David Bowie – Taking a look at Ziggy Stardust

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Recently we have experienced the passing of several notable stars. One of the biggest names we’ve recently seen pass is David Bowie, who went through many incarnations throughout his career, and also played as the Goblin King in Labyrinth.

Let’s take a quick look at his natal charts. 

One thing I am noticing right off is Venus conjunct Midheaven. Now this is a good placement for someone in the arts, as in the public spotlight it brings forth public beauty or handsomness (depending on gender) and of course he was popular with the ladies as I recall.

Moon conjunct Descendant is interesting. This leads me to believe that relationships would have an emotional bearing on his life, but the conjunction also to Saturn retrograde suggests to me that there would be some internal inhibition to a degree. He did at one point come out as bisexual, but later on said about being a “closet heterosexual”. Though you would think that would be more an 8th house issue (which Neptune does occupy in his chart), he did marry twice. That Pluto Retrograde is also in his 7th house, just within orb of conjuncting Saturn (but a wide orb at almost 6 degrees at that), so this may not be as much of a surprise.

Another feature I see in David Bowie’s chart is Sun conjunct Mars. This definitely gives an air of power and action to a person, though a little down to earth in earthy Capricorn. Though in 12th house, the forcefulness didn’t really stay hidden as it came out in his performances. The weak square to Neptune in the 8th house Libra shows a bit of a conflict with his actions in regards to his fantasies, as can be seen in the reaction to his bisexual announcement in 1976. In Europe it wasn’t as big a deal, but in America, it did have a slight impedence on his career over here for a bit.

America he described as a bit “puritanical.” Still is, though that’s changed somewhat in some spots.

There does seem to be a weak sextile to Jupiter from Sun/Mars, which forms a Yod apexing at Uranus in his 4th house (but close to his 5th house cusp). He was definitely one not to bow to convention, and was one of the early practitioners of Glam Rock. (Think Ziggy Stardust).

Asteroid-wise, we have asteroid Starrfield conjunct his Sun/Mars conjunction. This is rather interesting given the Ziggy Stardust thing he had going on. 4150 Starr also conjuncts his Jupiter. Jupiter expands what it touches, and he definitely became a big star, so it’s only fitting.

What really gets me is asteroid 600 Musa conjunct 8958 Stargazer. Again, the Ziggy Stardust theme strikes out at me. Was he a Starseed? I don’t know… but he was definitely out of this world with his talents. And both of those trine 22003 Startek. Definitely a lot of spacey, starry stuff going on in his chart.

The manner of his passing, cancer, well, looking at his chart I see Neptune in the 8th house, as well as Chiron in 8th house Scorpio (I am using Placidus for houses, so your interpretations may differ). Hmm. The cause of death was liver cancer. In the 18 months since his diagnosis (which was kept under wraps), he created a final album, Blackstar.

If we check the Progressed chart and transits for the day he passed (January 10, 2016), we find a Yod in the progressed chart from Pluto retrograde sextile Neptune retrograde, apex Mars conjunct Mercury retrograde. He doesn’t seem to have anything at that position in Pisces in the natal. However, what I do find interesting is that Transit Venus and Saturn conjuncted his progressed Descendant that day. Also, progressed Moon was with the progressed Midheaven, which was being crossed by transit 11144 Photographica. In the public eye until the very end. Also interesting was the progressed Ascendant being within a degree of his natal North Node.

While it is very difficult to see death in a chart, I can say that at the time of his passing he was still riding high in fame and still very much on top of his game. He definitely made an impact on the world and inspired multiple generations. Also, he apparently had a role in the collapse of the Berlin Wall according to Wikipedia.

He will certainly be missed by millions. He leaves behind a legacy of paving his own way and inspiring others to do the same. Until the next life, Ziggy.