New Moon Capricorn – January 2024

New Moon Capricorn 2024

I think I’ve taken enough of a hiatus. 2023 just didn’t let up, and I’m slowly recovering some footing. So here we go.

The New Moon Itself

New Moon Capricorn’s peak takes place at 20 Cap 44’25” on January 11th, 2024 at 3:57:22 AM PST / 11:57:22 AM UTC. With this New Moon being in the third decan of Capricorn, we are seeing some cold and analytical decision-making coming to the forefront.

This New Moon is ruled by Saturn. Being in the 10th house of the public eye, governing institutions, and structure, we are called to discipline ourselves. This also affects career in some ways, so expect long-lasting developments in your primary vocation.

The third decan of Capricorn is Virgo-oriented as well, giving us some secondary Mercury-related energy. And Mercury is afflicted yet amplified, so we’ll need to be heavily fact-oriented and plan ahead.

With Sun conjunct Moon as the main aspect, the focus is on fresh starts, new beginnings, and other proceeding. For some, this will be a continuation or a resumption of activity where we are more focused on our reputations and legacies.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Decide On Direction

New Moon Capricorn square the Nodes (North in Aries, South in Libra) puts us immediately at a decision point. We are pulled between going for what we want, and pressured by the expectations and history we have with others, be it business partners or romantic.

How many times have we held ourselves back for the sake of “peace” in our relations? Has it worked out for you? If it has, then ask yourself if the goals you have back-burnered still make any sense, or ever made sense at all.

Snakes in the Grass

New Moon Capricorn conjunct 432 Pythia and 2629 Rudra, and opposing 1862 Apollo seems to bring to mind shedding light on reptilian matters.

Rudra is what I see as an “amplifier” as far as the asteroids are concerned. Pythia brings to my mind snakes, such as snakes in the grass. Pythia sounds close to “python”, doesn’t it?

As it turns out, the god Apollo slew a being called Python, and at that place, the Delphic Oracle came to be. So there’s some element of prophecy, divination, and foresight that we can see associated with this New Moon.

This would be an ideal time to consult on the way forward with yourself, with divination methods, or in prayer if that’s your preference. Perhaps all three are called for. But remember the square to the Nodes and Mercury’s affliction, which we’ll get to in a bit. Make sure whatever answers you divine are accurate, and make sure you’re getting insight from good sources.

Unexpected Insights

New Moon Capricorn forms an Earth Grand Trine with Uranus retrograde in Taurus, and Juno, 9770 Discovery, and 2598 Merlin retrograde in Virgo.

The trine to Uranus is the most powerful of the legs of this grand trine. Uranus is at its weakest in Taurus, of course, but still this can serve a purpose. With the New Moon trine to Uranus retrograde, we have in ourselves the ability to seek out unexpected or surprising opportunities to shore up finances and stability. However, we’ll have to draw some of that innovation from within.

Juno, being a major asteroid, counts for this grand trine. Juno is the asteroid of commitment, marriage, and contracts. We can potentially enter into new agreements and help close out old ones on better terms.

Discovery indicates just that: discovery, new knowledge, and finding things out (preferably in a good way!), and paired with Juno, we could find a new partnership that works out well. Or at the very least, a new service or job that better suits us.

Merlin retrograde urges us to make our own magic in this. Check for anything that would serve to upend this potentially good new beginning, and use your intuition to mitigate any damage.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Heed Warnings. Now.

Mercury, still in its post-retrograde shadow, conjuncts the Galactic Center, 11144 Radiocommunicata, and 114 Kassandra in Sagittarius.

Galactic Center is a major amplifier for any bodies crossing that point. That said, Mercury crossing here brings high visibility and priority to messages, travel, and documents that come our way now.

Radiocommunicata is an asteroid that denotes more modern communications, such as radio, internet, phone, and so forth. We can expect quite a bit of news over the airwaves.

Kassandra is notable in that it’s an asteroid denoting information that is vital, but no one listens. It’s like warning about a wolf coming to eat the herd of sheep, but no shepherds take heed until half the flock has become lunch.

Miscommunications and Misinformation

Mercury squares Neptune and 545 Messalina in Pisces, and 3402 Wisdom and 5325 Silver in Virgo.

The square between Mercury and Neptune at the start of this lunar cycle, especially with the Galactic Center influence, heavily warns us to pay attention and watch for serious errors and misinformation. This also can play into accounts being compromised (like the recent SEC account being compromised on X (formerly Twitter), partially stemming from someone apparently not using two-factor authentication on the government account).

