Saturn Direct – September 2019 – Foundational Shift

Saturn Direct

We are coming off of a long Saturn retrograde period, and we are about to see the taskmaster stop and go forward in the zodiac once again. There are a great many areas we have had to take a long, hard look, and take stock of what was no longer working. With Saturn’s forward motion about to resume, we will be able to put into practice much of what we have learned. It’s time to move forward towards our greater destinies, and it won’t be the fastest road we travel on, especially at first. But travel it we shall. Let’s begin.

Saturn stations direct at 13 Cap 54’35” on September 18th, 2019 at 1:46:39 AM PDT (8:46:39 UTC), and will be in its lengthy post-retrograde shadow period all the way to December 24th, 2019 at 2:36:36 AM PST (10:36:36 UTC), when it finally crosses past the point that it last reversed direction and went retrograde. Basically, it’s going to be in shadow until right before the next eclipse cycle that begins in December! We’ve got a few months where we’ll be slowly ramping up on the lessons we’ve learned about our failings and weaknesses, as well as strengths that still needed to be built upon, and come close to the new year, we’ll be up to speed. It’ll come just in time for more massive changes, of course, so we’ve got a little time to prepare and make use of our reviewed knowledge and habit adjustments.

As far as direct aspects to Saturn, Saturn conjuncts the South Node in Capricorn at the moment of its shift in direction. Foundations and stability are going to be very prominent with this aspect, and we need to consider that this is of course opposing North Node conjunct fixed star Sirius in Cancer at the same time. Sirius is a star that has some of the effects of Jupiter and Mars[1], and we’re thinking collectively of what we want in life, we want to go, go, GO! Make or do something that we can be remembered for, that sort of thing …and yet here’s Saturn sitting on the past point demanding stability, security, and basically being the tortoise in the race as opposed to the North Node’s stellar hare influence (despite Sirius being the “Dog Star”).

As far as other aspects, they’re a little looser to Saturn at the time of its forward station. Saturn sextile Black Moon Lilith and Neptune in Pisces does lend itself to some visualization we can use to brainstorm some structure for ourselves and for working towards our goals. Some inspiration that can reveal new avenues of attack can come to us out of the blue, or perhaps some psychic or intuitive vision of where our vulnerabilities lie that we need to shore up and prevent an attack from succeeding. We can even use this as a foundation for some self-discipline for tackling a new project, or a project we’ve had on hold for awhile.

Saturn trine the Moon in Taurus is also an important aspect we need to consider as Saturn opens up. We’re going to be feeling strongly about our security, about what makes us comfortable, and perhaps we’ve had some recent setbacks. The easier, flowing trine helps us to keep up some hope in our current situations. We can see past some of the miasma of doubt, and perhaps keep a little bit of optimism up so we can feel a little bit better and keep moving forward.

Saturn trine Mars in Virgo (though Mars and Moon too wide at this moment to be considered in Grand Trine) is also a nice, flowing aspect that more readily lends itself to giving us some energy to take on projects and get the ball rolling. Unlike a square that would just generate obstacle after obstacle, the trine allows us to push down some walls and make our ways through the shrubs and brambles a little bit easier. Projects begun now might have a better chance of going, though do be careful not to expect instant results as Saturn will, of course, be motionless. It’s going to be about a week before Saturn will get its rings in gear and start getting momentum, so we can add an easier acceptance of patience into this mix. We may not all be in positions to have to wait, but we can still get where we need to go. It’ll just take a little time, but not too much more (in some cases).

Do bear in mind that we still have the Jupiter-Neptune/Black Moon Lilith-Mars T-Square, apexing Jupiter which was also active during the Pisces Full Moon. Though Saturn’s got some good aspects as it turns forward, this T-Square will be testing our faith as we will be chasing optimism on one end, and facing some unpleasant truths on the other. Mars does dampen a bit of the Jovian optimism, and Neptune/Black Moon Lilith adds a bit of wishful thinking and optimism, perhaps a bit more than we need. This combination reminds us to be realistic with our expectations, and to not run ourselves into total exhaustion.

On a more positive note, we do have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn trine Sun and Mars in Virgo. Sun and Mars here give a more studious, and a more productive feel in the sixth sign of the zodiac, lending itself to tasks, hard work, and dedication to self-improvement (particularly in regards to health and day-to-day duties). The Pluto retrograde trine adds an element of inner or inward renewal here, allowing for a smoother transition. It is easier to let go of that which no longer serves you or loved ones, and to more readily pursue that which will further our growth.

