Solar Eclipse Capricorn – December 2019 – Jacob’s Ladder

Solar Eclipse

We are now in Eclipse Season yet again as I write this, with more than a week to go until the Christmas/Yuletide Solar Eclipse. I got the title “Jacob’s Ladder” for naming this particular one, and this was more intuitive than it was astrological. The feeling is that there will be many comings and goings, and that a greater destiny is at work with this eclipse, more so than normal. In a way, it is a bridging of the gap between heaven and earth. This Eclipse is already in effect as they tend to be felt in the couple of weeks before the actual eclipse, and then for several months until the summer eclipse season of 2020. This could even be a painful one depending on what we’ve accomplished towards our objectives and other matters going on in our lives. It is also a major psychological ending point as this is what many would consider the final Solar Eclipse of the 2010’s decade, but it really isn’t (considering the calendar doesn’t have a year 0, and starts at AD 1 or 1 CE, depending on preference, which makes 2020 the last year of the decade). But anyways, that’s a topic for other scholars at the moment. Let us begin.

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 04 Cap 06’52” at 21:13:07 (9:13:07 PM) on December 25th PST (December 26th, 2019 5:13:07 UTC). A Solar Eclipse is a super powered New Moon, and the start of a much larger cycle. While a New Moon starts a new lunar cycle for about 28 or so days, a solar eclipse’s effects are much longer lasting, several months to a year in fact. As this is a Capricorn eclipse, themes of public institutions, structures, career, public-facing matters, our most publicized moments, these will all be at the forefront. Money, wealth, holdings, those come from our professions and other side hustles. The underpinnings of these achievements will also be scrutinized during this cycle as well. Also, as a solar eclipse obviously necessitates Sun conjunct Moon, we will be embarking with new beginnings and new trials, as well as reexamining how our feelings and emotions fuel or hinder our drive, our sense of self, our core values. As close as this one is to the new year, many new resolutions and starts will definitely be in play.

As far as who will be affected by this solar eclipse more acutely, those with personal planets or points from 29 Sagittarius to 9 Capricorn, 29 Gemini to 9 Cancer, 29 Virgo to 9 Libra, and 29 Pisces to 9 Aries, these individuals (and entities such as companies and countries) will be feeling the effects much more pronounced than others. Simply put, it’s a Cardinal Solar Eclipse and will be much more energetic in starting new events.

We’ll start with the other direct aspects to the Solar Eclipse itself by major bodies and points. The first of these that are tightest beyond the Sun-Moon link is Solar Eclipse quintile Neptune in Pisces. (Yes, I have begun using quintiles and biquintiles more.) This roughly 72-degree link to the planet of illusions, psychism, and addictions, this brings out some interesting challenges our way which will require us to use our brainpower and intuition far more than other eclipses may have in the past. We will definitely want to pay attention to signs, and read between many lines so we aren’t taken by surprise. Creativity will be extremely important for the next several months, and if there’s a written work or screenplay that you’ve been putting off for months or years, this is the time period to go, write it out, and make those literary dreams happen! If you’re more of an artist or painter or other creative, that works too! Don’t sit on your creativity and let it rot. That creativity is going to be what gets you out of some sticky situations.

Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter is another fortunate aspect, and one that greatly amplifies the eclipse. Jupiter is a planet of good fortune, but also one of expansion. It inflates what it touches, which means this Eclipse is going to be rather… not super powered, but I’d say hyper powered! As far as major bodies are concerned, we should count ourselves fortunate that this Eclipse is making mostly softer and more positive aspects. Still, this also means that the normal shakeups that an eclipse brings… will be much more strongly felt, especially as this is a Cardinal Solar Eclipse. Also note that Jupiter quintiles Neptune along with the Solar Eclipse, so there’s even more amplification in the visionary and creative potential of this time period! I can imagine that there will be a great flourishing of creative and literary works that will flow through, and I think more people will expand their consciousness during this period as well. To be frank, I very much feel sorry for those who won’t open up their minds during this time period, as they are going to miss out on a lot of what the universe and divinity can offer them. As a caution, this is also a time we need to be very certain we aren’t being taken in by deceivers and charlatans, as they will also be under the influence of this energy as well! A negative outcome of this could even be the further and harder rise of cults, and that includes cults of personality. Use. Your. Best. Judgment!!! (And don’t be fooled!)

