon, this is indicative of new unions, endings of unions, and perhaps revival of alliances. As Libra is ruled by Venus, the attractiveness and desirability of who we decide to spend time with and work with will be of heightened prominence. This would also apply to greater alliances such as political factions and sports team loyalties.

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

There is a lot going on with this New Moon as far as aspecting other bodies.

T-Square: New Moon Libra on Fixed Star Spica Opposite Mars Retrograde in Aries, Square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn

This is a major, MAJOR aspect going on here! Let’s start with the New Moon conjuncting Spica. The New Moon here is actually quite fortunate, as this can portend major fortune and gains being possible, and is said to be an insulating influence to the “Via Combusta,” which is the span of the Zodiac between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio. With the potential of major gains in wealth, with the T-Square configuration, it will take a lot of work. We should also note the possibility of major losses of fame and fortune as well given the difficult aspects linking to this.

Now, New Moon opposing Mars retrograde in Aries portends difficulties and potential energy drains. We may be wanting to move forward and get out of the mud right now, but the fuel is lacking, or there’s another issue blocking us. We may also be facing increased aggression by those who would be challenged by our actions and success. Diplomatic solutions are unlikely to bear the best fruit right now, so you will need to be on your toes.

The apex of the T-Square, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn… this is where things are incredibly ramped up. Jupiter being in Capricorn is not the best position for it, and its optimism is somewhat muted by the sign’s influence (being ruled by Saturn). Pluto with this amplifies things greatly, bringing the end of particular societal structures and the potential for new ones to sprout up and flourish. Saturn restricts, constricts, and enforces discipline here. With all three being in a loose conjunction, what we see is an amplification of the tearing down of the structures we’ve come to rely on, and the sowing of seeds for the next phase in human civilization. I would also argue that there is the potential for a natural disaster with this configuration, so have emergency plans and preparations in place. Those who navigate this lunar cycle and especially the few days surrounding this New Moon can make major gains with the proper planning and hard work, and perhaps a little luck.

New Moon Libra Trine North Node in Gemini

This aspect is a more fortunate one, in that we can take initiative and have some strokes of luck in moving towards a better life for ourselves. There’s a lot of lessons we’ll need to learn with the sextile to the South Node in Sagittarius, of course, but the better lessons from the past can be used to better plan for the future. Not a time to be wasting on trivial matters.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

There are a couple primary aspects we really need to look at which will color the lunar cycle coming up.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Yes, Mercury just entered its retrograde period a few days prior, so communications, travel, technology, these things are all highlighted and affected right now. There is a great deal of hidden secrets that are going to come to the forefront, perhaps some things that have been unsaid up until this moment in time, and it’s causing quite a stir. Hidden matters that have either been forgotten about or buried under a mountain of lies and deception? Those are going to come out to play now too. Expect plenty of “October Surprises” for now. Do not take things at face value as what one thought was ironclad before can shift suddenly, sometimes by our own hands. Use caution in all legal and official matters.

Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

This is another opposition that could be trouble. Venus is pretty focused on our duties and obligations, which can also mean focusing on making sure we’ve got enough work and money coming in to put food on the table. Our focus and attention to detail is likely muddled right now with this opposition to Neptune, making things seem distorted and dreamy. There’s also the risk of our health falling to the wayside a bit, so do be a bit more careful with handwashing and hygiene right now, as Neptune in this position could also point to viruses and illness. With the recent uptick in coronavirus cases, this could be a bumpy lunar cycle, and especially a rough few days. On the other hand, perhaps a major breakthrough or accidental discovery in a resolution to this pandemic is discovered now, though with the Mercury Retrograde aspect and the uncertainty in the air, we likely won’t hear much about it for awhile.

Venus in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Capricorn

A bright spot in the overarching chaos going on right now, Venus trine Jupiter in these earth signs can point to some good fortune being possible for us now. This can manifest as a productive boost in our jobs, perhaps overriding a vexing problem that’s been grinding us to a halt for awhile. This can also represent a lucky windfall if conditions are just right. I would also say for some of us, this can come forward as a mitigation of some of the harsher difficulties we can expect with the T-Square mentioned prior. Keep your chin up.

Jupiter in Capricorn Sextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Another positive aspect that can help bring some clarity in uncertain times, this sextile can point to more flashes of inspiration to resolve problems that have been blocking us. This can also be a productive time for meditation and spiritual practices, so do keep your eyes and ears open for signs that can point you to the right direction. Trust your intuition now. This can also be a productive time for learning a new skill or tackling some mind-bending homework.

Mars Retrograde in Aries Sextile North Node in Gemini

I’m going to end with this positive aspect here, and this is a time where we can take steps to work towards our greater ambitions. True, Mars is backwards and that may slow some things down, but this can be a good thing as rushing into a good thing can backfire. As the old adage goes, haste makes waste. Take your time and review your plans for the future.

Skipping Asteroids Again

Again, time is not on my side in getting everything I need done, done. If I can get a moment to flesh this out, I will.

To Sum it All Up

This lunar cycle is a crucible: it’s going to allow some of us to forge what we need to get ahead with great effort, and others who aren’t as fortunate or have been careless, they’ll be burnt up like dry grass in an inferno. From such hot flames, however, can come incredible ornaments, tools, and pieces of armor. What you put into these energies will in large part dictate what comes out of it. There’s an opportunity here. The trick will be recognizing it and seeing the path forward.

Stand strong, and reach out for help to your trusted friends and family if you can. This isn’t the time to go it alone. Even the right stranger can be a help, just make sure you discern who’s friend and who’s foe. See you on the other side.