Solar Eclipse Cancer – June 2020 – Rise Like the Phoenix

Solar Eclipse

With all of the events going on right now, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and Eclipse season all at the same time… Jupiter and Pluto retrogrades both conjuncting… Saturn soon to reenter Capricorn… but right now, the focus is on the Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice point (or Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). There is no doubt that many, many changes are being forced on us. This one feels like a buildup to something… more. How much more? And is it the end of days, or just a changing of the guard? We actually have decisions to make now. We may not be able to act right now on some of them, but trust me, we need to decide our fates now.

As a note, I’ve decided from this point forward that I will be using 24-hour time for consistency and readability. Some of you may refer to this as “military time,” I’m just more used to using this notation myself.

This Solar Eclipse’s Basics

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 00 Can 21’23” on June 20th, 2020 at 23:41:25 PDT (June 21st, 2020 06:41:25 UTC). A Solar Eclipse is a super powered New Moon, and the start of a much larger cycle. While a New Moon starts a new lunar cycle for about 28 or so days, a solar eclipse’s effects are much longer lasting, several months to a year in fact. This Solar Eclipse takes place at a solstice point, which is a major transitional point and this does not happen very often. The home front and private affairs of our lives, as well as things that are lunar-themed such as intuition, emotions, feelings, these will be quite prominent for the next several months. We are in a major upswelling of emotions playing out right now, so this is quite appropriate to what we’re seeing now. Do also remember that the primary aspect of a Solar Eclipse is Sun conjunct Moon, so we’ve got a major reckoning of our sense of self and our feelings regarding these matters, and this also represents new beginnings and new challenges. Do you feel you’re on the right track, or do you need to make a major course correction? The universe and events around us suggest: course correction it is.

As far as those who will be affected the most by this solar eclipse, those individuals and entities (countries, companies, etc) with placements from 25 Gemini to 5 Cancer, 25 Virgo to 5 Libra, 25 Sagittarius to 5 Capricorn, and 25 Pisces to 5 Aries will be feeling this one most acutely. It’s usually the primary “hard” aspects that feel it the most (in this case, conjunction, opposition, and squares). It is not only a cardinal solar eclipse, but one on the solstice point and on a critical zero degree, so this will be the most intense eclipse in a long while.

A special word regarding this Solar Eclipse

We need to consider that this is nowhere near a normal solar eclipse this time. Generally, there usually isn’t a “normal” eclipse when it comes to the astrology involved, but this one bears mentioning: We are in the last week of a Venus Retrograde cycle as this eclipse hits, and Mercury Retrograde just began as well. Furthermore, it’s an eclipse on a solstice point, so this eclipse is incredibly potent just by the solstice point hit alone. Also consider that Jupiter and Pluto are both retrograde and conjunct, which is tearing down many structures right now, and Saturn is retrograde and on a critical point about to cross back into another sign, and you get the picture: There is a great deal of major aspects and transits happening right now. And, the North Node is still in the last degree of Gemini as well, another critical transition point. The world, frankly, is in a major state of transition and shifting. The world in which we have developed in, it no longer exists. With all of this is an opportunity to remake it to be better, for our lives and civilizations to be stronger. That said, there are many growing pains we will experience. Do not ignore your intuition regarding the ongoing and coming changes. If you get a vibe that you’re not in a good place, listen and correct it.

Direct Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

Beyond the given Sun conjunct Moon aspect, there are a couple other aspects that warrant mentioning here.

Solar Eclipse Cancer Quincunx Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

For this Solar Eclipse cycle, we have the taskmaster and disciplinarian of the zodiac making an awkward quincunx aspect to the eclipse point. Now, Saturn is in one of its home signs of Aquarius, and it’s in the last degree before returning to its other home sign of Capricorn, so it’s quite intensely powerful now. It’s also retrograde, turning our restrictions, limitations, and self-reflection inward regarding aspects of our lives holding us back. Where are we holding ourselves back? What do we desire to break free of? Rebellion towards what is locking us down will be quite acutely felt, especially as Aquarius is a sign also co-ruled by Uranus, the rebel.

