New Moon Cancer – July 2020 – School of Hard Knocks

New Moon Cancer

Leaving the Eclipse season, we are having some incredible energies hitting us still. Mercury is now in its direct motion, Venus is direct, and yet things still feel like there’s a backslide. This New Moon is the second one in Cancer this year, with the Solar Eclipse being the first, so this is technically New Moon Cancer II. Still, the potency is here. And it’s not going to be an easy lunar cycle for anyone I don’t think. Plenty to learn though.


This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 28 Can 26’44” on July 20th, 2020 10:32:56 (AM) PDT (17:32:56 (5:32:56 PM) UTC). This lunar cycle will be putting a large focus on our private lives and home concerns, as well as maternal concerns. Another time to set some good new intentions to move forward with, and there will be plenty of discipline forced if we don’t take it into account for ourselves. As always, a New Moon’s main aspect is Sun conjunct Moon, symbolizing new beginnings in a period of time for us, the usual four weeks or so. Moon is also in its own domicile, so lunar and mental matters are quite amplified now, further concerning home matters and private matters for us all.

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

This is an incredibly intense one, given the most immediate aspect and what that body is also connected to right now, even if the orbs are a little wide in places.

New Moon Cancer Opposite Saturn Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde, and by Pluto’s Conjunction Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

This is a triple-threat of an opposition if I’ve ever seen one. Jupiter first: it’s not in its best placement in Capricorn (being in Saturn’s domain), and its retrograde so a lot of the optimism is muted and turned inwards, and finally it’s also conjunct Pluto retrograde, which is further amplifying the tearing down of what we’ve known. Pluto is also weakly joining Saturn retrograde in a slightly wider than five-degree orb, so while muted, it’s still there and potent. And all of this is opposing the New Moon, Saturn most tightly at 12 minutes of a degree of orb (or less than a quarter of a degree). This is very powerful, very potent. There is a lot that we are not in control of for this entire lunar cycle, but given the right application of discipline and prior lessons learned, we can turn things around if we are disciplined enough to see it through. Not an easy time of it, but there can be some rewards in the end and we can use this to build a new future for ourselves. Again and I keep reiterating this: the old ways of doing things aren’t going to work. We aren’t going to be able to move at full speed yet either, given the triple-retrograde going on. Don’t stop planning, keep those plans ready to go for when conditions improve.

Globally, I see a slide back to tighter restrictions in many ways. Exercise vigilance and protect yourself from the harshest of the changes going on right now.

New Moon Cancer Semisextile North Node in Gemini

This lunar cycle is acting as a trigger for us to consider our private dealings right now, especially as they pertain to our localities and how we come across right now. Social media is quite incendiary right now, and as some have discovered, online indiscretions lead to devastating results (loss of job, status, etc.). Even with good intentions, there are malicious actors out there taking notes and noting names. On the other hand, I am seeing communities come together and share useful or important information more readily right now, so do use these platforms wisely.

New Moon Cancer Semisquare Venus in Gemini

This lunar cycle will also be seeing themes of troubles in relationships, money, projects, jobs, many of these likely due to issues of our own making. Don’t over-promise right now, as this is likely to get you in trouble and be a spark of hard feelings. If you are unsure about if you can deliver right now, it’s best to be forthright and honest. This could still portend issues, but nothing like what will happen if you fudge this and that gets found out.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

Plenty of harsh aspects going on for this lunar cycle ingress. Not all of them are hard, but a good many of them are going to be quite challenging.

Mercury in Cancer Square Chiron Retrograde and Mars in Aries

This is an indicator of harsh messages and words being said, and a great deal of reflection based upon previous disagreements. We’re likely experiencing some of these themes in the home front, probably based on clashing egos. Some of us may be using this period in time to further drive home the point of our pride, while others may be nursing wounds from previous arguments and shying away from further confrontations right now. Don’t pick fights with your loved ones and roommates right now – it will not end well.

Mercury in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

This combination could indicate some more pleasant surprises in store on the home front. Some of us may find an unexpected windfall, such as an asset or a cache of savings we forgot about under the mattress, for example, or others may still experience an unexpected loss, but not as great as would be feared normally. Expect surprising news about investments that will be in your favor over the long term, not necessarily short term. Given the Mars-Chiron link to Mercury, do not put all your eggs in the short-term basket. Remember, Uranus isn’t in its best place in Taurus either, so make contingency plans and rainy day funds if you can accordingly.