Messalina was named for a very promiscuous Roman empress, and thus we can expect news and misinfo or disinfo about more lustful affairs. Such as Marjorie Taylor-Greene bringing out Hunter Biden’s nude pictures again in the halls of Congress. So expect grudges, libel, slander, and people with scores to settle to come out of the woodwork.

Wisdom is just that, wisdom. Again, the above congressional example is what happens when wisdom goes out the window and emotions kick in (such as with Wisdom opposing Neptune in Pisces). One might think they’ve thought things through, but have they really?

Silver is a money asteroid, and again, given the SEC account compromise, we need to really watch what investment info we’re getting, and also make sure our watchdogs aren’t chasing their own tails.

Ugliness and Spite

Venus in Sagittarius squares Nessus and 85047 Krakatau in Pisces, and opposes 149 Medusa for an asteroid-oriented T-square.

Venus is, of course, money, beauty, relationships, and what we find attractive.

Nessus is abuse at worst, and unhealthy obsessions at best. A preoccupation with revenge can also fill the mind. Squaring off to Venus, we can expect some fireworks in the more discordant relationships. Add asteroid Krakatau (think Krakatoa) to the list, and we’ve got the potential for some serious fights.

Medusa is, of course, named for the snake-haired lady in legend. With this opposition to Venus and the square to Nessus? We can expect some betrayal, some spite, and a lot of bad blood. Not the time for a staring contest. Better to walk away from conflicts you don’t need.

Healing Your Pride

Venus isn’t in all of a bad spot, however. Venus trine Chiron and 1930 Lucifer in Aries indicates that we’ve got a chance to help heal our wounded pride in terms of failed relationship drama and perhaps money problems.

Chiron is the wounded healer, who could heal others but not themselves in legend. And Lucifer? The fallen angel in legend, the Lightbearer, the one who fell so far. So pride before a fall.

Checking our own pride can also lead to some healing now. You may need to make a few concessions now that lead to better rewards in the long run.

Discipline Equals Freedom

A Minor Grand Trine forms with Saturn in Pisces sextile Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus.

Saturn in Pisces forces us to see the reality, and not so much the rose-colored glasses that we would hope for in the 12th sign of the zodiac. Illusions can be shattered, but some of those illusions needed to go.

Mars in Capricorn takes on a serious tone, being in Saturn’s domain. Mars in Capricorn is all business and going forward with structure. Sextile to Saturn, there’s a good degree of disciplined energy here. We can take advantage of this and go for what will serve us best.

Jupiter in Taurus tends to expand hopes in money and in shoring up our stability. Sextile to Saturn, it allows for some applied discipline to make some of those dreams a reality, if we put in the effort.

Mars trine Jupiter in this instance also adds some energy and drive towards going after our goals of resources, stability, hell, even luxury.

Watch that Overoptimism

We have to be careful though, as Jupiter expands what it touches, and Jupiter conjunct 10961 Buysballot and 447 Valentine could have us being bribed, or led astray and that would do no good for our discpline.

Jupiter in Taurus also opposes 8690 Swindle, 4227 Kaali, and 16089 Lamb in Scorpio. Swindle is self-explanatory, Kaali is an amplifier in my view, and Lamb? Lamb to the slaughter. Be very careful with financial information you get so you don’t get fleeced, which can happen in spades now.

Mars conjunct Ixion in Capricorn also plays into this, as it can be very tempting to flex our muscles and impose on our hosts. Guest rights only go so far, so don’t overstay your welcome in being selfish.

Earthshaking Research?

Pluto, moving forward and close to entering Aquarius but still in Capricorn, conjuncts 829 Academia. We could be seeing some earth-shaking research or discovery come to light during this lunar cycle. Given the Aquarian-Capricorn cusp energy here, I imagine artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other newer technologies will play heavily into this.

On the other hand, we may see more government influence try to “guide” or end up stifling this research and area of knowledge. There seems to be some word about some decision-makers high up in the military mulling allowing AI to decide to take lives. I remember seeing some movies about this. Didn’t go well for the humans.

So basically, Pluto and Academia here could also be schooling us on technology advancing faster than common sense.

In Closing

New Moon Capricorn’s cycle promises to being us some new opportunities. But it also warns us to be very careful about getting the right information from the right sources, and to shore up our security so we don’t unwittingly become pawns in a greater game.

Watch for deceptions, incomplete information, and glittering prizes that end up being fool’s gold. Conversely, don’t pass up the best of opportunities out of fear either. Use your best judgment, and be mindful of not using others. And, of course, don’t end up used yourself.

At any rate, it’s time to get 2024 onto a better track than 2023 was.

Always, always, read the contract.