Venus Retrograde – May-June 2020 – Reevaluating Value

Venus Retrograde

2020 has been quite prolific in the ups and downs, and like a massive roller coaster, the ride just keeps getting bumpier and bumpier. And now, we are in the middle of a triple-retrograde ingress involving Saturn, Jupiter, and of course… Venus. This is one for the books with the massive amount of changes going on, especially with the North Node having just recently entered Gemini as well. Everything is shifting. Many things are drifting inwards, and we need to be honest with ourselves if we’re going to establish what we need to move forward once all of this crazy review period ends. Don’t expect to say that things will just go back to the way they were before. They won’t.

Venus Retrograde Period

Venus Retrograde begins May 12th, 2020 at 23:45:07 PDT (May 13th, 06:45:07 UTC), and starts at 21 Gem 50’25” RX, and will last until June 24th, 2020 at 23:48:10 PDT (June 25th, 2020 06:48:10 UTC) when it hits 05 Gem 20’12”. This retrograde takes place entirely within Gemini, and will be taking on a distinctly Mercurial vibe (given that Gemini is ruled by Mercury). Communications, how we come across to others, short-term and domestic travel, these are the things that will be highly emphasized and focused on for the duration of this retrograde period and I would argue for the time period after the retrograde ends. As this is also the sign the North Node has shifted to, these matters will take greater prominence than usual. The domestic, the local, our ways of messaging and contracts, and how this relates to our relationships, jobs, projects, what we desire, our money. These are all affected quite prominently, and we will be reevaluating what is important, what makes sense for us to continue going after, and what we need to shed to move forward into a life that makes more sense for us.

Aspects to Venus Station Retrograde

There isn’t a whole lot of direct interaction to Venus itself, but the couple of aspects that do directly aspect it paint an interesting picture…

Venus in Gemini Semisextile Sun in Taurus

Sun is in one of Venus’s signs, so this will take on some more significant importance this time. Money, resources, our stability, our foundations, these are in focus and these are the things that will matter most during this retrograde cycle. We’re already seeing a lot of disruption in this space, and these disruptions are not going to let up. The old ways of making money and establishing our stable environment will not be something we can count on right now. We need to reexamine what’s important and what makes sense to continue with, and we may find ourselves limping along the best we can until we can come up with a viable plan to move forward in this regard.

Great inflows and outflows of money and monetary concerns will be vexing us, as well as events that determine if we can continue or resume working, or if we’ll be out of work for some time. Also, this is a time where some side business ventures and some hobbies could potentially show promise, and in rare cases could even bear fruit. Don’t count on anything like this to be a sole source of income, but do consider alternatives right now. Once the retrograde cycle ends, it may be worth moving forward with some of these newer ideas should they be promising.

Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

This is something that we really have to watch for with this Venus Retrograde period. Neptune is a planet of dreams, mysticism, intoxicants, and illusions. Perhaps we’ve been experiencing delusions of grandeur, whether from our own hubris, or we’ve been at the receiving end of some major hubris from other players. There is a lot of potential for scams to proliferate with this combination, as well as some revision of history and, dare I say, propaganda with the intent of monetary and sexual gain. This also delves into the realm of misinformation and disinformation regarding resources, jobs, money, and relationships. Institutional structures such as governments and their officials will also be spinning stories for the purpose of keeping the wheels of the status quo greased. That grease comes at the cost of people’s blood, sadly, so do take great measures to protect yourself. On the plus side, those of us who are affected the least will see the value of good hygiene and discerning valued health information versus the bad information out there.

Other Active Aspects During the Retrograde Station

There’s quite a few other aspects that are worth mentioning as Venus shifts gears, and some of these aspects are actually quite positive. We can turn this forced revision period into an opportunity to heal, should we choose to do so.

