Solar Eclipse Leo – August 2018 – Change in Fortune

Solar Eclipse

If you’re reading this, then you’ve survived the recent salvo of eclipses and retrogrades thus far. The energies all around us have been anything but stable and steady. This most recent Solar Eclipse is testing us quite hard, but we’re through the bulk of it. While I’ve not been blogging as I probably should, I am in the process of making this a bit easier on myself, which should be helpful in the future in general. Let’s get into this, as I’m late getting this done.

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 02:57:44 PDT on August 11th, 2018, and thus is already in progress as I write this. There are a lot of factors we’re going to have to consider as this eclipse powers on through. It’s not like the previous eclipses earlier in the year where everything was direct. It’s way different now.

The tightest aspect to this eclipse that I’m seeing right now in what I’m looking at is an asteroid, interestingly enough. We have 4955 Gold in Aries trine the Solar Eclipse (0°10’22” orb). This brings a minor amount of good fortune for this eclipse cycle, and gives a slight boost with us being able to apply some action into attracting some abundance in our lives. Take all the advantage you can, as the other aspects to this eclipse that I’m seeing are a bit more… difficult.

Solar Eclipse semisextile Ceres in Virgo (0°11’39” orb) shows us that the next several months until the next eclipse cycle will be dealing with some homefront issues. We’ll have a bit more things triggering some necessary changes in our home lives and maybe even what we call home. Again, this is an asteroid aspect to the eclipse, and not the most major of aspects either, but the tightness of the orb suggests it’s a larger concern going forward. Perhaps a bit of housecleaning is called for in order to help mitigate some of the rougher aspects up ahead.

5325 Silver and Juno in Taurus square the Solar Eclipse in Leo as well, and Silver is the tighter square whereas Juno is more than a degree in orb. Where Gold gave us a little bit of respite when it comes to possible luck and ease with money in ways, Silver is a bit harder, and with Juno? We could be looking at some arguments or stern discussions about money with our partners, significant others, maybe even business partners as it’s in the fixed earth sign of possessions and money.

On the other side, we have Solar Eclipse square Jupiter in Scorpio at almost a 4 degree orb. This is not only a weaker square which helps mitigate the harshness somewhat, but Jupiter is also out of orb of opposing Juno/Silver, so we don’t have a true Grand Cross happening from what I’m seeing with my available asteroid sets. Solar Eclipse square Jupiter will affect what we call our luck, as well as dealings with authority figures that are gatekeepers of sorts in our society (courts, clergy, etc). This is really going to impact our communications and messages about these matters, as Jupiter squares Mercury retrograde in Leo as well (0°06’58” orb). We’ll have to work that much harder to make sure that our lucky breaks aren’t based on bad information and other unwelcome communications.

Solar Eclipse opposite Tyche in Aquarius (0°44’29” orb) reveals to us more of an aspect where we have to work harder to be “lucky”. Basically, the harder you work, the luckier you’ll get. But you’ve got to work smartly as well! This isn’t to say lucky streaks won’t come, they will, but it’s going to be a bit of a balancing act.

Solar Eclipse quincunx Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (0°38’00” orb) definitely throws some curveballs at us. As Pluto is retrograde, it’s more internalized, and what this amounts to is one of a few things: We could be dealing with the process of ending one cycle of our life and beginning another, and the incongruent energies with this quincunx aspect shows that we may not necessarily know what it is we have to let go so we can build further into the life we want. Pluto also squares Gold, so what it amounts to is that we’re going to have to make sure we figure out what we have to let go of in our inner world so we can take advantage of the opportunities that come before us.

Mercury retrograde is also conjunct the Solar Eclipse in a 3°59’55” orb, so it’s a bit weaker, but it’s there. Again, travel and communications, and delays thereof are going to be a point of contention a little. It’s not an exact conjunction so it’s not as rough, but it’s something to be aware of.

Asteroid-wise, Mercury retrograde has a few aspects to consider. Mercury retrograde trines asteroids 8690 Swindle, 1930 Lucifer, and 3412 Kafka, so we should be able to adjust our internal BS-detectors and uncover deceptions and lies by another party who is out for themselves a little easier. Mercury retrograde quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces, however, warns us not to be victim to our own self-deceptions. As a really tight conjunction, 2629 Rudra conjuncts Mercury by a 0°00’12” orb, as well as 8813 Leviathan (1°06’01”) and 666 Desdemona (1°18’38”). Make sure you make use of your inner strength to deal with those who would deceive and take advantage of you.

So there we have it, a new Eclipse with an emphasis on filtering out deceit and making sure we make use of the opportunities that are presented before us. As eclipses go, it’s a partial one, and isn’t as intense as a total solar eclipse, but it’s a superpowered New Moon we have to take advantage of either way. Keep your wits about you, and we should be able to overcome whatever life throws at us this time around!

** (That’s going to be where I end this at the moment, and will be looking at this deeper a little later on. Stay tuned and come back for updates to this article.).