And much like the previous solar eclipse in Cancer back in summer, this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This brings an air of some potentially beneficial changes to our lives, though Uranus doesn’t really like being in Taurus. Taurus is Fixed Earth energy, and Taurus likes to rebel and shake things up. Some of the more revolutionary elements of this time period are going to involve personal resources, money, possessions (all making sense as Taurus is ruled by Venus, which touches on these things). Some of us may experience sudden windfalls. Others will experience sudden downturns. My suggestion would be to invest wisely, not just in money and resources, but also time. Especially time.

Now the rough aspect: Solar Eclipse square Chiron (near fixed star Scheat) in Aries will be a challenge we’ll have to take into account for this entire eclipse period. The Wounded Healer is in a Cardinal sign of Fire. As it’s the first house of the zodiac as well, what has hurt us personally and directly will come into focus. Old wounds are going to be lit alight, and while we may have gotten past some of these old wounds during the retrograde period that recently ended, we are also going to see some potential for new wounding. Scheat isn’t a nice star either, associated with drownings and poisonings. I do not know if this portends a disaster at sea quite yet, but it is something we should take into account. Especially when we consider how the oceans are continuing to be poisoned by pollution and, I imagine, the still-unresolved issue of Fukushima. Further ocean warming comes to mind for some reason, probably the Scheat-aquatic mayhem, Chiron-wounding, and Aries-fire combination.

Regarding the other major planets and points, Mercury in Sagittarius is conjuncting the Galactic Center which will greatly amplify matters regarding travel, communications, documents, agreements. Given the political environment in Washington D.C. right now, I imagine some rapid developments in official affairs will be under way. The impeachment vote before this Eclipse comes to mind, one which I should do an article on assuming I can find what time the vote on the two articles will take place beforehand. (It may wind up being an after-the-fact analysis if I cannot find this information in time). Beyond politics and power plays, Mercury square Black Moon Lilith in Pisces adds a nebulous and illusory air to the proceedings of travel, and I would caution to be wary of psychic attack for the next several months, be it from malicious practitioners of magickal arts, or from actual demons or other negative entities. Mercury semisextile Mars in Scorpio further drives the point of rapid developments and perhaps spiteful triggers, such as rage-quitting (be it games, jobs, or other activities where frustration can take its toll).

Venus in Aquarius quintile Mars in Scorpio could bring about some creative interactions and solutions to problems when it comes to jobs, romance, our valuables, and our passions. Perhaps a close friendship in a circle of friends steams up into something more sultry. On the other hand, I would argue this plays into the Solar Eclipse-Neptune quintile as well, and could really fuel the drive to get a creative project done. Definitely surround yourself with individuals who will support you and encourage you to drive into your passions, as staying with the mundane old-school way of doing things may seem “safer,” but will you feel dead inside if you stay with that? If you like what you’re doing right now, then the last statement may not apply, but you can use some creative spark to improve how you approach that job or duty.

Venus in Aquarius square Uranus retrograde in Taurus does warn us during this Eclipse cycle to be on the lookout for sudden change-ups in our relationships, our jobs, and of course our resources. Do not let bad apples talk you into making bad decisions right now, as peer pressure could be detrimental right now if you’re surrounded with the wrong crowd, much more so than normal. This could also represent the sudden departure from groups that no longer serve you, and a transition into surrounding yourself with people who will, again, support you and encourage you to do great things. Take a sharp look at who you hang out with right now, and see if the relations can be improved, or if it’s time to cut ties and move on.

