Full Moon Pisces – August 2023

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This lunar cycle starting with the New Moon in Leo has seen its share of shifts so far, and we’re only getting started. Are we ready for what’s next?

Are you sure you’re ready?

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon hits peak intensity at 07 Pis 25’14” on August 30th, 2023 at 6:35:34 PM PDT / August 31st, 2023 1:35:34 AM UTC. This is the second Full Moon in August 2023, thus making this one a blue moon and a rare occurrence where the Gregorian calendar is concerned.

This Full Moon is the manifestation of Sun opposite Moon, indicating a time of culminations and developments within the lunar cycle. Pisces, being the twelfth sign of the zodiac, delves into our self-undoing, involuntary confinements, hopes and fears, and hidden enemies coming to light. Sun in Virgo, the sixth sign, is bringing focus into our obligations, day-to-day concerns, and our health.

Given this interaction, our overall health and the concerns relating to hidden issues regarding health will be in full display. How our routines are shaping the longer-term consequences will become more apparent for the remainder of the Leo lunar cycle.

Are we burning the candle at both ends? To what end? Are we taking care of ourselves enough? And are there hidden threats we need to be worried about? These are questions we must ask ourselves during this Full Moon.

Other Aspects to This Full Moon

Now We Reap What We Have Sown

Full Moon Pisces conjunct Saturn retrograde and 3811 Karma is a serious configuration. Saturn itself is discipline, restriction, blockages, and… karma. Have we done the work and have we done it well or correctly? Have we slacked off or done the wrong type of work? This becomes apparent now with this lunar culmination point.

Throwing in asteroid Karma into the mix, and the Karmic meaning cannot be any clearer. Karma is actually the tightest conjunction I’m seeing to this Full Moon, so what we’ve done up to this point is now what we must face.

Opposing the Full Moon in Pisces, with the Sun in Virgo, is 16089 Lamb and 14827 Hypnos. This is rather telling, and a cause for concern where I’m sitting.

Hypnos can be interpreted as just that: hypnosis. And lamb? Think the herd, think the flock of sheep. Put Hypnos and Lamb together with the Sun during this Full Moon, and we’ve got a real potential for cult worship.

69230 Hermes in Sagittarius completes a T-Square to this Full Moon and the aforementioned asteroids. Hermes is the original Greek name for Mercury, and its meaning I gather to be similar to Mercury’s but weaker. Some unpleasant and, I suppose overoptimistic, messaging is pouring out if you pay attention to the news. I would even go as far to say that this has the element of propaganda for the “true believers.”

This is dangerous territory. When we consider Full Moon Pisces and Karma semisquare Dejanira retrograde in Capricorn along with this T-Square, the messaging seems to denote that there are those who will string others along while claiming themselves to be the victim… and the more devoted following will believe them.

Do not fall into victim mentality with this Full Moon. It will come back to bite you. Hard.

Reckoning for Strained Links

In addition to the T-Square, Full Moon Pisces also apexes a Yod Kite from 13897 Vesuvius, 4086 Podalirius, and Juno in Leo, and 3412 Kafka in Libra, while including the Sun-Lamb-Hypnos opposition.

Juno is, of course, our more devoted and stable partnerships. With this in first decan Leo quincunx the Moon, we’re coming to a reckoning with our relationships. Vesuvius adds an explosive element to instabilities in committed partnerships, and Podalirius indicates health is at play (being a medical asteroid). Some relational healing could be happening, but there’s a lot of shadow work that will need to be done with all committed partners involved.

Kafka on the other side reveals absurdities in our relationships here. Some hidden secrets or lack of information to one side or the other is coming to light. This really isn’t a time to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Whoever is caught in a lie now is going to be having a bad time. And it may happen in the strangest of ways.

Adding to this is a Thor’s Hammer Kite, or “Fist of God” Kite apexing Full Moon Pisces from 4386 Lust, 2031 BAM, 3063 Makhaon, 8813 Leviathan, and 11911 Angel in Cancer, and Ceres in Libra all making sesquiquadrates to the Moon. Remember Sun-Hypnos-Lamb opposing to pull this contentious bowstring. A lot is going on here so let’s break it down.

Lust is, of course, lust. It’s the more sexual or sensual side of relations and “fun time.” With BAM with it, there is an element of some hard-hitting, probably even abusive elements to sexual elements here. With Makhaon here, this could also be impacting virility or “ability to perform” given the other lustful asteroid here.

Leviathan is a great beast from beneath the deep, so there’s some underlying shark or predatory vibes here. And Angel in the mix adds a degree of either protection, or some fallen angel element here. This could go either way.

