New Moon Aquarius – January/February 2022 – Harness the Chaos

New Moon Aquarius 2022

I’m running a bit late with this article. That said, I’ve decided to do it anyways so we can understand the rest of this lunar cycle in upcoming articles. Given the U.S. Pluto Return is occurring during this lunar cycle, we should really be paying attention anyways.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 12 Aqu 19’55” on January 31st, 2022 21:45:59 PST (February 1st, 2022 05:45:59 UTC). This lunar cycle takes place in the sign of Aquarius, highlighting the unconventional and rebellious aspects within ourselves. The main aspect of Sun conjunct Moon is a time of new beginnings and new journeys. During this lunar cycle, we will be breaking the mold and breaking with traditions. Honestly, the Old World is in its death throes, and this is the time to begin our own personal revolutions to liberate ourselves from “more of the same.”

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Control Versus Rebellion

This New Moon is seemingly quiet in terms of number of aspects, but the aspects that do exist are powerful. New Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and square Uranus in Taurus portends all sorts of struggles and conflicts. Saturn is in one of its home signs (the other being Capricorn), and thus is boosted right now. Saturn rules rigidity, tradition, discipline, and it contracts what it touches (as opposed to Jupiter’s expanding qualities).

Uranus, by contrast, is in its Fall position in Taurus. The planet of rebellion, sudden change, surprises, acting out being in the sign of money, stability, comfort, it’s not its favorite place to be.

Given the square between the two, Saturn is the more powerful of the two in this position, and with the New Moon, Saturnian themes take center stage. We want to rebel, upset the apple cart, and say to hell with the status quo. Problem is, Saturn is digging in its heels and blocking a lot of the upstart energy that Uranus wants to bring to the table.

Many of us are seeking to break free, especially in terms of financial freedom. Saturn also represents the government, and apparently a lot of new laws around finances came into effect. Examples of these new, restrictive laws are the lowered reporting requirements for third-party online payment providers (such as Venmo, PayPal, etc. now needing to report on amounts over $600 for the year, rather than the $20,000 figure I remember reading about PayPal earlier).

Cryptocurrency regulation is also on the table if I understand correctly. Aquarius arguably deals with information technology and innovation, and Saturn here with the square to Uranus could serve to stifle that innovation. There will be pushback, of course.

Financial Events Coming

New Moon Aquarius semisextile Venus in Capricorn is another aspect we need to watch out for. The semisextile is an aspect I see as a “triggering” aspect. With Venus in this configuration, we can expect events regarding finances, markets, art, and the impacts this has on our relationships as well.

With the New Moon also conjunct Saturn, the trend will be towards restriction, discipline, and regulation. I don’t think such regulation will go unanswered, however.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Boarding the Ark

I’m going to start with Uranus’s aspects here, since rebellion and breaking free seems to be the theme for this lunar cycle. Uranus in Taurus trine Venus and Mars in Capricorn, while sextile Jupiter in Pisces forms a nice minor grand trine.

With Mars loosely conjunct Venus, we do have a minor amplification in our pursuit of relationships, art, money, and what we hold valuable. Career aspirations are also a focus here with these bodies being in Capricorn, the 10th sign of the zodiac (and thus involving 10th house matters). We’re feeling an increase in energy for going after what we want, what we desire.

Uranus trine this increased energy and vigor towards reaching for our goals gives us some level of desire to rebel, to change, to challenge the status quo. We want to build a better life for ourselves, and we’re more likely to act out if we are feeling blocked now.

Jupiter in Pisces apexing the minor grand trine between Uranus in Taurus and Mars and Venus in Capricorn is a fortunate aspect. We feel like we can be upstarts and accomplish some truly awesome things. Jupiter here adds a level of optimism, and as Jupiter co-rules Pisces (the other ruler being Neptune, also present here), this optimism could have a mystical or divine quality. We may be working on a pet project of ours that we could argue is divinely inspired. Thus, any restrictions coming from Aquarian Saturn now will be sharply held in contempt, and thus challenged if not just simply ignored.

