Daily Report – Wednesday March 9th 2022

Daily Report 2022

Not sure if anyone even looked at the previous daily report. I’ll do another one, just in case yesterday was a bad day for that.

All times are in 24-hour format for Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Lunar Placements

The Moon will be in Gemini all day. Again, messages, contracts, errands and travel make up the focus for the day. Pay attention to what needs to be said, and for others trying to get a hold of you.

Throughout the Day

Early Morning

Mars and Venus are still conjunct through much of this day, and in Aquarius. Promoting things through social media and selling our wares will be of high prominence through much of the day, though this is still stronger in the morning. Venus is breaking ahead, so the more financial and romantic aspects will be overpowering the forceful ambitions of Mars slightly.

Moon trine 26955 Lie helps ease concerns over deceptions that we experienced the previous day. This could have even taken the form of deceiving ourselves. It’s not always easy to confront uneasy truths, so take a close look at what epiphanies come in our dreams.

Chiron square 2063 Bacchus indicates the potential for painful hangovers if one overindulged the night before. Consider this a lesson in not overdoing things.

Pallas sextile Moon brings an element of wisdom in our dream visions before awakening. Notate what your dreams were about when you read this.

Moon crossing over fixed star Aldebaran indicates some measure of success in business affairs. Pay attention to flashes of insight where it concerns new business ventures. Advertising copywriting may be more prominent at this time than at any other point in the day. Take advantage!


Chiron in Aries sextile Gemini Moon may have us feeling a little bit better about what was wounding our egos before. Perhaps there was a bullet being dodged by being passed over by someone. Or perhaps something better is coming. Consider any blessings you have, as it could be worse.

Mars sextile 4386 Lust indicates the possibility of, um, near-noon “quickies” for some couples and even strangers. Certain urges could come to the forefront, particularly in those who aren’t getting consistent release from certain pressures. This could be awkward if one’s in a job that’s returned to the office. Could be seeing renewed office romances with this transitive aspect.


There’s a buildup to deceptions being uncovered with 8690 Swindle conjunct 9770 Discovery in Pisces, which strengthens as the afternoon progresses. Uncovering uncomfortable truths and discovering where we’ve been deceived is not likely to be pleasant now.


Moon square Jupiter in Pisces warns us not to be too complacent with our fears. There’s a danger of backing off of our goals, figuring “what’s the point?” Don’t do that. You’ll have to dig in a little better and see what you can muster up. Don’t overtrain yourself at the gym either, as it’s easy to overdo it and think you can do 20 pounds more on the barbell than normal when we’re trying to get our minds off of things.

That said, don’t hold back too much. You still have to challenge yourself to grow. Right now, our growth of optimism and opportunity are being challenged.

4955 Gold retrograde square 128 Nemesis… more economic warfare news on the horizon with this aspect. Given what’s going on with oil right now (black gold), whispers of another recession are going to be on the horizon.

Pluto in Capricorn trine 114 Kassandra in Taurus indicates potential for finally accepting an uncomfortable truth. What was not being listened to may now be finally acknowledged. It’s likely profession and money-based given the positions in the more earthy, money-oriented signs. It may be time to polish off that resume for some of us, after so long of delaying because we didn’t want to admit the truth.

It’s possible some of those uncomfortable truths are stemming from some infidelity somewhere, or someone being unfaithful in some other way. 433 Eros in Aries square Ixion in Capricorn supports this. Even confiding in someone who’s not your significant other can be considered cheating in some circles. In others circles, it’s a sign that you really need to talk to your primary partner about what’s going on. There could be breakups with this energy too, though not as strongly as if a major planet was aspecting these. Eros and Ixion are smaller asteroids, so this may not resonate for some of you.


By the close of the night, the Moon will be entering its First Quarter phase. Are we on track for what we intended during this lunar cycle? Now’s a good time to review this and make adjustments. Put that on your to-do list before heading to bed.

I’m going to also point out Uranus in Taurus sextile 11911 Angel in Pisces and Chiron in Aries trine 1930 Lucifer to close this out. Swallowing our pride can come with the benefit of opening ourselves to some sudden blessings from the universe. Bear this in mind and ask spirit/the universe/guides/God/etc for some answers and help before hitting the sack. Whatever works for you.

In Closing

In short, it’s another busy day. Let’s try to keep our heads up, and consider the uncomfortable truths we’ve been denying for the past month or so. How are you doing on your goals so far? This is a day where we review this and make adjustments for the better.

Do watch for signs of trust eroding and straying, and if that’s been a common theme, then beware. You may not get away with it much longer.

Let me know on Instagram or Facebook if this resonates or doesn’t hit the mark. Feedback is important!