New Moon Aries – March/April 2022 – Illusions Melt

New Moon Aries 2022

Here we are, the first New Moon after the Spring Equinox which kicked off Aries Season. This is also the final lunar cycle before Eclipse Season begins, so this one is going to be felt quite strongly. The conjunction patterns alone suggest that a lot of pain is going to be felt for those who aren’t ready to make the changes. For those who do make the right changes, it should prove to be a rather productive time.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 11 Ari 30’32” on March 31st, 2022 23:24:22 PST (April 1st, 2022 06:24:22 UTC). Yes, this is one of those that straddle the end of a month or beginning of a month depending on the time zone.

This lunar cycle takes place in the sign of Aries, making this lunar cycle’s focus on ourselves, our identities, our core of being, who we are. The main aspect of Sun conjunct Moon marks a time of new beginnings and the time to start new activities and plans. This also plays into planning for the future in many ways.

We’re going to be looking at our place in the world, who we are, and if we’re staying true to ourselves, or have been living under someone else’s expectations for ourselves. This lunar cycle will show us that we need to do what is best for us, ourselves.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Tell Us Where it Hurts

The major aspect we’ve got going on this lunar cycle is New Moon conjunct Mercury and Chiron in Aries. This is not going to be fun for most of us.

The New Moon conjunct Mercury comes near the middle of a Mercury direct cycle, and thus our communications and travel are highlighted. Messages, texts, letters, these will all be very much highlighted. Travel is also highlighted, particularly travel we may want to do to get in touch with ourselves or to get something done. This makes sense as Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars rules drive and energy.

However, Mercury and the New Moon are also with Chiron. Chiron is the wounded healer, and it denotes where we’re both healing and hurting. Chiron’s direct right now, so the focus is more on our wounds from what I am intuitively feeling.

This lunar cycle will force us to confront what has been hurting us, wounding us at our cores, and we will be forced to communicate this pain. It’s not unlike Sybok from Star Trek V, in a sense, sharing our pain with others. For some healer types, this will also manifest as helping others heal during this lunar cycle… such as what Sybok professed to do in his misguided quest in that movie.

Mercury is also not in cazimi (where it’s within 8 minutes of a degree of the sun) and thus is considered “combust”. Mercury’s activities are slightly debilitated as a result. We can thus expect that us trying to tell others why we’re hurting, or what they’ve done to hurt us, it may not go as smoothly as we would hope.

We could keep quiet about it during this cycle, but do remember that there’s a Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April, and we’re eventually going to have to have that hard conversation with some who have wronged us or that we’ve perceived to wrong us.

There’s also a sizable chance that we say or do things to hurt others right now. The Oscars, and the whole thing with Will Smith and Chris Rock are a prime example of this.

Something Has to Give

New Moon Aries, Mercury, and Chiron semisextile Uranus in Taurus also denotes a time where we’re going to have some unexpected changes, likely in money, and how it relates to how we communicate with others. Travelling suddenly to deal with gains and losses in money, possessions, and stability are likely now too.

As a semisextile is what I refer to as a “triggering” aspect, we can expect something to force our hands over the next month. Uranus is sudden change, rebellion, surprises, and it does not like being in stable Taurus. We have to do something to improve our financial situation this month. The whole taxes coming due thing in the U.S. is one example of this (such as surprise tax bills and the like).

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

How Do We Want to Do This?

We have a wide conjunction between Mars, Saturn, and Venus in Aquarius, all squaring the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio.

Let’s start with the conjunction. We have Mars and Saturn together, which is a pretty damning and harsh aspect. Mars is drive, energy, anger, passion, sex. Saturn is discipline, restriction, contraction, and resistance (in the terms of resisting a force applied against it). Real “unstoppable force meets immovable object” stuff. You’ve got a clash with this conjunction when not used well, and even violence out of frustration against those stopping from doing something, or violence by those to stop you from doing something.

Venus, that’s love, money, relationships, what we desire. Put that with Saturn, and we’ve got money restrictions, bills, lovers who can’t get together due to obligations. Real not-fun stuff.

Put Mars, Saturn, and Venus together, and you’ve got a powder keg. We want to go, we want to get things done, we want to be ourselves even, and we really want to get with that lover, or get that money. Saturn is in the middle separating everything, acting as a roadblock or solid wall at worst, and possibly a regulator at best to moderate what would otherwise be a rash acting out to try to get stuff done.

Now, put all of that square the Nodes. North Node in Taurus is putting our destiny and what we’re wanting to collectively go for in the terms of growing wealth, growing stability. Scorpio South Node? We’ve all got that dark part of the past and things we’ve done that we just really would rather not have come up again.

Mars/Saturn/Venus squaring the Nodes, then, is representing us really wanting to get up and go. We want that relationship or that sex now. We want that money now. But we’re being held back. And the question is, is that what’s really going to get us to a better place, or are we going for this because it’s what we’re comfortable with? Maybe pursuing it does make sense to move us forward, but for some reason we’re stuck.

