Monthly Report – March 2018

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a monthly report, and I’ve decided to go ahead and do this one rather than focus on the Full Moon in Virgo article at this point. If time permits, I may do that a little later. We’ve had a couple of months of all planets direct, and I hope everyone’s been able to take advantage of much of those energies.

There’s a lot to go over here, and note that the dates are based on the U.S. Pacific Time Zone (PDT/PST, or UTC -07:00/UTC -08:00, as Daylight Savings Time begins on March 11th for us).

  • All March – Black Moon Lilith Sextile Neptune, Jupiter sextile Pluto (Jupiter retrograde 8th-end of March in this aspect)
  • March 1st – Full Moon in Virgo
  • March 1st-3rd – Mars semisextile Pluto, Pluto sextile Mercury/Venus
  • March 1st-4th – Saturn sextile Sun, Sun Conjunct Neptune
  • March 1st-5th – Jupiter trine Mercury, Mars square Mercury
  • March 1st-6th – Black Moon Lilith sextile Sun, Jupiter trine Venus, Mars square Venus
  • March 1st-9th – Uranus square Pluto (last stages)
  • March 1st-16th – Uranus semisextile Chiron
  • March 1st-22nd – Uranus trine Mars
  • March 1st-24th – Mercury conjunct Venus (Mercury retrograde from March 22nd in this aspect)
  • March 2nd-4th – Uranus semisextile Mercury/Venus
  • March 2nd-6th – Mercury conjunct Chiron
  • March 2nd-7th – Venus conjunct Chiron
  • March 3rd-8th – Jupiter semisextile Mars
  • March 4th-6th – Mercury conjunct fixed star Scheat
  • March 4th-7th – Venus conjunct fixed star Scheat
  • March 4th-11th – Neptune conjunct Sun
  • March 4th-17th – Pluto sextile Sun
  • March 6th – Moon square Nodes
  • March 6th-20th – Jupiter trine Sun (Jupiter retrograde March 8th-20th in this aspect)
  • March 7th-15th – Mercury square Saturn
  • March 7th-31st – Chiron conjunct fixed star Scheat, Mars square Sun
  • March 8th – Jupiter turns retrograde
  • March 8th-15th – Mars conjunct Galactic Center
  • March 8th-18th – Venus square Saturn
  • March 8th-19th – Mars square Chiron
  • March 10th-31st – Black Moon Lilith conjunct fixed star Vega
  • March 13th-31st – Mercury square Black Moon Lilith (Mercury retrograde from March 22nd in this aspect)
  • March 14th-18th – Mercury semisextile Neptune
  • March 15th-18th – Uranus semisextile Sun
  • March 15th-20th – Venus square Black Moon Lilith
  • March 15th-21st – Chiron conjunct Sun
  • March 17th – New Moon in Pisces, Mars enters Capricorn
  • March 17th-19th – Venus semisextile Neptune
  • March 17th-21st – Sun conjunct fixed star Scheat
  • March 19th-26th – Mercury square Pluto (Mercury retrograde from 22nd March in this aspect)
  • March 19th-28th – Venus square Pluto
  • March 20th – Moon square Nodes
  • March 21st-31st – Mars conjunct Saturn, Sun square Saturn
  • March 23rd-26th – Venus quincunx Jupiter retrograde
  • March 23rd-31st – Venus conjunct Uranus
  • March 25th-30th – Mercury retrograde semisextile Neptune
  • March 27th – Moon conjunct North Node
  • March 28th-31st – Mercury retrograde conjunct Sun, Venus semisextile Chiron
  • March 29th-31st – Mercury retrograde square Saturn
  • March 30th-31st – Mercury retrograde square Mars
  • March 31st – Full Moon in Libra

I have largely ignored Moon aspects for the most part once again, except Full/New Moons for that bulleted list, as well as a couple key Moon aspects, as I’ve focused more on longer-term aspects. Moon aspects, once again, will be touched on in upcoming weekly reports.

First off is the Full Moon in Virgo. It doesn’t really do a whole lot aspect-wise other than oppose Neptune, so pretty much for the rest of the Lunar cycle until the next New Moon, we’re going to be finishing up some tasks and seeing exactly where it fits with our greater reality. Have we been upfront with ourselves, or have we been chasing phantoms and illusions? Definitely something we need to keep in mind as we progress further into the month.

From the beginning of March, we have a multitude of aspects that will be playing out through the course of the month as well, with a couple stretching past the halfway point all the way into Aries season. From the 1st to the 3rd, Mars semsextiles Pluto while Pluto sextiles Mercury and Venus. This combination shows some minor easing of breakthroughs in our jobs and relationships and how we communicate with others, and the semisextile to Mars triggers a sort of frenetic energy in how we go about this.

