Solar Eclipse Cancer – July 2019 – Emotional Revolution

Solar Eclipse

While I’m posting this during the July Eclipse in Cancer, it is very relevant and it is one hell of an eclipse period that we’re going to be dealing with. While the North Node is also in Cancer during this eclipse, and given the Mercury Retrograde period coming up and Mars just having entered fiery Leo, I intuitively see the effects of this Solar Eclipse lasting longer than the normal to-the-next-eclipse period. This will be in effect probably until the next Summer Eclipse Season in 2020. Be strong and be prepared, and I believe the previous Solar Eclipse in Capricorn from January may still be in effect right now as well. Let’s get this started, starting with major planet aspects and then going into the tightest asteroids to these planets.

I’ve added more asteroids as well into my charting, so for me to go over ALL of them would require me to automate much of this. Not very intuitive if I do that, so I’m going to not do that at this time.

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 10 Can 37’24” at 19:16:12 (7:16:12 PM) on July 2nd UTC, or 12:16:12 PDT (UTC -07:00) on the same date. The only planetary aspect I’m seeing that’s pertinent to the Solar Eclipse itself is Uranus in Taurus sextile Solar Eclipse in Cancer. We can make use of some of the more revolutionary energies to break through something that’s been plaguing us, and with the Solar Eclipse in the 4th sign of the zodiac, we have to consider homefront considerations at this time in our personal lives. Also consider that this is a supercharged New Moon in the Moon’s own home sign. Emotions and emotional matters for the next several months will be highly amplified. The Uranus sextile points us to a direction where we will be able to shake our foundations, such as possibly a move to a location that better suits our home ambitions and possibly our careers as well (since Taurus is the second sign, and thus also affects 2nd house matters of personal resources and money).

The other aspects for the major planets are… quite intense. Let’s talk about the nodal axis. South Node tight conjunct Saturn retrograde in its own home sign of Capricorn… This is going to invoke a lot of discipline and pull when it comes to our comfort zones, where we either don’t feel like we should rock the boat any, especially with Saturn conjunct Pluto retrograde (4 degree 17 minute orb) involved in this! Well, guess what? ROCK THE DAMN BOAT. Because if you don’t, it’s going to get rocked for you, and you won’t have the control you want when that happens. Capricorn is the tenth sign, this is career, it’s money-oriented too being a cardinal earth-elemental sign, and also public affairs. Structures are going… to be… ripped… up. Torn apart. Torn asunder. Grab the hammer and start swinging where you need it to swing rather than wait for Saturn/Pluto to swing their own hammers where you don’t want them swinging. And they’ll swing anyways. So it’s a good time to demolish some things that just aren’t serving you anymore.

North Node trine Neptune in its own home sign of Pisces (yes, lots of home sign planet activity going on right now!), this can help us glean some insights and intuition in order to get us further along towards what our greater destiny is, to what’s going to help us grow, and get us to where we need to go.

North Node quincunx Jupiter retrograde also points to some problems we’re having in expanding our consciousness, and we might be feeling like “where’s the luck supposed to come in”… it’ll come. But we’re going to have to be careful and see how this plays out too, given the Saturn-South Node connection.

Mars conjunct Mercury, with Mercury about to station retrograde, brings an element of forcefulness in our communications with others, and being in the 5th sign, Leo, what makes us feel good, what makes us look good, what we find pleasurable is going to be greatly affected. Lovers or love interests from times past may be coming back during this Eclipse period, and we may either find much passion in this, or we may find some passionate hatreds coming back and exploding (forget boiling over!). If we’ve felt disrespected in some way recently, there’s the distinct possibility we aren’t going to hold back and say something we later regret (or that the other party needs to hear? It’s all relative). It’s very easy for unchecked angry texts to be fired away for awhile as that Mars/Mercury conjunction is squared by Taurus Uranus, but also trined by Aries Chiron. Some very heated conversations are likely and also needed to get the healing to go. Like ripping off the band-aid so you can put more ointment on, but it’s going to sting. The truth we speak at this time is going to be… intense!

Let’s also point out Jupiter retrograde square Neptune retrograde, and we’re going to be feeling a crisis of faith of some kind. Jupiter is higher education, our luck, optimism, our faith and religion if we’re into that… Neptune is intuition, feeling, psychism, even occult matters. They’re going to be at odds for awhile and both are in their home signs so this feeling is amplified right now. Saturn and Pluto sextile Neptune points to the necessity of this conflict, and that we need to deeply examine what’s meaningful to us, and what our truth actually is. Some darkness can even be purged during this period, but the price is likely to be more than we bargained for. Also be careful with long-distance travel during this period, and listen to your gut feelings if something doesn’t seem right. Jupiter semisextile Saturn also points to a need for some optimism, but to also temper that with some self-discipline so you can make the right choices to see this time through.