Solar Eclipse Cancer Conjunct North Node in Gemini

As is usually the norm, we have an eclipse conjunct the nodes, in this case the North Node. This is a point where we must look forward towards our goals and aspirations, and should expect opportunities for growth and development. The North Node in Gemini has a more Mercurial feel, and thus the way we communicate and express ourselves to others will be quite important in the months ahead. The Eclipse being in the next sign of Cancer, straddling the line effectively, this brings a great deal of focus towards our local communities, our homesteads, how we communicate and express ourselves within our homes and with our loved ones. We can speak from the heart more passionately and come off with greater truth now, so do not be taken aback if you find other private and local contacts doing the same towards yourself.

Solar Eclipse Cancer Square Mars in Pisces

This is a wider square, and not quite as tight as the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse square to Mars, so this will be a little less intense, but it’s still here and still needing to be recognized. This is an eclipse cycle where we will continue to face off against our fears and misgivings, and there will be a continued increase in pent up frustrations, aggressions, and even hostile actions by those who have not calmed themselves. There is also an increased likelihood of natural disasters and other like events at this time, so do be prepared to take this into account, but do not dwell on the possibility. Remember, we must overcome our fears and misgivings, not let them overcome us.

Now comes the warning: given recent events leading up to this point, and given the power of Mars square any eclipse, this is also indicative of major societal unrest, and this is certainly something we’re seeing more of now. The next several months are going to see breaking points hit, though not as strongly as this could be. Passions will be riding high for awhile, so you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. This is not the time to get careless. Be vigilant!

Other Aspects during the Solar Eclipse

We do have some other aspects playing out during this solar eclipse, so let’s take a look at how this will color the energies of this celestial fusion…

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer Conjunct Fixed Star Sirius

Now this is a major stellar aspect here, and it’s very tight at 3 minutes and 50 seconds of a degree to the Dog Star, so the supplemental influence on this eclipse cycle is just… tight. And wow. Now, regarding Mercury on Sirius, Constellations of Words has this to say:

Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church, physical defect through accident.[1]

As Mercury is retrograde, this is an eclipse cycle where we can do a lot of future planning for setting up businesses for when things stabilize later on, and also for getting our ducks in a row when it comes to pursuing our goals and ambitions. Do keep track of who you interact with, and ask yourself if you’re looking gift horses in the mouths too. It’s possible you’ll be your greatest influence right now, so do keep track of how you’re feeling about things now too.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer Square Black Moon Lilith in Aries

This is an eclipse cycle where we will be needing to confront some hidden, dark aspects of what’s been digging at us, and it is a time where we will be forced to possibly discuss this as well. This can take many forms. This can be scandals coming to light, old lies being exposed, old indiscretions coming forth into public view, or perhaps some gnawing guilt of something malignant or even benign overpowering us. These shadows will be brought to light whether we want them to be or not, so be prepared to deal with this. If you don’t confront this by your own volition, there is a real possibility of the issue being forced later, so now is the time to decide how you want to tackle this: head on, or deflecting more? Deflecting could bounce back towards yourself, so make sure that that’s a path you really want to take and consider the consequences. On the other hand, there are some secrets that are best buried. The intentions behind why those were buried will be the deciding factor, that’s what I’m thinking here.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini Trine Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

This is a wide trine, and thus will not be as acutely felt, but it is still there. Certainly there’s been some internal inventory we’ve taken regarding our projects, relationships, obligations, and acquisitions, and we’re close to the time where we can effectively act on the more elective solutions towards these issues. Given that Mercury is retrograde, you may still need to bide your time on some of the dealings now, and there’s still other issues that you may be forced to deal with before the retrogrades end (such as emergency repairs and medical procedures). Don’t put off what has to be resolved. It’s the entirely voluntary, elective matters that should be considered for a delay if necessary.

Another aspect to this configuration is that some of the delays and uncertainties we have been feeling and experiencing towards relationships, obligations, and recreational activities may be one of an abundance of caution. As the retrogrades are still in power as of the eclipse point, do not expect to be able to go full steam ahead during this eclipse cycle and all the way to the next one. That said, some relaxing will be able to occur, if we are wise about this. Throwing caution to the wind is ill-advised now, but locking yourself into a tower or dungeon of your own making is also not called for right now and may do more harm than good. Try to find a good balance if you can.

