Full Moon Cancer – December 2020 – Silent Rebellion

Full Moon Cancer

Here we are, the final Full Moon of 2020, and it certainly represents what has been going on all year. It’s incredible many of us have made it to this point, or at least that’s how it feels for a lot of us. This year certainly is going out with a bang astrologically (never mind recent events in the news cycle).

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 08 Can 53’21” on December 29th, 2020 19:28:10 PST (December 30th, 2020 03:28:10 UTC). This Full Moon occurs in the fourth sign of Cancer, a cardinal water sign associated with home, hearth, our private lives, our emotions, and our maternal or motherly influences. This is also the Moon’s domicile or home sign, so our private lives and nurturing (or lack thereof) will be highly focused right now. Interesting that this comes during the holiday season, of course. As always, the primary aspect of a Full Moon is Sun opposite Moon, where the Sun is in the tenth sign of Capricorn (career, our reputation, governments, rules). A balance between our public and private lives, and the rights of individuals versus the rule of law and governing structures comes into play here.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Not too much as far as major bodies and points aspecting the Moon directly, but it’s a little bit of a doozy. Perhaps in a good way.

Full Moon Cancer Sextile Uranus Retrograde and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

Here we’ve got an interesting combination which effectively makes a wedge pattern, as Uranus and Black Moon Lilith also trine the Sun at the same time. What we’ve got here is some hidden desires and inklings of needing to make some changes, particularly when it comes to making money. Of course, with the Cancerian lunar influence making a nice sextile to this, we’re thinking about how these changes can benefit our home life, and make us feel a bit better about things. This also, with the trine to the Sun, gets us to thinking about what major changes we need to make to propel us further in our careers, or whether this can spark a new career altogether. While global conditions are still on shaky ground, it’s still a good time to consider such changes, especially if what’s going on in your life right now isn’t working anymore.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

The other major aspects going on during the Full Moon are rather powerful, even if some of these are a little wide in orb (and thus weakened).

Sun Conjunct Mercury in Capricorn

This is a pretty wide orb and about to go out of range, so this won’t be as powerful as it could be. Messages regarding our career, our reputations, perhaps our fame will be slightly more in focus right now. Many of us are actively looking for work during this time, so this does make sense for those who are actively looking to make further advances in career or shifting to a new career. Governing institutions are also in a state of doing last-second work before some changes in the guard are occurring (for those governments who have new representatives taking office within the next few weeks, such as the United States Congress).

Mercury Conjunct Fixed Star Vega in Capricorn

This is a bit of a troublesome spot for Mercury, as this can lead to some goals and ambitions not being realized by governing officials (to say nothing of ourselves). We do hit a snag in affairs with this placement, and I would say we can see some disappointing results in business and in the markets right now, and perhaps for the next couple of weeks. Watch out for hidden enemies (like unexpected bills and the like)[1].

Mercury in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

I think there’s going to be a good amount of discussion regarding our thought processes and our spirituality with this aspect. A fair amount of brainstorming regarding career, ambitions, and just inner work that makes us tick should be beneficial with this transit. Some work on a creative project can be fruitful right now as well, so get to creating!

T-Square: Neptune in Pisces Square North Node in Gemini and South Node/Venus in Sagittarius

There’s going to be some uncertainty that comes with this Full Moon. There’s a lot of hidden fears and doubts that are coming to many people’s forefronts right now, given the gains and freedom that was, and the restrictions and lack of mobility that is in play now. We find ourselves needing to steel our mental resolve and figure out how to use the lessons learned from the past in terms of relationships and resources, and how we can use that knowledge to build a new future for us in a changed, shifting world.

Mars in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius

The good news is that this is a wider square, particularly the Saturn/Jupiter part. The tricky news is, it’s still Mars squaring these three bodies. Pluto is still in Saturn’s primary sign, so we can expect conflict between us wanting to get out and go and be ourselves, do our own thing, and the continuing implosion of governing structures that is occurring in many countries, not just one. And as we can see, with Jupiter and Saturn having just done their exact conjunction in the opening degree of Aquarius, we’re seeing conflict between ourselves, and the general advance of technology and other unconventional, non-traditional structures. This is especially true with the increasing restrictions and the dependence on machine learning and AI that the social media giants are using to “police” content that doesn’t fall under “community standards”. Expect more complaints and collateral damage from flagged content, whether proper or not, by faceless algorithms that don’t even bother with human input and simply restrict or ban. Even the most innocuous comment may fall under the eye of the moderator. There’s also grumbling about a change in technology law that seems to be targeted at illegal streamers (to the tune of 10 years in prison, from what I hear), but we can expect that there will be false positives and people prosecuted under these new regulations that don’t need to be targeted at all. We will, in a matter of speaking, be fighting and raging against the machine. Given the recent 0-degrees Aquarius conjunction, and how long it takes for Saturn and Jupiter to get back together, we’ve got a fight on our hands for the next couple of decades.

Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius Square Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This is the other set of squares that tells me that this Full Moon represents a growing boil that is happening when it comes to conflict between technology and freedom. Uranus is the rebel, and it does not do near as well being in fixed, stable Taurus. With this squaring off against both Saturn (taskmaster and disciplinarian of the zodiac) and Jupiter (expander and optimist of the zodiac), we can expect more rebellion, more shifting to other platforms, and from some of the posts I’m seeing online, resistance against measures meant to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Disinformation and misinformation are also likely to continue popping out of the woodwork with this aspect, so be mindful of the sources of what you read. I don’t even what to know what the “dark web” looks like right now, but I’m certain there’s more nefarious plots being entertained there. I’ve never actually been on the dark web, so take that last sentence with a (small) grain of salt.

Jupiter in Aquarius Sextile Chiron in Aries

Jupiter will, of course, be colored by its own conjunction to Saturn, and this is a wider sextile, so things are a little different for this usually-positive aspect. Of course, there’s a chance for us to take measures to heal some previous wounds that have caused us to doubt ourselves and our self-worth. This is also a time where we could potentially reach out to wise counsel, whether it’s our friends, an actual counselor, or even your own higher self. There’s a lot of healing that you’ll have to take responsibility for on your own end, but the potential can be fulfilling if the effort is made.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

Not too many asteroids to look at here as far as direct aspects to the Full Moon. The few that I’m seeing are rather interesting.

Asteroid Yod: Full Moon Cancer Quincunx 2063 Bacchus, 5325 Silver, 5239 Reiki, and 8690 Swindle in Sagittarius, and 1924 Horus and Pallas in Aquarius

This is a rather interesting mix. On the Aquarian side we have Pallas and Horus both making that awkward quincunx to the Full Moon, which is adding an unconventional mini-crisis of wisdom (Pallas) and identity (Horus). We can think of this as a bit of divine knowledge or knowing from our higher self that is pinging at us, and we really need to get with the program and figure that out. On the Sagittarius side, we’ve got Bacchus (intoxication, revelry), Silver (money), Reiki (healing, particularly energy healing), and Swindle (lying, stealing, deception). Right now, it’s easy to be led astray by New Age guru-types, and also easy to fall into alternative therapies that don’t actually do anything. Think “snake oil.” Of course, there’s some potential for some energy work and alternative healing to actually be beneficial. Use your inner sense and gut feeling, and make sure you’re actually going for something that will actually benefit you. Don’t fall for propaganda and clever marketing. Even if the “conventional wisdom” and official line doesn’t mesh with you, don’t go chasing waterfalls into some lake of snake oil. Use your best judgment.

Asteroid Water Grand Trine: Full Moon Cancer Trine 447 Valentine in Scorpio, and 432 Pythia and Nessus in Pisces

Another interesting complex aspect, we have Valentine in Scorpio, so we do have the opportunity for some sultry, kinky action with a lover, or at the very least some deep, tantric experiences can be had. On the Pisces side, we’ve got Pythia and Nessus together… Pythia tends to go along with divination and psychic ability, and with Nessus (obsession and possibility of abuse), we can use our deeper senses to avoid some particularly nasty situations. Some of us could be using our talents for divination and empathy to help someone out of an abusive or other downward spiral. On the other hand, this could potentially represent two lovers who are really into each other and effectively are acting as one. Another possibility would be recognizing a “False Twin” (if you buy into the “Twin Flame” line of thinking) and escaping an otherwise disastrous situation there.

Asteroid Grand Cross: Full Moon Cancer (Opposite Sun in Capricorn) Squaring 3063 Makhaon in Aries and 58534 Logos in Libra

Finally, we have a minor grand cross (by way of two asteroids) to the Full Moon. Makhaon in Aries can represent some surgical and medical intrigues, while Logos in Libra… Logos means “the Word,” so this could represent some usage of logic or knowledge, particularly when it comes to a longer-term or important relationship. There could be anxiety about a medical procedure and we’re having to get all the facts before committing to surgery (particularly given the ICU bed capacity being strained beyond limits in many places), or perhaps we’re facing some anxiety regarding putting off procedures at the moment. This could also be playing out in the introduction of the initial coronavirus vaccines, and some people holding off until they do more research and wait to see if it’ll be safe for themselves to take (whether it be anxiety of allergies or something else, or actual allergic reactions they have had individually to previous medicines and vaccinations). Medically, there will be quite a few judgment calls being made for the next couple of weeks given this aspect pattern.

In Closing

This Full Moon certainly represents some major challenges and changes coming to us, or already occurring in some respects. We’re at the beginning of a new cycle, for sure, and it’s anyone’s guess how this is going to ultimately end up. What I am seeing is that the end of the old cycle is upon us, and this is a time where we have to make some decisions on where we go from here.

A great deal of uncertainty as far as our old ways of making a living, and how we can try to get by now, this is a rather important question that’s coming up now too. Given the political posturing, I don’t think these anxieties are going to subside or be resolved any time soon.

Let’s hope cooler heads prevail. That said, I think people’s patience has begun to run out. Try to keep a level head. Be safe, all.


  1. Constellations of Words: Vega