New Moon Pisces – February 2020 – Beneath the Surface

New Moon Pisces

What a decade this month has been. Major intensity this year so far, and here we are at the onset of another lunar cycle with New Moon in Pisces now. Yet, there is a lot of opportunity here if we know what to embrace, and what to ditch. Ready?

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 04 Pis 28’38” on February 23rd, 2020 07:31:59 (AM) PST (15:31:59 UTC (3:31:59 PM UTC)). This lunar cycle deals with bridging the gap from what’s been taking place with us collectively, taking what’s beneath the surface, and using this energy to ride the wave to something far better. We will be facing our deeper insecurities, fears, and disillusions during this lunar month, so it’s best to be upfront about that right now. That said, we can take the energy and flow it into a better life. Surf’s up.

I’d be remiss if we didn’t consider the primary Sun conjunct Moon aspect that entails every New Moon. It’s a time of new beginnings, as we close out the old and make way for the new future awaiting us. Let’s set our intentions for washing away that which no longer serves us, and build something beautiful this time. This New Moon is in the sign of Pisces, which is Jupiter’s and Neptune’s domains, so some hidden optimism and intuitive vibes will be hitting us for the next month. Be open to subtle hints from the divine and your guides, and pay special attention.

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

There’s plenty aspecting this New Moon aspect directly, and much of it appears to be the “easier” or “softer” aspects. This will be beneficial in navigating the end of February and much of March.

New Moon sextile Mars in Capricorn and trine North Node in Cancer

This set of aspects is making a classic wedge pattern, and there is a bit of fire when it comes to our comfort zones and where we retreat to when challenged. That said, Mars sitting on the South Node is sextile the New Moon, which we can use to our advantage this time. It’s a time where we will feel the need to defend what we’ve been holding dear and seeking to preserve some of our foundations. Mars here isn’t the worst thing in the world. The New Moon trining the North Node points to a time where we can use our intuition and set our path towards advancing a better life for ourselves, something that will be more meaningful and bring us better feelings overall. Mars opposing this shows that there is an aspect of our past insistently making itself known, and with the sextile from that to the New Moon, we can more easily reconcile and resolve these issues. While it may be stopgap measures for some, these measures may buy us the time we need to recover from the insanity of the previous lunar cycle.

New Moon apex Minor Grand Trine: sextile Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn

Another beneficial combination aspect, this set of sextiles creates a Minor Grand Trine, which is two bodies trine each other, both sextile a common third point which acts as a focal point. Mars trine Uranus engages a bit of energy flow between rapid and sudden change and rebellion, and the assertiveness (or aggressiveness) to see goals through. The New Moon apexing these two bodies points to this being a time of new beginnings and resolve, where we can go on a new direction and really get things to go, and we’ll have an easier time of doing so with this being all softer aspects. There is the danger of some laziness distracting us, or in this case, daydreaming or scattering our energies, so we will need to dig into our inner fortitude to make sure we don’t waste time or energy on silly stuff. Also note that Uranus is also sextile the North Node somewhat as well, so some sudden good news could be coming our way. That said, starting new ventures on this could be a bit dicey with the next aspect coming up…

New Moon conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (wide orb)

This is where the New Moon energies get a little iffy. While it’s a wide orb at almost five degrees (the outer edge of most conjunctions, if not for this involving the Sun), it’s still there and Mercury is in its backwards-seeming motion right now. This lunar cycle, therefore, is one where we are going back and double-checking matters that we’ve left behind or thought we’ve left behind, or that we didn’t think would be resolvable. Guess what: they’re coming back to us now, and this could have the added side effect of extra anxieties, especially if it’s dealing with unpleasant things like past-due bills or emotional hurts. It could even be an ex-lover coming back, or some matter with an ex-business partner coming to a head. This is the lunar month where we’ll have to deal with this and come up with some solutions. Now, Mars and Uranus acting together with this New Moon does enable outside-the-box thinking, so conventional solutions to returning matters are not going to be the best way to deal with things. Innovation is called for right now. Starting brand new ventures is going to be tricky, and will require revisions later. Going back to finish old business? Now that might be more doable.