Venus in Aquarius quincunx North Node in Cancer does point to a drive to go towards what we want to do with our lives, what feels good, but we also have this awkward I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing feel to this. You may not know how to proceed to get to where you need to go. Search your feelings, as they say in Star Wars, and know what is true. This may also portend some hard decisions so you can stop holding yourself back. Choices to be made, and do note that this aspect also means that Venus is semisextile South Node in Capricorn. Are you holding back because you’re expected to, because it’s “safe”? You need to ask yourself some hard questions right now. What do you really want?

Mars in Scorpio making a weak sextile to Pluto-conjunct-Saturn in Capricorn does allow for some energy and drive in tearing down old structures that need to go, and building up something that will better benefit you. The sextile doesn’t fully mitigate all the fallout that can come from this ending of the old, but it does allow us to make better choices and perhaps see those better way of doing things than, say, driving right off of a cliff. I imagine there will be many who embark on new self-improvement plans with the coming of the new year, and of course I can imagine some overcrowded gyms for the first couple months of 2020. This new-found motivation might actually stick until at least March or April for some, or all the way to summer. It’s a good time to break bad habits with this Eclipse, I’ll say that much.

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, well that’s a rough one in and of itself. Saturn is discipline, it is focus and duties, obligations. Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, and combined this is an aspect that tears down what no longer works so that something more durable can be forged. And there can be a lot of twisted hunks of metal as many old structures are pulled down, and there will be some failed attempts at making new things, sort of like a blacksmith that has several failures and hunks of metal before they forge that legendary sword. If there’s something really meaningful you need to pursue, and you need to make some sacrifices, Saturn-Pluto can make it happen. It will not be painless! But often, it must be done.

North Node in Cancer sesquiquadrate Mars in Scorpio is another aspect that deserves mention. As a sesquiquadrate is a ~135-degree hard aspect in the veins of a square, but more externalized, we may find some frustrations during this period as factors beyond our control will attempt to impede our quest for a better life. We are likely to also find ourselves quite angry and irritated the more interruptions and delays occur, which could lead us to act in ways that would further block us from achieving our best lives. Use the more positive Neptunian influences of this Eclipse and pursue some more relaxing techniques like meditation so you don’t fly off the handle in a bad moment. It may mitigate some of the interruptions and aggravations as well.

Regarding asteroids that aspect the Solar Eclipse directly, asteroids Pholus and 19 Fortuna conjunct the Solar Eclipse adds a bit of a different dimension to things. Pholus deals with intoxication, and I would also argue escape, such as escapes from reality like gaming addiction and internet addiction. Fortuna is more of a career asteroid, and I would say that there is more of a focus on finding good fortune and achievement right now for this eclipse period. So which direction will you choose? Escape, or hard work and achieving fortune? Bear in mind that these two asteroids are themselves out of range of being conjunct themselves, and are bridged by their connection to the Solar Eclipse. You have a choice to make. On another hand, seeking out your greater fortune could be interpreted as an escape from a dull and dreary life. How do you want to handle this? Also note that Fortuna is tightly conjunct Jupiter. I think the decision is obvious.

solar Eclipse sextile 6157 Prey in Scorpio could allow us to recognize that we’re in the crosshairs of some rough circumstances, and we can use this energy to break free and escape into the woods, away from the hunters. Seems to be quite a bit of emphasis on escapes once we put these asteroids in… escape what needs to be broken free from.

Solar Eclipse opposite 1027 Aesculapia retrograde in Cancer could represent a time period during this Eclipse cycle where we begin to make more decisions regarding our health, as we feel at odds with the current medical establishment. Given the recent U.K. election and the anxiety regarding the NHS in the wake of that outcome, and with the medical billing and affordability and insurance crisis in the United States right now, I think we are going to see more of a degradation in the ability to gain proper health care, and more people taking matters into their own hands. If you know you need to make healthier habits, I strongly encourage you to make those choices now. I do not think we will see a favorable outcome right now, and given the square to Chiron (effectively creating a T-Square by asteroids), yeah. Definitely take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

Solar Eclipse quincunx 1981 Midas retrograde and 258 Tyche retrograde, both in Leo, could be a bit of a rough angle when it comes to making money and how jobs go right now. We could be feeling uneasy about a job we have, or a job we are thinking of taking or feel forced to take, and we may not be feeling its the right move. Circumstances will play into this and this will inform you further as to whether you need to make a plunge, or if you need to steer clear.