From March 1st through the 4th, we also have Saturn sextile the Sun while at the same time the Sun conjuncts Neptune. We should be able to further our ambitions a bit with an elevated degree of discipline, and we should also have some insights come to us, whether it’s our intuition or our gut feeling helping guide us along the path.

March 1st through 5th grants us the aspects of Jupiter trine Mercury, which symbolizes greater ease and luck in terms of communicating with others and travel… however, we also have Mars square Mercury at the same time, which will raise our aggression a bit, and possibly serves to spoil some of the good luck that may come our way if we let ourselves fall victim to our own impatience and ire.

March 1st through 9th also serves as a critical milestone of sorts: We are seeing the last vestiges of the final Uranus square Pluto aspect for the next however many decades. By the time Uranus retrogrades again later on this year, Pluto will already have begun its backwards trend, and they won’t go into orb of squaring one another for quite some time. The next major hard aspect won’t be for some years when they enter opposition. We’ve got time. So for now, it’s a bit of a muted square aspect and now we’ll start seeing the aftermath of all those Uranus-Pluto squares from this past decade. Let’s hope we have a better outcome than the last Uranus-Pluto squares aftermath (which was in the 1930’s and culminated in World War II).

March 1st through 16th shows us Uranus semisextile Chiron, which triggers some rapid healing (or rapid wounding as the case may be, possibly depending on your own placements). Given Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces, I have a feeling the opioid crisis is going to be a key factor in how this plays out, as well as other intoxicants and drugs. Possibly drownings or wounding/healing aspects dealing with both fire and water.

March 1st through 22nd also sees Uranus trine Mars. This aspect eases the burden of sudden outbursts of anger and sudden aggression, and should serve to regulate and mitigate some of the more sudden displays of bravado and violence. Protests, should they occur now, should tend to move on the more peaceful side in general.

March 1st through 24th is also a lengthy conjunction between Mercury and Venus. For the last couple days of this, Mercury will have turned retrograde and will be practically motionless as Venus continues on. Communications, messages, and travels involving loved ones, romantic liaisons, job matters, all of this will be highlighted. As Mercury will be in its pre-retrograde shadow period for much of this, not everything can be expected to go to plan. If you’re reviewing or returning to something regarding one of these matters, it may be a good time to revisit old contacts and projects.

March 2nd through 4th has a minor Uranus semisextile both Mercury and Venus, so we can expect some surprises, such as maybe impromptu dates, sudden job news, or maybe even surprise birthday parties? You never know! Those are but a few examples of what this semisextile can bring, so expect the unexpected. Generally in a good way, I think.

March 2nd through 6th is when Mercury conjuncts Chiron, and Venus will also conjunct Chiron until the 7th around the same time as well, so we can expect some messages and news regarding recovery from past injuries, or perhaps this is when some people will elect to do some sort of cosmetic surgery or embark on fitness plans. Or, perhaps an injury avails itself. Do take care to not hurt yourself.

March 3rd through 8th shows us Jupiter semisextile Mars, and around this time we can expect some rapid turns of luck for good or ill. We could also see displays in the news regarding higher spirituality or institutions of religion and something forceful, or displays of violence or power? There was that strange display of a church that had some sort of ceremony with firearms that forced the closing of a nearby school just this past week… Not a mainstream church either, as I believe that was associated with Sun Myung Moon’s old outfit… anyways. This is but one example of what that semisextile could bring. Maybe something like that comes up in the news again.

March 4th through 6th and 7th also shows us a conjunction between Mercury/Venus and fixed star Scheat. Scheat has an unfortunate reputation regarding drownings and poisonings, and this could also be interpreted to relate to drug use and overdoses as well. Perhaps even abnormal interactions with substances, such as anaphylactic shock? Be well aware of allergies, your footing around bodies of water, and if you’re suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, this would be a good time to be on your guard and consider seeking help around this time.

March 4th through 11th, Neptune continues its conjunction to the Sun, and as it’s waning now, we’ll still have more intuitive influences on ourselves. We can also expect interesting dream visions to come to us in the nighttime (or daytime, if you’re a night shift worker). Daydreaming can be amplified now as well.

March 4th through 17th is when the Pluto sextiles the Sun as well. A good time to take care of tasks where we need to discard what we no longer see fit to keep in our lives, though do double-check to make sure that it’s actually unneeded. This coincides with Spring Cleaning season’s starting up, so a lucky break for those getting ready to do some early tidying up!