Mercury and Venus in Libra opposing Chiron retrograde in Aries indicates some change and healing in our relationships with colleagues and loved ones will be underway at the time of this Saturn station. Venus and Mercury are conjunct, which blends their energies and allow for some more harmony in long-term partnerships and relationships of all kinds now as well. That said, we need to look inwards and see how we can improve those relationships, and Chiron being retrograde directs that healing and potential wounding inward. We can be our worst enemies with this aspect, so do take care. Uranus retrograde in Taurus quincunxes Venus and Mercury as well, so some of this healing and change is going to be beset by sudden changes and potential upsets, if they haven’t already occurred. Not an easy process, but a necessary one. After all, what is a pearl but an irritant in a clam that has been smoothed over with time and effort?

As far as asteroids to the Saturn station, we’ve got a few aspects worth mentioning. Saturn in Capricorn is the apex of a Thor’s Hammer with 8690 Swindle in Leo on one side, and 26955 Lie, Sedna, and Vesta (all three conjunct fixed star Algol) in Taurus. A Thor’s Hammer (or Fist of God) is a pair of bodies (or groups of bodies in this case) square one another, and both sides of the square form a sesquiquadrate (~135 degrees) to an apexing body (in this case, Saturn). Swindle warns us not to lie to advance our causes purely for the sake of ego or vanity, whereas on the other side we have Lie (again, warning us about deception), Sedna (warning us of betrayal), and Vesta (what we hold sacred or most dear). Be aboveboard in dealings right now, especially now! With the Saturn shift, past deceptions and betrayals will now play out and be brought to task. Confrontations are very likely, and given we’re still in the Sedna conjunct Algol period, we can expect some other big names to be brought low due to previous misdeeds, especially in terms of abuse of power and sexuality. Do not be surprised when more scandals come to light. Saturn being in Capricorn, tenth sign of the zodiac, this comeuppance will also be involving public standing, career, and prestige, especially with the South Node also involved here. Grab popcorn if you wish, but don’t be too smug or proud of seeing enemies fall. You very well could be next, depending on the integrity of your past actions.

We do also have Saturn semisextile 1912 Anubis retrograde at this time as well. Anubis I consider an occult asteroid, based upon my research and that of other asteroid astrologers. Do pay attention to signs, signals, and omens at this time. Even the most subtle occurrence could be a signal of what is to come. Whispers from the past, particularly with departed friends or other loved ones, those could come out of the blue to guide us now too. This can take the form of dreams, visions, daydreams, or general psychic communication. Do also be aware of entities that could lead you astray masquerading as departed loved ones (given the Thor’s Hammer aspect to Swindle and Lie, two deception asteroids). Use your best senses, especially now.

15845 Bambi and 433 Eros in Scorpio semisquare Saturn acts as a sign of caution right now too. Make sure that your love and lust affairs are not leaving you standing there like a deer in headlights. Try to be more proactive and don’t just passively observe, especially if something isn’t on the up and up.

1924 Horus and 432 Pythia in Libra square Saturn… Horus is another of what I would consider occult asteroids. Pythia is connected to the Oracle at Delphi (in particular, the priestesses there). It’s very well possible you could find yourself dealing with some spiritual or psychic phenomena, and it’s likely a charlatan could either lead you astray in your quest for dealing with discipline and restrictions. On the other hand, excessive skepticism could also lead you to disregard proper counsel as well, particularly dealing with those using psychic intuition to aid you. Again, use your best sense, and make sure your inner voice is really your inner voice.

Saturn sextile 4580 Child in Scorpio could be beneficial for children, particularly when it comes to projects, homework, and schoolwork. Some young bookworms might even dig up some deeper knowledge, like in an older book forgotten in a library somewhere. Or, perhaps you can more readily aid your child in understanding a difficult lesson relating to a class or two. I’d say a child or children could also help teach you something. Students teaching teachers? It happens.

Jumping forward to the end of the Saturn retrograde shadow period on Christmas Eve, once we finally exit that period, we’ll have a new array of aspects to deal with then (and this won’t be for a few months after the forward motion starts up again). By this point, Saturn and Pluto (at that point forward itself) will be conjunct in Capricorn. This will likely not be the greatest time for unbridled expansion of career or public affairs. If anything, I think we’re going to see some economic slowdown with that aspect, and this will not be the most lucrative of holiday shopping seasons as a result. Saturn exiting shadow may help this a little bit, though, as at that point it will be entering full strength in one of the signs it rules and is thus empowered.

