Full Moon Pisces – September 2021 – Drowning Heart

Full Moon Pisces

This lunar cycle has been a rather interesting one, and not one that’s been going to my expectations. There’s something deep, something strong about this Full Moon coming up. Let’s dive in without getting washed away in our preconceptions.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 28 Pis 13’50” on September 20th, 2021 at 16:54:40 PDT (23:54:40 UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon at the end of Pisces for this lunar cycle culmination. The themes delve into the deep, dark mysteries, our inner hopes and fears, and the deep secrets that we hold within ourselves. The Piscean theme also points to the involuntary confinement we may be feeling, whether it be within our own fears, our own emotions, or in the more extreme cases, institutionalization (hospitals, prisons, or other institutions). Substance abuse and additions come to mind with Pisces Moon as well, as Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and some will turn to drink and other escapes in order to cope with the day-to-day stresses (which can be quite amplified at worst as Sun is still in analytical, service-oriented Virgo). There’s also an opportunity to break such cycles or help others overcome those cycles as well, so do bear that in mind.

There’s also the matter of Moon loosely conjuncting fixed star Scheat during this lunar culmination, so there’s a minor influence of drownings and accidents by water. It’s a degree and a half orb or so, so isn’t as strong as it could be. We could see an uptick in overdoses and infliction by pneumonia and other illnesses, as the seasons are changing and I have noticed I tend to get more congested overnight during this change in season, personally. (In my own case, I’m not sure how much of that is temperature changes, and how much of that could be fall allergens). The ongoing pandemic does come to mind too, though this could also manifest as an improvement in that situation should medical advances and calmer heads prevail. I do not advise the “alternative” therapies such as ivermectin. If you need an astrological reason, do be warned that accidental poisonings are also an influence of Moon conjunct Scheat.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

We’ve already covered the Full Moon to Scheat link, so let’s go on to the weak sextile between Full Moon Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This is a time where we can pay attention to our intuition and consider what else we need to do away with to shore up our reputations and career prospects. The intuitive approach to this should be amplified now, so consider what your gut or your guides/protectors and inner guidance is telling you to get rid of or do away with.

Full Moon Pisces is also opposing Mars in Libra in what I would consider a wide “off-sign” opposition. Mars in Libra isn’t as strong in decisiveness, so we’ll need to work harder to make lasting decisions now. We could be fighting with our head versus heart now when it comes to making decisions and choices now too. This can have repercussions when it comes to our relationships with prospective partners and loved ones, so don’t be surprised if those we care about and would like to be with are a little iffy in their commitments right now. Be patient with your partners and prospectives now.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

One of the strongest non-lunar aspects we have going on during the Full Moon period is Mercury crossing fixed star Spica. We may be able to shore up and defuse more contentious disagreements and issues with our bosses, supervisors, and perhaps officials and spiritual leaders as well. It’s a boost to conflict resolution, I’d argue, so do take advantage of it. Flashes of insight may also come to us more easily now, allowing us to commit actions and develop solutions which lead to us defusing issues with officials and other people we report to.

Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius is very strong during this lunar culmination as well, which should be quite fortunate for good luck, optimism, and digging within for our own inner strength and not giving in to fear. We may find that our “internal connection” to the divine is stronger with this aspect now, and we can relate this in our dealings with others a bit easier during this aspect. Do note that Mercury is slowing down for its retrograde station before the next New Moon, so we may have to work a little harder to make our voice heard, but if we can explain ourselves thoroughly, we should be okay.

Mercury in Libra square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn can be a bit of an issue for the rest of this lunar cycle though. We could be seeing some real arguments and disagreements where it comes to work and public affairs in relation to our, well, relationships. Perhaps we’re working too long or too much to have meaningful relationships with others, particularly loved ones and those we would like to be with now, or perhaps your partner or prospective partner is not as available due to the same. Mercury quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces complicates this as we may not know how to approach our partners or prospectives, or perhaps how we’re coming across is just nebulous or being misunderstood. In many cases, I’m seeing this as lack of communication altogether leading to relationship problems. Another possibility is that long distance relationships or partnerships are just a bigger issue for us now than normal. Perhaps people are travelling a lot (despite all the goings on in the world) and just not there or just not available for us to be with. Expect this to pick up as Mercury slows down more in the next week and a half.

The love planet, Venus, it’s got its own set of issues for this Full Moon. Venus in Scorpio quincunx Chiron retrograde in Aries could be playing out as some real abandonment issues or some issues relating to our deeper desires regarding sex, love, how we approach these things, and perhaps some workings to attract gain and love or lust are backfiring a bit. Perhaps we need to approach how we love or value ourselves to open things up.

Venus in a wide square to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is another wet blanket on the party. We could really want to get with our partner or prospective partner right now, or some of us may just be looking for a fling, but obligations or some other issues are getting in the way of this. We could be overloaded with work, or perhaps we’re afraid of complicating relations with a friend if we try to forge ahead further. It’s a pretty star-crossed formation here…

Venus opposing Uranus retrograde in Taurus, that’s another change-up from hell when it comes to the love, money, and creativity department. Uranus and Scorpio are both in weakened positions right now (Uranus being in fixed Taurus and Venus being in dark Scorpio), so we really can’t expect the strongest positions from either. We could be wanting to forge tighter bonds or, in the more lustful cases, some of us could just be wanting to get laid, and unexpected events or financial changeups are preventing us from getting any traction. Honestly, Venus is in a really frustrating position right now. Better to channel this frustration into some edgy or gritty creative projects at the moment. If anything romantic or lustful does crop up, it may not be as lasting or satisfying, or it could change your life in other unexpected ways. I’d say take precautions if you’re not planning on having any little Geminis, Cancers, or Leos join the party next summer (i.e. use protection if you’re not wanting kids right now)!

Mars in Libra trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, and also trine North Node in Gemini (though not exactly making a Grand Trine), this does give us a boost to get ourselves situated and pursue some of our longer-term objectives or at least plan for it when some celestial conditions are more conducive for it. Mars trine Saturn gives good drive when it comes to putting our nose to the grindstone, while Mars trine North Node allows us to integrate lessons learned from our previous experience and make next steps to get closer to our goals and ambitions (those that are better for our higher good, anyways). Some groundwork towards getting our next project off the ground can be quite fruitful right now (such as an outline for that novel you’ve had in your head for years)!

Saturn trine Black Moon Lilith in Gemini does indicate that we’ll be able to dig deeper into our darker, innermost reserves to get some of our objectives going as well. Some could be using this energy to clandestinely position personal pursuits closer to fruition when other tasks “should” probably take priority (i.e. personal business when on the clock for a day job). This can also indicate some stealth monitoring by an employer or other overseer or taskmaster to watch for such things, so do be aware if you’re going to go that route. Probably better to use this energy to dig deep within for inspiration to brainstorm ways to get important tasks done faster or more efficiently.

In Closing

Frankly, we can get a fair amount of work done or closer to completion, but our relationships and desire for companionship is going to be somewhat complicated for the next couple of weeks given this Full Moon cycle. Some darker, more personal creative work could be created or started that digs deep into this kind of energy. I can see this being a powerful time for the development of works in blues, jazz, and other works of art that speak from the darkest depths of the heart.

Try to be patient at this point and try not to dwell on the heart of others, but consider taking measures to protect and heal your own heart. I could see obsessing over prospective partners being a problems for some, so channel these feelings into something creative. Please, for your own peace.

Things may not be clear, but they’ll clear up soon enough. Until next time, friends.