March 6th is one day when the Moon will square the Nodes. We can expect to feel a little bit nostalgic about something from our pasts around this day, and we’ll get visions and thought about whether we’re doing enough to get going on our way to our future wants and desires. It’s a passing influence and should last maybe about a few hours at most.

March 6th through 20th we’ll see Jupiter trine the Sun, and Jupiter will be retrograde for most of this aspect. This is a generally fortunate time, and while generally good fortune should be easier to attain, Jupiter’s retrograde and motionless period will necessitate a fair amount of this “luck” to come from within. The harder you work, the luckier you get may be how it ends up. This should also be a good time to reexamine things and see if you’ve been sabotaging your own strokes of good fortune in the past.

March 7th through 15th will be a bit dicey as Mercury will square Saturn during this time. This is bound to be a period where we’ll have to contend with disappointments, some curtailments in travel plans, potential communications delays or stern messages from authority figures, and generally a damper on an otherwise good time.

March 7th through 31st serves as a double-whammy as Chiron will conjunct the fixed star Scheat, while at the same time Mars squares the Sun. Mars will also be amplified greatly from the 8th through the 15th as Mars will also be transiting Galactic Center. Chiron and Scheat will amplify the watery misfortune aspects (including that of intoxicants and other substances), and Mars square the Sun will bring some angst and anger to the forefront. A good chance of poisonings and drownings are likely, some involving foul play, I suspect. Do be careful and be mindful of who you turn your back to during this time.

On March 8th, Jupiter finally turns retrograde again, and this is a time where our spirituality, our greater fortune, and our relations to institutions of religion, law, and education all turn inward to a degree. This is a time where we begin to review how we interact with said institutions, and what we can do to improve our standing with them. It’s also a time where institutions can become unraveled, I suspect, and with the various events in the news lately, I have a feeling some changes will be forced pretty soon. How effective those changes are… well, with Mercury retrograde coming up, there’s going to be a lot of revisiting. This is a time for debate for sure, but I doubt lasting action will be in our immediate future on many fronts for the time being, at least until Mercury turns direct, and possibly Jupiter as well.

March 8th through 18th, Venus squares Saturn, and this could be a damper on our jobs and in some of our relationships. This is a point where we can expect different restrictions to come through, or perhaps some endings even. Perhaps a pay cut comes, or cut hours, or, given the environment going on right now, job actions that will result in the lack of take-home pay for the short or long term even. Could even be illness leading to some curtailments as well (note the Chiron aspects this month), so do watch your health.

March 8th through 19th gives us Mars square Chiron, and this is a point where we can see injuries based on overaggression, such as overtraining or overdoing it at the gym, or playing too rough in some sports, such as spraining your back during a wrestling match as one example. This is also a time where injuries via violence or accidents can come into play, so do watch yourselves very well during this time period.

March 10th through 31st, Black Moon Lilith will pass over fixed star Vega. Vega’s generally a more positive star associated with creativity and artistic talents, so if you have some hobbies you’re trying to bolster, like maybe a painting or drawing, this could be a good time to pick up the paintbrush.

From March 13th through 31st, Mercury squares Black Moon Lilith as well. We could be seeing some interesting messages regarding women’s rights, or some regression thereof. This does seem to be a time period where progress is threatened with being undone, so remain vigilant and outlast those who would impose old, patriarchal views on the general population.

March 14th through 18th grants us Mercury semisextile Neptune as well, and this should be a time we can make use of our intuition in our communications with others. Perhaps the words we need to say just pop inside our head. On the other hand, this can also be a time where our greater intuition warns us to slow down when traveling, or perhaps we get a glimpse of gut feeling saying to go another way to or from our jobs on a given day. Pay attention to your inner voice these days.

March 15 through 18th we have Uranus semisextile Sun, and we can expect the unexpected these days as well. Don’t expect everything to go according to plan, as there are bound to be some surprises. Not all surprises are bad, so leave some room for pleasant surprises.

March 15th through 20th also gives us Venus square Black Moon Lilith. Again, the divine feminine is pretty much expected to be under attack during this time. Expect father figures, patriarchs, and more conservative elements to strike out and attempt to turn back the clock on gains made over the last few decades. Could also be another protest or march protesting against such rollbacks.

March 15th through 21st is when Sun conjuncts Chiron, and Sun will be crossing into Aries around this time as well. This is a time we can expect to see what’s been hurting us for some time and this is a great time to embark on a new nutrition or fitness plan. Just make sure you take care so as not to injure yourself, remember, Mercury will be retrograde shortly.

