A Statement Regarding Current Events as of June 3rd 2020

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I am attempting to get the Lunar Eclipse article for June up as well as finish off the June Forecast, but so far I am taking this a day at a time. Other concerns continue to take up a great amount of time, to say nothing of the mental strain from juggling everything on top of picking up and feeling all the chaos going on right now. It’s not easy being empathic, especially now. And now, I’m going to address something. I may lose followers, but I must get into this.

The slaying of George Floyd has opened a Pandora’s box that has unleashed incredible amounts of anger, frustrations, and the alignments we are seeing now are playing out greatly. We currently have Pluto and Jupiter combining again in Capricorn, both retrograde, and we are certainly seeing society tear itself apart now. Pluto in Capricorn lines up with the lead up to the American Revolution in the 1770’s, and we all know how that turned out and the chaos that brought. The first exact conjunction of the USA Pluto Return will be in February 2022, and we are feeling the lead up to it even now.

Saturn is on Altair, bringing much sorrow and disappointment, and permanent injuries/maimings by the extremely aggressive use of non-lethal weaponry by law enforcement (which I have mentioned in the June 3rd post has blinded at least one journalist, and severely injuring others. I expect more of this will occur before it is stopped). This is also evident in the mass protests and riots now happening. The last time Saturn crossed over Altair, we had the Rodney King incident culminating in the Los Angeles Riots of the 1990’s, and it’s apparent that the law enforcement apparatus in the United States has learned little from this, so Saturn is forcing the lesson again, and much harder this time.

Gemini North Node last occurred when the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, and there is talk of invoking the Insurrection Act here in the United States, opening up active military mobilization here. Again, little good can come of this if 2003 was any indication.

Neptune in Pisces, I read that this was involved in the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Battle of Adrianople (where Emperor Valens was slain in battle) helped accelerate this process if not kick start it. Neptune in Pisces was also active for much of the 1850’s in the lead up to the US Civil War that began in 1861. – Note: the Roman Empire alignments are based on what I was able to chart using Western Astrology, and I’m used to charting more recent history than that.

And Uranus in Taurus? Last occurred in the 1930’s, during the formation of the New Deal (a positive development for many), but also the buildup of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan leading up to World War II. I don’t think I need to tell you how that ended.

Add to this we are entering Eclipse Season with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius this Friday, a Solar Eclipse two weeks later at around 0 degrees Cancer (a cardinal critical point I might add, and right around the Summer Solstice (Winter if in the Southern Hemisphere). And finally, another Lunar Eclipse on July 5th, opposing the USA Sibley Chart Sun.

And finally, we have Mars going to enter its home sign of Aries at the end of June… where it will remain until January 2021 due to the Mars Retrograde coming up. Which will be in effect during the United States general election in November. Mars Retrograde in Aries was active a couple months before Pearl Harbor was struck in 1941 (though Mars retrograde ended the month before).

I don’t think I need to tell you the ramifications of all of these aspects. So many historical points have seen one of these aspects or another, and now at this current point of time, they’re *all* happening. At once. This combination is uncharted territory. And if our society and governments can learn from these previous historical events, we may yet be able to prevent the worst of outcomes. Granted, I’m more familiar with U.S. history than that of other countries, so I’m unclear on the ramifications in other areas.

It is a ridiculously intense time, and we are going to see a lot of challenges for the foreseeable future. But with much adversity is an opportunity to rise above.

Be safe, and be vigilant, whatever you do. I hope that unity and sanity will prevail in these times, and that we can avoid the worst outcomes that would do no one any good.