New Moon Capricorn – January 2021 – Shatterstorm

New Moon Capricorn

There’s no mistake: 2021 has been quite a show, and we’re only getting started. I don’t need to tell you that there’s been some major news already, what with the attempted insurrection or coup or whatever that display of stupidity was at the Capitol last week. Judging from the charts, this is not an isolated incident. The alignments we are going to see with this New Moon indicates one thing: This is just the beginning. Diving in to this now.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 23 Cap 13’24” on January 12th, 2021 21:00:10 PDT (January 13th, 2020 05:00:10 UTC). This lunar cycle, being in Capricorn relates to our reputation, our careers, and governmental structures and institutions (extreme focus on this right now). New Moon’s always involve the primary aspect of Sun conjunct Moon, notating new beginnings, fresh starts, and the shifting of gears into a new focus for the next four weeks. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so there’s a big discipline and restrictions vibe to this one, as well as potential rewards for hard work and keeping your nose to the grindstone. There’s going to be quite a few distractions though, given the current events leading into this one. Government and that which is affected directly by government and monolithic institutions (such as large corporations), and really anything with bureaucracy will be highlighted. Appropriate, given that this lunar cycle is when the next iteration of the U.S. government is supposed to take power. It will not be a smooth transition, given the other aspects going on right now.

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

The direct aspects to the New Moon aren’t numerous, but the closest one is definitely the most powerful.

New Moon Capricorn Conjunct Pluto

With all the other aspects going on, this aspect is absolutely of importance. Pluto is the lord of the underworld, the destroyer and the renewer. It tears down to allow for rebuilding. As this is conjunct the New Moon, this entire lunar cycle will have one thing in focus: massive changes in all of our lives. If you’ve been meaning to make a massive leap, or know something has got to end, this is the lunar cycle in which it is very likely to happen. Will it be a soft ending or amicable? Given the other active aspects… it could happen, but most likely we are all going to experience some major catharsis.

New Moon Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

This pattern is a more easily flowing one where we can get a tighter grasp on our emotions and mental state. There’s a lot of fear we are confronting with this lunar cycle, and while things may seem dark, we do have a greater sense of the bigger picture that our gut feelings can lock on to. We can use our intuition to see past the illusions a little bit easier now. Do pay attention to the man behind the curtain, and break the strings of the puppetmaster. Use your own best senses now.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

The other aspects… these are the real craziness behind this New Moon period.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius Square Mars, Uranus Retrograde, and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

This is a complex pattern, and a very hard hitting set of squares and conjunctions right now. This is utterly chaotic. Mercury with Jupiter and Saturn, this indicates messages and news regarding shakeups in institutions, in governments, and also tech companies as we’re involving Aquarius here (thus, the unconventional). New laws, new developments in governing, and also some business news as well that involves fortune and discipline.

On the other side of this, we have Mars moving into a conjunction with Uranus retrograde in Taurus, both of these planets being powerhouses in their own right, and yet not in their best placement being in a stable sign such as Taurus. Uranus is the rebel, Mars is anger, drive, and energy. Combined, Uranus and Mars can bring massive shakeups. Paired with Black Moon Lilith, these shakeups will be coming from beneath the surface. These shakeups are likely to involve women in some way, such as a woman’s rise to power.

Combined in a square, these two sets of conjunctions indicate a major shift between what’s been assumed to be a given, and the upheavals and struggles, as well as resistance to the changing structures. The fallout of the Capitol insurrection, as well as the upcoming inauguration of Kamala Harris as the next Vice President, this is a good example of this complex square pattern. As these are here at the onset of the lunar cycle, we will be seeing some major resistance and major events coming for the next few weeks. Be on guard.

On a non-governmental level, we can expect some major changes in our own personal lives, and we cannot take for granted what we assume to be our stability. Major issues with money, resources, and technology will be in focus. Also consider the example of the extreme volatility in Bitcoin right now (as it just peaked in the last week as I write this at over $40,000 per Bitcoin in valuation, and as I write this it has dropped to just below $35,000, with a low point in the previous 24 hour period of around $32,000).

Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius Sextile Chiron in Aries

Technology, tech companies, and how they relate to our lives and day-to-day activities will be in focus during this lunar cycle, as well as the potential to help and harm. A major example of this is social media and networking apps right now, as many of the major players are clamping down on content that is deemed harmful (such as insurrection planning by far-right individuals and organizations, as well as the recent deplatforming of Parler). There’s also a potential for some healing to come about in terms of these social media messages, such as alerts people raise for fostering cats and dogs in need of a loving home as one example. Granted, the moderation of content can be taken to extremes (such as a particular social media network seeming to issue temporary bans and warnings on even innocuous content, so the pendulum is swinging towards a more restrictive approach in the name of “cleaning up the community”). While a sextile makes such extremes not as bad normally, at this time all a sextile would show us for this aspect between these bodies would be a hold-back of the greatest extremes of “overcorrection”. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater in trying to correct problems, real or imagined.