On March 17th, we’ll have the New Moon in Pisces, right before the Moon enters Aries shortly afterwards as well. Mars also enters Capricorn on the same day. We can expect this to be the beginning of a lunar cycle where our career, where our responsibilities will be at odds with what we want to do to make us feel better about ourselves. We’ll have to buckle down and work, and it’s only fitting as Spring is pretty much starting (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so this plays out pretty well.

March 17th through 19th gives us Venus semisextile Neptune as well. We can expect mental images and daydreams of art, romantic beauty, perhaps job advancement even. Perhaps there’s an art exhibit some are working on the final touches for, or the last inking of a new comic? Just a few examples as to how this can manifest. There’s also the danger of idle daydreaming going nowhere fast.

March 17th through 21st, Sun conjuncts Scheat. This can be a dicey day if you’re predisposed to intoxicants, or if you’re vulnerable to drowning or other maladies. Pneumonia is an example of drowning as well, as the lungs fill with fluid during that kind of illness, so take it easy and rest if you catch a cold or fall ill during this time. Especially as allergy seasons will be starting up very soon if they haven’t already!

March 19th through 26th gives us Mercury square Pluto (and Mercury will be retrograde for half of this), and this is a time where we can expect all sorts of travel mayhem and messages being taken the wrong way. Or perhaps you receive a multitude of messages you really don’t want to receive! (Lawsuits, break-up letters, citations, these are just a few possibilities). Take care so that you don’t leave yourself open to unpleasant news during this time.

March 19th through 28th we also have Venus square Pluto. That’s not exactly the easiest or most pleasant of transits either, and this is a time where we could see elevated breakups, job separations, maybe a stock market correction? Tread carefully and use caution. Going with the Mercury square to Pluto, this could be a rough week and a half here, so try to keep a level head.

March 20th, Moon squares the Nodes again, and again we’ll be reexamining how we feel about where we are and where we’re going. Stay frosty.

March 21st through 31st, we get some fun aspects here, and by fun I mean watch yourself! Mars conjuncts Saturn at the same time Sun squares Saturn! This isn’t going to be the easiest end to a month for sure, and again, the potential for confrontations with authority figures and those who would grind our gears and grind our ego into the dirt… yeah, do be careful not to say the wrong thing to the wrong person, or you could wind up emptying your desk into a box on a sudden last day at the job. Try to take several deep breaths on the road too.

March 23rd through 26th, Venus quincunxes Jupiter retrograde. We could fall into some possible down cycles when it comes to luck and romance, so maybe its a good time to just keep things low key with significant others, and maybe order pizza and stay in?

March 23rd through 31st, Uranus conjuncts Venus, and given the other aspects, this could be a time where sudden romantic liaisons occur. This possibly points to affairs, so if you’re feeling dissatisfied in a union, you really need to clear the air with your partner. Especially with retrograde transits, you do not want to start something you’ll end up regretting. Now, if you’re unattached and you’re looking for like-minded and like-unattached souls to have a little fun with, then exercise some caution, be safe, and have fun.

March 25th through 30th, Mercury retrograde semisextiles Neptune as well. A time where we may be second-guessing ourselves and not listening to our gut feeling (or perhaps listening to our gut when our gut isn’t all that accurate). Consider the ramifications of actions before committing to silly stuff.

March 27th, Moon conjuncts the North Node. This is a time where our intuition and feelings comes to the forefront, and combined with that Mercury retrograde semisextile Neptune, we could find ourselves being led astray if we’re not careful. See what feels good but isn’t actually propelling us on the path to greater success, and weigh your options carefully at this time.

March 28th through 31st, we end the month with Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun, squaring Saturn and Mars, while Venus semisextiles Chiron. We’ll be revisiting a few ideas that we’ve been working on in the past, and it’s a good time to review old matters. Do make sure you’re considering all of the possible pitfalls when deciding on a course of action at this point too, as authority figures and others who would do you harm are going to be getting in your way most likely around this time.

Finally, we end the month with a Full Moon in Libra. So it’s a Blue Moon again, considering February didn’t even have a Full Moon! This Full Moon will also form a T-Square to Mars and Saturn, so discipline, authority figures, delays and struggles will be a hallmark of this culmination. Keep your head up (and duck when you need to!), and you should be able to weather the storm alright.

So there we have it. March comes in hot, and leaves like a glowing white-hot cinder. It’s most certainly not the easiest month we’ll be having, so do make the most of whatever good and easy times you come across this month. I’ve got to wrap this up, so in closing, keep an eye out and expect a lot of crazy news and events to happen. I have a feeling something really insane is going to happen before the end of that month. Cheers.