Full Moon Leo – January 2024

Full Moon Leo 2024

Buckle up: this Full Moon is anything but slow and easy. Be ready to sacrifice for what you want.

The Full Moon Itself

Full Moon Leo peaks at 05 Leo 14’44” on January 25th, 2024 at 9:53:57 AM PST / 5:53:57 PM UTC. This Full Moon is in the fifth sign of the zodiac in Leo, so we’re closing up loose ends where recreation, fun, short flings, and children are concerned.

This Full Moon is ruled by the Sun, so shining light on matters is also denoted here. We’d like to take some time to relax, pursue some hobbies, and march to the beat of our own drums now. The Sun is in the 11th sign, Aquarius, so there’s some give and take with rebellion, authorities clamping down, and innovations in general.

With Sun opposite Moon as the main aspect, it’s a time of completion, tying up loose ends, and putting the finishing touches on projects and so forth. The remaining two weeks of the lunar cycle that started earlier this month with the New Moon in Capricorn will be a time where we wind down what we started at that time.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Testing Optimism

Full Moon Leo Square Jupiter in Taurus is a tricky one. Jupiter tends to be the expansive optimist, and in fixed Taurus expands on the themes of money and stability.

The square to the Sun and the Moon indicates that we’re in a time of uncertainty as to how we move forward with things. We may be expecting some money or other gain or wealth to come our way, but something’s holding it up. Or, perhaps we’ve been holding onto something and we think “any time now” that it’ll be ripe for sale or profit-taking.

Right now, things aren’t moving as quickly as we’d like. Lots of expansion may be put on hold now for the next couple of weeks. Consider your options carefully and try not to overextend.

Brave New World

Full Moon Leo opposing Pluto in Aquarius also plays into this. Technology and electronic works are being released right now, and artificial intelligence is coming into the minds of people again. The debate of AI and art (written, graphical, etc.) continues to dominate. Some artists may be implementing AI into their workflows, but others are opposing parts of or all of AI on intellectual property grounds, among other reasons.

Innovation will run into roadblocks, legislation, and the lack of oversight in some aspects. Be wary of scammers and other malicious actors looking to make ill-gotten gains now.

How to Finish Up?

Full Moon Leo quincunx Saturn in Pisces also adds to the uncertainty.

Saturn in Pisces splashes some cold water on the daydreams that we may have. The quincunx, being an off-kilter aspect, adds to the uncertainty when it comes to the Full Moon. We may have had some hopes and plans for a good start to this year, but the reality is just… not clear. It’s as if there’s no clear way forward.

We can see this shaping up with the Presidential primaries going on now. A few contenders already have bowed out, and the likely matchup is bringing another harsh reality to the forefront: It’s probably Trump vs. Biden again. That’s just one example of how we’re getting fatigued and tired of the same-old-same-old, no pun intended.

To add to the impact, 99942 Apophis, 114 Kassandra, and 28978 Ixion in Capricorn interact to form a Yod with Saturn and the Full Moon, with 15845 Bambi and 4955 Gold alongside Saturn.

Apophis is destruction, Kassandra is the warning one gives that is not heeded or believed by anyone, and Ixion is the betrayer who abuses guest right and takes advantage of the host.

Bambi is, of course, a deer in headlights (with a possibility of striking back against the proverbial hunting dogs), and Gold represents money.

Looking at the news lately, and especially the election news, that Yod is pretty telling: It looks like a rough road to ruin, and we’re at a loss as to what to do about it. And some are going along with the inevitable disaster to come.

2629 Rudra and 829 Academia join the Sun to kite the Yod, and this sheds some light on matters if we do the research. However, the inescapable conclusion is: something has to be unmade, and people have to learn.

Not a fun combo.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

You Have to Make a Decision

A T-Square of sorts forms with Chiron, 1930 Lucifer, and North Node in Aries squaring Mars and Mercury with fixed star Vega in Capricorn, complicated with the South Node in Libra.

Mars Conjunct Mercury can be powerful enough on its own: Mars is action, drive, passion, and anger. Mercury is communication, travel, documents. Put those in Capricorn, and we’ve got a potential for some serious communications, institutional, and legal concerns. Or, this energy can be turned the other way, and some great beginnings can normally be done in business.

However, these two bodies squaring the Nodes, as well as Chiron and Lucifer don’t bode well.

Chiron and Lucifer conjunct the North Node in Aries indicates a period where we have to figure out how we’ve been hurting ourselves, whether from our own pride, or from the actions of others. And with the square to Mars-Mercury, this confrontation of how we’ve either held ourselves back, or have had to hold ourselves back to placate others, comes to a head.

Fixed star Vega conjunct Mars and Mercury on top of this is a mixed bag. On one hand, there’s an increased flair for double-dealing and malicious intent in proceedings, but on the other hand there’s a chance of success in business affairs with this configuration. Some financial and business gain is going to be made, but probably with some less-than-ethical methods. Be very careful what you invest in now.

However, Chiron/Lucifer/North Node sextile 407 Arachne retrograde and 149 Medusa in Gemini may help us unravel some threads, and allow for us to unbind ourselves. We can do away with something or someone betraying us now, especially those who have been duplicitous with us from the start. Perhaps some of our adversaries bind or snare themselves in the process of trying to force their will upon us.

Don’t interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake. And don’t make unnecessary mistakes yourself right now, as your enemies are also watching.

The Tongues of Vipers on the Airwaves

Venus, now in Capricorn, conjuncts 11144 Radiocommunicata and opposes 26955 Lie. This can be quite telling.

Venus in Capricorn can indicate some gain and acquisition, as well as loss and relinquishment, when it comes to our career prospects and money. Relationships will also be particularly impacted by what happens to our reputations now.

Radiocommunicata with Venus in the tenth sign of the zodiac denotes the possibility of some careers being made or broken in the realm of broadcasting and media. And with Lie opposing this, the propaganda factor is going to be quite high.

545 Messalina squaring both sides of this to make an asteroid T-square adds a lustful, adulterous aspect to the lies, disinformation, and propaganda now. We’ve got two real candidates left vying for the GOP nomination as an example, and both have had very strong accusations of adultery and other lustful (and apparently nonconsensual in at least one incidence) acts.

I’m fairly certain that this aspect will not be helping “family values” arguments on either side of the aisle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more nude pics of a president’s son somehow wind up in the Congressional record… again.

Rewards for Self-Discipline

Venus in Capricorn makes a somewhat wide sextile to Saturn in Pisces. This is beneficial in that Saturn’s Piscean trip can allow us to filter out the fantasy and put some mental focus on what will be beneficial for us long-term, and Venus may help bring some money or other institutional help forward to help this happen.

More Surprises in Store

Uranus retrograde in Taurus trine Mars and Mercury in Capricorn, with Uranus soon to station direct, could bring some pleasant surprises if we play our cards right.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus isn’t the strongest position, but with the forward motion, money matters and matters regarding stability will start to move forward again. Some aggressive negotiations that can benefit us are also highlighted with the trine to the Mars-Mercury combo.

Be aware of deceptions though, given the other aspects mentioned earlier in this article. Keep your eyes and ears open for relevant news.

In Closing

This Full Moon in Leo is, quite frankly, not the greatest in terms of us completing things with ease. On the contrary, we’ll have to bust our asses to get the shit done now.

Be aware of red flags and other deceptions, and try to keep a level head. There’s some opportunity, but be mindful and aware.