New Moon Scorpio – November 2023

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Let’s not beat around the bush: This lunar cycle is going to be a nutcracker. And I don’t mean the holiday candy crusher.

The New Moon Itself

New Moon Scorpio goes exact at 20 Sco 43’54” on November 13th, 2023 1:27:21 AM PST / 9:27:21 AM UTC. As this New Moon is in Scorpio, the domain of Mars and Pluto, and at its third decan, there’s an extra intense emotional feel to this one. And, Mars has joined with this New Moon as well, further supercharging what the next four weeks are going to bring to us.

Scorpio, being the eighth sign of the zodiac, brings to the forefront themes of sex, occult matters, death, and debts or matters involving other peoples’ resources. These matters will be highly amplified, so if you’ve been struggling with these topics, expect further developments here.

Sun conjunct Moon is the main aspect of the New Moon, as always, and denotes a period of new beginnings and fresh starts. Be ready for rapid changes this time around. Whatever is initiated this time may not go to plan, so have a Plan B, Plan C, and a Plan D to fall back on if you can.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Explosive Tempers

New Moon Scorpio conjuncts Mars and 4580 Child, and opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Don’t expect people to act as the “well-behaved” grown-ups they’re expected to be now. It’s not going to happen. Expect tantrums.

New Moon with Mars in Scorpio alone brings a greater surge to the lunar energy, and we just came out of an eclipse season on top of this. Mars represents drive, energy, passion, raw sexual attraction (and probably more inclination to “raw dog” or other risky behaviors), and also boosts anger, rage, flashes of violence, and other unpleasantness.

New Moon opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus brings an unstable element to this. Uranus already doesn’t do as well in Taurus and is shaking things up in the markets, particularly crypto markets from the last week’s data. By that I mean there’s been a bit of a bull run. Now the question is: are these shakeups happening right now a temporary “bear in bull’s clothing,” or is this the beginning of something that’s going to last? Apply this logic to construction, elections, governing decisions, and even our own personal ambitions. Be flexible, as stability and boosts are likely to be fleeting.

Asteroid Child with this New Moon brings a childlike aspect to this. Think of childlike optimism, looking at things with the wonder of a child, but also the “terrible twos” phase of early childhood. That last one makes sense with Mars having an approximately two-year cycle.

So with the New Moon, Mars, and Child opposing Uranus retrograde? We want the goods, and we want them now. And there’s high potential for some explosive tempers if it doesn’t happen the way we want it. Again, try to be flexible. And do make sure to mitigate conflicts as, if those escalate now, they’re not going to end anywhere good. Anger management techniques are required now.

Detonations and Eruptions

New Moon Scorpio square 2601 Bologna in Aquarius, and 2031 BAM, 13897 Vesuvius, and 4086 Podalarius in Leo combined with the Mars-Uranus Rx link to form an asteroid grand cross. I’d normally say “this may be a bit muted,” but no.

New Moon Scorpio square Bologna in Aquarius is notable for a lot of “baloney” being pushed online and in the airwaves. Real fog of war stuff. Keep aware of your wits and recognize propaganda before it deceives you.

New Moon Scorpio squaring Podalirius, a medical asteroid, indicates some potential issues with illnesses going around, or some consequences with the medical establishment. Watch for unexpected disease or contagion outbreaks as a precaution.

The New Moon square to asteroids BAM and Vesuvius, in the context of the volcano in Iceland recently becoming very seismically active, is cause for alarm, especially square Mars and Uranus retrograde. Mars and Uranus in opposition alone indicate explosive events, but adding a square to BAM/Vesuvius kicks this up several notches. This also affects combat and war events, so expect some serious escalation in the Middle East. I don’t like this combination, as it seems it’s very likely to spread.

Do your due diligence and don’t spread misinformation, be it about the volcano or about war. Double-check before sharing.

The political rhetoric with these bodies combined and allied in this way is also cause for concern. A particular defendant/candidate has reportedly issued statements that echo the authoritarian vibes of the 1930’s. We really need to not go this direction again.

Discerning Truth From Fantasy

New Moon Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces, and asteroids 5264 Telephus retrograde and 26955 Lie in Cancer will prove helpful. This doesn’t form a Grand Trine in truth, as the asteroids are too far away to trine Neptune directly.

New Moon Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde indicates that we should be using our inner intuition and trust our gut feelings more, especially if something feels off. Be aware, and feel as well as think.

The New Moon trine to Lie and Telephus retrograde is also important as we’ll be able to discern more of the falsehoods, especially if we trust our higher self more. Pay attention to the underlying vibes in what is being said. If it seems too good to be true, well, we know the saying by now.

False narratives can be sniffed out better now.

Release Fear of Gain and Loss

Venus in Libra semisquare New Moon Scorpio is a cause for concern. Venus is love, romance, money, what we find attractive and valuable. A semisquare is more of a “brought on ourselves” hard aspect, so more turned inwards.

