New Moon Virgo – September 2021 – Set in Motion

New Moon Virgo

This lunar cycle’s beginning coming up isn’t quite as intense as the previous one that entered Leo, and this one is coming after a double Aquarian Full Moon cycle as well. What we’ve got coming up for this new lunar cycle is a series of opportunities to get ourselves back on track, and we should be able to get things going with the proper intention-setting.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 14 Vir 38’07” on September 6th, 2021 17:51:45 PDT (September 7th, 2021 00:51:45 UTC). This lunar cycle takes place in the sign of Virgo, so matters of duty, basic day-to-day obligations, jobs (as opposed to careers), our health, and even pets will take the forefront for the duration of this lunar month. The primary aspect of Sun conjunct Moon notating new beginnings, fresh starts, and new opportunities, so for this period we’ll be thinking about how we can set our goals in motion, what we can accomplish, and we should have a good bit of analytical boost with this being in Virgo.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Just one aspect to the New Moon itself to speak of, and that would be New Moon Leo trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus retrograde does point to inner changes and even inner rebellion, particularly when it comes to our stability, our luxury (if we’re in that position), and of course our approach to our own resources and money, since it is in its least favorite sign of Taurus. This can be a time where we have a flash of insight of new ways to make money, pay off debts, or acquire something we’ve had our eye on for some time. This could even lead to us, in the long run, attracting a mate if we’re so inclined (particularly if our financial or resource revolution improves our situation). The downside of this is some will be more inclined to rest on their laurels and get a little lazy or complacent in terms of making or planning changes to improve their financial outlook. Don’t take trines for granted.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

One big aspect that I’m really noticing here is North Node and Black Moon Lilith conjunct in Gemini. This points to a time where the divine feminine aspects and the inner mystery within ourselves, our deeper, darker secrets, what drives us internally, these all come to the forefront now. Women’s liberation issues are definitely in scope (as we can see with the legislation that’s come into effect in Texas, and this has definitely sparked a major women’s health movement if one already wasn’t present). The fact the Satanic Temple has stepped in to invoke religious freedom in combatting the 6-week abortion ban, yes, I’d say this is definitely, definitely a manifestation of this aspect.

This North Node-Black Moon Lilith conjunction also trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, and this is rather fitting given what I’ve written above. I haven’t considered it before, but intuitively Saturn retrograde trine this combination could be manifest as a regression of what women’s health and rights activists have fought for for so long (given that this is clearly a move by a dominant, patriarchal body, one that I would argue is abusing the power of combined religion and politics, itself an extremely destructive force when bent to dominance).

Non-politically, this trine would also be manifest in digging deep into our deeper wants, deeper desires and core being, and we can set up some action plans and inner discipline to forge a new way ahead, one that would reflect our “truer” desires. The desires and ambitions that we do not speak of openly, except to a trusted few.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius trine Mercury in Libra, itself beginning to enter its pre-retrograde shadow phase (before Mercury goes retrograde on September 27th), this allows us to further articulate some of our planning for the future now. This could be planning for a business, a new product or technological venture (given the Aquarius theme), or composing arguments against clearly unjust or biased policies. This can also represent some silent progress on our to-do lists and general long-term planning, and possibly some inroads in terms of diplomacy (given the Libra vibe with Mercury and communications). Do make sure everything is spelt out, as once Mercury retrograde begins, misunderstandings and confusion, as well as garbled messages are possible.

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius trine Venus in Libra is particularly powerful this lunar cycle as well. Both the greater benefic and the lesser benefic working together in harmony allows for some great opportunities in terms of art, relationships, getting ahead with business and money, but given the Libra and Aquarian vibes, I think a lot of the inroads we make now are going to be of a more social nature. Networking for future business and collaborative opportunities are going to go particularly well right now, and this is a time we could be making new friends for life (if not further than that). Possibly new connections that go beyond friendship, beyond family, these are possible now. (One fictional example: Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Guinan in Star Trek: The Next Generation, based on a quote from Guinan).

