Full Moon Gemini – November 2023

Full Moon Gemini 2023

In many ways, this Full Moon is looking like a bloody one, even though it’s not an eclipse moon. Given the aspects hitting this one and the other aspects happening now, it may as well as be one.

Hard-hitting culmination for the New Moon in Scorpio we had a couple weeks prior.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon is at full effect at 04 Gem 51’10” on November 27th, 2023 at 1:16:15 AM PST / 9:16:15 AM UTC.

Given the main aspect of Sun conjunct Moon representing the completion and culminations of intentions set during the previous New Moon, it’s a time of winding things down, putting the finishing touches on projects, and seeing where we go from here.

This Full Moon, being in the third sign of Gemini, deals with communications, travel (of the shorter-distance variety), social media, telecommunications, and messages and letters we may or may not receive. There will be more of a trend of finality with communications and travel that occurs now.

Sun in Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, indicates a time where our minds are on the farther out goals and trends we have in mind, such as cross-country or international travel, philosophy, feeling optimistic about the future, and expansion of all kinds. Some of this, given the Moon position, may be at odds. Think wanting to stay home with the kids, but your job needs you to travel to Cincinnati to finalize a last minute deal before the end of the year as an example.

The Nodal positions of North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra during this Full Moon also adds to the trends of striking out on our own rather than stay in tow with people you’ve been with for awhile. Endings of partnerships could lead to some drastic moves. Make sure your ducks are in a row before skipping town if this is the case.

Other Aspects to this Full Moon

Brutal Reality

Full Moon Gemini forms a Grand Cross with Mars in Sagittarius, Black Moon Lilith and 100 Hekate in Virgo, and Saturn and 3811 Karma in Pisces.

This is incredibly brutal.

The obvious aspect first, Mars opposite Full Moon, with Mars not in cazimi position, is intense on its own. Mars is passion, drive, power, anger, heat of the moment. Mars can give us the energy to get things done, yet opposing the Full Moon, we will need to overcome the urge to light the fields ablaze to get to the castle, in a matter of speaking.

Saturn and Karma squaring this, and from Pisces as well, throws a tidal wave of cold, watery reality on the goals we’re trying to get done. The flames tend to get doused a bit. Mars square Saturn is already not a fun aspect to begin with, given that Mars wants to go, and Saturn is saying “hold up.” This angers Mars more, and with Mars being in expansive Sagittarius, the outburst can be pretty big.

Asteroid Karma squaring the Full Moon further amplifies the karmic repercussion component of this Grand Cross. Many seeds are being sown and many whirlwinds being reaped now.

Black Moon Lilith and Hekate completing the Grand Cross from the Virgo side drives the point home: There’s been a great many things brewing beneath the surface. Hekate is a goddess of crossroads, among the other esoteric meanings, and now we must make a choice. Which path do we want to go down? Given the hard aspects, we do not have any good or easy choices now.

Retaking Power

Full Moon Gemini trine 15845 Bambi, 157 Dejanira, and 5180 Ohno in Aquarius does offer some ray of hope, however.

The trine is a helpful and “softer” aspect, denoting an easier time in the themes between the objects involved. Bambi here brings to mind the deer in the story, and he does eventually grow to become a buck and save a mate from some hunter’s dogs, as my memory recalls.

Dejanira is, of course, the victim asteroid. With the trine to the Full Moon here, this is a time where help can be found. We can use this influence to step out of the victim energy and take some initiative. This can be in terms of reaching out for help via a private message to a trusted friend as one example.

Ohno is just that, “oh no.” Trining the Full Moon, the worst of situations can be mitigated in some instances. Perhaps scrolling through someone’s posts online yields a warning of sorts and allows an opportunity to avoid a bad or uncomfortable situation.

Combined, this trine complex to these asteroids tells a story of us saying “no more of the bullshit.” We can use the Full Moon energy to make some badly needed changes and start making steps to get out of some truly awful circumstances. It won’t be easy given the Grand Cross energies of the Full Moon though.

It is said, however, that “nothing worth doing is ever easy.”

Yod of Destiny

An asteroid Yod forms apexing the Full Moon in Gemini. We have 99942 Apophis, Pallas, 666 Desdemona, and 6583 Destinn quincunx the Full Moon from Scorpio, and Ixion, 19 Fortuna, and 4581 Asclepius from the Capricorn side.

Scorpio side first: Apophis is destruction. Named after an Egyptian god (and not after the Stargate SG-1 Goa’uld), this asteroid indicates where things are undone and brought to an end.

Pallas is wisdom, justice, law. In some contexts, judgment perhaps.

Desdemona is Othello’s wife from the play of the same name, an innocent victim of a dastardly plot.

Destinn brings to mind “destiny.” Destined events, destined meetings, “meeting your destiny.”

The Scorpio side of the Yod points to messages regarding the destruction or endings of certain affairs, and some finality and lessons to be learned from it. This also includes unfair sentences and verdicts, as well as the potential of false arrest. For some, this cannot be avoided.

On the Capricorn side, Ixion was someone who betrayed Zeus’s hospitality and attempted to outright violate a cloud “clone” of Hera, thus failing Zeus’s test and was sentenced to spin for eternity on a wheel in the underworld.

Fortuna brings to mine “fortune.” Also can be considered a career asteroid, given the connotation of chasing one’s fortunes, or finding fortune.