Venus is in Libra, one of its domiciles, and this one regarding partnerships and relationships. I’d add situationships to this one. With the semisquare to the New Moon and also Mars, we could find ourselves acting too forcefully to try to make things happen. Don’t force things with that potential partner. Keep in mind that Venus is sesquiquadrate Uranus retrograde as well, with a sesquiquadrate being the more externally-focused variant of a hard square energy. External events and factors, money being one, will likely force us to make do with ourselves and what we’ve got for awhile longer yet.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Beware Serpents Tongues

Venus square Vesta retrograde in Cancer, and also square Pholus, 829 Academia, and 69230 Hermes in Capricorn is challenging enough, but Venus also opposes 1930 Lucifer retrograde in Aries.

Vesta, what we hold most dear and the ideals we fight hardest for, it’s retrograde indicates some revisions and reversals to how strongly we hold those ideals dear now. If it makes sense still, then go for it, but expect some delays and roadblocks. Otherwise, with the square to Venus here, we may find that what we found attractive before no longer strikes us as a priority. Especially if they didn’t even treat us as an option. Remember who was there for you before, and who actually wanted you to even be there for them. If it seemed like it was pulling teeth before, then it’s time to extinguish that torch.

Venus square Pholus, Academia, and Hermes is also interesting. Pholus is an intoxication asteroid, and could also be considered an indicator of addiction. Perhaps we were addicted to love or the idea of love?

The square between Venus and Academia warns us to not be too trusting of some institutions now. Perhaps we’ve been told something that’s utterly awful is art, while something we adored was scorned as “amateur.” Rely more on your own tastes.

Hermes, with its square to Venus, I’d say is similar in feel to a weaker Mercury square Venus connection. Reputation, career, job hunting communications won’t be as straightforward as we’d like. Keep hustling, but take time to recharge.

The Venus-Lucifer opposition, especially with the Lucifer retrograde, forces us to consider where we’ve let pride get in the way of stable or healthy unions. Perhaps another’s pride pushed us away before. Cut losses, and don’t keep trying to appeal to someone who didn’t consider you before. Fix your own sh*t.

Besides, if they end up fixing their own sh*t and you fix yours, and by that I mean doing some real inner healing work, not superficial “I watched three hours of YouTube self-help videos,” then… who knows. Later on, though, not now. Libra Venus isn’t as puppy-love and rainbows when it comes to finding a partner as one would think. Especially with South Node in Libra and Chiron in Aries.

Destined for Chaos

North Node tightly conjunct Eris retrograde in Aries is a harbinger of where we’re heading with things, especially with the New Moon-Mars-Uranus retrograde alignment.

North Node, or Rahu, is the destiny point, the goal we are driven towards, the destination. It’s where we’re headed with things.

Eris is discord, chaos, and a sort of reprisal. It will throw that golden apple of discord into the mix when things get too stable.

North Node and Eris together indicate a time where events are destined to cause great upheaval. The North Node is in Aries as well, so we’re striving for more independence. And incredible events are threatening that for some, and bringing chaotic opportunities for that for others.

Getting the Message Out

Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct 11144 Radiocommunicata and 114 Kassandra, sextile Venus in Libra and square Saturn in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo indicates some flux in how we communicate to others.

Mercury in Sagittarius is somewhat weakened being opposite of one of its domicile signs (Gemini), but still has a Jupiter effect on it for some hopes of optimism. But Kassandra with this indicates that we’re trying to speak out and be heard, but no one is listening, or no one is believing us. Adding Radiocommunicata to this indicates some difficulties and themes involving broadcasting, internet media, and social media.

Mercury sextile Venus, however, is a softer aspect that should allow for some measure of messages and news regarding money, art, valuables, and for some, potential partners. We can use this aspect for some creative progress now. Messages about projects we’re working on could also prove to be somewhat fruitful, but we still have to work for it.

Mercury square Saturn, that’s the real kicker. Saturn is discipline, restriction, contraction. Saturn in Pisces takes off the rose-colored glasses and grinds them into dust. We’ll be hit with some cold splashes of reality now, and some harsh news is likely. Be ready.

The square from Mercury to Black Moon Lilith also indicates messages coming from out of nowhere, generally about issues that have been on the back burner or moving in the background. With Lilith in Virgo, this is likely matters regarding our obligations, health, and those little things we really need to analyze more. Double and triple check your calculations so you don’t wind up with just a dollar in your account after the holidays. Don’t let yourself get surprised.

To Sum It Up

Yes, this New Moon in Scorpio is going to challenge us in quite a few explosive ways.

Mars and Uranus playing their game alone makes things more volatile than we’d like them to be. Be alert, be aware, and don’t get caught off-guard by everything going on at once. But Neptune retrograde trine that New Moon will help us with our sixth sense and, if we’re open to it, we can avoid the worst of the pitfalls.

Tempers are going to be short for the next month or so. Be careful with some discussions around the Thanksgiving table this year, lest you get coal for Christmas.

And remember to rest. Something I need to do too.