Full Moon Virgo February 2016 – Illusion Shatterer

Full Moon Virgo

This full moon is a culmination of the previous New Moon (the Warped Messages moon). We have a few changes, and a few other continuations. I’m a little late in getting this up and am short on time so I will be brief. I’ll post the charts below:

We continue to have Sun Square Mars, but at a very wide orb (8 degrees, as far as we should count for Mars/Sun). This is still significant as Mars has now entered its pre-retrograde shadow period. We are starting to see some slowdowns and disruptions in actions and activities, and rest assured we will be seeing some revisions to plans as we start seeing what is not realistic. We also have the Sun conjunct asteroid Nessus this cycle, an asteroid of the abuser and of obsessions. We could see some power plays in relationships given this conjunction in Pisces. With Nessus opposing the Moon, we may see some shakeups in public relationships. I’m not sure if the sleeping Kanye West pic going viral is one of these, though given his recent thin skin and money problems, it probably isn’t going to help Kim with him very much.

Fortunately, Mercury has exited its shadow period, and is now fully direct. We should start seeing a little ease in communications and travel. Mercury conjuncts Pallas this Full Moon, which is very useful for communicating wisdom and wise actions. The sextile to Saturn is helpful, though we should note that Saturn is now slowing down for its own retrograde period which will hit in the near future.
I suppose an example of the wise communication working with the taskmaster and master of restriction would be Jeb Bush exiting the Presidential race. Considering his dismal showing in South Carolina, this is likely a wise decision on his part. We also saw Ted Cruz fire a prominent campaign manager after a controversial video that implied Marco Rubio was implied to say something about the Bible not having all the answers (when in fact Rubio was saying the opposite). Cruz took this action likely to minimize fallout to his campaign, so unwise communication may not be as damaging in this case as corrective action was taken. We’ll see how it unfolds.

One major thing I’m noticing is the Chiron/South Node opposite Jupiter retrograde/North Node, both T-squaring Saturn (though at a 5 and a half degree orb). So we have the Wounded Healer on the point of staying where it’s comfortable, the “safe zone”, while we have the planet of expansion and the greater benefic where we need to go… but the expander has turned inward with the retrograde, and it’s already debilitated in Virgo (Jupiter’s sign of detriment), so it’s likely people will look to the past for solace. I think we’re seeing this with the campaign season in full bloom, particularly with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan (though I have serious doubts he would accomplish this)… the square to the Saturn in Sagittarius shows us that there are some serious prices to be paid for staying put in the “safe spot” and not moving forward, and that there are some impedences to moving forward at this time. Basically, we could really say that there is no safe spot and moving forward is going to be tricky for the rest of this lunar cycle. For a good while, actually. Given how many more contests are going to be hitting election-wise, this doesn’t exactly fill this astrologer with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Expect the rhetoric to ramp up.

We still have the Uranus/Pluto square going on, and Pluto is with asteroid Destinn this time, a sense of destiny permeating the rapid disolution and tearing down of the old coming. With this in Capricorn, I’m going to go out on a limb and say we could see some market volatility. Many places are already seeing sub-$2/gallon gasoline in the United States. Even here on the West Coast we’re seeing lower prices, at least around Seattle, WA. Uranus, being the revolutionary changer, I question whether this is ultimately to our greater benefit. Maybe it is, given Pluto’s trine to Jupiter/North Node. Also, given this info, Pluto sextiles Chiron/South Node, so we have a bit of a wedge pattern shaping up. Any sudden shocks may actually be well-weathered in the long-term.

We also have Ceres and Neptune in a conjunction this Full Moon as well. We’ve got Pisces pretty much fully loaded at this point. Bound to be some illusions in the home life, but with the weak opposition to the Full Moon, we could also see a little bit of deception come to the surface. Saturn in a weak square to Neptune right now amplifies this (though Saturn is out of orb of squaring the Full Moon, thankfully). It would be wise to be above-board in communications with your loved ones at this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if a scandal comes out regarding one of the candidates at this time too. (Perhaps the Cruz campaign and the Rubio Bible/Answers flap is part of this, though I may be off-base in linking the two).

Asteroids Dejanira (victimhood/asteroid of the victim) and Hekate (an occult asteroid) conjunct in this full moon could be interesting. Perhaps a story of occult or ritual or religious abuse comes out during this time. Perhaps with infidelity as well, given the square to Ixion. However… Dejanira/Hekate trine Mars at this time at a slightly wide orb (greater than 1 degree), so whatever comes out will likely happen quickly and be quickly buried or made irrelevant by other goings on.

Lastly, Venus squares asteroid Karma this Full Moon. Again, be above-board in your relationships, and you should be able to weather your storms. Could see some rocky roads, but as there isn’t much else aspecting Karma from what I see in the current charts, I wouldn’t expect too much development over the next couple weeks. Maybe you singles (or not?) meet someone karmic in the next couple weeks, but whether its to your benefit, well, that depends on how you get along too, synastry, and other factors.

Overall, I’m going to say that this Full Moon we can expect further revelations in our lives, some unpleasant, and we’ll face a choice as to whether to move forward in our evolution, or stay behind and lick our wounds. I’m inclined to say it’s going to be an eventful remainder of the cycle until the next New Moon, which is actually a total Solar Eclipse in Pisces! Expect things to ramp up over the next two weeks!