Mars in Pisces Sextile Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This is one of the more fortunate aspects we have, and something of a mixed blessing as we have Jupiter and Pluto coming together more closely during this eclipse cycle. While Jupiter and Pluto together can be a bit of a devastator towards established structures, especially in Capricorn, the Mars sextile to this combination suggests that we find ways to take advantage of the opportunities by the old structures falling away. Not everything about the way the old world was was good, not by a long shot, and we are seeing the foundations shifting even now with the myriad of movements now present in many cities. Clearly systemic protocols and procedures were not working, especially in terms of race and class relations, and we have this opportunity now to address inequalities and structural defects in how our lives have been governed. Do not discount the power of local changes as well, as the local level is more acutely felt than national level policies in many ways. We cannot discount the microcosm and macrocosm: Our societies and nations must make changes and improve, and local-level policies must be addressed as well. Ask yourself what you can do on any effective level to make a positive contribution towards improving the situation. There might not be very much you can do individually, and that’s fine. This is a global effect that we’re dealing with. Not everyone has a part to play on the greatest of stages, but many minor stages playing out in real time can have a greater effect than what happens on one giant stage.

Outside of societal concerns, this is an eclipse cycle where what we’ve built up our expectations of how life will go will be challenged, and we can seize opportunities to make improvements in our personal lives and change what’s no longer working. This could be a change in career, or perhaps just a change in position within a career. It all depends on what you see that needs shifting. Do be aware of shifts happening towards and for you, and consider that there may be better things around the corner.

Uranus in Taurus Semisextile Chiron in Aries

This has frankly been a major triggering aspect just by virtue of the length of time it’s been active, and it’s still ongoing! We have had major shifts and changes in our notions of stability and have seen the ground shift beneath our feet in many ways. This has included businesses closing, the way we conduct our lives being altered in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and our expectations of normalcy are at a collective breaking point. Normal is not possible yet, let’s get that out of the way right now. Uranus is debilitated in Taurus, as Taurus is fixed, Earth-element, fixated on property, money, and security. Uranus is change, rebellion, sudden shifts, and those don’t go well together. Chiron is the wounded healer, of course, and in Aries we’ve been feeling personal slights and inconveniences much more acutely. Semisextile aspect triggering the two of these together, and we’re left to wonder just how long we’re to expect all of these shifting protocols and procedures. For some, this may be pointing out deficiencies in collective hygiene (such as washing hands before touching faces, making sure to improve hand-washing, etc). On other hands, we may be suddenly sickened and not just by COVID-19, but other concerns (food poisoning, mental health, etc). This aspect challenges us to take better care of ourselves regardless of what shifts come, and for us to adapt to these constantly changing conditions.

Asteroid Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

Surprisingly, of the asteroids I generally use and examine, I don’t see too many direct aspects to this eclipse, so we’ll be going over these minor colorations of this cycle briefly.

Solar Eclipse Cancer Opposite 6583 Destinn Retrograde and 28978 Ixion Retrograde in Sagittarius

This is an off-sign opposition to a couple notable asteroids, and definitely worth watching. Destinn speaks to destiny, and Ixion in mythology was one who betrayed guest right and attempted to seduce Zeus’s wife Hera (but instead he wound up attempting to seduce a cloudy illusion, but enough to reveal his treachery). Those who have betrayed are destined to be exposed during this solar eclipse cycle is the feeling I’m getting, and this won’t be the easiest time for many of us as these are far-reaching betrayals of trust. That said, there’s the possibility of justice being served, perhaps. This is not the time to play with being deceptive and unethical.

Solar Eclipse Cancer Sextile 447 Valentine and 99942 Apophis in Virgo

This is an interesting mix of asteroids sextiling the eclipse point… Valentine is named for a monk that was executed quite barbarically and then was venerated in a modern holiday associated with… love? Or lust? Both?! Apophis was another name for the Egyptian god Apep, a snake of sorts and is associated with destruction. As this eclipse happens at the final week of a Venus retrograde cycle, it seems quite appropriate: pairings and relationships that are not meant to endure will fade and end, and these endings will be for the best judging from this asteroid configuration. If a contentious relationship ends now, don’t lament it too much even if it is very painful. It’s probably for the best, and better relationships for yourself and the other are likely ahead. Keep your head up (except to duck and avoid losing said head).