Venus in Capricorn Square Chiron in Aries

This goes hand-in-hand with the heavy-handed approach to moderation and maintaining control of reputation, careers, and governing institutions. We are at a point where many are seeing their livelihoods and resources threatened, as well as relationships. We will be challenged to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and may have to make some seriously hard decisions as to how to remedy issues arising from this. We can even find ourselves feeling emasculated or disempowered by the disruptions to what we value, what resources we have available, and this can even lead to some serious humiliation in some harder cases. There could even be a major fall from grace if we’re really not careful.

Venus in Capricorn Trine Mars and Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

We’re seeing that there’s some major changes that are needed in terms of acquiring wealth, resources, and holding onto what we value, even in relationships right now. This trine pattern does allow us to more readily take advantage of some opportunities that may come our way during this lunar cycle. There could even be an unexpected new job show up for some, or if you’re actively seeking work, then perhaps a better offer than expected comes along. There can also be some positive surprises in terms of relationships now, given the involvement with Venus here.

Neptune in Pisces Square North Node in Gemini

Neptune squaring the nodes denotes a time where we are likely dealing with misinformation and disinformation, as well as faulty assumptions. In extreme cases, this aspect could be denoting a mental health crisis for some, and some major fears regarding moving into the future while being held down by the past in other cases. We’re at a mental crossroads. Meditation can help us navigate this, or at the very least take the edge off, but we’ll need to consider trusting our intuition to get through this lunar cycle.

Asteroids Aspecting the New Moon

Not many asteroids directly aspecting this New Moon, but let’s see what’s here…

New Moon Capricorn and Pluto Conjunct 6157 Prey and 390 Alma

This is quite the combination. This lunar cycle may have some of us feeling like a deer in headlights what with all the changes going around. There’s also the theme of changes in giving charity or help freely, or not so freely. This is a time where some may find that they’re called to help the less fortunate and needy now. Others may give a little more freely, even if they don’t have the resources to really give.

New Moon Capricorn and Pluto Semisextile 16089 Lamb

This goes hand-in-hand with Prey conjunct New Moon too. As a semisextile I see as a triggering aspect, there’s the feel of lambs being led to the slaughter, or perhaps it’s the herd doing the hunting right now. Be aware of your surroundings during this lunar cycle, especially with current news about further unrest, especially here in the U.S.

New Moon Capricorn and Pluto Sextile 5790 Nagasaki and 9770 Discovery in Scorpio, and 1981 Midas and 13897 Vesuvius in Pisces

A bit of a minor grand trine here with these asteroids, Nagasaki brings to mind the second atomic bomb dropped in World War II, and Discovery with this could indicate some kind of revelation regarding explosive secrets? Hard to tell, as I haven’t had a chance to do much research into asteroid Nagasaki to determine alternative interpretations. Midas and Vesuvius… interesting combination here too. Vesuvius is also another explosive asteroid (think Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that erupted and ended Pompeii and Herculaneum). Perhaps an explosion of resources can come, or with the link to Neptune, perhaps an explosion in creative or inspirational thought? Perhaps fiction writers can take advantage of these energies to get some creative flow going now.

New Moon Capricorn and Pluto Square Eris and 875 Nymphe in Aries, and 2878 Panacea in Libra

This T-Square by asteroids to the New Moon could indicate some form of sexual healing, or perhaps a discovery regarding sex or intimacy in relation to the current pandemic? Many of us have found our romantic aspirations torn apart by the events of the past year, and this lunar cycle does seem to indicate that this impediment will continue. We’re truly living in chaotic times, even to the point of putting our lives on hold.

New Moon Capricorn and Pluto Trine 157 Dejanira in Taurus, and 3915 Fukushima and Vesta in Virgo

Finally, this asteroid grand trine to the New Moon seems to indicate… well… Fukushima, apart from the nuclear accident in Japan several years back, I’m not entirely clear on the interpretation for this one. But it does conjunct Vesta, and trines Dejanira, so a theme of helping victims of disaster comes to mind. Perhaps defending what we hold most dear and trying to stave off that disaster or recover from it. Sounds like salvaging democracy from a coup attempt, doesn’t it?

To Sum it All Up

Honestly, this is shaping up to be a very rough lunar cycle, and we should not expect life to look anything like normal right now. New normal, old normal, don’t expect anything to be stable right now. The harshness of the squares to the main bodies alone, plus the Plutonian feel of this New Moon, it’s all going to change again. A lot of these changes have to happen. We’re at a crossroads where we cannot allow shenanigans to continue, and we have begun reaping the bounty of Pandora’s box now.

I know I put in more political examples than normal, but honestly, those are some of the most immediate examples that come to mind to explain some of these aspects. It fits. It makes sense. And I’m sticking with it. I expect my next article will be a bit more timely, as I’ve been rather disrupted lately (including job hunting). Let’s see how this lunar cycle goes. Stay safe out there, and pray for sanity to prevail.