Full Moon Gemini – December 2019 – Pandora’s Treasure Trove

Full Moon Gemini

This is a Full Moon for the record books. It’s following a couple weeks after the previous New Moon in Sagittarius, and its themes are definitely continuing to play out on the final Full Moon before the upcoming Solar Eclipse on Christmas. Let’s get started.

The Full Moon takes place at 19 Gem 51’45” on December 11th, 2019 9:12:15 PM PDT (December 12th 5:12:15 AM UTC). This Full Moon is in the third sign of Gemini, a mutable air-element sign, so things can be a bit more scattered and quite subject to change for the remainder of this lunar cycle. The way we come across to others and our short-term travelling, in addition to agreements and documents, contracts, binding decisions, they will weigh heavily as well, given that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, technology, and travel. As we are in the final couple of weeks before some major holidays, travel definitely fits. Given that a Full Moon involves Sun opposite Moon, with the Sun in Sagittarius, we may be feeling a little more optimistic about some of our goals, and we’re also feeling like we’re finishing up some loose ends as well. As the Sun is in the ninth sign of Sagittarius, we could be having some wanderlust kicking in as well, and some longer-distance travel as well. That said, the devil in the details is going to be some of the other aspects to this lunar peak…

This Full Moon makes a quincunx to a stellium of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, with Venus being the tightest of the quincunxes to the moon. So we’re at a point of culmination and finishing up tasks, but this triple-conjunction is making things a bit more awkward. Saturn and Pluto impose their own blend of discipline, tearing away, rebuilding, and Venus here with these two can represent new beginnings forged from hard work and hard choices, and perhaps Pyrrhic victories as well. So we can still accomplish a great deal, it’s just probably not the way we wanted or envisioned. Take the blessings you can get right now. This can also represent that some plans we expected to come to fruition have been delayed or stymied in some manner.

Let’s use the Full Moon quincunx Saturn-Venus-Pluto stellium aspect to illustrate an example of this discordant energy: I was thinking about opening a YouTube channel for Phoenixia Astrology. However, there seems to be some drama regarding YouTube and the FTC concerning a law called COPPA, and an agreement and revisions to terms that I do not find to be in my best interests to risk myself right now (as in, incorrectly labeling content as “for kids” or “not for kids” could land a channel operator in serious trouble and up to $42,000 in fines per video as a maximum penalty!) Certainly not in my best interests until they sort out a “General Audience” option or other solutions. Also, there is the fact that I’m job hunting for a primary job right now, and all of my best leads have rather lengthy commutes (minimum 75 minutes), which will consume a fair amount of time that I could devote to side hustles, so… you can see where lofty goals take a backseat to the reality.

Continuing on: Full Moon with Sun and Moon forming a T-Square apex to Neptune in Pisces does put another wrinkle into the energies of this time period. While solutions are out there, or perhaps within yourself, there’s a lot going on right now in that we may not be able to see or think about these solutions as clearly as we would like. We may also be thinking about some disappointments clouding our judgment, such as with the Capricorn triple-conjunction to the Full Moon aspect hanging over our heads. We’re going to have to listen harder for that inner voice (or ethereal voice) that can guide us, and we’re going to have to be very sure that we’re receiving only the highest of advice. Again, meditation is highly advised for clarity, and barring that, to at least try to relax a bit.

Full Moon semisquare Uranus retrograde in Taurus also throws a bit more of a wrinkle into things. There’s certainly some upheaval going on, and we know we have to make some radical changes to propel us to a better path. It’s harder with that Uranus in a sign it doesn’t really like, as obligations and fixed commitments regarding resources and money (Taurus, ruled by Venus) can impact our ability to function freely. It can be a bit of a crisis moment if we let it get that far.

Fortunately, and this is going to be a little bit of an experimental interpretation, so bear with me: Full Moon biquintile Mars in Scorpio does point to this being a time where we will need to take decisive action and exercise some bold creativity in completing some of our tasks right now. The biquintile aspect is about a 144-degree aspect (with a maximum range of 2 degrees), and is between a easier, flowing trine (120 degrees) and an awkward, discordant quincunx (150) degrees). It’s right there in between the easy and strange place, and requires some out-of-the-box thinking to really harness, but then again, creativity usually flows from some kind of catalyst. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” after all. We can build something with this, but we’re going to have to be smart about it and filter through the noise of the other aspects.

Other aspects of note when it comes to the more major bodies and points can also give us a clue as to how we should proceed. Chiron station direct in Aries (while technically still retrograde) quintile Venus and Saturn (themselves conjunct Pluto), again, points to a need to harness some creativity to get around some of the problems we’re seeing. We’ve got something inside ourselves holding us back, be it self-doubt, fear, laziness, or uncertainty. We have to think outside the box and get around and/or through it, as we’re not going to grow if we remain stuck where we are. Now, Chiron motionless isn’t going to make this easy, and especially as two “malefics” are involved. We can use this adversity as an opportunity to achieve something awesome, though. How to harness it? That’s up to you.

Chiron motionless square Jupiter in Capricorn is still pretty strong, so whatever is holding us back is definitely conflicting with our sense of optimism and perhaps some of our higher beliefs as well. A testing of faith, for sure. Add in Chiron sesquiquadrate Mars in Scorpio and we’ve got a powder keg of a crisis that can burn us from the inside out if we let fear win out. We can better heal ourselves by talking with someone we trust or with people who are willing to listen to us as Chiron trine Mercury in Sagittarius allows a conduit for speaking out and airing out some of our frustrations. In talking to others, we may find that others have been where we’re at, and perhaps a kindred spirit will have some insight as to a solution to your problem, or at the very least, act as a sounding board to get things off of our collective chests.

Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus can also be a helpful boost when it comes to finding some optimism and luck in the face of being stuck in the mud. Perhaps in trying to dig out, we uncover something useful or some treasure that could give us the boost we need to restore our faith, or at the very least give us a flash of insight that will get us through a tough spot. Jupiter quintile Neptune in Pisces can certainly bolster this flash of insight possibility. Perhaps asking our higher self or our guides/angels/supreme being(s) for help can give us a flash of inspiration to resolve a problem, complete a task/project, or perhaps act to give us some silent solace that things can get better.

Mercury semisquare Venus/Saturn (and by conjunction, Pluto) does warn us to be careful with our choice of words, however, as we could easily sabotage our own efforts. This is especially true if we outwardly voice our doubts and frustrations without considering solutions, or if we blow up and say the wrong thing to the wrong person (such as snapping at a boss as one example). Slow down and speak carefully, or at the very least reconsider your words before saying something self-sabotaging.

Adding in the asteroids, Full Moon conjunct 9770 Discovery and 55 Pandora does point to this culmination of the lunar cycle and the rest of it to be a time where we uncover some essential information and solutions to problems. It may not be the most ideal solutions, but there is certainly something we can unleash. Just be careful what we let loose into the world around this time, as Pandora’s Box holds more than we bargain for as a general rule.

An asteroid Air Grand Trine with Full Moon trine 8813 Leviathan in Libra, and 149 Medusa, 5264 Telephus, and 99942 Apophis in Aquarius does also shed some light as this being a time where we need to be open to our senses as to the dangers and pitfalls that are out there, as well as those that may betray us. Fortunately, this subtle Grand Trine influence allows us to perk up our ears and escape some hardships if we are wise to this, and we may even be able to slay a monster or two in the process.

Full Moon sextile 2878 Panacea retrograde in Leo allows us to use some of our inner knowledge to know when we need to take a rest, or at the very least use our knowledge of caring for ourselves to avoid some injury or illness. We’ll have to trust ourselves and listen to our bodies, but we can avoid some trouble or illness if we heed the signs.

Full Moon making a T-Square with 4386 Lust in Sagittarius (conjunct the Sun) and apexing 2629 Rudra and 4227 Kaali (far enough away to not conjunct Neptune) does warn us to be cautious when dealing with more carnal desires, as in our desire for companionship or just “fun” we may be biting off more than we can chew. Given the trine from the Full Moon to asteroid Medusa, we can exercise a bit of good sense not to ruin a good thing by engaging in going places we shouldn’t go. Not the time for an affair, for example, and we should be able to resist that urge a bit better now.

Adding the asteroids in does point to an asteroid Yod to the Full Moon with 100 Hekate in Scorpio, and 9951 Tyrannosaurus joining Saturn-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn. We absolutely need to be on guard and watch for fated events and signs of strange or malicious magicks and energies some less-scrupulous types may be sending our way. This also warns us to be cautious of attempting to force our will and having things backfire on us, as we can sabotage ourselves with our own negative energy if we decide to be a tyrant. Given Tyrannosaurus is with Saturn-Venus-Pluto, that by itself gives me pause. Some good things are still possible, but we need to be very watchful of a predator in the mists. Be prepared to stand up to tyrants and other nefarious types getting in our way.

258 Tyche in Leo semisquare the Full Moon does act as a bit of a wet blanket in that we may find our own egos getting in the way of our tasks. We might think “I’ve got this!” a bit more readily than we should, especially if you’re missing a key detail or two. Be sure of yourself, but don’t be too sure. Some basic humility can keep hubris at bay.

An asteroid Thor’s Hammer/Fist of God between 11911 Angel in Scorpio and 4581 Asclepius and 7470 Jabberwock in Aquarius, apexing the Full Moon does also act as a warning to be careful of false healers and those peddling snake oil at this time. We may find ourselves wanting to have a quick fix just in time for the holidays, but we could find ourselves being taken in by con men if we’re not careful. Make sure that angel offering you that “elixir of vitality” isn’t wearing a devil’s tail under the robes.

We end with some more creative aspects. Full Moon and 447 Valentine in Virgo form a quintile (~72 degree link, between sextile (60 degrees) and square (90 degrees)), which acts as a catalyst for some creative romantic overtures. Perhaps a time where a romance could bloom a bit. Full Moon biquintile 829 Academia and 69230 Hermes in Capricorn allows some more creative energies which may allow this and other successes to happen a bit easier, assuming we recognize some solutions that may just be under our noses. We just have to recognize the opportunities to make it happen.

And that pretty much covers it. We’re at a major culmination point, and about to enter a phase where we can begin moving forward from some hurts and what’s been holding us back, but it’s not smooth sailing, and we’re going to have to think waaaay outside Pandora’s Box to get through this period of time. It’s time to shore up the last vestiges of what we’ve been working on, and go into the new Eclipse Season strong. Our faith will be tested, others will test us, but I think many of us can definitely have something to celebrate by the end of the holiday period if we play our cards right. For others, well, let’s hope for their sake that they aren’t the ones acting as tyrants and gorgons. Finish the next couple of weeks strong, and be well.