New Moon Libra – October 2021 – By Choice or By Force

New Moon Libra

There is no way to sugarcoat it: this new lunar cycle is going to be quite volatile, and quite changing for many of us. The primary aspects alone tell us we’ve got a major shift that will be forced upon us, so we can either change by choice or it will be done for us by force.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 13 Lib 24’51” on October 6th, 2021 04:05:21 PDT (11:05:21 UTC). This lunar cycle takes place in the sign of Libra, highlighting our longer-term relationships with others, be it in business or romance. The primary aspect of Sun conjunct Moon notating new beginnings, fresh starts, and new opportunities, so for this period we will be looking at how we relate to others we’d like to think of as partners, as well as conflict resolution and other ties that may bind.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

This lunar cycle has some majorly contentious aspects. First of all, New Moon Libra conjunct fixed star Algorab is already making for an incendiary mix. As Algorab has the qualities of Mars and Saturn, it can be a bit stifling and involve some restrictions forced upon us, so this lunar cycle is likely to see some restrictions in our relations with those we deem closest to us (again, the potential or actual partners). On top of ths, the New Moon also conjuncts Mars tightly, further amplifying the Martian energies in Mars’ own least-favored sign. We may find ourselves muddled, unable to decide on some important matters or in a kind of fight-or-flight mode when it comes to conflicts with our partners/potentials.

Given that Mars and the New Moon will also be quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus, we’ve got some awkward and non-standard events that will be testing us pretty harshly, and will be seeing some unexpected actions and events regarding our resources, money, and stability. Adding to this, Mars and the New Moon also oppose Chiron retrograde in Aries, so some woundings and some self-reflection to address our own bruised egos is going to also be at the forefront of relationship issues for the next month or so.

Even better still, Mercury is retrograde, which adds to the energies of miscommunication and crossed or misfired signals. Unless things are made very clear, some major misunderstandings are likely to occur at least once. Mercury’s not conjunct to Mars or the New Moon at the onset of the cycle, so we have that at least. And… several hours after the New Moon goes exact, Pluto shift gears and stations direct, ending the Pluto retrograde cycle. What we’ve determined we need to end and cast off will also be made abundantly clear, and we’ll be in a lengthy stewing period for a week or two with that at least. While also not directly aspecting the New Moon, the overall energy does color the picture another way.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: This is some serious breakup and never-gonna-happen energy happening here. There’s also the potential for partners or potential partners to get some major cold feet and need some major distance at this moment. You could both have your collective and individual crap together and still feel a major need for space lest some major explosive argument detonate the bond for good. This is also a major high-yield energy window that may have us seeing some very unfortunate energies in the realm of abuse or assault within the relationship, lost tempers, and domestic violence as the worst of the outcomes. At best? Weathering and riding out the expected-yet-unexpected storms in our relationships and partnerships.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

With all that carnage up above, we’ve got other bodies making some pretty important aspects we should really consider now. Mercury retrograde in Libra quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces, this is another contentious and off-kilter energy that can disrupt our communications, making ourselves come across more unclear to others. It could be in the form of doubts about a relationship, maybe we’re afraid we’re not good enough for the other (spoiler alert: we are good enough), or perhaps something nebulous we can’t put our finger on quite enough. Maybe lack of communication due to not being clear on boundaries or whether someone’s just busy or not.

Mercury’s also trining Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius, so this does mitigate the uneasiness somewhat. We’re having to rely on our own inner optimism and faith that things will work out. We’ve also got a potential for perhaps some low-key or some important messaging on the down low, but in a good way. Our inner truth will have to prevail somehow.

Mercury squaring Pluto in Capricorn, which is stationing before going direct, this is something that could upend that bit of optimism pretty hard if not handled well. The thing is, Mercury’s retrograde. It’s possible we could say some things in anger that we wind up regretting once the Mercury retrograde period ends, and that vibe’s going to be with this lunar cycle for the entire month. We really need to be considering others’ feelings and making sure we’re not making a terrible enemy if we do decide we need to sever a relationship (especially with that harsh Mars energy theme going on). If we’re needing to discard or end something, make absolutely certain it’s something that has to be gotten rid of or ended. Otherwise this will come back to bite you on the ass.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius trine Black Moon Lilith in Gemini indicates that we’ll need to ramp up the discipline just a bit to deal with some hidden issues and our deeper inner mysteries for the entire lunar cycle. This isn’t too bad, as we’re probably realizing that we need to read between the lines in how we come across to others and watch for duplicity. We can make the necessary changes and adjustments in our own behavior to counteract many unwelcome surprises now if we make sure to control ourselves. This could take the form of limiting online contact with someone you’re uncertain about (given Aquarius and the technological/Internet vibe, and Black Moon Lilith being in a sign ruled by Mercury). We could apply this energy as well into some deeper shadow work that we really need to get ourselves back on track with our goals.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces semisextile Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius, now this is a little trickier. We may have some inner hopes and dreams we are hoping play out, such as sealing the deal and getting that chance with a potential partner, but is that how it’s going to play out? It’s a time we’ll need to listen to our own inner voice and channel our deeper inner connection to Source/the Universe/whatever you recognize as your higher power (if any, and yes this is as opposed to looking outside for divine connection). Hand in hand with the Saturn-Black Moon Lilith link, we’ll need to tap our inner power to ensure we’re not going off on wild goose chases.

Neptune sextile Pluto, this is a fortunate aspect and energy that should allow us to intuitively confront that which needs to be kept and which needs to be eliminated from our lives. This intuitive check on ourselves may have us reflecting on the last few months (when Pluto was still in the middle of its retrograde period) and seeing what it was we felt we needed to move on from, or that which had moved on from us, seemingly or otherwise. This lunar cycle does seem to be when the removals will start picking up in our lives. Do remember, from death comes new life, so do keep an eye open for better things.

To Sum it All Up

In short, this is a major storm of energies and factors we’re going to be dealing with for the next month or so once this New Moon takes place, so prepare now. If your relationship or partnership is solid and strong, this will be an excellent time to resolve some issues that have been brewing. If not so harmonious, then this could be the time you go your separate ways. Don’t panic and worry you’ll say or do the wrong thing so much, as that will guarantee the outcome you don’t want. There’s still room for pleasant surprises, but there’s going to be a few eggs broken to make the omelets, as it were.

What will be will be. All the same, try to pick the best outcomes you can. And don’t be surprised if people or possessions leave your life now, or even jobs or hobbies. This is a major renewal period. The choices come down to this: Keep calm and carry on, or freak out and break shit. The choice is yours. Pick the right one for your situation.