Lunar Eclipse Libra March 2016 – Rapid Evolution

Lunar Eclipse

As I write this, and quite late at night I might add, the Lunar Eclipse is likely underway.

This one is a penumbral lunar eclipse, meaning we’re not going to be getting that blood moon-like effect this time. This will be the last eclipse in Libra for quite some time, I’m hearing. Let’s get into it.


The eclipse itself isn’t faring too terribly badly this time. Apart from the Moon Opposite Sun as it would be at the moment of maximum eclipse, we have Mercury conjunct Sun and Opposite Moon. Communications will be at the forefront emotionally and metaphysically for the next several months for this Lunar Eclipse cycle. Hopefully the intentions set at the time of the Solar Eclipse earlier this month were spot on, as what you set in motion is going to manifest in some way now.

Those people with planets or personal points in the last 3-4 degrees of the Mutable Signs (Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces) and in the first 7-8 degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) are going to feel more of this eclipse than others.

The Lunar Eclipse itself sextiles Mars, which isn’t too bad. Mars also trines the Sun at this time, so we should be seeing some regulation of the aggressive energy of Mars, which I must remind you is still in its Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period. We’re seeing a slowdown of sorts, although not enough of a slowdown sadly, given the horrific events in Brussels the other day.

Saturn, however, is apex of a T-Square between the Jupiter Retrograde and Venus opposition, though not exact. Saturn, in a couple days, is also going to station retrograde and begin its own Retrograde period, which will run largely concurrent with the Mars Retrograde this time. So we’re going to see the taskmaster’s restrictive and disciplinary influence come to the forefront between what we value in ourselves internally, with Jupiter retrograde guiding us in Virgo (where it’s unfortunately not at its highest power), and also what we value emotionally with Venus in Pisces here.

Asteroid 99942 Apophis at the moment of maximum eclipse is less than a degree orb conjuncting Neptune, so we’re going to see some illusions shattered I would say during the next several months. Apophis is the destroyer, and it is quincunx Asteroid Sappho, itself retrograde. Relationships could be a bit dicey over this time period as well, as there may be a bit of give and take and we just at this time could be in a bit of a frenzy as to what we should do regarding certain relationships. Do we stay with it? Reestablish contact if it’s been lost? Confront the BS? People are going to have to decide what to do with this and it’s not going to be an easy topic. But the Mercury conjunct Sun may help that.

Asteroid Amor is also within two degrees of conjuncting Uranus at this time, so do be on the lookout for roving eyes as well. Amor and Uranus are also trining Saturn, so maybe a bit of the window shopping will be tempered with some prudence.

Asteroid Pholus has a tendency to intoxicate and blow up what it touches, and right now it’s sitting on Galactic Center, an esoterically powerful point. Messages from the beyond, from spirit guides, from ancestors, Creator/Source/what-have-you, we’re going to see more mention of it here.

Black Moon Lilith on fixed star Spica, hmm… I’m not entirely sure what to say here other than the mystic divine femininity, or the darker side of femininity maybe… it’s going to be focused on a bit. We’re already seeing this in the Presidential campaigns right now, what with Donald Trump apparently commenting on a reporter’s appearance, as well as the recent Anonymous threat against Ted Cruz of exposing some saucier exploits from his past. (I’m watching this right now wondering where and how this is going to end up).

We could also see something involving Hillary Clinton right now. Bill Clinton, her husband, is already stumping, and from some accounts, has managed to put his foot in his mouth regarding the last several years of what he seemed to state was a lack of progress (of which his wife, who is running for President, was Secretary of State for four of those years. Take this as a warning, people, to dot your I’s and cross your T’s during this period).

Nessus quincunx Lunar Eclipse is going to be an interesting aspect to watch for this cycle. We’re going to see more about some previous obsessions, indescretions, and likely abuses that have managed to evade focus up to this point. Probably will see something involving Bill Cosby’s case even. We’ll also likely see something regarding Gawker’s now-lost case involving Hulk Hogan’s scandal. Gawker might not even survive this, who knows?

Dejanira conjunct Hekate will likely see us deal with how we are seemingly the victim in the ritualistic charade that’s become our lives over the last several years. This asteroid conjunction trines Mars right now so we may see either an easing of this in some aspects, or some justice served. Again, Hulk vs Gawker comes to mind. Let’s also sum that trine and the Nessus quincunx Lunar Eclipse as “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Very real consequences at work here.

Finally, we have Ceres conjunct Chiron and South Node. We are going to see a lot of challenges here regarding hearth and home, and what it means to us. Where do we feel more comfortable, and where do we need to go? Some of you will probably be entertaining a move. Others of us may be trying to figure out a balance between work life and home life, or family life or even play life. Asteroid Karma sextiles all three of those, so whatever we come up with may in the end play out for the greater good. But don’t stay too comfortable, as Karma also trines North Node. We have to continue to evolve and grow, or where we figure we’re healing in our home lives could end up wounding us instead.

Overall, there’s a lot more to this Lunar Eclipse cycle than I first realized, and this is likely only touching the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eyes peeled for more icebergs (or melting ice shelves if Antarctica is any indication), and adjust your heading so you don’t wind up sleeping with the proverbial fishes.