Venus in Gemini Sextile Mars in Aries

This gives a nice little boost to our energy when it comes to pursuing and solidifying our positions in relationships, jobs, and with valuables. We can use this energy to get a little more done on a side project, or perhaps make some finishing touches on an awesome art project that’s been brewing for awhile.

Venus in Gemini Biquintile Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

With all the occurrences still going on in the world, it’s no surprise that our faith has been shaken and we wonder just how much more we can endure. Still, there’s plenty of opportunities to be had if we’re creative about it. You may need to temper some of the more expansive optimism and come up with some creative measures to get through some of the greater issues we’re coming up against. Perhaps something that seemed easy to implement turned out to not be so easy after all, and so you have to dig deep into your creativity and ingenuity to resolve the issue. I’m feeling that right now with another project, actually, so I can attest to this alignment coming up.

Venus in Gemini Square Neptune Retrograde

This is a rather wide orb to this one, but is applying (getting tighter), so it still warrants mention. Delusions, illusions, and disappointments in projects and relationships are in the back of our minds during this lunar cycle coming up, and it’s something that we’ll have to address as we go through this almost month-long period. Perhaps something that glittered turned out to not be so golden under the surface, or perhaps we’re finding that we’re having to dig deeper and longer to find that proverbial treasure chest under the “X”. Rewards are still there, it’ll just take some mental fortitude to go after it, and also some inner soul searching to determine if it’s really still what you’re after.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn Sextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

This is a bit more fortuitous than one might think. As both are retrograde, we’re doing some serious inner soul-searching right now, especially with Jupiter joined with Pluto right now. We have to draw upon our inner convictions and inner voice, not to mention our inner connection to the universe/Source/God/whichever benevolent deity you ascribe to (or inner reason if not a subscriber to such things). Sometimes we need to look within for answers, and this is a time where some silent time with ourselves may yet yield the answers we seek. Take some time to reflect and meditate this cycle.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn Quincunx North Node in Gemini

This is a rather off-kilter aspect to have to the nodes right now, as this also equates to a semisextile to the South Node. We know that there’s goals we need to get to, but obligations from the past are preventing us from fully taking grasp of the brass ring we’re trying to reach. Are those lead chains weighing us down, and if so, are you sure you don’t have a key that’ll unlock those restraints? May need to forge a key or pick the lock to get out of this one, but still the obligations will remain. This won’t be the easiest path to walk this cycle, so do shore up loose ends where you need to.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn Quintile Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Speaking of previous obligations, some of what we’re called upon to face have likely been wounding us in some way for quite some time. This cycle is one where we can take a look and figure out which “inside the box” methods we’ve been trying and failing to resolve these obligations. Once we figure that out, we need to then harness some “outside the box” thinking and come up with some innovative solutions to resolve those obligations and get out of this death spiral once and for all. It’s not a weakness to admit that something you feel obligated to do does not bring you joy. Resolve it as best and creatively as you can, and then pursue what does have meaning to you and brings you joy. Just walking away won’t solve these problems: they still have to be dealt with.

Asteroid Aspects to the New Moon

The asteroids aspecting the new Moon are quite telling this time around. Expect big news.

New Moon Cancer Conjunct 2031 BAM and 1862 Apollo

This one is looking like an explosive lunar cycle in some ways, and a hot one too. BAM implies explosive events to me, and Apollo did have healing and diseases as one of his domains. Now does this mean we have an explosion in viral cases, or does one or more of the vaccine trials actually go somewhere in helping resolve this coronavirus thing? As Apollo is also a god of truth, perhaps a stunning revelation turns events on their head?

New Moon Cancer Opposite 151 Abundantia Retrograde in Capricorn

This, combined with Abundantia’s proximity to Saturn (and colored by Pluto as well) in opposition to the New Moon tells me that we should not be expecting a dramatic economic recovery in the next month or so. In fact, this to me implies the opposite. Other forms of abundance and wealth should be considered now, such as your health.

New Moon Cancer Square 875 Nymphe, 15845 Bambi and 11144 Radiocommunicata in Aries, and 85047 Krakatau and 7328 Casanova in Libra

More of an explosive influence on this New Moon by way of Krakatau. This combination of asteroids could be indicating a major revelation in a sex scandal of some kind. The Ghislaine Maxwell arrest and revelations come to mind, and I’m certain more news will be coming out related to this.