Asclepius I look at as a medical asteroid. Combined with the other two, we are likely to see some betrayal regarding the medical establishment in the name of profit. Quincunx the Full Moon, some papers and messages will come to light regarding some quackery is my guess.

Combined, we can expect some verdicts or developments in some saga or drama regarding the destruction of health for profit. It sounds like innocent victims at play here, and the judgment and wisdom will point to destroying the perpetrator, but at a cost.

This also sparks the specter of the Israeli/Hamas war, the hostages, the hospitals, and so forth. I fear for the remaining hostages, so let’s hope this manifests as the full and without-harm release of the remainder, and justice done to the instigators of the war, regardless of side.

Other Notable Aspects During the Full Moon

Dissolving Partnerships

Venus conjunct South Node in Libra, and opposing Eris on the North Node in Aries, as well as 2878 Panacea retrograde indicates some rough times regarding relationships.

Venus just came out of an opposition to Chiron retrograde over the previous week, indicating some pain in relationships and moving on to better get on with our lives.

With Venus on the South Node, money issues and partnerships from the past are holding onto us with a tight grip. If some of these partnerships have any value to us still, then we should note that and take measures to avoid or mitigate the chaos and discord from Eris on the North Node opposing this. If not, then these links are likely what’s causing the discord.

Even if you think you moved on… have you really?

And with Venus sesquiquadrate the Full Moon in Gemini and 3811 Karma in Pisces for a Thor’s Hammer configuration to Venus, we really need to make sure we have actually broken the links we need to. Otherwise, they’re going to keep hitting us on the head again, and again, and…

Venus quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus is also something we need to be aware of. Perhaps money issues are what have caused the strains in our links to others right now. You’ll need to make some stability for yourself before you can provide for anyone else.

Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Venus in Libra is a welcome aspect, however. This indicates an easier time of getting our point across regarding money and relationship issues, notwithstanding the Full Moon Grand Cross. Speak from the heart and see things from the others’ perspective if it makes sense (i.e. not being attacked or threatened by the other).

However: Mercury has entered pre-retrograde shadow on November 25th. So don’t expect everything to come across in our communications as we expect. Expect to rehash and rework things later on.

Can’t Buy Love

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus conjunct 447 Valentine retrograde and 10961 Buysballot retrograde indicates some revision is needed in how we approach love.

Valentine is, of course, a romance asteroid, and Buysballot indicates “buying ballots”, or ballot box stuffing. Trying to buy someone’s affection will backfire now. Focus on investing in yourself. After all, the retrogrades turn things inwards in a way.

Jupiter opposite 6583 Destinn and 6157 Prey in Scorpio drives this point home further. Again, destiny is indicated that this doesn’t work out, and even if it did… is it true love, or has one simply hunted down some prey to entice with a “love trap”?

To complete another Grand Cross, Jupiter squares 128 Nemesis and 1862 Apollo retrograde in Leo, and 5180 Ohno and 12927 Pinocchio in Aquarius. Nemesis is retribution, enemies (open and otherwise), and Apollo here sheds some light on the subject.

Pinocchio, a little far from Ohno, but still both squaring Jupiter retrograde here, is pertinent. If you have to buy or rent someone’s affections, what kind of lies are you telling to get there? And what’s the consequences when the jig is up?

Better to be aboveboard in your dealings. This includes professional relationships as well, and especially from professional institutions to prospective job seekers. We’ve already got enough hoops to hop through, let’s not light them on fire with lying pants too.

This can also apply to honest mistakes too. To someone burnt, remembering incorrectly can be indistinguishable from a bald-faced lie if scorned bad enough.

Getting Way More Than You Bargained For

Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct 875 Nymphe and 1912 Anubis has it’s own issues, but Mercury square Neptune retrograde, 55 Pandora, and 26 Proserpina in Pisces adds to the mystery and the mayhem.

The square between Mercury and Neptune retro itself, combined with the pre-retrograde shadow for Mercury, indicates unclear or missing messages. This also involves people jumping to conclusions without considering all of, or any of, the facts.

Pandora with Neptune indicates a massive Pandora’s Box of issues here as well. And with Proserpina in the mix, you will end up feeling like you’re between a rock and a hard place in between worlds.

Mercury with Nymphe and Anubis involves some lustful communications and desires playing into the confusion. Perhaps wanting to remake one’s image to attract more “fun” is one possibility. Anubis adds an occult and judgment before the next life vibe to this.

Do what you can to be very clear on intentions, and act with integrity. Also consider that there’s way more going on beneath the surface of matters, and no one has the answers right now.

Be very careful about contracts and agreements now. Even with the best of intentions, you may sign on for or sign away much more than you bargained for.

As far as romantic unions right now? With the Venus-South Node connection, the recent Venus-Chiron opposition, and the overall Grand Cross energies? Best of luck to you and don’t say you weren’t warned.

To Sum It Up

This Full Moon is a culmination point from hell, in so many ways. The Saturn-Mars link alone points to trouble and conflict, as well as blockages coming from out of left field (the Black Moon Lilith link). But there’s also some opportunity to repair some damage.

We need to trust ourselves and our own judgment. And also figure out some good advice to take so we don’t try to fix the wrong things.

Given the Nodes and Eris links to Venus, expect more breakups and troubles in paradise. To say nothing of issues in the professional sphere and business partnerships on top of everything else. The Sam Altman and OpenAI board blowup over the prior week is a prime example of this.

Trust in yourself. And in a matter of speaking, trust in the Force. Everything else is question marks and exclamation points.