Monthly Report – February 2022

February 2022

February has already started by the time I get to this, and this will undoubtedly be an evolving document as the month progresses. There are some serious high-impact transits happening now. Do not expect anything to be the same after this month is over.

Critical Patterns This Month

The Plutonian Elephant in the Room

The major aspect that requires a mention is the United States Pluto Return which is in effect all month, going exact on February 22nd. What this means is that Pluto is returning to the same degree, minutes, and seconds of a degree where it was in the US Sibley chart, the agreed-upon moment of the United States’ birth.

Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, and also represents the tearing down of structures to begin again anew. Life and death, in so many words. The American government was born of revolution, and we are once again returning to that point in the transits.

We are already seeing the major upheavals in this country, given the ongoing pandemic, the social movements (such as the Great Resignation), and the aftereffects of other movements such as the insurrection on January 6th, 2021, which was an attempt to overturn the counting of electoral college votes to determine the next U.S. President.

Venus Coming Out of Shadow

Another pattern that will be with us throughout all of February will be the Venus post-retrograde shadow period. Venus had just experienced its retrograde in Capricorn from late December throughout most of January. This led to disruptions and reviews where it concerned relationships, jobs, money, and what we hold to be attractive.

There were major stock market and cryptocurrency market disruptions during the Venus retrograde. Now that it’s come out of that time, and with Venus making its way out of the retrograde zone, I see that at least the cryptocurrency markets are stabilizing, and even recovering some of the losses from that time period.

There were other financial disruptions as well on personal levels for many of us. On a personal note, I was able to unload one minor piece of personal property, but not near as much as I had hoped. My buyer did get a bargain, and I was able to profit off of selling that collectible that I was no longer using. There is a potential for other bargains to come.

Regarding the other component of Venus’s cycles, relationships… its interesting that Valentine’s Day will fall in the middle of the post-retrograde shadow. Perhaps some exes have come back into our view (and this isn’t always ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. This can be ex-business partners, ex-roommates, and the like). What loose ends are you tying up even now? It’s unclear to me how a day associated with love for some, and loneliness for others will go.

Throughout the Month

Jovian Fortune

For the entire month, Jupiter in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus does bring with it a sense of possible good fortune from unexpected places. Jupiter, in its second home sign that it rules with Neptune (the first being Sagittarius), is energized in this sign, while Uranus has shaky footing in Taurus, its fall position. There is an element of trusting fate and the unknown, and for some shakeups to occur where it concerns our money, our stability, and what we frankly take for granted. We’ll need to take a leap of faith often this month.

For part of this time, Jupiter also sextiles Mars and Venus in Capricorn, allowing for some other strokes of good luck and fortune when it comes to furthering our drive to attain that which we desire. It won’t be easy, and Mars combined with Venus tends to inflame passions and bolster love-hate relationships of all kinds.

Combined, this forms a Minor Grand Trine for a few days at least. Jupiter is asking us to trust in the unknown, and to have faith that things will work out as they should. That’s not to say we can sit and wait for things to fall in our lap: We must do the work. Otherwise, it’s faith without works, and that leads to missed opportunities. Proceed with what you know you need to do.

Saturn’s Joy-Killing

On the other hand, for the first half of this month we have Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus. Saturn is the disciplinarian, the ruler with the iron fist, enacting edicts and decrees that serve to reign in otherwise free-spirited desires. Uranus is already not in the best place in Taurus, and Saturn is a co-ruler of Aquarius (interestingly enough, Uranus being the other co-ruler of Aquarius). Uranus wants to go its own way, but Saturn is imposing its rules on things.

We could see more murmurs of economic regulation that would serve to jeopardize the potential rewards and promise of pleasant Uranian surprises. Fortunately, this square is finally weakening, and Jupiter’s sextile to Uranus is stronger. We could be seeing the cracks starting to form in the tyrants armor. Be David, not Goliath, and don’t repeat David’s later mistakes (Bathsheba comes to mind, which falls into the love/lust theme of this month’s usual holiday).

Messages Out of Nowhere

In the last week of February, Uranus square Mercury in Aquarius will be something we need to look out for as well. Mercury is the messenger, and will be out of its own post-retrograde shadow period by this point. We can expect sudden messages, some likely to be unpleasant, regarding financial resources, our stability, and some level of relationship drama around this point. That drama is most likely going to revolve around the central issue of money.

