Solar Eclipse Gemini – June 2021 – Into Destiny

Solar Eclipse

We’re in the midst of a high-yield time. Eclipse season, Saturn retrograde began, Mercury retrograde in progress, and now we have this Solar Eclipse bearing down upon us as well. This won’t be the easiest of times, but there’s plenty of opportunity here too. Many changes are in store, and as this is a New Moon in effect, many new beginnings are possible. It’s time to embrace our destiny.

The Solar Eclipse Itself

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 19 Gem 47’06” on June 10th, 2020 at 03:52:36 PDT (10:52:36 UTC). A Solar Eclipse can be thought of as a super powered New Moon, and the start of a greater cycle. While a New Moon starts a new lunar cycle for about 28 or so days, a solar eclipse’s effects are much longer lasting, anywhere from several months to an entire year (if not more, overlapping eclipse cycles). This Solar Eclipse takes place in Gemini, one of Mercury’s signs, and thus themes of communication and shorter-distance travel will be quite accentuated. With Mercury being retrograde at the moment, how we come across to others and how we communicate will be of high importance for the next several months. It is worth remembering that the primary aspect of a Solar Eclipse is Sun conjunct Moon, so we’ve got a major reckoning of our sense of self and our feelings regarding those communication and travel themes, and this also represents new beginnings and new challenges. If you don’t feel you’re on the right track, a major change in heading will be in store for a serious course correction.

As far as those who will be affected the most by this solar eclipse, those individuals and entities (countries, companies, etc.) with placements from 14 to 24 degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be feeling this one most acutely. It’s usually the primary “hard” aspects that feel it the most (in this case, conjunction, opposition, and squares). This is a mutable air eclipse as well, so there will be a great deal of changeability in the air for the next several months. Do not expect anything to be set in stone, and you should make plans to be flexible in much of what you do for awhile.

Direct Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

Beyond the given Sun conjunct Moon aspect, other direct aspects to the Solar Eclipse will color the energies that are present for this cycle.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Conjunct Mercury Retrograde

This is fun. We have the planet of communications, messages, and travel conjunct the Solar Eclipse. And… it’s retrograde. The themes of reviewing, reworking, revamping, as well as communications hiccups, missed and mixed messages, and travel snafus are going to be pretty prevalent over the next several months, at least until the following eclipse cycle in the later half of the year. Things aren’t exactly clear right now as it pertains to new endeavors. Those endeavors you’ve put on the back burner, however, this is the several month period to give those a second look. There could be something you missed, or perhaps earlier wasn’t the right time for whatever you were working on to manifest. Perhaps it may even be time to give someone you shied away from a second look as well? (That’s entirely dependent on why you shied away from them in the first place, of course!)

Solar Eclipse Gemini and Mercury Retrograde Square Neptune in Pisces

About that unclear and mixed messages thing… Neptune in square to the Solar Eclipse suggests a great deal of illusions and delusions will be coming to the fore now. This is a time where we need to be acutely aware of deceptions and falsehoods. Mercury retrograde involved here also suggests propaganda and disinformation campaigns as well, as well as the beginnings of clandestine operations and communications. There is much deception and falsehoods beneath the surface, and it is a time where we need to consider that what we are hearing may be too good to be true. Be on guard, especially now.

On another hand, this also suggests a time where there will be matters and data we just don’t know about, and that we don’t have the right data or enough data about. Hypotheses may be shifting rapidly in some scientific circles, and other aspects of truth will not be clear.

Do what you can not to be taken advantage of during these next several months. Consider that even those with your best interests at heart may not have all the facts or information now, or may be acting on faulty information.

Making sure you have adequate backups of your hard drive and all important data is of paramount importance during this cycle, even more so than a normal Mercury retrograde cycle.