We do need to be aware of some sudden pitfalls and also some propensity to have to give up and release that which no longer serves us, as that Venus in Libra also squares Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. While Venus is amplified in its home sign, this harsh square to Pluto could dampen our parade a bit. We could wind up sabotaging a promising venture if we’re not careful, or if we allow our insecurities to get the best of us. There is the other danger in that we could wind up losing out on and giving up something wonderful represented in the Jupiter-Venus trine if we’re unable to let go of what is no longer working in our lives, be it a job that deadens our soul, or holding onto possessions that we no longer find joy in, or even missing out on investment opportunities by holding on for too long. This can also represent an opportunity for major gains if we’re willing to sacrifice something that was meaningful to us at one time but is no longer (such as selling off some collectibles that are spiking in price now as one example). I’m wondering if the current boom in cryptocurrency values will last once Jupiter and Venus move out of range, or if they’ll spike even higher…

Disclaimer: My own experience in cryptocurrency investment is minimal, so I can’t tell you anything with certainty about day-trading options or boom-bust cycles in this, nor will I attempt to.

We do also have a potential for miscommunications and coming across the wrong way (or perhaps the wrong way with the right message) with Chiron retrograde in Aries opposing Mercury in Libra. We’re in a period of time of looking within and healing the hurts and bruises to our own ego, to our own core being, and we may be looking outside to others in the hopes of relationships to fill the voids within. We need to do our own internal healing, that way we can be a stronger rock in someone else’s life to lean on. Of course, do be there for someone else, and perhaps the other may take notice of the healing we’re doing for ourselves.

We’ve also got some major illusions we need to dispel when it comes to Neptune retrograde in Pisces opposing Mars in Virgo. We’ve undoubtedly been confronting some real fears about inadequacies and coming up short lately, whether we hide it well or not. We’ve probably had some nightmares or other misgivings as well, and perhaps it’s been a bit harder to meditate lately for some (if some are able to get to it at all). This is a time to get to brass tacks about what drives us mentally, and to confront our fears. Mars trine Pluto retrograde and Pluto retrograde sextiling Neptune retrograde completes a Wedge Pattern, allowing Pluto of all bodies and its influence to bridge the gap. What is it within us that needs to be unmade? What can we transmute and abolish so we can move past this fear and embrace our greater intuition? We can use this pattern’s energy to overcome some serious inner blocks (and do consider the Saturn to North Node/Black Moon Lilith link as well). This is a time to make some serious advances in overcoming what’s been holding us back for so long. It’s a unique opportunity, really.

Mars quincunx Jupiter retrograde also adds its own flair to the mix, we know there’s some great opportunities and insights within ourselves, and we know we can make our own luck (especially as there’s still a relatively open-ish Internet and different ventures out there), and we’ve got the drive to do the work (Mars in Virgo), but we may be a bit puzzled or flummoxed in how exactly to pull this off. There’s some insights within ourselves, and we need to dig that out. It may be worth consulting with your higher power, deity, etc. to figure this out, as we might feel the need for guidance at this time.

I’ll end here with Mars semisextile Venus. Mars in Virgo certainly gives us an analytical boost to get things done, and Virgo in Libra definitely can see the beauty in things. This triggering aspect, therefore, can be useful for making a small bump (or maybe larger bump, who knows), when it comes to pursuing that which we love. Be open to insights.

To Sum it All Up

There’s a lot of opportunity to be had for us in this lunar cycle, be it in regards to creative projects, spiritual insights, fighting for our own rights, and most certainly to be heard. We can release what no longer suits us, and we can start to move forward towards our goals that we know deep within our hearts serves us better. This is not the time to laze about. Get out there, do the work, get it done, and get yourself out of the traps that are only poisoning your minds and souls.

It’s time for new beginnings and new journeys. Be safe, be smart, but be active. We need to remake our own worlds and build a better life for ourselves. This is the moment. Make it a good cycle and set some awesome intentions.