As the Fed is gearing up to raise interest rates in March, this will be the first wave of preparation for that, I feel. Don’t expect the bulls to be running in the markets around now, but I am not thinking that there will be a crash now either (given the Jupiter-Uranus sextile that’s still reasonably strong, with the Sun starting to join Jupiter then too).

By the end of the month, Mercury and the Moon will join Saturn, but by this point the square to Uranus from all three will be weaker. Some financial disruption, probably involving the tech sector or technology stocks/cryptocurrency will be felt, but not the crash or bubble burst that people keep thinking. Think long term, but do be ready with emergency funds and other provisions to be safe.

Major, Major Power Going into March

The end of February does bring a very powerful aspect, beyond the U.S. Pluto Return’s first impact. Going into March, Mars, Venus, Vesta, and Pluto will form a stellium, or multi-conjunction in the last few degrees of Capricorn. Mars, Venus, and Pluto together alone is very powerful, and definitely has the potential to make or break people and things, depending on how the power is used.

I should know: I have Mars-Pluto-Venus conjunct in my own natal chart in Libra, and my triple-conjunction squares Nessus in my own chart. Fortunately, we don’t see Nessus involved with this configuration this time.

Vesta, this is the sacred flame, what we hold most dear. Vesta joining these three planets suggests a major theme of consideration for what is meaningful to us will be most prominent. Those with personal planets or points at 23-28 Capricorn/Libra/Cancer/Aries will feel this most acutely. This is a time where life-changing events will be in store for those with those placements/points. Be alert going into March.

For much of the month, Pluto trine North Node in Taurus can also make the transition towards rising towards our greater destiny a little more palatable. There are things we know we have to let go to move forward. We’ll be able to do this with more certainty now. Conversely, the actions and things to let go to move forward… those decisions may be made for us now whether we’re ready or not. Best be prepared.

Illusions, Deceptions, Clarity

Neptune in Pisces square Black Moon Lilith is in effect for much of this month. Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, mysticism, and also addiction and mental illness when afflicted.

Black Moon Lilith is the darker side of the feminine, the deeper mysteries of the unknown, our deeper and darker secrets. It also involves the occult in ways.

This square warns us to be aware of deceptions, illusions, and being led astray in our minds right now. Those who we thought of as friends may reveal their true colors and become open enemies during this month. Be aware.

Fortunately, Neptune sextile Mars/Venus/Pluto/Vesta near the end of the month will open up some avenues for us to assert our inner power and clarity. We’ll be able to see what has been hidden for so long. Another angle to this is that we’ll finally be ready to admit what we’ve known for some time, but have been too ensnared to act on the knowledge. Again, hidden threats and enemies become open enemies in plain view. Those who have not been forthcoming will get their come-uppance and will be revealed by the end of the month.

Don’t be too sure of others’ intentions. Peer deeply and bear witness to the truth of their actions, not their words. Words are hollow. Actions are everything. And remember where that road paved of good intentions can lead.

Harsh Destiny Ahead

There is another aspect that strengthens towards the end of this month: North Node conjunct Algol. We haven’t seen this in about 18 years, since July-August of 2003 to be precise. This was in the early stage of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and this was also the beginning stages of me having started a job that in the end I absolutely despised. In short, a lot of disasters were going on.

Back then, the nodes were also squaring Jupiter. This time, the North Node trines the quadruple-conjunction in Capricorn of Mars/Venus/Pluto/Vesta. We may have a better outcome if we heed the lessons of the past this time. Hopefully we can avoid yet another f***ing meaningless war that throws lives away for no good reason. Sadly, I am not entirely confident on that point given the incompetence that exists among both parties in Washington D.C., and whatever machinations Putin has up his sleeve.

We may find ourselves burying more of our sons and daughters for stupid sh*t yet again. If not seeing the Cold Civil War go hot at worst. So let’s pray it doesn’t come to that, and do your part to not fan the flames.

To Sum It Up

February is, quite frankly, the suitcase nuke in the room. There’s a lot going on, with a lot of potential for great things if handled delicately. If not, there’s a major potential for absolute disaster. Relationships, careers, lives in general, and our national identities and destinies are all going to change this month. There is no not changing.

If you haven’t done the inner shadow work to heal yourself and resolve past issues, get on that. Do it by choice, or events will do it for you by force.

Choose your destiny well.