Other Aspects during the Solar Eclipse

We do have some other aspects playing out during this solar eclipse, so let’s take a look at how this will color the energies of this celestial fusion…

North Node Conjunct Fixed Star Aldebaran in Gemini with South Node Conjunct Antares in Sagittarius

This set of aspects is still very much in play as it was at the onset of the previous Lunar Eclipse a couple weeks prior, so this will serve as a brief recap. Both of these stars are being transited by the nodal axis at this time, with the goal or destiny point with Aldebaran, so that’s the direction we are driven to go towards when it comes to achieving our goals and improving our situations. Aldebaran denotes the more honorable, courageous, and noble aspects, with the caveat that war, plague, and the fleeting nature of successes[1]. Good things can come, but we’ll need to be aware of malicious actors.

South Node and Antares, this is the “retreat to the comfort zone” aspect that we need to be wary of. Antares is a particularly incendiary star, and this can denote impulsiveness and impatience, to the point of self-destruction [2].” South Node’s influence here can have us risk it all and stay idle in bad situations, and can be quite seductive to keep us ensnared. Breaking bad habits is vital to overcoming this malefic influence.

It’s strongly recommended we leave the past behind that is no longer serving us, and go towards the greater goals that will improve our lot and situations.

Venus in Cancer Semisextile North Node in Gemini

This is a point where we have a drive to seek out new money, new relationships, and these are things that can potentially get us to a better place, where we want to go. Getting there, that’s the trick. We’re likely in a point where, even if we’re in a good situation, the thought of doing better or improving the situation somehow is firmly on our mind. So are we seeking new opportunities, or are the opportunities we’re already part of able to be improved in some way? This is a question you need to ask yourself now.

Venus in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

This combination in this softer aspect denotes a time where we can make some sort of headway to getting ourselves into a more comfortable or more stable situation. While Uranus isn’t particularly known for stability, this can still denote some flexibility and remarkable breakthroughs when it comes to beautifying our homes, wooing potential romantic partners, or applying our skills in creative works to publish that next piece of art we’ve been dying to get out into the public eye. With Venus in Cancer, there may be a greater potential here for coming up with some new brainstorming for future projects, or setting the seeds for the next social outing with that special someone.

Venus in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries

This is where the previous Venus aspects get tricky. For some of that new beginning and inspiration, we’re going to have to deal with the cracked eggs in the basket. Chiron is the wounded healer, and the wounded healer wasn’t as adept at healing himself. There’s some previous burns from earlier relationships, failed pursuits of relationships, and projects that didn’t go anywhere that we’re going to have to deal with during this eclipse cycle. Is there something holding you back from finding love? Is there something sapping your confidence and preventing you from going after what you want? As Aries is the first sign and this deals with the self and self-involved desires, this could also be a time where one has to be wary of potential partners (romantically or businesswise) that will use you as fuel and then dump you like a spent fuel rod once they’ve gotten what they want. Do be careful and vet whomever you meet well during this time. Make sure their interests align with yours.

Mars in Cancer Opposite Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Mars being in the last degree of Cancer during this Solar Eclipse denotes that the themes of power, drive, energy, these are already starting to pick up speed as Mars is leaving the sign where it is in fall and not well-placed. However, this opposition to the lord of the underworld, Pluto, can be a bit of a rough tumble. Pluto being retrograde turns some of this death and rebirth inward, so we’re likely in conflict with ourselves and our feelings about something, likely something to do with our public persona and career, and we’ve probably got some more private feelings about how we approach things that are going to start popping out now (as Mars is about to enter fiery Leo). Do be careful of powerful individuals during these next several months who may wish to use you for their own selfish desires. Also be aware of powerful individuals who may want to genuinely help you but have their own issues they’re tackling (and thus distracted).

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

This is one of the tightest and most contentious aspects during this Solar Eclipse. Here we have the disciplinarian of the cosmos in one of its home signs, the lord of karma, looking inwards and reversing course. It is in conflict with the rebel, the upstart, Uranus in earthy Taurus (where it is not in any way at home, and isn’t quite sure how to handle itself here). Disruptions, delays, self-sabotage, uncertainties in stability will be quite prevalent during the next several months. The malicious computer attacks on some meat processing plant and the earlier ransomware attack affecting an important fuel pipeline in the southeastern United States are but notable examples of this sort of thing playing out. Make sure your important information is backed up, and make sure your security is increased during this time. I would also argue that cryptocurrency volatility will continue over the next several months in light of this aspect, though I cannot say where the peaks and valleys will be as I am not a financial astrologer. (Definitely consult with a financial expert if you’re uncertain about financial advice at this time, but use your best gut feeling at any rate).

