Solar Eclipse Gemini – June 2021 – Into Destiny Part 2 – Asteroids

Solar Eclipse

This is a companion article to the main Solar Eclipse Gemini 2021 article. Going along with the theme of splitting the asteroid aspects into their own articles, I think this is the trend I’ll be using in the future.

Solar Eclipse Recap

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 19 Gem 47’06” on June 10th, 2020 at 03:52:36 PDT (10:52:36 UTC). With Sun conjunct Moon, the asteroids that make direct aspects to this combination will be particularly potent, especially the conjunctions. As always, the tighter the orb, the more potent the blending of energies.

Asteroids Aspecting the Solar Eclipse

The asteroids that do aspect this Solar Eclipse are rather interesting, and paint a more complex picture than we would get from planetary aspects alone.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Conjunct 2696 Magion, 875 Nymphe, 5180 Ohno, and 11144 Radiocommunicata

This conjunction pattern with these asteroids is rather interesting, and rather potent. And do remember that Mercury retrograde also conjuncts the eclipse as well, so these asteroids are going to be taking on a decidedly communicative property. 2696 Magion is what I consider an occult asteroid, and I would say there will be plenty of magic(k) happening during this transit. 875 Nymphe is named for the nymphs of legend, some of whom were quite sexual in nature, so for this eclipse cycle there’s going to be a high potential of a lot of, ahem, action going on. 5180 Ohno combined with all of this suggests that we proceed cautiously, lest we have spells backfire on us, and gods forbid protection fails if we’re not looking to have children at this time. Conjoining this is 11144 Radiocommunicata, an asteroid that brings to mind broadcast media and the Internet (given streaming, live video, and so forth).

Altogether, there’s a potential for some adventurous couples to be engaging in sex magick during this Solar Eclipse period, and I’ll say that sexual energies during an eclipse are… very powerful. Others who aren’t engaging in magickal arts have the potential for having a lot of “fun” as it were, or at the very least the urge will be quite high for some. But there’s a devil in the details and there’s also the potential for some major bad news coming about, whether related to arcane or sexual activity or not. And we can expect some major high-profile media action for the next several months if this holds for the duration of the eclipse cycle.

I would not be surprised if there’s a major scandal opening up regarding a sexual cult in the next several months.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Semisextile 10961 Buysballot in Cancer

This triggering aspect is warning us to beware of those who would attempt to buy us off to win our hearts or affections. It is a reminder to stand in our truth and not allow ourselves to be bribed by those who would take advantage of us. There is most assuredly going to be some shady stuff going on behind the scenes. Don’t be surprised if there’s more scandals regarding electoral processes and other administrative functions.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Sextile 149 Medusa and 4179 Toutatis in Leo

This combination of asteroids in sextile to the Solar Eclipse suggests some themes and potentials for empowerment, such as a woman turning the tables on someone who would take advantage of her and leave him petrified by her power. This can also denote themes of betrayal, though with the sextile, the betrayal will likely be averted or at the very least mitigated before lasting damage can be done.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Sextile 16089 Lamb in Aries

On the other side of the sextiles, the Solar Eclipse makes a softer aspect to Lamb. This asteroid brings to mind the meek, the sheep, the peaceful side of things. Given Lamb in Aries, this could be a budding lamb that is undergoing its foundations to become a mighty ram. Big things start as small packages, but for the time being need to be nurtured. Nurture that budding venture of yours, and in time it will surely grow to be strong and sure-footed.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Square 4386 Lust in Pisces

Another sexual or sensual asteroid aspected by the Solar Eclipse, Lust implies what it says: lust. Being in Pisces, we could find ourselves being drawn in to a sultry encounter by our deeper longings and emotions. Some clandestine encounters are also pointed at with this configuration, such as affairs and secret lovers. Given the conjunction aspects, this could come back to bite people, especially as this is a challenging square aspect. It’s not close enough to conjunct Neptune, but the illusory energies are still there in general with the major body blending.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Square 896 Sphinx, 26955 Lie, and 55 Pandora in Virgo

Ok, now the aspects to this eclipse by asteroids is painting a rather interesting picture, and it is a bit of a show. Sphinx denotes riddles, as in not getting a straight answer by someone whom you may be asking a question of, assuming you even get a riddle for an answer. Lie, well this is getting interesting, so if we’re not getting a riddle, we might just be getting a blatant lie for an answer. Remember, these are also squaring Mercury retrograde, which is with the Solar Eclipse. Finally, Pandora in this square to the eclipse as well suggest that riddle, lie, or silence, any questions asked right now are going to be opening that proverbial Pandora’s box. You may not like the answers right now, and if that answer you’re looking for is in terms of romance or sexual matters? Prepare to be disappointed if you’re not careful.

Answering the riddle correctly? Perhaps great rewards, but with that prize comes many cautions.

Solar Eclipse Gemini Trine 4227 Kaali, 2247 Hiroshima, and 3412 Kafka in Aquarius

Finally, we end with a trine, a welcome “easier” aspect given the other aspects we’ve just seen. Kaali denotes the Hindu goddess Kali, basically bloody and ready to kill. …wait, this is a trine, right? At any rate, Kaali is an amplifier in my opinion, so the other asteroids here… Hiroshima is named for the site of the first atomic bomb used in war. Well, we can expect some explosive developments, while Kafka denotes some out-there occurrences, like “Kafkaesque” events, those that are bizarre and quite unpleasant. Hmm… so with a trine to this from the Solar Eclipse, we should be able to sidestep some of these more unpleasant events a little easier, but we’ll have to keep an eye out and not get ensnared.

In Closing

The asteroids to this Solar Eclipse paint a picture of clandestine sexual or romantic encounters, and a lot of devils in the details. Definitely use some protection if you don’t intend on having children at this time, and make sure whoever is catching your eye is who they say they are and not just out to mark another notch in their belts. Scandals are also very likely to be reported in the next few months, so do keep an eye out for that. Hard to say who exactly will get ensnared in this sort of thing, and it’s also likely that some of these scandals could be the bearing of false witness against neighbors given the deception asteroids involved.

If you’re dealing with contracts and agreements, make sure you read the entire blasted thing! Do not get yourself snared in a Kafkaesque nightmare where you sign your rights away for a jar of peanuts. Keep on your toes, and the promises of the more positive aspects of this eclipse cycle are more likely to be yours.

Be cautious out there, but do live your life. Sheltering in the face of these asteroid aspects may lead to a great amount of missed opportunities. Just be smart about things, and I’m sure you’ll be alright. Until next time, friends.