Full Moon Pisces – September 2019 – Leap of Faith

Full Moon Pisces

In this lunar cycle we have had quite a bit on our minds, and probably have an idea of where we want to go with things. Our paths to get to those destinations, however, have been anything but clear. The Pisces Full Moon this year exemplifies this quite a bit, and there’s some high points along with some challenges. We need to be very clear about things in our lives right now, as we are about to see that this rabbit hole is pretty deep.

The Full Moon takes place at 21 Pis 05’02” on September 13th, 2019 9:32:44 PM PDT (September 14th, 4:32:44 AM UTC). As usual, this Full Moons concerns Sun opposite Moon, so we’ve got some give and take between our egos and wants, and how we feel about things. Given that the polarity is Virgo and Pisces, we’ve got the drive to work hard for what we want to achieve, and yet at the same time we’re feeling some deep, dreamy or illusory vibes in all of this. We’ve got some deep shadow work going on too, given Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, and this is in opposition to Virgo, the sixth sign of service, jobs, and health.

Full Moon sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is a little bit easier going forward for the remainderof the lunar cycle, as this gives us an intuitive glance as to what we need to do away with to move forward towards the life we want. We can let go of things somewhat easier, and in theory it shouldn’t sting as much (as opposed to if it were square Pluto). Sure, there can be some element of loss, but we can move forward with a little more confidence.

Full Moon opposite Mars in Virgo (with Sun conjunct Mars) throws a bit of wild energy into the mix as well. Mars in Virgo wants to go-go-go, and with the Moon in Pisces, we’ve got that derailing of daydreaming and the like. Focus can be a bit rough, and it’s even more at odds with the red planet now as the Full Moon and Mars also squares Jupiter in Sagittarius, forming a T-Square (with other bodies involved that we’ll get to next). We’re feeling like we’re entitled to some good fortune and luck right now, but this configuration signifies that it’s not going to come to us without us using our intuition and working for it. It’s like someone once said, “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” Now, will hard work actually get us to where we’re going? We’ve got to work smart as well.

Full Moon also conjuncts Neptune, with Neptune itself conjunct Black Moon Lilith, and Neptune/Black Moon Lilith form an even tighter T-square to Jupiter with Mars. Putting this together with the Full Moon aspect, and we can see where psychic and mental interference can muddle our thinking a bit as well. We may be seeing things more optimistically or pessimistically than we need to, and thus realism is definitely called for right now. Feelings can be good, but with this mass of configurations, we need facts for our decision-making. The Full Moon-Neptune-Black Moon Lilith linkup can be good for intuitives and those who usually do well with gut feelings, but with that square to Jupiter, it’s a bit rough. This can also signify a potential crisis of faith, so do be aware of this tendency lest you become a “Doubting Thomas.” An image of the T-Square will show you how this looks in the chart. (Also, this is an image from a custom tool I’ve made for my own purposes and is not available in any commercial product or publicly accessible site as of this writing).

Speaking of configurations, we’ve got another complex configuration during the exactness of the Full Moon. Neptune and Black Moon Lilith form one corner of a mystic rectangle with their sextile to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, opposing Sun and Mars in Virgo, and trining the North Node in Cancer. Meanwhile, Saturn opposes the North Node while conjuncting the South Node (though not in range of conjuncting Pluto), and trines Mars in Virgo. If you look at it on a chart, it looks like some sextiles and trines making a rectangle, and X marks the spot with the oppositions between the corners. It’s a lot to take in, so we’ll need to go step-by-step for this one. The following image shows what this Mystic Rectangle looks like in the chart.

