New Moon Pisces – March 2024

New Moon Pisces 2024

One more lunar cycle before we begin another Eclipse Season. Will we face reality, or will we continue to chase phantoms?

The New Moon Itself

New Moon Pisces hits peak intensity at 20 Pis 16’47” on March 10th, 2024 at 1:00:22 AM PST / 9:00:22 AM UTC. At the start of the third decan of Pisces, this New Moon and the corresponding lunar cycle has a distinct Neptunian and a more subtle Scorpionic vibe. We will be digging beneath the surface this lunar cycle, and we are going to get dirty.

The Neptune rulership of Pisces, along with the emotional nature of the New Moon itself, is going to bring quite a few fears and hidden feelings to the surface. We must face our hidden enemies now, be it addictions, illusions, delusions, or even our own darker aspects of our inner psyches. It’s time to greet the monsters under our beds.

And with the Mars/Pluto feel of the Scorpionic third decan of Pisces in focus, we will be facing the hidden, and themes of debts coming due, sex, death, and the ever-present occult will be prevalent now, whether we are consciously aware of these things or not.

Sun Conjunct Moon is the main aspect of any New Moon. Here, we have the opportunity to delve into the shadows to begin a new journey to resolve our deeper issues. Confront the nightmares, or they will certainly confront you.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Embrace Uncertainty with Power

New Moon Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus can bring us some unexpected opportunities, and we should take advantage of the best ones as we can.

Uranus is in its weakest position in Taurus, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to have some sudden windfalls. There’s also the potential for sudden debits as well, but this potential may be somewhat muted with the softer sextile aspect here. Pay attention to your resources, and consider some saving for a rainy day if you can.

New Moon Pisces also semisextiles Mars in Aquarius. This triggering aspect will force us to use our inner reserves of power and think outside the box to take advantage of these opportunities. However, we also have Mars square Uranus very strongly here, so be wary of sudden and dramatic shifts in direction of our fortunes here.

Confront the Shadows Cautiously

New Moon Pisces opposes Black Moon Lilith in Virgo as well, which can bring all sorts of trouble. Lilith, after all, is the more shadowy, deeper force bringing things to the surface. In Virgo, Black Moon Lilith has the “sultry librarian” vibe. What may appear to be stern and analytical bookkeeper can also be a different sort of succubus in the bedroom.

Consider what’s going on behind the scenes and closed doors, and use your best judgments. Things are definitely in motion with this opposition.

Be Aware of Snares

New Moon Pisces square 6157 Prey in Sagittarius, 407 Arachne in Gemini, and conjunct 5180 Ohno in Pisces, while opposing 3402 Wisdom and 5325 Silver in Virgo (themselves with Black Moon Lilith) creates an interesting picture for an Asteroid Grand Cross to the New Moon.

Ohno is just that, “oh no.” There are potentials for unpleasant discoveries coming to light. With the opposition to Lilith, Wisdom, and Silver, we’ll have to make sure we use our inner wisdom and guidance to avoid the slick double-dealings of the cold and corrupt. Be discerning.

The squares, with Prey in optimistic Sagittarius, and Arachne in the sign of the twins, this paints another interesting picture. In our efforts for new beginnings, we need to watch out for double-dealing villains and fake saviors, lest we be fleeced and hunted like prey. Wolves in sheep’s clothing come to mind here. Don’t let yourself get snared.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Full Speed Ahead

Right now, all planets are direct. This is a time where we can make things happen a little more forcefully and with greater effect. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble or opposition. Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces, after all, and thus we need to take off the rose-colored glasses and see things for what they are.

Relationship got you down that should have ended a long time ago? Start planning the exit.

Side venture on your mind? Take notes, and make a plan to make it happen.

Job offer comes through? Negotiate with confidence.

Whatever you do, do it thoughtfully and with your best interests in mind. Do not, however, expect things to be easy. Just because the major bodies aren’t retrograde doesn’t mean it’s easy street. It’s not. We just have more outward influence now, but that can also mean more outward influences pushing back on us too.

Say What You Mean

Pluto in early Aquarius sextile Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Aries can help bring important matters to light and to the surface.

Pluto in Aquarius governs developments in the technological space, which includes social media. With the sextile to Neptune in Pisces, there’s a great potential for communicating art and other creativity. And with Mercury in Aries, people are able to communicate more forcefully and make their case with more drive and power.

Neptune conjunct Mercury, with Mercury on fixed star Scheat, adds an urgency to any communications regarding making changes, breaking addictions, and getting help for repeat cycles of self-destruction. Now, this can also mean more news of unfortunate passings where the cause isn’t quite clear. I would say the sextile to Pluto in Aquarius here may help technological and other out-of-the-box insights bring a final closure to some of these cold cases.

Seeing a More Disciplined Road to Success

Jupiter in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces can bring some good rewards if one is willing to battle their inner illusions and do the work. Jupiter in Taurus can bring increases in resources, gain, but also financial headaches.

Saturn takes the blinders off and splashes the cold water of reality on the dream world of Pisces. With the sextile to Jupiter, there’s an understanding of good reasons why we need to dig deep and break some comfortable but harmful patterns.

It’s a time to break bad habits for greater rewards.

Make It a Point to Heal

Mars in Aquarius sextile Chiron (and by extension North Node) in Aries brings us an opportunity to confront and heal our past wounds that have been holding us back.

Chiron conjunct North Node in Aries forces us to exit our comfort zone and confront the pain that we’ve been holding in for so long. Mars sextile this from the upstart and unconventional sign of Aquarius helps us pursue some unorthodox but potentially effective solutions to get past those hurts.

Industrial Sabotage?

Nessus in Pisces opposing Black Moon Lilith and squaring 389 Industria points to some rather interesting deals behind the scenes going on. Nessus is rather abusive and obsessive, and those delusions of grandeur are being amplified by back room deal-making in industrious Virgo.

Add the square to Industria, there’s certainly behind-the-scenes dealmaking going on. The proposed TikTok ban is one example of this: Who benefits? Is it really about national security in the U.S., or is this a gift to other social media platforms who are having some issues with competing with TikTok’s influence.

Don’t trust the ban. Besides, if one platform is restrained, others will follow. Dominoes falling don’t stop at one.

In Closing

New Moon Pisces is bringing a lot of shadows to light and forcing us to confront some pretty hard truths now. However, we can make use of the ugly truths we find, and use this process to create a new road ahead for ourselves.

The road ahead is full of discipline needed and roadblocks that threaten to bar our path. We can go through the hurdles, over them, or maybe even grab the hurdle and smash the next set of hurdles with it.

Or we could give up. But where’s the point in that?

Keep moving forward.