Solar Eclipse semisextile 1924 Horus in Sagittarius, an occult asteroid, does point to this being a time where we may need to use some hidden knowledge to get us through the day. Even if you don’t believe in higher powers, those higher powers certainly believe in you. And your adversaries may be making use of hidden or forbidden knowledge in their advancement of their goals. Strap on the spiritual armor and be prepared.

Solar Eclipse semisquare 4581 Asclepius in Aquarius does point to a possibility that we make some rough or rebellious choices that don’t go as smoothly as we like when it comes to our own health. Could be a chance of overdoing it at the gym (especially if you’re just starting out), and also maybe following some questionable nutrition or health advice. Double-check everything, and don’t throw out all of the suggestions. That said, make sure you’re getting good health info.

Solar Eclipse semisquare 390 Alma in Scorpio acts as a warning to not look a gift horse in the mouth. Someone well-meaning could be trying to help you, and it may actually be what you need. Conversely, do be cautious if there’s even the slightest doubt. Love him or hate him, Ronald Reagan did have one good quote at least: “Trust, but verify.” Blind faith only gets you so far, and it can lead you off of a cliff.

Solar Eclipse sesquiquadrate 2878 Panacea retrograde cautions us against imbibing in snake oil or other questionable remedies and cures. I suspect either distrust of the pharmaceutical sector, or some shenanigans from the pharmaceutical sector will play into events in the next several months. Again, make sure you’re following good health advice for the next several months, especially with cold and flu season active here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Solar Eclipse quintile 8813 Leviathan is an interesting aspect… Leviathan I see as a potential disaster asteroid, and also one that can represent monsters in the deep. We could be seeing a crisis or a potential disaster in the making, but we have the chance of averting it using some insight and creativity to get around it. Other disasters and monsters we’ll need to use inginuity to avoid as they won’t be preventable. As Leviathan should be biquintile Neptune, I’m going to say follow your intuition, and if that inner voice says “don’t go down the dark alley”, don’t go down the dark alley! That’s one example.

Finally, Solar Eclipse biquintile 10 Hygiea retrograde and Sedna retrograde in Taurus, with Sedna on fixed star Algol, this warns us to be aware of peddlers of quack solutions and snake oil, yet again. We can use our insight and ingenuity to avoid the need to seek such solutions, and with that Sedna-Algol link and Sedna bridging the gap to Hygiea, I would even wager that some healthcare scandal is going to break that leads to someone losing their heads and some reforms potentially occurring. But we need to be vigilant and make sure that we don’t get ensnared in such traps. We need to also use our heads well and our gut feelings, and avoid questionable health practices. This could even be something as simple as stepping up the cleaning schedule for our own bathrooms and practicing better hygiene. Perhaps even having that “apple a day.”

So there we have it, an intense Solar Eclipse season that allows for a great deal of creative solutions to problems, and some cautions to avoid putting ourselves in harms way unnecessarily. Many shakeups are in store for the next several months, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if we see a major stock selloff in the next few months as more news comes in. The political ramifications of this eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction tightening is definitely something that’s throwing me signals that we need to be ready for all sort of SHTF moments, but at the same time we must not live in fear! We need to take this eclipse as a sign to go forward and trust that things can and will work out the way the are supposed to. That said, we are only shown the door, it’s up to us to walk through it. Use your best judgment, be wise, and be creative. Think outside the box, because the inside-the-box era is over and you won’t escape that prison if you don’t start doing things differently. sometimes I think I write these articles for myself just as much as for all of you. Let’s see if I live by what I’ve advised everyone else this time. Be safe, be awesome. Peace.