How this mystic rectangle plays out is as follows: Neptune/Black Moon Lilith in Pisces sextile Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn gives us an easier glimpse into the unknown and some easier inspirations, intuition, and overall gut feelings regarding planning and what sort of sacrifices we need to make to further our goals and visions. As Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn are retrograde (and Saturn not for much longer), this involves a great deal of inner work and inner sacrifice that we will be doing to see our dreams through. We are more likely to gain acceptance into what we need to do to get past this, however. While Pluto isn’t fully in the mystic rectangle, it is still an important aspect to Neptune and Black Moon Lilith.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo is another component of this rectangle configuration. Again, the harder work and sacrifice we need to make is a bit easier, especially as these two malefics are in a harmonious aspect. People will be more likely to go along with your ideas, to a point, and obstacles to completing tasks should melt away a little bit too, though not without some caveats I’ll get into in a little bit.

Mars in Virgo sextile North Node in Cancer is a little bit of a nicer component to this rectangle as well. There is the slight confidence boost in how we feel about progressing towards our best life and we’re more likely to take actions during the rest of this lunar cycle towards that end, and Mars in Virgo gives an energy boost to getting things done. Our emotional security is essentially our goal, a drive to feel good about things. Accomplishing our objectives tends to move us towards that goal.

Neptune and Black Moon Lilith in Pisces trine the Cancer North Node is also a fortunate component to the mystic rectangle. We can use our intuition and messages from beyond (whether we attribute those to the universe, a higher power, or our own subconscious) to propel ourselves to where we need to go. We can see what doesn’t allow us to move forward, and we can better brainstorm ways and means to get ourselves out of some sticky situations. This can come at a cost as we’re about to see in the next couple of paragraphs. This concludes the benefic aspects of the mystic rectangle that’s active during this Full Moon.

Now, the disharmonious or “hard” aspects. Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune and Black Moon Lilith can be a detriment when it comes to hammering down hard facts and concrete objectives when it comes to achieving our objectives. Basically, think of a goal you’re trying to accomplish right now. Now, while you’re in the middle of that goal, your concentration drifts. Or, perhaps you find yourself getting sidetracked in your mind and thinking of another objective besides the primary one that you’re working on. We can find our inner ADHD being amplified, especially if we actually have been diagnosed with the condition (such as me with Adult ADHD, and yes, I’ve drifted several times and gotten sidetracked in writing this article!). We need to hammer down the focus and use whatever means we have at our disposal to not lose track of what we’re doing.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn conjunct South Node (and thus opposing North Node in Cancer) is another discordant aspect in this rectangle. We could find ourselves being pinned down by busywork, being oppressed by something from our past, or basically just hung up with chores and obligations in general that aren’t helping us get to where we want to go. On the more positive aspect of this, we may find that we have to return to our roots and secure a foundation before we can make that big leap towards what we want to do or where we want to go. We could be in a position where we’re trying to make a big leap, and it’s hard to make that jump when you’re starting in a patch of quicksand. Get a better foothold, then make the leap. The Mars harmonious aspects to the nodal axis and Saturn are a help in this regard, and we can use the Neptune/Black Moon Lilith positive aspects to likewise see secure footing where we might not have seen it before. Perhaps new paths and avenues open up. In this instance, we may have to get off the path we’ve been on, as we may finally see that path was never going to get us where we wanted to go.

Finally, we also need to consider Saturn conjunct fixed star Vega in this configuration. Vega has a Venus and Mercury vibe to it. From Constellations of Words:

It gives beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement and changeability, and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious.[1]

Also, from that same page:

With Saturn: Strong passions, opinionated, original, many Mercurial difficulties, reputation suffers through wrongful accusations, trouble with superiors, domestic difficulties, few, if any, children, latter half of life more favorable, sudden death.[1]

So, we do have some benefits for the next couple of weeks when it comes to us shoring up our objectives and getting our footing solid. We just need to make sure we don’t fall prey to false accusations and those who would tear us down.