Saturn exiting shadow sextile Mars in Scorpio will help things along around the holidays as well, allowing for some slight burst in productivity right before winter breaks. Saturn sextile Neptune in Pisces will also allow for some intuition and bursts of insight to further inspire some good work at that time too. So while the initial impression of Saturn conjunct Pluto at the time of exiting shadow is a bit of a dampener on some economic output, it can be mitigated by some ingenuity and elbow grease. Easy street this ain’t, but it’s not automatic send-you-to-the-poorhouse either. Be wise.

Also, by the time Saturn exits the post-retrograde shadow period, the South Node will no longer be conjunct Saturn. Past setbacks and black holes that hold you back and draw you back in should be able to be left in the past by this point, though this will require effort on your part. Also note that Jupiter and the Sun will both be conjunct in Capricorn at this time too. Jupiter does not like being in Capricorn. The expansive optimism of Sagittarius will be in the rear view, and thus expectations will have to be a bit more realistic by then. This is a lead-up to the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in 2020, so consider that a shot across the bow. That said, hard work and discipline can lead to some rewards down the road near the end of the year too, so don’t lose all hope!

Asteroid-wise, at the end of Saturn’s shadow period, Saturn sextile 14827 Hypnos in Pisces could be useful for using mind-over-matter techniques, or self-hypnotism, to increase productivity. Also, it may allow for a brief break in the effectiveness of propaganda? I’m uncertain about this interpretation entirely, and thus add it here as speculation. Basically, allowing for seeing past the wizard’s curtain. Saturn sextile 666 Desdemona in Scorpio may also further amplify that break from being restricted by fear and mis-or-disinformation.

Saturn semisextile 4179 Toutatis and Pallas in Sagittarius, and semisextile 10961 Buysballot, 34 Circe, and 157 Dejanira in Aquarius… Hmm, a tricky combination. Toutatis I see as an amplifier, and Pallas deals with law and judicial matters. Being in the 9th sign of the zodiac, we can expect international law, perhaps trade law, to be prominent when Saturn exits shadow. Circe is another one of the occult asteroids, and with it being with Buysballot (implying stuffing the ballot box or buying votes), and Dejanira being the victim’s asteroid… Let the buyer beware. Be cognizant that you’re not being influenced to buy more than you need, or what you don’t need at that time. Given that that’s the holiday gift-buying season, this is very easy to fall prey to at that moment.

Saturn square 11823 Christen and 8813 Leviathan in Libra suggests to me a testing of faith, and of some titanic struggles going on. I’m forecasting that, as Saturn exits its shadow period, there’s going to be some major controversy about the commercialization of the holidays. Perhaps even a church scandal of sorts? I’ll have to see how news events are lining up as we get closer to this point.

Finally, 2878 Panacea retrograde in Leo quincunx Saturn on Christmas Eve… I think something involving the healthcare system and debate is going to figure prominently, and it’s going to be a bit awkward and off-kilter. I suspect there will be a debate and analysis about the growing medical debt problem, especially here in the United States, and the impacts on the economy, especially during the holidays. There could also be a good deal of stress going on then, and holiday-season hospitalizations may increase. This may be especially amplified as people will try to keep up appearances and “keep up with the Jones’s”.

So there we have it. Some potential to get underway with some plans, goals, and productivity as Saturn goes forward (though slower at first with Saturn taking some time to get going again), and as it exits shadow period a time of some contraction or subdued gains a few months later. The next few months will, of course, test our faith a bit, but play the long game, and you should be able to come out ahead. Don’t expect overnight successes for awhile, though. And given some of these asteroid aspects to both configurations, and given the political seasons already in swing here in the United States, I think the lead up to the 2020 election year is going to be brutal and underhanded based upon these aspects. Use your best judgment, though, and I think we can come out of the next few months’ events for the better.

There’s going to be some reckonings, and some much-needed closure. It’ll sting, but it has to happen. Otherwise, we’re not going to grow. And if we don’t grow, we whither on the vine. It’s like a kid needing to eat the veggies before they get dessert. Saturn’s being the broccoli and brussels sprouts here. Dig in.


[1]: Constellations of Words: Sirius