Solar Eclipse Cancer Square 4227 Kaali and 8690 Swindle in Libra

This combination is quite earth-shaking in ways… It does help complete an asteroid T-Square given the opposition to Destinn and Ixion from the eclipse, and these asteroids apexing that T-Square are… quite explosive. Swindle is just that, swindling and deception, being unethical, while Kaali is named for the Hindu goddess Kali, who was not very nice to be involved with and was associated with much spilling of blood. Kaali is also what I’ve observed to be a potential disaster asteroid, so we could be seeing some major upheavals when it comes to deceptions coming to light. Hope everyone’s been ethical and aboveboard in their dealings, because if they haven’t been? It’s going to be rough. If you’ve been ethical and aboveboard yourself in your dealings, you may want to examine if those you’ve been dealing with in close relationships and business matters have been as upfront as yourself. Examine closely, but don’t throw out the baby with all of the bathwater. Protect your interests, but do not go into full paranoia mode.

On another tack, be wary of misinformation and disinformation regarding disasters and other calamitous events, such as this pandemic. There’s quite a bit of deception going on, and you need to fact-check as much as you possibly can. And if someone in authority says they truly don’t know or admits they don’t have all the info available, I’d say fact-check that too. Even unintentional mistakes can lead to avoidable tragedies.

Solar Eclipse Cancer Quincunx 4464 Vulcano Retrograde in Scorpio and 390 Alma Retrograde in Sagittarius

The Solar Eclipse, by virtue of its quincunx with these two asteroids and with Saturn in Aquarius, apexes a Yod here, but it’s not as major as if there were major bodies or points on the other side of the bowstring. Vulcano implies just that, volcanoes and volcanic-like events. Alma is a spiritual asteroid in my view, and brings to mind alms for the poor from where I’m standing. All of this combined suggests that this eclipse cycle will portend more economic and other aid being requested for further disasters and for dealing with this pandemic, and there will be a reckoning of sorts. There was already a great deal of money being printed with the previous stimulus package at least here in the United States, though it seems quite a bit of that went to the financial markets, and not all of the intended aid for individuals and smaller organizations made it through. This is going to come to a head and a reckoning will come regarding this. Expect more investigations and news regarding aid funds not going to the proper parties, and going more towards deep-pocketed interest. And this is going to be a major issue before the next eclipse cycle closer to this coming winter, just after the U.S. elections in November. This could get ugly if not handled correctly.

Solar Eclipse Cancer Semisextile 1027 Aesculapia in Leo, 9770 Disovery in Cancer, and 149 Medusa in Gemini

Finally, we have a set of triggering aspects regarding this solar eclipse to these particular asteroids. Medusa, to me, represents betrayal of a more feminine quality, and one could argue one legend of Athena turning Medusa into a gorgon after being violated in her temple by Poseidon would be one example of this. Personally, I think the rapist here was the bigger betrayal, and on that note, I think we can expect the discovery or reemergence of another sexual impropriety scandal in the near future.

On the other side of the semisextile equation, this could actually be quite positive: Discovery implies just that, discovering things and ideas, and Aesculapia is a medical asteroid as far as I can tell, so we could see yet another breakthrough in treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19 by the end of the year if we’re fortunate. Barring that, perhaps more mitigation measures will be discovered? It’s also possible another health discovery completely unrelated to the pandemic may come about by accident (perhaps in the pursuit of a coronavirus vaccine?)… let’s keep our fingers crossed.

In Closing

This is probably the most intense solar eclipse cycle we’ll experience for the rest of our lives, I’m going to just be blunt there. There are so many world-changing aspects going on at once, and for the eclipse to be during a solstice while these other rare aspects are happening? This certainly doesn’t happen every day! There’s a lot of potential to create a better world from the ashes of what’s been happening. A great deal has been wrong for a long time, and we are at a precipice of addressing a lot of it. A lot of eggs will be broken to make a better omelette though, so we can expect to be whisked and beaten along the way, but we need to see this through. Many awesome changes are possible. Many great discoveries are still ahead of us, and we can perhaps build a better world out of this. Be vigilant and do not stay in bad or dangerous situations, as our lives definitely depend on this. Collectively, we can be better, and individually we can take greater responsibility. Everything is continuing to change rapidly. My closing is pretty vague, but… I’m not sure how to really put things specifically, so I’ll just leave off with this: make the changes in your own life that will give you the greatest benefit. Peace.