Now, as far as the asteroids that make direct aspects to the Full Moon, we’ll start with Full Moon forming an asteroid Water Grand Trine to 258 Tyche/545 Messalina in Cancer and 4179 Toutatis in Scorpio, with Tyche/Messalina kited by 149 Medusa in Capricorn (itself sextile the Full Moon). This could be a fun time for a couple weeks where some romantic or lustful encounters can be fruitful, and the likelihood of betrayals stemming from this should be reduced somewhat… though with Pluto retrograde with Medusa, you may want to take care that you aren’t destroying an existing healthy relationship in the process. (And if you’re already in one, perhaps a fun night on the town with your significant other is in order!) Unhealthy relationships could wind up self-destructing and one partner or the other jumps to another partner during this time. Ask yourself: are you in a healthy relationship now? If you’re single, are you looking? Or are you content to be with yourself? And even if you’re single and content, perhaps someone sweeps you off your feet when you least expect it? Keep in mind that Medusa and Tyche/Messalina are also potentially forming an asteroid mystic rectangle of their own with an opposition I’ll get to next.

Full Moon opposing 2063 Bacchus in Virgo can represent a few things that come to mind… perhaps a bit more work for bartenders and servers in establishments that serve alcohol comes to mind. Or, perhaps you find yourself in an interesting situation at a work-related party that also involves alcohol? Do take care if it’s the second one. As Bacchus also impacts Medusa and Tyche/Messalina, there’s also the chance that the romantic or lustful encounters in the previous paragraphs also involve alcohol or other intoxicants in some way. Do take precautions and perhaps go out with a friend or three if you’re wanting to avoid such encounters. On the other hand, perhaps this Full Moon is also a culmination of a desire or resolution to engage in a journey of sobriety. There will be temptations in that case, but you can do it. Friends and other supporting members of society are a help here as well if this is the path you’re on at the moment.

There is also the matter of an asteroid Grand Cross with the Full Moon/Sun, Bacchus in Virgo, 55 Pandora/9770 Discovery in Gemini, and 2696 Magion in Sagittarius. You could wind up in some sticky situations in the next couple of weeks involving intoxicants or distractions, as well as the desire to create and the discovery of a Pandora’s box you weren’t expecting to open. Given the Gemini link with Pandora/Discovery, this may take the form of secret messages coming to light, or perhaps you stumble upon something surprising in your day-to-day or shorter travels. Magion in Sagittarius adds its influence in some higher intuition or perhaps a little foreign or longer-distance influence in what you’re trying to make or make happen. Bacchus, in the sixth house of Virgo, amplified by the Sun there, well… This could wind up being either work related, or maybe even something comes up health-wise. Full Moon in the twelfth house of Pisces denotes secrets, hidden issues, and deeper emotions. Perhaps a sense of confinement too. Perhaps some fears can get out of hand and you could be at danger of imprisoning yourself in your mind or thoughts. Do take care with these unexpected discoveries, and do your damnedest to keep the key to that prison ready, so as to release yourself from your fears in the best way you can find.

Finally, we have Full Moon quincunx 1488 Aura in Libra, representing a bit of uneasy energy that we are likely feeling right now. We do seem to be in one of those portal periods too (in this case the palindrome portal of 9/10/19 to 9/19/19 (which makes more sense when using two-digit year notation)). Even if you dismiss it, there’s enough people out there that pay credence to it, and collective belief is a very powerful thing. Even if you dismiss the metaphysical or collective-mind qualities of this period, there’s also the fact we’re entering the Autumnal Equinox (or Vernal Equinox south of the equator) period, and this change of seasons tends to get me as well. Keep your aura strong, as it were, and do take care to keep protections up, both spiritual and physical (like getting plenty of rest and keeping good nutrition habits up).

There we have it. This is a high-intensity Full Moon, and some of our deepest fears and worries may come up to haunt us. But we also have plenty of positive aspects we can make use of and be inspired by so we can work through this period and keep us on a better path. Or, this Full Moon period can shine a light on a better path that will get us where we need to go. All things considered, there’s a good number of things we’re going to have to let go of so we can fly just a bit higher. What do you need to consider jettisoning right now? That’s a question only you can answer. And a question I need to ask myself right now as well.

[1]: Constellations of Words: Vega