Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius – May 2021 – Hard Truths

Lunar Eclipse

A great deal has been demanding my attention as of late, but I’m not going to let that stop me from taking a look at the Lunar Eclipse that is coming very soon here. To be blunt, this eclipse season is going to be impacting me quite intensely as both the Solar and Lunar Eclipses directly impact my primary angles (Lunar Eclipse conjunct my own Ascendant, and the following Solar Eclipse squaring my Midheaven, both by less than a degree orb). It’s time to take a look at how this Lunar Eclipse will be affecting all of us, not just myself.

The Lunar Eclipse Itself

The Lunar Eclipse goes exact at 05 Sag 25’46” on May 26th, 2021 at 04:13:51 PST (11:13:51 UTC). The Sun opposes Moon as with all Lunar Eclipses. Think of this as a supercharged Full Moon. This Lunar Eclipse, being in the sign of Sagittarius, is in the sign ruled by Jupiter. Dream of expansion, optimism, luck, and foreign affairs will be highlighted. What’s been in the works so far will come roaring to the surface. The Sun, being in Gemini, will highlight local matters and how we come across to others. Duplicity will be revealed as well, of that I am certain, so be on the lookout for revelations regarding hidden agendas and double-dealing. Those with personal points and/or planets ranging from 0 to 10 degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces (the mutable signs) will be feeling a much larger impact from this eclipse.

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

There is one aspect main-body wise to this Eclipse, and it is significant.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Forming T-Square to Jupiter in Pisces

It’s a slightly wider orb at about four degrees, but it counts. Both Sun and Moon will square Jupiter in its other home sign of Pisces during the eclipse cycle, which will definitely be challenging our notions of luck, good fortune, and some of our loftier asperations. We may find some of our hopes shattered, or at the very least delayed. In other ways, we will be seeing that our planning may need to take a detour, or perhaps wasn’t in our best interests. Another possibility will be that we’re close to achieving one of our more cherished goals, and a newer, better goal (or seemingly better) will pop up, forcing us to make a choice. As Jupiter also rules Sagittarius, the lunar square will also be playing on our emotions and intuition.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

Other patterns are occurring during this Lunar Eclipse that will add to the energy blend that we’re experiencing during this new cycle.

North Node Conjunct Fixed Star Aldebaran in Gemini with South Node Conjunct Antares in Sagittarius

Given the nodal axis interaction with both of these stars, it stands to reason that this eclipse cycle will bring about some momentous changes, with some of the more significant likely to be within the weeks following both this and the upcoming Solar Eclipse. This is quite a multi-edged sword with these aspects. Aldebaran denotes some more positive aspects such as “honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage,” among other things[1]. However, there’s also the risk of violence, sickness, and of the good effects “seldom prov[ing] lasting.”

South Node and Antares, another incendiary star, “is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter,” and “causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinancy[2].” In other words, with the South Node’s influence here, we run the risk of clinging to what we think brought us comfort in the past or falling back into old habits, and basically ensuring our own downfall through our own stubborn actions and resistance to change.

Combined, we have the opportunity to move forward into new things with great courage and vigor, but we have to make sure we do this intelligently and not in a rash way. Otherwise, we run a great risk of building a castle on a foundation of sand and getting washed away by our own hubris. The reopening plans for the post-pandemic phase and conflicting guidance regarding COVID precautions are a big indicator of this. If done well, a semblance of normality will prevail and a great tragedy will start coming to a close. If done poorly or rushed, we’ll be back into the more restrictive phases before the following eclipse cycle. That’s the kind of “will we move forwards or backwards” scenarios we can expect in most of our affairs with this twin aspect, not just health-related ones.

Mercury and Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

Mercury and Venus together in the sign of the twins indicates a great deal of talk and communication about relationships and what we hold dear and/or valuable. This isn’t everything it seems to be as Mercury is late into its pre-retrograde shadow phase, and will be reversing direction from our perspective here on Earth soon. Basically, we can expect a little bit of uncertainty and a standstill in the development of these kinds of affairs. The square to Neptune, in its own home sign of Pisces, amplifies this uncertainty and shadow thinking. We can expect crossed messages, missed messages, errors, and all sorts of uncertainty. Some relationships will undoubtedly end during this phase, while others that may be beginning may be in the throes of illusion. Use your best gut check and make sure you’re not chasing phantoms when it comes to a new relationship right now. Also, if there are problems you’ve been experiencing in existing relationships, do make sure you have all of your facts straight, as false accusations will also dissolve uncertain relationships just as readily.