New Moon semisextile Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Aries

This is the tricky, fiery elephant in the room. Black Moon Lilith and Chiron together symbolize the sacred feminine and hidden matters experiencing some pain, or in some cases, recovery, right now. And these two bodies are afflicted right now by Mars, which I’ll get into a little more later. The New Moon semisextile this basically means the themes of patriarchy encroaching on the divine feminine, unpleasant topics like sexual harassment and assault, and deeply hidden abuses and hurts, these are all going to come to the surface and be on our minds for the duration of this cycle. These past traumas are likely what’s going to be triggering our innovative and “OK screw this” vibe we’ve got going on right now (Mars trine Uranus), so we’re likely to see some news with this. The Harvey Weinstein trial comes to mind with all of this (and I’m not getting the best sense of justice coming from that either.) We will need to be our own advocates this lunar cycle.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

We cannot just look at the New Moon in isolation either, even with just the aspects to this. We’ll be taking a look at other active aspects now, one of which I’ve already touched upon.

Mars in Capricorn square Black Moon Lilith and Chiron in Aries

Again, this is a rough aspect that points to male dominance, aggression, control, and testosterone projecting itself into the affairs of the divine feminine, disrupting matriarchs, inflaming old, buried wounds… and overall being a pain in the ass. This lunar cycle will point to a necessity to be aware of our surroundings and to not allow people to take advantage of us, especially where it would reopen old hurts and wounds. Our deeper spiritual practices will also be challenged by others who think they know more than we do, or by those who don’t wish to consider the deeper mysteries we contemplate, and frankly, those doing the interjecting probably don’t care either. Mars has the Saturnian control aspect going on being in Capricorn, and Aries adds fire to what it touches, so there’s going to be some friction when it comes to traditional gender roles in our society this month. Just in time for the presidential election season here in the U.S. as well, so I’m expecting more irritation between the candidates on gender and equality issues. We will ultimately have to fight harder to maintain or attain parity and equality this month, and also to protect our deeper intuitions.

Mars conjunct South Node in Capricorn

Mars is also focusing its fire and rage on the past with its placement here on the South Node, or the Dragon’s Tail (Ketu being another name for this). Some of us will be drawn towards fiercely protecting our comfort zones right now, and others will find that comfort zone aflame, which has quite frankly incinerated some safety nets. You know what they say: You can’t go back. Not allowing ourselves to grow this month will be like sitting in a burning house, sipping coffee, and saying everything’s fine, when it’s not. Now, a forest fire may induce growth, but there’s a lot of destruction in the process. Will you be germinating some seeds from what we have to put the flame to, or will there have been so much underbrush that it’s a total devastation when it all comes to a head? Be ready to let some stuff go, or use it as kindling. Another way of looking at this is throwing old works on the fire to cook that juicy steak now. If you’re starving, you do what you have to do.

Venus in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn

Another rough aspect we have for the onset of this lunar cycle, this one could be a real optimism-killer for some. Venus represents love, money, valuables, what we find desirable, and it’s in detriment in Aries. Jupiter is our optimism, our higher sense of philosophy and longer term gains, and it’s debilitated in Capricorn. Now square the two in this hard aspect, and a tight one at that, and we’ve got a recipe for some anxieties and disruptions when it comes to getting what we want. it’s not going to be easy going for getting windfalls, for sure, and quite a few of us are even going to be facing some further contractions when it comes to gain right now. Some of us are tired of tightening belts (myself very much included!), and yet we’ll have to be frugal for another month right now. Now, that’s not to say that getting ahead is impossible. We can very much get ahead, but it will take a great deal of effort, much more than normal, and when combining the two planets involved here in detriment and Mercury being retrograde to boot, well, we’re going to have to really put on our thinking caps and try not to panic to get through this one.

