New Moon Aquarius – February 2016 – Warped Messages

New Moon Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius in February, 2016. This looks a little easier than last month’s New Moon, but not by much. Enough new challenges for this one.

I missed the Full Moon for Leo for last month, as things got a bit hectic near the end and just couldn’t get to it. I can’t blame that fully on Mercury Retrograde, but it does show you a little bit of the chaos that can happen! Anyhow, moving on!

For starters, we have Sun square Mars, so we have some tension between this planet’s lifegiver and the planet of war, action, energy, aggression. Egos will need to be kept in check for this lunar phase as arguments and misunderstandings will be enhanced from where I sit.

Before I forget, let’s see the chart for this new moon. Naturally, charted for Seattle, WA.

Mercury is still in it’s post-retrograde shadow period, so there are still prone to be some misunderstandings in communications as well. Conjuncting Venus for this one (though by a wide 4 degree orb), messages of love and relationships seem to be a likely theme, especially with Venus itself conjunct Pluto (though not tight at a 3 degree orb) and square Uranus. So there are bound to be potent developments regarding our relations with others, romances, and whatnot. With the Uranus square, expect some disruptions and butting of heads, as well as unexpected developments. Venus itself is trine Jupiter, which itself is retrograde and still with the North Node. This should add a little ease into the relations front, though we may be more focused on how our relationships (or lack thereof, for those of us not attached) affect our inner being.

Saturn is still square Neptune, but at a 6 degree orb, the influence of the taskmaster to the illusory should be rather muted. Saturn is also trining Uranus right now, so there could be a resolution to some restrictive circumstances this lunar cycle by the planet of sudden changes.

We should note that Mercury this New Moon is also trine Jupiter, so along with Venus, again, messages and communications may be somewhat expansive in regards to relations. Again though, post-retrograde shadow for Mercury may make this a little iffy until February 14th or so when it finally exits the shadow period.

Let’s not forget, however, that three days after Mercury exits shadow, Mars itself enters its pre-retrograde shadow period. Activity and initiating things will start to see a bit of a slowdown and bogging down, leading up to the Mars retrograde later on this year. For now, it’s best to set intentions to shore up loose ends and spend the first week or so of this lunar cycle setting up what we want to achieve for best results, as for half of this year, we can expect more slowdowns.

Ceres opposite 1930 Lucifer, we could see some contention between what’s good for home and hearth and our inner pride. More inner pride, as Lucifer is retrograde. It’s a degree and a half orb, so this won’t be a major influence. And as Lucifer isn’t directly aspecting any major planets (not by transit anyways), this may be a aspect we can put in the back of our mind. Ceres, itself is 4 and a half degrees orb from conjuncting Neptune, so I wouldn’t worry about too many home fantasies getting the best of us quite yet.

A couple more presidential primaries (New Hampshire being a big one) will be taking place this lunar cycle. Expect more mudslinging and vile rhetoric by those who would be our “leaders”.

Enjoy this lunar cycle as best you can, as the next New Moon will be a powerful Solar Eclipse in March! Things are going to come full circle soon, I feel!