Mars in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces

This is a little bit of a softer aspect than the previous one we just went over. Mars in Cancer is in its fall position, and thus is a little weaker here than it normally would be in most other signs (excluding Libra and Taurus, it’s detriments). Mars trine Neptune does allow for some more smoother action when it comes to pursuing our intuition and some of our more mental tasks, though a little more effort will need to be expended to get the same effect. Still, some great creative work can come about during this time, or at the very least some flashes of inspiration can be acted upon in other ways (outlining, brainstorming, etc.).

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Saturn just began its retrograde cycle and will be largely motionless still at the time of this eclipse, so the taskmaster and disciplinarian of the cosmos will be a little testy during this eclipse cycle. Saturn is at home in Aquarius, being one of its two domiciles (the other being Capricorn), and thus still has some added flair to its themes of discipline, blockages, contraction, and hard work. Squaring Uranus in Taurus, which the rebel of the cosmos doesn’t feel at home in the sign of stability and material comfort, this is a time where we’re pretty much reflecting on what we really need when it comes to our material comforts, and what steps we need to take to hold on to what we have. There’s a good possibility of some loss if we’re not careful, whether due to some institutional action (such as a court judgment), or some other mishaps or step we need to take that forces us to divest of something we’d rather not let go of.

This aspect can also point to a time where we know we need to let go of certain comforts or possessions so that we can move forward and actually go towards the life and the stability or structure we truly want, desire, or flat-out need.

It’s no surprise that the cryptocurrency markets are tanking right now with this harsh square, and we can expect more volatility in the markets, at least for a short while. Day-trading is not a sound business idea right now, and those investing for the longer term may yet come out ahead, but will require some review along the way nonetheless. With the shifting structures and the karmic and regulatory review nature of Saturn retrograde, we can expect further regulation and scrutiny of markets and assets that were once considered a “rocket to riches.” “To the moon,” indeed.

Given the Mercury-Venus square to Neptune at the same time, and given how Elon Musk’s tweets seem to influence the cryptocurrency markets just by themselves, this is a solid reminder that the voice of one in a prominent position can unsettle the delicate balance so many have come to expect. You could also say it exposes a fundamental truth: the delicate balance never existed in some of these markets, and it was only a matter of time.

* Disclaimer: I got bit with this current cryptocurrency crash myself, but not too badly. I’m also considering the long-term and watching patiently. My portfolio does not include Bitcoin nor Dogecoin, nor will I endorse a particular currency here. Use your best judgment if and when deciding to invest in anything, and do not rely on astrological analysis as a sole source of financial advice.

Minor Grand Trine: Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Trine North Node in Gemini, with Chiron in Aries Sextile Both Saturn Retrograde and North Node.

This combination points to a time where we will need to reassess how our hard work is paying off, or if it is paying off at all. Fortunately with the trine here, we’ll be more able to break off of what isn’t working and start formulating a plan to get us to where we want or need to be. It will also be more apparent what kind of sacrifices we are talking here when it comes to achieving the life you want.

Chiron sextiling both of these bodies, with itself in fiery Aries, indicates that we’re in a position to recognize previous mistakes and hurts that have been holding us back, or where we’ve been holding ourselves back. There’s a great drive here to correct these perceived flaws, and we can muster up the energy to make the changes necessary to end debilitating cycles once and for all. It won’t be an easy road, but it’s certainly a path worth taking. Chiron’s trine to the South Node allows us to recall and adopt the lessons of previous habits and we can use this energy to keep the good habits we have engrained in ourselves, while we can start tossing out the bad habits.

Minor Grand Trine: Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Trine Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, with Neptune in Pisces Sextile Both Pluto Retrograde and Black Moon Lilith.

This is a deeper aspect pattern we’ve got going here that will allow us to reach deep into our core being and peer within. Pluto retrograde is showing us where we need to make some major changes when it comes to our reputation and overall career goals, and what we need to discard so we can build anew, and build better. Pluto trining Black Moon Lilith grants us a certain wisdom regarding those physical comforts and where what we thought was good for us may not be so good, or perhaps what we have that is good could be improved upon. Neptune sextile both allows for an easier time of using our own insight and intuition to divine a way through the fog, and also allows us to shed the shadows of illusion so we can objectively eliminate the clutter that is weighing us down. A late spring cleaning, in other words, with better gut feelings of what we no longer need.

In Closing

This Lunar Eclipse is kicking off an intense cycle that will be shaping most of the second half of this year. There are a great many changes in store and a lot of upheaval, but also ample opportunities for growth. The trick will be enough people using good wisdom and judgment to avoid the worst outcomes. As always, focus on your selves and your own situations first, and if all goes well, then the rest may fall into place, with a little nudging necessary to keep it from falling to pieces.

If time permits, I’ll write a follow-up article for the asteroid aspects to this Lunar Eclipse. Until next time, stay safe out there.


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