We’re frustrated. So… given the New Moon/Mercury/Chiron “talking out our wounds” thing, how are we going to get past this roadblock?

We may need to discipline ourselves and do the tasks we don’t want to do to get to where we want to go. That’s what this is coming to.

More Lofty Goals

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces sextile North Node in Taurus is a powerhouse during this lunar cycle as well. Jupiter is optimism, expansion, philosophy, and I could even argue belief in a higher power. Neptune is illusion, subconscious, deep mysticism, the esoteric, and for some, addiction issues (which can act as poisons).

Combining higher philosophy and deeper mysticism together, and we’ve got a powerhouse combination that can really get some deep meditative trances going. We could even lose ourselves in fantasy pretty far right now, if we allow it.

On the more productive end, we can look at our goals with deeper clarity, and brainstorm a way to get ourselves to where we want to go (the sextile to the North Node). Or, perhaps we need to let go, and trust our intuition to guide us. Coming at this from a place of ego could be what is holding us back and holding us to our past comfort zone (the trine to the South Node).

Ego wounding could derail us if we don’t listen to our inner gut feeling though. Again, this points to the New Moon/Mercury/Chiron link.

Do We Even Know What Needs to Go?

Pluto in Capricorn quincunx Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is an interesting piece of the puzzle we’ll have for this lunar cycle. Pluto is death, rebirth, tearing down to pave the way for the new. Black Moon Lilith, though not a physical body but a calculated point, is the deeper mysteries, our hidden subconscious, the occult and the deeper feminine in many ways, including sexuality.

There could be some instances that just don’t make any sense to us now. The Ukraine war waged by Russia is definitely an example of this: “what the hell is this even for?” Likewise, we may face events during this lunar cycle that we just have to ask… “why?” Why did something go away, why did someone turn away from us? And we’re left having to turn within for answers because we’re just not going to get any answers from without.

But perhaps it all had to happen for some reason.

We may have to scrap the “whys” and get with the program to create a new reason for our being. Listen to your gut feeling or inner intuition, make sure it is your intuition and not something malicious, and figure out a way forward because what we’re counting on to advance our careers, our reputations, our greater goals? That’s not a sure thing.

And we may not even be understood. Don’t expect to be understood. Do what’s best for you.

What do the Cards Say?

Tarot Spread for New Moon Aries 2022
The Tarot Spread for New Moon Aries 2022.

As I started shuffling, one card came out right away, turning out to be The Hermit upright. We’re implored to keep to our own council, and seek our own inner wisdom at this time. Basically, lighting our own way.

Next, once I finished shuffling, came The Hanged Man upright. We’re hanging around, so to speak, and biding our time. We’ve got plenty to contemplate now while we also keep to our own devices.

Next is the Eight of Wands upright. Many comings and goings of matters, and events will be occurring rapidly. Maybe a bit much to handle for some, but overall, it seems to denote a time where we’re going to be busy.

Fourth is the Queen of Cups upright. I’m seeing this as a woman or a feminine figure in a lot of our lives right now, a mature, emotionally stable presence. This woman knows what she needs to keep grounded, and her waters level. If not a woman in your life, then the qualities of a quiet maturity and emotional contentment for some, emotional stability for others.

Finally, we have the Queen of Swords upright. Hmm. All upright. Anyways, the Queen of Swords here denotes some maturity and a feminine aspect to messages coming and going. Perhaps a woman will need to make a responsible cut-off in her life? The particular deck I’m using, the Spiral Tarot, seems to have a Libra symbol here, so if you have any Libra women in your life, she may be a focal point in whatever messages are being delivered or not delivered. There is that choice to say nothing, after all, and sometimes that’s the more mature choice.

The cards appear to be mainly congruent with the astrology from what I see.

To Sum it Up

Basically, we’re going to have to confront our wounds, and maybe hash it out with some people this lunar cycle. We may even lose some friends over it, depending how hurtful things have gotten. Or perhaps a bit of a walking away or cutting away of matters for our own peace?

That Mars/Saturn/Venus link though, we do have some major energy we have to deal with where we want to get things done, and we may not be able to go forward and get everything done right now. Try to take it in stride and try not to detonate on people. No more Smiths slapping Rocks, right? And do be on the lookout for domestic violence now that I think of it, as I can imagine someone losing their cool out of frustration and doing something incredibly foolish to ruin their lives and terrify others.

It’s a heavy energy with this lunar cycle. We must make sure we’re level-headed so we don’t make some incredibly boneheaded mistakes now. Losing our cool will not get us to the Promised Land, as Moses found when he struck the rock.

Take things in stride this month. And buckle up for the Eclipses. Let’s get into a good vibe going into that, shall we?