Aries Chiron’s also got an awkward semisextile to both Uranus in Taurus and Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. There are going to be some major changes that we need to make in ourselves to facilitate that healing, but we’re also going to have to dig deep into the darkest recesses of our own souls and fears in order to finally confront that which needs to be confronted. You will find that what you thought served you before no longer serves you at the end of this period. Don’t be alarmed, but do be prepared, as you will be shedding some things that you probably felt you can’t live without. That could be a job you loved, could be a lover or a relationship that is losing its luster, or even a home that you can no longer feel at home in.

Now, we get to the asteroids aspected by this eclipse. Solar Eclipse trine 19 Fortuna does bring some good luck when it comes to seeking our fortune, and we could definitely use all the help we can get in advancing our path to greater success. Solar Eclipse semisextile 1027 Aesculapia in Gemini, what I’ve seen to be a medical asteroid, suggests we exercise some caution when it comes to our day-to-day travel (Gemini being ruled by Mercury). Accidents may be more likely during this eclipse period, especially with Mercury Retrograde coming, so do be aware. We also have Solar Eclipse semisextile 389 Industria, also in Gemini. Do be careful in your line of work, especially if there is a potential for injury (considering its own conjunction to 1027 Aesculapia).

Solar Eclipse square 433 Eros in Libra isn’t the best news we could be hearing when it comes to our romantic relationships. Some hard conversations and breakups are going to be happening, and it’s not just romantic relationships. It could also be friendships where one side wanted more and the other did not. (Man, if I had a nickel every time that happened…) It can represent new romances breaking, old ones breaking, new romances starting that flare up and burn out even. Only the romances meant to endure this period will stand the test of time.

Solar Eclipse conjunct 447 Valentine also enhances the likelihood of new short-term relationships, in my opinion. Might have a new interest that might be fun for a short time, but doesn’t last (given the Eros square, and the Saturn/South Node conjunction). Hell, you might find yourself getting back with an old flame during this period. Again, if it’s meant to last, it will.

Solar Eclipse trine 7066 Nessus retrograde in Pisces does point to some minor insulation from obsessions and abuses. There’s the potential for self-abuse being healed at this time (like one stops chasing after a prospective partner that’s spurned them one too many times, or has been playing them along for far too long). There’s also the potential for rescuing someone from abuse as well. This can also point to obsessions being mitigated or ending (again, walking away from chasing after someone).

Solar Eclipse sextile 26955 Lie in Taurus points to a time we stop lying to ourselves, and where we can also cut through the bullcrap and not take less than what we’re worth, not anymore. This can represent a time we shine a light on deceptions that could cost us money or resources or time. Stay true to yourself and your self-integrity, especially now.

Solar Eclipse semisextile 55555 DNA in Leo… this is a tricky one. This could represent a caution to be careful out in the sun (maybe use some organic sunscreen that won’t cause health effects down the road?)… or it could also be a caution to use protection if you’re having sex with someone you don’t intend on having children with (hence the exchanging of DNA, and note that Leo is the 5th sign, relating to 5th house matters including children). Use your best judgment and common sense.

Solar Eclipse trine 15845 Bambi in Scorpio speaks to me as a time where we stop being the prey and start being the hunter, or at least assert ourselves to not be an easy target. Remember, Bambi the deer grew up in the story and had to stand his ground at one point. We’ll be seeing plenty of standing ground.

Solar Eclipse trine Vesta in Taurus also further exemplifies the time where we must be aware of our own self-worth and what we value and honor, and we must stand our ground in making sure we get what we are worth. If something is shortchanging you, you’ll be challenging it and challenging it hard during this period.

Solar Eclipse trine 564 Dudu in Scorpio points to a time where we uncover and eliminate that which has been deceiving us on a hidden or esoteric level, not to mention deceptions found in the realms of sex, magick, occult, other people’s resources (such as debts perhaps (fine print in cardholder agreements being one example)). We can wash away the bullshit a bit more easily now, and with the Mercury/Mars conjunction, it’s going to be a scalding flush when we do so.

Solar Eclipse conjunct 2878 Panacea could be a time where we have a breakthrough in discoveries of cures or perhaps something improves with health or… dare I be optimistic, the healthcare system in some countries? it’s a wide orb (almost 2 degrees), so I’m hopeful on that last point. But… for some it could be a time where health improves. Maybe in the realm of emotional support or home care.

Overall, this Solar Eclipse is bringing a ton of changes to our lives, and there are going to be some serious hard conversations and some endings that absolutely have to happen, whether we initiate those endings or we have them forced upon us. Don’t be too trusting of partners (business or romantic) that are too good to be true at this time, as this is also the time to flush away the crap in our lives! In the torrents of rain and tears, we may wind up uncovering a treasure we thought we lost long ago too, or that we had recently thought to have been lost. You never know. Be bold and hold strong to your truths. You may find that your truth may be the only thing that survives this period. Good luck to all of us.