Neptune in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn

Now this is a nicer aspect that adds an air of intuition and speaking to our divinity, or at the very least enhancing our intuition to keep things together. Neptune’s amplified being in its home sign of Pisces right now too, so meditation, prayer, and calm and quiet reflection can bear many answers right now. Even if it’s not answers, just stillness can help recenter us and enable us to be better prepared mentally for the challenges ahead. Creatives and those working with written words as a matter of putting food on the table are likely to find their talent flowing forth for the next four weeks very well. Arts programs at universities could put on some good shows right now too.

Asteroid Aspects to the New Moon

This New Moon, from the asteroids I generally use, is quite surprising. None of the usual hard aspects (with the possible exception of Chiron perhaps with the semisextile, mentioned earlier). This will be brief.

New Moon conjunct 5264 Telephus, 564 Dudu, and 11144 Radiocommunicata

This set of asteroid conjunctions to the New Moon adds a bit of an extra dimension to the new lunar cycle hitting. Telephus is an asteroid I associate with telepathy just from the name, and this adds a dimension of intuition and, perhaps, mind-reading. This combined with Radiocommunicata (representing telecommunications like phone calls and Internet), we’ll be able to pick up on nuances that other people are communicating with us. Dudu with all of this? Get ready to see past the BS when it comes to what’s being reported. We’ll be intuitively knowing something’s up, and that not everything is being reported that should be reported. There’s plenty that will be broadcast that will have us waving the BS flags, and quite frankly, quite a few of us should be able to not fall for it this time.

New Moon Grand Trine to North Node, 1981 Midas retrograde, and 389 Industria in Cancer, and 2598 Merlin retrograde in Scorpio

Now this is a beneficial trine for certain. Midas and Industria are what I consider to be career asteroids, and both of them being on the North Node itself right now certainly points to this being a period in time where we can work hard going towards our goals and dream lives, and turning some lead into gold. The New Moon being trine these bodies further adds some positivity to this. Working hard and smartly this entire lunar cycle is likely to be of great benefit. Just keep in mind that Midas is retrograde, so we’ll be working on our own initiatives and drawing power from within to make this work. As for asteroid Merlin, also retrograde… again: We need to draw our power from within to make some magic happen. Use your inner wisdom and figure out what’s not going to be the best way forward, and then don’t do that, and figure out what could work, and do that. Simplistic way of putting it, I know, but it may work. I may be writing this down this way so I remember to do that myself.

New Moon sextile 763 Cupido and Pholus on Mars in Capricorn

Our last set of asteroid aspects to the New Moon involve a nice flowing sextile to Cupido and Pholus on Mars and the South Node in Capricorn. This… could involve some intoxication, be it substance-related or rose-colored-glasses-looking-into-the-past related. Past lovers are sometimes a hallmark of Mercury retrograde periods, and Cupido on Mars strikes me as a burning passion waiting to happen. With the retrograde period and Mars being involved and the South Node also being involved, some could be turning to exes whose bridges haven’t been fully burnt yet. In some cases, you probably would have to be drunk to consider it, but for others, perhaps a rekindling could lead to greater things. It all depends on why the breakups happened. It’s not just exes though. It could be someone you never considered, or didn’t have the courage to speak up to, and perhaps another chance opens up right now. Would it last? Ehh, maybe, maybe not. Only the strongest of relationships started under these circumstances will prevail and last… but it could be worth it in that instance. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into.

To Sum it All Up

Put simply, this New Moon and the lunar cycle for the next month or so is going to be one where we’re confronting our pasts, confronting deeper hurts that we’ve yet to bring to the surface, and it’s a cycle where working smarter and harder are going to be called for if we want to get ahead. At the very least, some of us will be digging ourselves out of some pretty deep holes about now, and others will merely be treading water. Know which way the wave is going to break, and you may yet find yourself having the ride of your life. Or, you may just be holding on for dear life. Which will you choose? Perhaps all of the above, and that’s always a possibility. Peace.