Full Moon Taurus – October 2020 – All Hallows End

Full Moon Taurus

We are at the culmination point of yet another lunar cycle, and this is a majorly critical one. This is the second Full Moon of October, so this one is not only a “blue moon”, it’s also a Full Moon on Halloween, or Samhain depending on your beliefs, and thus the veil between worlds is at its thinnest at this point too. These are high-yield times we are living in.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 08 Tau 38’22” on October 31st, 2020 07:49:08 (AM) PDT (14:49:08 (or 2:49:08 PM) UTC). This Full Moon occurs in the second sign of Taurus, a fixed earth sign associated with resources, money, valuables, and our foundations as far as material concerns go in this world. What lies beneath the surface and our debts to others play into this Full Moon. Sun opposite Moon is the principle aspect here as always, where the Sun is in the eight sign of Scorpio (other people’s resources, debts, sex, the occult, and matters relating to death). What are our obligations to others? What’s hidden beneath the surface, and how does that play into what we hold in the material world? How does “as above” relate to “so below?” It’s time to pay the piper for some, and we’re going to see why.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Just one major alignment directly impacting this Full Moon. It sets the tone very tightly.

Full Moon Taurus Conjunct Uranus Retrograde

This is a very tight Uranus-Full Moon conjunction this time around, and what this tells us is that the remainder of this lunar cycle is going to be showing us upheavals and sudden changes in terms of resources, holdings, and the status quo. Uranus is retrograde so these upheavals could be turned inward, and we’re recognizing where we need to make changes. For others, changes in money and resources (whether incoming or outgoing) will be quite important and quite prominent. This could also relate to changes in jobs for some (such as a coworker who’s just departed and is starting a new role soon)! Be ready for anything. These could be rather shaky changes as Uranus is at a weak point in fixed, stable Taurus.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

The other aspects going on with this Full Moon are majorly intense. Brace yourselves.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn

This is not going to be the easiest second half of the lunar cycle coming up here. This is a culmination, or ending point, and Mercury retrograde is slowing down, soon to be motionless as it stations direct on November 3rd. Yes, it stations direct on Election Day in the United States! Mercury squaring Saturn speaks to messages regarding restrictions, enforcements of structures, such as election law and lawsuits. Mercury square Pluto speaks to upheavals and travel disruptions, as well as decidedly unwelcome messages for some, lifechanging (and potentially still positive) changes for others. Mercury in a weak square to Jupiter also tests our faith a bit, though this part of the configuration is marginal. All together, this is going to point to frayed nerves, uncertainty in the markets, and a lot of chaos. If anything is time sensitive or otherwise of critical importance, do not take chances right now! Exercise due diligence and do not expect lines of communications and correspondence to be anything resembling normal.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR VOTERS IN THE UNITED STATES: Do not attempt to mail your ballots now is my recommendation. Go vote in person or drop off your ballot in person if that is an option. The postal service will NOT be reliable for something as critical as delivering ballots right now, and the aspects point to this!

Given the Saturn/Pluto aspect here, expect legal challenges to this election, and expect a lot of chaos.

Venus in Libra Opposite Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Venus is in one of its domiciles right now, this one pertaining to relationships and partnerships, and as this is opposing Chiron in the sign of self and self-determination, this is a time where we’re rethinking some of our bonds and relations with others. Are you feeling comfortable with the relationships you’re in? Seeing a need for changes? This is where we need to ask ourselves the hard questions and determine if we’re really in partnerships that are serving our higher purposes right now. If the relationships are worthwhile, then now is the time to figure out what you need to do to shore those up.

Mars Retrograde in Aries Square Jupiter in Capricorn

This is a wider orb, so not as strong as it could be, and as Mars is too far apart from opposing Mercury, we do not have a true T-Square here as far as major bodies. Mars retrograde denotes uncertainty in action, muted energy, but it’s also in its home sign of Aries here, so that drive to get up and go is being held back for many of us (mainly due to the pandemic still ongoing for many of us). It’s enough to shake one’s faith right now, and is certainly something that could lead to rash actions at worst. At best, we may just need to tell ourselves to chill out and calm down. Cooler heads should prevail, but I am not confident that they will prevail, given the political climate right now. Verify that you can trust those in higher institutions of religion and education right now, and if you can’t, then look within.

Jupiter in Capricorn Sextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

This softer aspect can be a blessing for us. Jupiter sextile Neptune is good for meditation, reflection, and communing with the divine and our spirit guides. Take time to contemplate, and take the time to look for subtle clues and signs from above. Again, still a good time to kick bad habits and old addictions.

Jupiter in Capricorn Quincunx North Node in Gemini

We’re at a point where we’re not entirely sure what the future holds, and with this quincunx pattern, we’re finding our faith being tested quite prolifically right now. We want to go and do greater things that have greater meaning, that will get us closer to where our life purpose should be. Yet, things are unclear in some places and disrupted in others. We’ll have to bolster our own inner conviction to get throug this period.

Jupiter in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This is a much tighter conjunction than the previous Full Moon, and we are seeing the crescendo of societal and structural change coming before us. Given the U.S. General Election coming up, this is a very contentious period we’re entering. This is a lead-up to the third and final exact conjunction which takes place a week or so after the election. The U.S. Supreme Court’s makeup was also hastily changed right before this, and as that took place during Mercury and Mars retrogrades, this was not the wisest course of action the Senate could have taken. This is but one major, glaring example of what Jupiter conjunct Pluto can reveal. Higher education, religion, these will also be undergoing major changes and upheaval over the next few years after this. Be ready for anything.

Do not expect core functions of society and government to be resembling anything near stability for the foreseeable future.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

(I will try to fill this in. At a glance, there’s some interesting patterns here. Not overly harsh, which is surprising.)

In Closing

This Full Moon is a culmination of a time of radical change. An upending of the old order and the beginnings of what passes for a new order will be playing out for the near future. With Mercury’s retrograde period ending in a few days, and Mars retrograde’s ending to follow soon after, there’s a lot of shifting gears we need to consider.

Do not expect things to be clear for the next couple of weeks. Make sure you’re well-secured on your end, and stay safe out there.