Full Moon Virgo – March 2022 – Swept Aside

Full Moon Virgo March 2022

We’re approaching the culmination point of another lunar cycle. This one is just… there’s a lot unsaid that will need to be said. There, that’s part of the message.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 27 Vir 40’11” on March 18th, 2022 at 00:17:33 PDT (07:17:33 UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon close to the end of Virgo, giving this a mutable earth energy.

Virgo, being the sixth sign of the zodiac, has to do with service, obligations, health matters, and analytical thinking. Using book smarts over street smarts, in other words.

As the Sun is nearing the end of Pisces, we have a great deal of mental gymnastics we’re putting up with right now. Our thoughts are taken up with some of our deeper psychological rumblings, our fears, and our deeper subconscious. We may find ourselves reacting out of instinct now, and this may not be the greatest thing for matters requiring a great deal of thought. Given the fight-or-flight energies going on right now, though, it’s what we’ve got to work with.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

What Aren’t We Saying?

Full Moon Virgo square Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is quite prominent here. This T-Square (given the Sun’s placement) to this point in Gemini indicates that there’s something underneath the surface that needs to be said now. But will we say it? Or is this a matter where we open our mouth to speak, but decide that the other party doesn’t need to know. Or, perhaps we feel the other party doesn’t deserve to know.

Another possibility is that we’ve been considering the deeper implications of what we need to speak, but we may not be feeling ready now. So you can either tell the party aggrieving you what you need to tell them, or you can keep it buried, and hold it with you longer.

We may be afraid of the Pandora’s Box we’re looking to unleash by speaking our peace. Or perhaps we’re just not ready yet as we’re still doing our deeper shadow work. The choice is yours, and you’ll have to live with it for awhile.

Nebulous Patterns

Full Moon Opposite Neptune in Pisces does bring another dose of dreamy qualities to our focus right now. A great deal is going on in the back of our minds, and the fears we may be feeling are just eating away at us.

We are also concerned with the deeper mysteries of our psyche now. Some intense meditation can bring us some rather serious insights now. Stop and listen to your inner voice. And make sure it actually is your inner voice, as there’s a lot of “dark side” energies swirling now too, especially with world events now.

Acting on What Needs to Go

Full Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn makes it a little easier to know what we need to let go now. Pluto is destruction and renewal, and sweeps the board clean. Given the earth-elemental energies involved with Virgo and Capricorn, our focus may be clearing our plate so we can get some important tasks out of the way. Now’s the time to make room for what needs to get done. You may be surprised at what can get done now.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Shakeups in Relationships

Mars and Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus points to some major disruptions in money, love, sex, and seeking value. Uranus is the upstart that’s rebellious, and makes for sudden changes in finances and stability now. Mars is power, sex, drive, while Venus is more love, what we value, what we find attractive.

Resource problems could cause some real issues in relationships of all kinds, both business and domestic. Make sure you are accounting for any emergencies and contingencies in your financial planning now. Major investments are risky with this aspect as well. The Fed raising interest rates to try to reign in inflation (at least, that’s the stated purpose?), this could make things more painful for those trying to pay off debt as well.

Inflation is not going to be tamed well in the near future. Recommend not spending more than you need to for a little bit. On the plus side, some minor windfalls may let some of us pay off a long-standing debt now. See what comes up.

Reconciliation, or Moving On?

Mars/Venus sextile Chiron in Aries indicates some woundings and healings in relationships are likely now. Perhaps we’re feeling a bit stifled in a stale union? Or perhaps we know we need to cut off contact with someone who’s otherwise hurting us, perhaps with them not even realizing they’re causing you grief.

There’s also the chance of reconciliation for some couples or friends. Do what you have to do to heal and move forward. An ending could be a new beginning now. Embrace the real you, don’t hide behind a mask with this aspect.

Maybe you need to take that time to yourself, take a break from someone who means a lot to you, and reevaluate to save your sanity.

Pleasant Surprises

Mercury in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus does help us a bit with some pleasant news that may come out of nowhere. Perhaps there’s something we’ve forgotten about that is coming to fruition, such as a job application you forgot about that’s now getting traction with would-be colleagues you want to work with. Or perhaps a writing contest you forgot you entered informs you that you’ve moved on to the next tier as another example.

This can also take the form of unexpected journeys for some to gain some much-needed funding. Do be careful with windfalls gained now. Easy come, easy go.

Working Solo

Surprisingly, Saturn in Aquarius is unaspected this Full Moon. Saturn’s disciplinarian energy, thus, is uncolored by anything else. These next couple of weeks can be pretty fruitful, and this will take a rebellious or unexpected turn as Aquarius is co-ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Don’t be surprised if you’re more productive now.

On the same token, restrictions will be tightening up in other areas right now, as a general course of action. No soft aspects to soften this blow, but no hard aspects to amplify it either. Saturn’s gonna Saturn. We’ll all have to keep plugging away and work hard.

To Sum It Up

In short, we have a lot of hard work we need to get through if we’re going to get what we set out to do during this lunar cycle done. There’s some deep misgivings brewing beneath the surface, and it’s up to us whether we want to air those grievances, or just go silent and keep working on what we need to take care of.

Intense shadow work will be the name of the game for the next couple of weeks. We have to confront these deeper issues. No way around it, or we’re going to continue spinning our wheels.

Try to keep your heads up. Or down, depending where you are.