Chiron in Aries sextile Moon in Aquarius

The wounded healer is in a sign devoted to the self, the identity, the ego you could say, and there’s quite a few bruised egos right now. The Moon in Aquarius has us feeling a bit unconventional, willing to bend rules while pretending to be playing along. We’ll be noticing that just blindly following rules will not be helping us right now, and some of those rules may not even be making any sense. Which rules do make sense? This is a massive debate going on right now, and some are lashing out wanting to restore their livelihoods, while others are simply addicted to what makes them feel good and they’r more concerned about themselves, damn the consequences. Others are finding they identify more with some guidelines so they can protect others, perhaps out of a sense of making themselves feel like they’re doing something to help the general good. Are we really acting towards the better health of others? Or are we doing what makes sense and makes us feel better? Which side of the spectrum are you finding yourself on?

North Node in Gemini Trine Mars in Pisces

Mars has just crossed over into watery Pisces by this point, so there’s a good bit of steam going on here. The planet of war and ambition in the sign of deep emotions and mystery, trining the North Node in late Gemini, we are finding that we have to confront a lot of what’s buried deep within and we are facing it rather forcefully, but we are also in a state of examining how that will help us move forward into a better life. You can’t slay demons by ignoring most demons. You have to bring them out into the forefront and demolish them, but you have to do so intelligently. We’ll be forced to deal with what vexes us deep within, we will be filled with some anger, of course, some fury, and of course and most importantly… we will be filled with resolve. And we can apply this resolve to move forward towards a better future for ourselves. As this translates to Mars sextile South Node in Sagittarius, our lessons from the past will be instrumental in this process as well, especially when we examine what our adherence to social norms has gotten us. Some good has come from that, so we’ll be considering that when we look at the bigger picture.

Chiron in Aries Semisextile Uranus in Taurus

We’re feeling some blows to our identity, our sense of self-worth right now as the notions of stability, of the life we’ve taken for granted, all of that has been shaken apart and torn asunder, and it’s a rough ride. Chiron in Aries, Uranus in Taurus, these are pretty volatile by themselves. Uranus doesn’t like being in Taurus, it’s too fixed, too wanting to be stable. Uranus is the rebel, shakes things up. We’ll be having to adjust and readjust to the current reality. This will help some realize what’s important, while others will be wounded severely with the further loss of businesses and livelihoods. It’s a mess, but we can clean it up to be better than the original if we know how to handle it. …this of course is dependent on others working with us to allow us to handle it better too. It’s not just our own free will we’re dealing with, after all, but the free will of all we interact with. This is also a bit karmic in a way. Those who take advantage and refuse to cut breaks during this period? They’ll face their own upheavals. And while this is a bit out of the scope of Chiron and Uranus, there’s a bit of equalization that can happen here in the end. (Or is karmic balance out of the realm of Chiron? It’s between the orbit of Saturn and Uranus being one of the Centaur objects, and Saturn is associated with karma, after all…)

Uranus in Taurus Square Moon in Aquarius

Now this can be a volatile mix… Uranus, again, is in fall position and thus isn’t in a great mood in Taurus right now, and the Moon in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), this has us feeling a bit unconventional and rebellious against authority in a way. Livelihoods are upended right now. People are resisting authority. This is going to manifest, I feel, in greater rebellion and resistance to further lockdown and quarantine measures, and there’s of course the anxiety that those measures aren’t even working the way people are told they should work. Expectations and reality are colliding, and more subtle rebellion is going to occur, if not outright revolts. It’s a bit messy. Upsets over rules, regulations, not knowing which rule applies, the changing face of the current reality, it’s a lot to deal with right now. Try to take things in stride and don’t rebel for the sake of rebelling. Revolution for the hell of it rarely accomplishes lasting change.