Ceres squaring all of this from Libra indicates conflict regarding being able to perform at home in the bedchamber is what I’m thinking here. Now if someone’s solo and not really seeking any amorous adventures, then this could be more a conflict or dissatisfaction with one’s home space or sleeping arrangements.

With both of these sides of this Thor’s Hammer semisquare Sun-Hypnos-Lamb, and Saturn retrograde involved with the Full Moon, this tells me that a good number of us are not sleeping all that well or solidly. I’ve been up and down with this myself, but I’m just one anecdote.

Some Potential for Healing

Full Moon Pisces does sextile 2696 Magion and Pholus retrograde in Capricorn, while also forming a trine to 4581 Asclepius, 432 Pythia, and 11144 Radiocommunicata in Scorpio, making a Minor Grand Trine apexing Magion/Pholus Rx.

If we’re abstaining from or holding off from intoxicants during the Full Moon, then the clarity boost may prove to be beneficial in terms of boosting our career prospects and/or boosting our reputations in some way. At the very least, if we’re not making errors while inebriated, or at least not overworking ourselves, then we may be able to see clearly as to what can work and what won’t work for getting ahead in our longer-term goals and ambitions.

The trines to Asclepius-Pythia-Radiocommunicata adds an intuitive draw to healing some of our deeper-seated issues and worries. We may be coming to grips with what isn’t working out for us, and some of us are probably finding ourselves looking up information online or listening to podcasts, radio, or the like for ways forward to get past these problems. Now, these three asteroids are squaring Vesuvius-Podalirius-Juno, so finding quick fixes online for repairing relationships might not be as winning a play. the focus needs to be on overcoming our own deficiencies or worries first.

Other Noteworthy Transits During This Full Moon

Don’t Press Your Luck, Romeo

Saturn retrograde in Pisces opposing the Sun in Virgo forms a T-Square to 763 Cupido and 19 Fortuna in Sagittarius. Cupido represents just that, Cupid. Basically, talking up a good game when it comes to love. Fortuna is also identical: Fortune. With the taskmaster disciplinarian squaring this while also being with the Full Moon, we’re going to have to put some of our more optimistic overtures to potential mates on the back burner for a bit.

We may not be as lucky in love right now. With Libra South Node, and Aries North Node conjuncting Eris, we need to be aware of disruptions to our own ultimate plans and destiny. Don’t go off on detours chasing tail when you should be working on bettering your own position right now. Remember: Venus is still retrograde during this Full Moon.

Saturn retrograde semisquare Chiron retrograde in Aries indicates some inner, unhealed issues that we need to pay attention to now. This could be a dull ache that you’ve been ignoring, or some other block in your thinking process that needs to be revisited.

Mars in Libra with 2629 Rudra and 666 Desdemona quincunx Saturn retrograde is another warning against forcing your will to unwilling suitors. The quincunx aspect is off-balance and making this a potential problem already. Mars in Libra is already indecisive or passive-aggressive enough.

Desdemona is named for Othello’s unfortunate wife in Shakespeare’s play Othello. So more of a victim asteroid than anything related to demons (despite the 666 asteroid designation). Rudra, in my view, acts as an amplifier asteroid. At worst, this quincunx indicates an uptick in, at the very least, attempted assault. At second worst? Pressure to reluctantly “consent”, which really isn’t consent, but coercion.

Saturn retrograde trine 26955 Lie in Cancer does have a fortunate vibe in sussing out deceptions in the home front though. Combined with Saturn Rx sextile Ixion retrograde and 15845 Bambi in Capricorn, the more usually-unsuspecting partner has a greater chance of stopping or uncovering infidelity and other unfaithfulness. Or, perhaps the unfaithful have a change of heart and confess. Do remember that Bambi, in the story, grows up and does defend a mate from a hunter’s dogs.

Warped Messages

Mercury retrograde has its own share of aspects during this Full Moon.

We have Mercury retrograde apexing a T-Square from 407 Arachne, 1981 Midas, and 389 Industria in Gemini, and 1388 Aphrodite in Sagittarius. This sets the stage for some work-related snares regarding messages and travel dealing with jobs, errands, obligations. This also interferes with some of our more hopeful, romantic pursuits. This tells me that we’re largely going to be too busy to think about finding love for a while.

Mercury retrograde also apexes a Yod from 2601 Bologna retrograde in Aquarius, and Chiron retrograde and 1930 Lucifer retrograde in Aries. Now, if you do have a stable relationship that is actually going well (as opposed to wishful thinking if you’re in one that isn’t that great), don’t be too proud to ask for help. At the same time, don’t be too humble if your partner is giving some well-deserved praise. That said, do watch out for those who would stroke your ego to curry favor.

