New Moon Taurus – May 2023

New Moon Taurus 2023 Header

We’re finally past Eclipse Season yet again. The first New Moon leaving that season, this one in Taurus, proves to be a game changer.

The New Moon Itself

The New Moon goes exact at 28 Tau 25’28” on May 19th, 2023 8:53:14 AM PDT / 3:53:14 PM UTC. This New Moon is near the end of Taurus, but falls short of the last critical degree. It’s in the third decan of Taurus, giving a slight Saturnian influence. Thus, stability and resources will certainly be a focus, but there will be a subtle disciplinarian and institutional vibe to that sense of stability, money, and resources. In other words, a distinct Capricornian twist to the Taurus New Moon.

Sun conjunct Moon is the primary aspect of this New Moon, as with all New Moons. This is a time of setting intentions, new beginnings, and starting new cycles. New trends will take root, and the beginnings of projects and workings are generally more favorable. With the other aspects at the time of the New Moon, this won’t be the easiest time of new starts, however.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Watch Your Head

New Moon Taurus makes an almost 2 degree conjunction to fixed star Algol. This is a rather unfortunate placement, but not as unfortunate as if the New Moon were more exact with this conjunction. There is a danger of losing one’s head when Algol is involved.

In short, Algol is the eye of Medusa in the constellation Perseus. It has a reputation of being one of the most malefic stars in the heavens. Where Sun or Moon are involved with Algol, there’s the chance of very ill health or, in the worst of cases, violent death. Again, some other aspects aren’t very promising at the time of this lunation. But… there are other potentially mitigating aspects.

Intuitively Committing to Action

New Moon Taurus sextiles Mars in the last degree of Cancer, sextiles Neptune in Pisces, and trines Pluto retrograde in the first degree of Aquarius. Two planets in critical degrees. Let’s take this one at a time.

Mars in the last degree of Cancer involves some of the last steps of tension, action, passion in our homes and private lives. This also affects maternal instincts (given Cancer is ruled by the Moon). There’s a slight Neptunian feel to this too, so it’s a little more subtle and intuitive. This making a sextile to the New Moon indicates a time where we can more easily take action. For much of the lunar cycle, Mars will cross into Leo, which will add a more fiery bent to this later on. Bold action can be adhered to this lunar cycle.

The other sextile to Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, in the last decan (so a Scorpio or Pluto-Mars bent), we’re dealing with some major depths here. It’s an “easier” aspect, so we can pay attention to our intuition a little more easily if we attune ourselves. Pay close attention to knowing when to cut losses, or when to put the finishing touches on something important.

The trine to Pluto retrograde in the beginning of Aquarius, we should certainly pay attention to. Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, and it’s about to cross back into Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Innovation may take a back seat and we can initiate some major review after some bold leaps forward that have been going on for a few months. The rise of AI tools and the already-apparent shakeups is one example of this. Some revision and rethinking of this newer technology is going to be going on, so expect some legislative or regulatory constraints to come soon. It’s also an existential threat to some professions, particularly in creative fields.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Expansion of Stability (or Instability) Concerns

Jupiter just crossed over into Taurus, which doesn’t amplify or restrict Jupiter much. Taurus is kind of a neutral sign for the planet of optimism, expansion, and luck. Normally, this would signify a time of expansion of stability, money, and valuables. However…

Jupiter apexes a T-Square between Mars in last degree of Cancer and Pluto retrograde at first degree of Aquarius! The opposition of Mars and Pluto alone is an indicator of major conflict and trouble. Mars is action, energy, passion, violence, anger, the more carnal sexual impulses. Pluto is death and rebirth. There’s a potential for violence here and major disagreements.

Jupiter squaring both of those planets shows that we’re at a time of major issues regarding expanding resources. Jupiter square Mars can indicate a drive to expand at all costs, “my way or the highway” thinking, and escalations of conflict. On the other hand, Jupiter square Pluto retrograde has its own issues of conflict, and renewal following a forced demolition.

This isn’t a time to be engaging in speculative deals. Jupiter through Taurus might help this later, but for the moment, and for this lunar cycle, expect rug pulls and extremely contentious attempts at deal-making. Also expect good intentions going completely off course, such as a project or offering launched that didn’t do the proper research!

Intuitively Planning Ahead

Saturn in Pisces sextile Jupiter, North Node, and Mercury in Taurus helps things along a bit. With Saturn here, we’ve got an element of intuitive insight in how we can discipline ourselves. We can put the nose to the grindstone and plan ahead for future gains and successes once the Mars-Pluto opposition separates.

Dealing with official matters like contract negotiations may be fruitful if proper diligence is followed, but full-blown deals won’t come easy with the other aspects impacting Jupiter.

Visions of Profit

Venus conjunct fixed star Sirius is more of a plus during the New Moon. This is a more comfortable placement for Venus here in Cancer, though it does have a slight Scorpionic feel here in Cancer’s second decan. Some could benefit from a windfall or inheritance of some kind. Perhaps a better-than-expected hand-me-down. Venus makes no other major body or point aspects, so this is more of a stand-alone vibe.

To Sum It Up

There’s a possibility of some deal-making for this lunar cycle, but if so, it won’t happen until later once a bulk of the arguing and bickering has passed. There’s some promise in negotiations and speculation for later. For now, do due diligence, do some more research, and perhaps come up with better offers or compromises and see who blinks.

This is not a time to jump into new deals or say “good enough, let’s sign and get it over with.” Make sure the deal works. Or walk. “Take what you can get” mentality at the moment of the New Moon and for at least a few days afterwards will not get you what you want.

Wild speculations with markets and unconventional assets are also not advised at the moment. If you invest now, go with something solid or that launched earlier and is stable. For example: this PSYOP altcoin that was being mentioned on Twitter the last few days just had some sort of “presale”. It did not go well, to put it very mildly. I personally consider it a “rug pull” in progress, and predict that this will be used as fuel for cryptocurrency regulation in the near future (which would fit the Pluto returning to Capricorn theme).

Always check the stars.