Daily Report – Tuesday March 8th 2022

Daily Report 2022

This is a quick rundown of what we can expect transitwise, including asteroids, for March 8th, 2022. It’s been awhile since I’ve one of these daily reports, so let’s dust off the cobwebs and see what we have to look at today.

All times are in 24-hour format for Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Lunar Placements

The Moon will be in Taurus until between 10:00 and 11:00 PST, after which it enters Gemini. So for much of the morning, and until midday for some readers, our mental focus will be on money, and to a lesser degree, relationships.

Once the Moon enters Gemini slightly before 11:00 PST, our mental focus will gravitate towards what we need to say, messages we need to write, and documents to be delivered. Where we need to go, in terms of short-distance and local travel will be of importance as well. We could find ourselves kept busy with errands today.

Throughout the Day

Early Morning

We begin the day with Black Moon Lilith trine 2598 Merlin, at the same time the Moon trines 447 Valentine and conjuncts the North Node. There’s a lot of deeper thoughts we’re experiencing and how we shape our reality will be of importance. We could find ourselves having some spiritual epiphanies in the overnight hours.

Some of the epiphanies may concern love and how it fits into our greater destiny. We do need to be cautious as the Moon will cross over fixed star Algol later on. Some of those anxieties about whether we’ll find love or if we’re even with the right partner may come into the back of our minds. We’re likely on the right track, but still there’s some inner demons we need to contain.

Moon trine 407 Arachne and square 2598 Merlin around the time it begins its approach to Algol focuses us on the ties that bind. In our dream states, we may be able to see the connections to what is troubling us. The question is, do we have the mental fortitude to make that magic happen to deal with the snares? We may be able to use such snares to evade malicious magicks and negative thoughts from others.

Moon conjunct 4086 Podalirius also brings an element of health to mind. What’s happening inside of our bodies may concern us, as well as how hard we’re working our bodies. (Considering the heavy workout I just did tonight before writing this, I’m feeling this pretty hard, but it’s a “good” tiredness).

Moon square 5790 Nagasaki and Mercury in Aquarius brings to mind nuclear detonations and other explosive events. It may be best not to dwell on the news cycle right now, though do be concerned. Definitely pray for a swift resolution to crises right now. Apocalyptic dreams could be happening for some of us before waking. Definitely some harbingers of events for the news cycle today starting early, as it will be mid-afternoon in Europe when this aspect hits.


Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn while the Moon itself conjuncts Sedna indicates a possibility of betrayal by a male figure in our lives, as well as a potential lover or family member being more willing to throw us into the deep waters. The trine to Pluto though, that indicates that this casting away may not necessarily be the worst thing in the world. We may need to let someone go so we can grow stronger.

Moon trine Vesta in Capricorn and square 34 Circe retrograde in late Leo warns us to watch ourselves. We want what we see as our own sacred cows. Be careful, lest you cast a spell on yourself and cause yourself to lose what’s most dear to you. I sense self-sabotage regarding ego and career or projects with this. Of course, the trine to Vesta can lead to better things, so maybe not the worst thing in the world. Just be aware of cursing yourself in new ventures.

Moon trine 1388 Aphrodite retrograde in Libra, opposite 545 Messalina in Sagittarius, and square 19 Fortuna retrograde in Virgo. This is a rather interesting combination. We’ve been thinking of someone attractive, someone we want to be with, but are we taking the steps necessary to win them over? Given the asteroid T-Square involving the promiscuity asteroid and apexing a good fortune asteroid, and turned inwards at that, we may need to rethink that pursuit today. If your desired partner is with someone else, it’s best to just focus on your own goals and future.

433 Eros Square 99942 Apophis. These are two minor asteroids, but it does warn us about possible self-destructive thoughts regarding someone we care deeply about or want to be with. I feel compelled to point that aspect out.


Moon crossing over the Pleaides may bring a bit of insight and wisdom to be channeled. Don’t let yourself get carried away, and watch yourself for wishful thinking for the middle of the day. Especially true if you’re thinking of someone romantically. Focus on your tasks at hand.

Moon trine Mars and Venus in Aquarius, themselves conjunct, gives us a boost towards pursuing our loftier goals when it comes to money and romance. The danger with this is that we could become a bit more aggressive. The sex for some couples, if meeting up now, could be pretty intense. Setting up a coffee date or something through messaging and hookup apps could prove to be fun.

Moon sextile 433 Eros, 390 Alma, and 4386 Lust in Aries supports the hooking up and meeting up with potential partners. Get yourself out there and see what happens. Don’t do this in person if you’re feeling under the weather, of course.

Moon opposite 3811 Karma soon after that sextile, well, do make sure you’re doing things on the up and up. If you’re not doing what you’re “supposed” to be doing (and I’m sure the universe will let you know), believe me, the Universe will let you know.


Moon sextile 11144 Radiocommunicata. Could be a good evening to chill out with an audiobook or podcast. I wouldn’t recommend doomscrolling on social media or the news right now. It won’t do any good and you’ll miss something that might give an insight into resolving other issues you’re having.

Sun square 2601 Bologna. This warns us to watch out for false news and propaganda. This goes in line with the Moon-Radiocommunicata link. Lots of fog of war going on now.

Ceres square 5180 Ohno points to some sort of contention on the home front. Watch for arguments and accidents at home now. Could also indicate some trouble with roommates.

13897 Vesuvius opposite 157 Dejanira also catches my eye for the early evening (PST) hours. I do not think this is going to be a good day for those attempting to get out of victimizing situations. Expect possible news of more mass casualties among civilians in Ukraine is my bet with this. (Yes, I know, given the situation, this is like saying “water is wet.”)


Venus and Mars in Aquarius sextile 3811 Karma in Sagittarius and 4386 Lust and 433 Eros in Aries could bring us some passionate romance with partners tonight, assuming you played your cards well. If single, it could be an element of wishful thinking or creative writing may be in store. How well have you been treating those you’re interested in? Check that: how well have they been treating you? Reciprocate if all has gone well, and if not, know your own worth and value.

To finish off the night, Moon square 5180 Ohno could feed our anxieties going into the dreamscape tonight. May be a good time to dig out a dream journal so you can remember any messed-up images that come to mind.

In Closing

So that’s today. Some potential for romance, connecting with others, and a warning to be careful regarding accidents. Money’s on the mind, of course (especially with these gas prices…) and romance certainly a possibility.

Again, don’t doomscroll on social media. It won’t help your mind and you’ll miss out on ways to improve your own situation.

I may tone down the asteroid element of this for future dailies. I felt compelled to look at them for today. They may be more useful in retrospect when examining events. They’re like a dash of salt and pepper to the main course that’s the main planets. Something I need to remind myself of now.