Of course, we do also have the Grand Trine from Mercury retrograde in Virgo to Jupiter and 10961 Buysballot in Taurus, and 85047 Krakatau in Capricorn. Jupiter and Buysballot are a bit wide to be conjunct themselves, but Buysballot and Krakatau do make their own trine so I’ll count it.

This indicates some backtracking and review before hitting “send” on that message, so perhaps some of us rethink accusing someone of cheating the system. Jupiter, being slow here, does indicate some return of some potential gain or profit, but it may be delayed given the backwards and slowing motions of the major players in this aspect.

Uranus retrograde also makes a weak trine to Mercury retrograde, indicating other reversals of fortune in terms of work, health, and money. This may yet be a good thing in some ways. The Uranus reversal may have forced some undoing in some money matters, such as the one-day small spike in Bitcoin that just occurred the day before this Full Moon goes exact, after a week of monthly lows.

Dodging Bullets?

Venus retrograde in Leo opposing 433 Eros retrograde and 10 Hygiea retrograde in Aquarius further indicates some trouble in the love department. Hygiea is a health asteroid, and Eros is one of those erotic/romance ones. If you’ve had a questionable encounter recently, you may want to get tested.

Given Venus retrograde apexing a Thor’s Hammer by forming sesquiquadrates to Neptune retrograde and 7470 Jabberwock retrograde in Pisces, and 34 Circe and 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Sagittarius (both near Galactic Center), the claws are out. Whatever illusions some of us have had with those “too good to be true” partners and business opportunities are revealing their monstrous nature. With Circe, an occult asteroid, in the mix, be very well aware that some of these less-than-ideal suitors may even have opened themselves up to astral or psychic suggestion, if not outright manipulation. At worst, this is intentional on the part of the person involved, but more likely is a manipulation from the aether.

Be very wary of anyone not acting like “themselves.”

Venus retrograde square Jupiter in Taurus also indicates its own issues of misfortune, or overoptimism which can be perceived as bad luck when things don’t go according to our planning.

There’s also Venus retrograde squaring off with 1924 Horus and 875 Nymphe in Scorpio, and 307 Nike and 8543 Tsunemi in Taurus. Given the hurricane that’s about to hit Florida as I write this, and the tropical storm that recently passed over the California desert (never thought I’d write that sentence), I’d say it’s a good bet that we could be facing some potential losses from water and weather-related damage, and should probably have an escape plan ready just in case. As far as the Nymphe/Horus link, again, be wary of potential one-night stands who are too eager.

Frankly, with the asteroid Grand Cross Venus retrograde and the aforementioned squares and opposition to Eros/Hygiea, if you had a partner who cheated, you should get tested yourself. If this doesn’t apply to you, then consider if there were any other betrayals, account compromises (phishing attacks, etc.), or other trojan horses entering your sphere.

Asteroid 5325 Silver conjunct Venus retrograde and square Jupiter does further indicate reversals in monetary fortunes. Those with down spells may see an uplift but with serious, severe effort… or the downfall could accelerate. All depends on how trusting we are and how diligent we’ve been with our othe sparse resources, including and especially time.

Crimes of Passion

Mars in Libra conjunct Rudra… again, that’s an amplifier, so passive-aggressiveness, uncertainty in action, and indecision could serve to paralyze us if we’re not careful. Mars making a wide opposition to Neptune retrograde, and also a tighter opposition to 55 Pandora in Aries definitely serves as a wake-up call to avoid unleashing a can of worms you won’t be able to control. You need all the information you can gather before making any sort of decisive action now.

Mars making that tight square to Ixion retrograde isn’t going to be pleasant for any revealed cheating and straying. This also applies to work, institutional, and regulatory matters. Expect more accusations on all sides of electoral fraud and interference. Mars making a wide square to asteroid Lie in Cancer further ups the mudslinging and BS-mongering.

To Sum It Up

Full Moon Pisces is full of reversals of fortune, karma coming to pay its dues, and warnings against infidelity and betraying those we profess to respect and care about.

A great deal of clarity is going to be needed in the next couple of weeks, so make sure you get as much accurate information as you can, and be flexible in revising plans based on rapidly changing conditions. With Uranus and Mercury having recently begun their retrogrades, Venus about to end its retrograde, and Jupiter about to start up its own, we cannot depend on hardened planning standing the test of time for now.

I delved deeply into some of the asteroids I used to get a deeper picture this time. As we can see, these minor bodies can add to the collage that is the transit chart. But it’s also a lot of data to go through. Just like now, we have so much ever-changing information.

Be flexible. And be ready to make concessions. Trust your intuition and don’t second-guess yourself unless you have a compelling reason to.