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Sextile Chiron in Aries

This is a time where we can look at where we’ve been sabotaging our own efforts at self-improvement and see where we’ve been hurting ourselves. With this softer aspect between the wounded healer and the taskmaster, we can take some cold, honest looks at where we’ve been falling short, and we can use this time to plan out some improvements in our lives. Some people may find themselves embarking on new fitness plans at this time, while others will be using some good old-fashioned discipline to enforce their own self-worth. Sometimes the hardest person to tell “no” to is yourself.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Trine North Node in Gemini

This is another fortuitous aspect. We’ve got the planet of discipline and completing tasks in a flowing trine to the goal or destiny point that is the better path for our continued growth. We may need to take another look at how we’re coming across to others, and take stock in whether we’ve been communicating our plans and desires properly or not. This is also a time where we can make some good long-term planning for our future ambitions, be it self-improvement, career development, or perhaps something as basic as learning how to communicate properly with others. Whatever it is, a plan for improved self-discipline is likely to be successful now.

Neptune in Pisces Sextile Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This is another one of the easier aspects that should help us glean some insights from our higher selves or gut feelings or however you wish to describe some intuitive feelings. Pluto, planet of upheaval and renewal, is currently retrograde and that turns the themes inwards, sometimes tearing apart some things pretty suddenly. Neptune in a sextile to this devastator can act as an insulator, perhaps acting as a shield of sorts so some can keep their mental fortitude up in the midst of massive changes. In other ways, this combination can denote a time of intense creative and meditative work, allowing for great self-transformation and provide a deep wellspring of creativity and innovation. Mental and pathology studies may benefit from this aspect in inspiring unconventional new therapies.

Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Algol in Taurus

This is a deeper, darker, ultra-intense aspect here. The apogee point of the Moon, representing the divine feminine and the deeper mysteries that surround us, combined with the Eye of Medusa… there’s something quite Athenian about this in a way, if that’s the right deity to reference here. This is a time where we must slay our inner demons, and confront our deeper shadow selves. This is something that we’ll have to confront sooner or later, and this can come out in terms of previous traumas, and also in painful memories of previous betrayals. This will not be an easy process, but there are a couple aspects that may help…

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces and Trine Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Part of the inner shadow work we’ll be facing during this post-eclipse phase will benefit from the softer, flowing aspects to these two outer bodies. Black Moon Lilith sextile Neptune will allow us to call more easily upon our intuition to identify areas where we’ve been holding ourselves back, and should also be a boost to meditation and spirit work. The creative muse that inspires us will be quite prominent now as well, and we can use this connection to come up with some incredible literary and artistic work should we choose to use these energies now.

Black Moon Lilith trine Pluto retrograde will serve as a fulcrum point to look deep within, deeper than we’ve probably ever looked within ourselves before. There’s a lot under the surface that we’ll be processing in the aftermath of this eclipse cycle, but it’s important work and we should not shy away from it if we’re to understand ourselves better. In a matter of speaking, utilizing this intense self-scrutiny energy now may even lead to us “reformatting” ourselves, and become stronger beings in the end.

Let your intuition be your guide, and use this time to call upon some serious protection for yourself. A solid foundation is needed to properly and really get into the self-inner clearing that is called for at this time.

In Closing

This is a particularly super-intense eclipse cycle where we will need to be clear about our intentions for ourselves, and for our intentions for others. A great amount of creative energy is here just waiting to be harnessed, and this is also a major opportunity to embark on the inner shadow work that we need to perform, so we can confront the shadows within and deal with our inner trauma once and for all. A great amount of uncertainty is in the air, but I think things will ultimately work out in the end. We need to continue building the better lives and better worlds we need for ourselves throughout this process, and this eclipse cycle can help us make that happen. It won’t be easy, and there’s a lot we’re going to have to give up to make this happen. Perhaps as we continue this inner work, other answers will begin to reveal themselves as well. Make the best of these influences. Peace.


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