Lunar Eclipse Scorpio – May 2023

Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 2023 Header

What the Solar Eclipse in Aries a couple weeks ago has set in motion, this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio now comes to commence some endings into our lives.

The Lunar Eclipse Itself

The Lunar Eclipse goes exact at 14 Sco 58’12” on May 5th, 2023 10:34:01 AM PDT / 5:34:01 PM UTC. The main aspect of Sun opposite Moon normally is an aspect of completion and culmination. With this Lunar Eclipse in the second decan of Scorpio, there’s a deeper vibe of mysticism beyond the eight house energies of sex, occult, death, and shared resources here. There’s an air of deeper mystery hidden in the shadows that will be weighing on our psyches for the next several months.

With the Sun in fixed Taurus, matters involving stability, money, and resources are in high focus. With Moon in Scorpio, our emotional and intuitive states are also dwelling on other people’s resources or shared resources in general.

People with placements from 10-20 degrees Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius will feel the effects of this Lunar Eclipse much more acutely than most others. It is a fixed-sign eclipse, so things can solidify for better or for worse now.

Some Examples of the Taurus-Scorpio Impacts

One example of the Lunar Eclipse’s effects is the buzz around a Pepe meme altcoin that has taken off like wildfire. (Disclaimer: I do not hold any Pepe altcoins, and personally feel this may be near peak at the moment of this writing. Not financial advice).

Another financial aspect we’re seeing with this configuration appears to be the fears of contagion in bank system failures that appears to be accelerating. Again, Sun in Taurus indicating money and stability, and Moon in Scorpio representing debts and shared resources.

This could also be seen as an indicator of collective bargaining as evidenced by the Writer’s Guild of America (West and East) now being on strike as a deal could not be struck with the major studios and streaming services as of this writing. (SAG-AFTRA and the Directors Guild of America also have contracts ending at the end of June, raising the potential of a multi-union strike, which could be quite disruptive economically).

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

Predictably Unpredictable Deceptions From the Shadows

A T-Square apexing Black Moon Lilith in Leo from the Moon in Scorpio, and the Sun, Uranus, and 26955 Lie in Taurus is in effect during this Lunar Eclipse. Black Moon Lilith isn’t a physical body, but is a lunar apogee point associated with deeper mysteries, the occult, and the deeper feminine issues. Real divine goddess stuff (and, of course the opposite).

Sun, Uranus, and asteroid Lie together are a major warning, especially in Taurus. Uranus is rebellion, unpredictability, and shakes things up with the unexpected. Asteroid Lie, while a minor body, indicates deception.

Expect subterfuge, sleight of hand, and subtle manipulations in your negotiations right now. Mercury retrograde is also in effect, so miscommunication is likely as well. This is not the greatest time for negotiating contracts and new employment.

Based on these aspects alone, expect a long strike in Hollywood. On a personal note, I probably could have picked a better time to still be on a job search with tens of thousands of other tech workers.

Cutting through the Swindle

Lunar Eclipse Scorpio trine 8690 Swindle in Cancer does indicate a ray of hope: We can more easily uncover deceptions and those trying to pull a fast one on us. As Swindle is in the fourth sign (thus indicating home and private matters), it’s easier to detect BS from others at home. This also can indicate that those in our private lives will likely try to be more forthcoming about their intentions. Again, Mercury retrograde muddles the waters here. Honest mistakes are still likely.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

Express Your Convictions Well

Mercury retrograde tightly conjunct Vesta in Taurus during the Eclipse indicates that we’ll be forced to stand in our truth strongly now. We may not come off as strongly or as convincingly as we need, given the retrograde motion.

Mercury retrograde sextile Saturn in Pisces and trine Pholus in Capricorn also indicates that we’ll need to be measured, and with an air of sobriety in our negotiations with others. For those recovering from addiction, this is an excellent time to reiterate a pledge or resolve to overcome this struggle.

Seeing What We Want to See

Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries, giving an air of active optimism in our affairs. We’re quite hopeful right now in some ways, and maybe a little too optimistic. The sextile is a “softer” or “easier” aspect that mitigates the worst of this, so we do have a reality check built-in.

Venus square Neptune in Pisces, however, tells us there’s a danger in not seeing the truth in the picture. We’re flying high on hope and dreams, and this harder aspect does indicate that we’re not seeing things objectively. Overpromising and underdelivering. Giving what I mentioned above about the altcoin market, there is a lot of hope, smoke, and mirrors right now. The earlier adopters of Pepe, there are anecdotes of a few people turning a few hundred dollars into over a million. The latecomers coming in during this Eclipse? They’re the exit liquidity, and will likely be the ones holding the bag. Better to spend those resources creating something of value.

Creativity is also impacted, and artists will either be on top of the world, or mired in perfectionist revisionism. Those with a solid foundation whose wheels were already in motion may do just fine. Those who didn’t start up or couldn’t start, the FOMO aspect (Fear of Missing Out) could be a problem.

Don’t Rush In

Mars in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus gives us some energy to tackle some unexpected changes in our stability and money situations. As Cancer is a more private and emotional sign, we’ll be getting flashes of insight of new projects to work on. Mars trine Neptune in Pisces also supports this view, though it is a wide trine so it’s not as strong as it could be. Subtle influences at work.

Mars square Jupiter in Aries, however, throws a reality check on this. This leads to impatience and we may want to launch as soon as able. This can lead to some outbursts as our hopes may not work out as well. Exercise some discipline and contain your disappointments. Also, for whatever reason, we could have those flashes of inspiration but may be unable to act on them, further frustrating us.

Jupiter square Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, with Pluto being almost motionless, also is an indicator of stalled progress. We have hopes for advancing ourselves and maybe getting off the ground. Pluto’s backing off though, and there’s enough upheaval to force us to reassess our hopes.

Pallas in Leo opposite Pluto retrograde is showing us that we’re stepping back after seeing the big picture of some major upheaval and structural changes in our society. The developments in AI, such as ChatGPT, has sparked an existential crisis in some professions, namely creative professions (artists, writers) and engineers (particularly software engineers). Some in these professions are experimenting with and harnessing this new development, however. Will we work with the changes coming, or will we resist? Pluto will backtrack into Capricorn some time after this Eclipse, so expect resistance.

To Sum It Up

This Lunar Eclipse is highlighting some very real existential changes happening right now. Upheaval in markets, in the banking system, and many professions from technological advancements are in full force now. The fights regarding systemic government corruption and the old power structures clawing at the power they hold are also highlighted now, as seen in the United States Supreme Court controversies recently.

This Eclipse shines a light on the endings happening now, and these endings aren’t coming without a fight. Keep yourself secure, keep yourself safe, and move forward with intention and caution.

This Lunar Eclipse tells us we must adapt to a rapidly changing, and in some cases, deteriorating world. Innovate new ways of moving forward in your goals, as the old ways will not serve us any more.

If you’re finding yourself going back to old patterns to try to move forward, it isn’t going to work. Time to move forward. Don’t live your life in retrograde, especially now.