New Moon Cancer Quincunx Ixion Retrograde in Sagittarius

This is a bit of an awkward, off-kilter vibe to an asteroid named for a betrayer who violated guest right in Zeus’s abode, and Ixion is influenced by Galactic Center to boot. I think we’re going to see more revelations of betrayals and decidedly not-cool behavior when it comes to loyalty during this cycle. But who’s betraying who or what? There could be some big news of some infidelity, or perhaps this is more related to the Maxwell case? At any rate, someone’s going to be spinning on the wheel.

New Moon Cancer Trine 4464 Vulcano and 390 Alma in Scorpio

This may be a lunar cycle where we see some decidedly deeper unions form new ground, such as more committed relationships growing deeper and forming another proverbial island in the sea of chaos, like an undersea volcano creating new islands as it erupts over time. Not something that’s rushed, but something that can build a foundation for the future. Lasting relationships and unions based in more than the superficial should do well this cycle.

New Moon Cancer Sextile 1912 Anubis and 90377 Sedna (Both with Algol) in Taurus

I would argue that those who have been acting with integrity and who are not betraying deep trust in others will fare just fine during this lunar cycle. Those who have been less honorable when it comes to abusing others, I think they will be seeing some sort of judgment and weighing of their hearts in the next month or so. As these are still touched by fixed star Algol, the consequences for those revealed during this time are likely to be harsh.

New Moon Cancer Semisquare 433 Eros in Gemini and 5790 Nagasaki in Virgo

This lunar cycle could see some people have ill-advised romances and lustful encounters blow up in their face, so to speak. As there is still a pandemic going on, as well as the intensely divisive environment (at least here in the “States”), there’s bound to be some fallout from bad decisions and regrets.

New Moon Cancer Sesquiquadrate 100 Hekate Retrograde in Sagittarius, and Ceres Retrograde and Nessus Retrograde in Pisces

This is a rather interesting combination, and it essentially forms an asteroid Thor’s Hammer to the New Moon, so do proceed with caution in affairs where you do not know which direction to go. We’re definitely at a crossroads right now, and it’s easy to obsess over and abuse yourself over previous missteps and mistakes. Then there are others who will latch on and attempt to “cancel” those who have performed some transgression, whether real or imagined. We’re all in danger of losing our way if we give in to these witch hunts. This isn’t the time. Stop and listen, and double-check whether you’re really on a path you should be going down. If not, alter course and go back the way you came if you have to.

New Moon Cancer Quintile 7470 Jabberwock and 157 Dejanira in Taurus, and 8690 Swindle and 4227 Kaali in Libra

OK, we’re going to have to be a bit more careful this lunar cycle, as there are plenty of monsters in the dark waiting to prey on us, and plenty of liars wanting to fill our ears with lies that can send us on the way to destruction. Use your best sense and step outside of the flow of reality for a moment, and observe from a different perspective: Perhaps forget the lies they’re telling us, and ask yourself what lies they aren’t telling us right now. What’s missing? There’s some breadcrumbs to be followed, but do be careful not to end up as dinner inside a twisted gingerbread house. After all, what’s sweet can be hiding some serious poison.

New Moon Cancer Biquintile 1181 Lilith Retrograde and 6583 Destinn Retrograde in Sagittarius, and 114 Kassandra Retrograde in Pisces

Finally, I see an indication where we’re needing to dig deep inside our inner shadow and inner truths, and we need to take stock in what good advice and warnings we’ve been telling ourselves for awhile that we’ve managed to ignore for ourselves. This is a time where we can consider those inner alarm bells, and then take the steps we need to shore up these loose ends. Is there an inconvenient truth you’ve been pushing aside for awhile? Now’s the time to face it. Once you do that, you’ll be a few steps closer to pursuing your destiny as you should.

To Sum it All Up

This is not going to be an easy lunar cycle, I’ll be honest here. Plenty of restrictions and rising tensions that are flying about, but also some opportunities to learn from previous missteps and resolve the problems we’ve been making for ourselves. You’re not going to be able to change the minds of those who have carbonized their ignorance into a black mass of ash, so don’t even bother. Focus on yourself and on those who are receptive, and those who have decided to sacrifice reason on the altars of false power, well, they’ll get the blowback from their smoke soon enough. Tragic, but some will learn the hard way over the next month or so here. Keep yourselves on your paths, use some creativity to get past some of the more interesting roadblocks, and know that tomorrow’s another day. Be safe, all.