Launching of Phoenixia Astrology

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After thinking about it and delaying for so long, I have finally launched my latest adventure… Phoenixia Astrology!

Considering I’ve uploaded this site at almost half past midnight Pacific Time, It’s only appropriate that I chart the moment I brought it online.

Ok, … I suppose I could have timed this a little better. Mars within about a degree of fixed star Algol. Ouch. But let’s put this to practical ends, as there will be a great deal of energy here!

What does Mars on Algol signify? According to Constellation of Words’ page on Algol:

“With Mars: or if Mars be elevated above the luminaries when Algol is angular, the native will be a murderer who will come to an untimely end. The same is caused by Algol angular or with the hyleg.”

To be honest, I never quite got the grasp of calculating a hyleg. So I’m not sure about that part. It’s not on an angle though, so that part may not have much bearing on this at all.

I also seem to have launched this site right after the shadow period of the next Mercury Retrograde hitting. While not entirely catastrophic, I have a feeling I may wind up doing a re-launch at some point. We’ll see.

Jupiter is just over a degree orb from the Vertex, which is also considered by some astrologers to be the “electric axis”. Simply put, transits to the Vertex (and the opposite, the Antivertex) are usually involved in fated events with natal charts, especially so with synastry charts (like say a significant other’s Sun or other personal planet landing on your Vertex axis and vice-versa). I suspect the same is true for events and inanimate objects or abstract constructs such as this webpage. In this case, this site launch’s Vertex conjuncts my Part of Fortune. I’ll have to see how this goes, so let’s consider this a case-study in progress!

I should also note that Sun is square Jupiter at this launch. That’s not to say this is fated to not go anywhere, on the contrary. It will, however, take a lot of work and dedication to push through the obstacles. There will also need to be a caution against me overdoing it with this site, so doing 20 posts in one day may not be the best solution!

We also see asteroid Midas about a degree off of the Descendant. I’m not entirely certain being this is the website launch chart… however, Midas is said to be a career asteroid and perhaps will bring prosperity to visitors. Although that may be more of a third house topic, so… Hmm. I’m going to have to think about this a bit.

At any rate, the site is up, and I plan on having more posts up soon regarding historical and current events and what the sky looked like then.

Just as the sun rises and sets at particular times on particular days out of the year, so do the planets and stars notate the time that particular events occur. It’s what we do during these times that matters, as I’m a firm believer in free will. Recognizing the markers could allow mankind to be cognizant of the repeated influences of the past, and thus allow us to make wiser decisions.