Wallet Pains

Something we need to also consider is the Square from Venus in Capricorn to Chiron in Aries. Venus is the planet of beauty, riches, love. Chiron is the wounded healer, could heal others but not himself. Chiron at its worst is pain.

There’s a couple ways of looking at this. Venus and Chiron square like this in these signs, we want to do something to boost our reputation. Our ego may be getting in the way for some. Are we immersed in bad habits that we cling to, thinking they help but are really poisoning us? Time to look within and see where you’re hurting yourself so you can heal yourself and put your best face out there. It’s time to shine.

On a larger scale, Venus (money) and Chiron (pain, hindrances) in this square represents a time of reckoning for our larger institutions. Over the past couple of years, the governments and banks have been printing money left and right.

We’re seeing serious inflation (one figure I’ve heard is 6% inflation, which is not good). Our money is worth less. If this continues badly, money could become outright worthless. For this lunar cycle, money and pain will go hand in hand. And with the U.S. Pluto Return during this cycle, and the news that we have hit $30 trillion dollars in the national debt, I imagine we’re going to see some serious drama regarding budgeting and finances in the seats of government now.

Staying on the Air as Long as We Can

Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will be longer-lasting, given that Mercury is stationing direct and will shift gears to forward motion on February 3rd. Mercury is communication, travel, messages, and documents. Pluto is death and rebirth, tearing down and renewal. Some serious changes are being communicated now. This could be the demise of jobs, announcements of major policy shifts, and other major societal changes.

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn could also represent a serious shakeup in the structure of companies and governments. Granted, Mars (and Venus) isn’t here yet, but that’s coming by the beginning of the next lunar cycle come March.

Mercury and Pluto sextile Neptune does add an air of mystery and mysticism to the upheavals going on. There’s almost certainly some pulling of strings going on in the background regarding some (most) of the major decisions being considered this lunar cycle. Listen to your gut feeling: if something looks like its too good to be true, it probably is. Fortunately, the sextile between these bodies should help us discern falsehoods and fabrications better now.

Collectively, we could be looking into our own “ark of truth,” and while we were once blind, we now can see. Think of the scene in the Stargate movie of the same name (Stargate: Ark of Truth): The Doci sees into the Ark, and realizes he was serving false “gods.” The revelation filters down to the Priors and other servants of the Ori, disempowering the last of the Ori as she is no longer able to absorb the misguided worship of the followers.

This being said, I have a feeling more and more people are going to say “to hell with it” and demonstrate they’ve had enough of the BS. Even more than is already known. The disastrous interview with a now-former moderator for the r/Antiwork Reddit group on Fox News is one example of the powers that be and unwitting (or perhaps witting) players in the last gasps of trying to poison the social movements forming now. The Neptune sextile allows more people to see through the illusions and deceptions of propaganda.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t really been paying much attention to “either side of the aisle” of the media outlets. I don’t go out of my way to watch Fox, CNN, or MSNBC to preserve my sanity. I only know of the Fox News interview because it was mentioned in other places I follow).

Speaking of illusions and deceptions, Neptune in Pisces square Black Moon Lilith in Gemini warns us to be careful of double-dealing charlatans and those who speak out of both sides of their mouth now. Again, the propaganda machine is quite powerful now and will pull in more people throughout this lunar cycle. Be on the lookout for anything involving cults now, whether it be religious cults, or cults of personality.

To Sum It Up

This lunar cycle is a majorly intense one, and I hope we’ve all set the best of intentions. The conflict between striking out on our own, and the snare that is the “same old same old” is very strong now. This adds to the challenges leading up to the First Impact of the U.S. Pluto Return later in the month.

That said, the desire for change does bring us new opportunities that we may not have considered, or perhaps altruistic purposes for what we’re doing enter our field of view we’re prepping for it.

Guard your assets and your loved ones as best we can. And be ready for major changes, for they’re coming regardless of whether you want them or not.

Now for me to pass out and get some good sleep.

Get some excellent sleep as much as you can. We’re all going to need rest before what’s coming.