Mercury in Gemini Trine Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn is still largely motionless and slowly getting up to speed as the Venus station occurs, so this is going to take on a slightly different tone. Mercury is in one of its domiciles, and thus is amplified as well, and Saturn also in a home sign of Aquarius (co-ruled with Uranus), both of these bodies are pretty amplified right now. We have forced discipline right now, increased rules, regulations, and rebellion against said rules and regulations. We’re also pretty vocal about things right now and some of us are finding that we’re not as shy about saying what’s on our minds right now. We can actually turn this set of aspects around, especially in a flowing trine, into a great advantage. We need to communicate well, communicate civilly, and calmly make our points. Just insulting the opposition isn’t going to convince said opponents to come around to your side, after all. Someone insults me, you think I’m going to say “oh, of course, you’re right, I”m whatever you said and your point of view is the best way after all…?” Hell no. You shouldn’t either. So don’t. Know your boundaries, speak your truth, and be ready to defend what you say with evidence. As solid of evidence as you can find.

There is the chance of being refuted by more factual evidence. It happens. Don’t be offended if it happens. There’s a lot going on right now and there’s a lot we don’t know about… a lot. Vague as shit, I know, but this is going beyond just a damn virus. Sometimes we need to have our worldview challenged in a respectable manner so we can learn something we didn’t know before. On the other hand, you might have to educate someone else civilly. Something I need to keep reminding myself of in this intense day and age.

Sun in Taurus Trine Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

We can see that things aren’t going to plan when it comes to relationships, money, projects, you name it. But, there’s a lot of opportunity in this to be had. There are things about our society and in our daily lives that aren’t working anymore, that haven’t been working for a long time, and we can take this time period’s energy to look inward and see how we need to change things around to be more effective, so we can provide for ourselves better in the future. We can then take what we learn about this and apply this to our interactions with others as well. Think internally, restructure internally, then act locally, and perhaps thinking globally at the same time. But to change the world, we must first reforge ourselves. The flowing trine between the planet of death and rebirth, and the luminary that is our heart and soul, we have a chance to make lasting, positive changes in our lives. We help ourselves, we inevitably help others. This is the way.

Jupiter and Pluto Retrograde Conjunct in Capricorn

These two powerhouses, still combined in the cardinal earth sign of the sea goat, are definitely still making a marked impact on the structures that surround us in the world. Jupiter is going to station retrograde shortly after Venus does, and this will be felt quite strongly inward when this occurs, especially as Jupiter is in its fall position in Capricorn (Saturn’s domain). This combined with Pluto retrograde in the same sign, we are forced to look within for self-reliance, and this is a time where we will come to realize that we cannot depend on government or other far-flung organizations to do what’s best for us. Even state governments are making some seriously questionable decisions under this transit, so locally you’re going to have to decide what’s the best way forward. International relations and long-distance communications are also likely to be muddled and troubled right now. International and diplomatic incidents are likely now, though this won’t be as much of a focus as the current overarching decision-making at federal levels is. Expect greater mayhem, crossed messages, and confusion.

Asteroids to the Retrograde Station (Incomplete)

I didn’t get to the asteroids for the last Mercury Retrograde, and I don’t have time to deal with this at the time I write this. I’ll change this if opportunities permit. The day job and other concerns have been a higher focus for me at this time.

In Closing…

We have plenty of opportunities with this Venus Retrograde cycle to reexamine what’s truly important to us, which structures truly have our collective backs, and what our focus should be on reevaluations so we can move forward in a manner that propels us to a better life for us in the long term. We’ll be figuring out which organizations and institutional structures have our collective backs, and what info being spread around has merit and what is, frankly, just crap. It’s not going to be an easy time, especially with this many retrograde stations happening so closely to one another. It’s what we have to deal with now, and it’s high time we start collectively reexamining what our values truly are. It’s going to happen whether we want it to happen or not, so start taking stock. Plenty of uncomfortable truths out there, and plenty of lies masquerading as truth. So examine closely and see what’s resonating during Venus’s retrograde cycle, and determine what’s truly important. I’ll give you a hint: money doesn’t mean anything if you’re dying or gasping for death in a hospital bed. I doubt dollars are legal tender in the afterlife. Spend some time inward and cultivate some creativity, and don’t sacrifice others on your altar of Mammon. I’m kinda getting preachy here, so I’m gonna cut this now. Peace.