New Moon Pisces – March 2022 – Wish Carefully

New Moon Pisces 2022

The intensity of the preceding lunar cycle cannot be understated nor underestimated. The recent United States Pluto Return has certainly been a major event for us here in the U.S., but that’s no longer the major sticking point. As we have seen, the situation in Ukraine is beyond belief, but not entirely unexpected. How intense will this get? This lunar cycle analysis may grant us some insights, and I must warn you: it gets a bit gnarly.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 12 Pis 06’38” on March 2nd, 2022 09:34:46 PST (17:34:46 UTC). This lunar cycle takes place in the sign of Pisces, signifying our deeper subconscious workings, our deeper fears and thoughts, as well as our deeper emotions. The primary aspect of Sun conjunct Moon denotes a time of new start and a chance to start fresh. During this lunar cycle, we will be reflecting on our deeper desires and hopes and fears. Intuition and trusting in the wisdom of our higher selves will be more important during this particular Pisces cycle than ever before given current events.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Irrational Obsessions and the Taming of Desire

The big aspect we are looking at for this lunar cycle is Jupiter conjunct Nessus and the New Moon in Pisces. Jupiter, the ever-optimistic philosopher of the cosmos, expands what it touches. In this case, it’s touching the centaur Nessus. I move that Nessus denotes obsessions at best, and pure abuse at its absolute worst. There is a possibility of healing the scars of abuse and overcoming obsessions should someone become self-aware of the influence of Nessus, so there is a bright side to this.

It would appear that in the case of nation-states, this aspect also denotes a time where despotic rulers can seek to throw their weight around and attempt to bring perceived “lesser states” to heel. Of course, every so often, this backfires spectacularly, and can even embolden the attacked nation to defend itself with intense vigor, such as what we’re seeing in Ukraine right now. Throwing off the shackles of abuse, therefore, is another hallmark of Jupiter conjunct Nessus. For this lunar cycle, we will be seeing this conflict play out, and most likely the war will expand.

Overcoming Unpleasant Surprises

We are also seeing New Moon Pisces, Jupiter, and Nessus sextile Uranus in Taurus. Let’s be straight and to the point: Uranus was last in Taurus during the build up to World War II. We know how well that turned out (in other words, very badly for all involved). Currently, we have what seems to have been a sudden buildup to conflict. It really shouldn’t have been a surprise that it happened at all. That said, the sextile to the New Moon/Jupiter/Nessus connection does present an opportunity.

We may be finding ourselves fending off a belligerent ourselves, but then a sudden and surprising resistance to the abuse and destruction springs out. Alternatively, the realization of obsessions and potential abuse comes to light, and a sudden or surprise encounter manages to defuse the situation before it can advance to a worst end.

This can also represent some surprising gains in fortune, such as an insight to cash out a stock before it crashes, or to purchase a collectible asset on the dip to flip later.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Standing Ground Against Aggressors

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, and square 157 Dejanira in Scorpio is definitive of the ongoing energies we are seeing. By itself, Mercury conjunct Saturn can play out in a few ways.

One aspect of Mercury conjunct Saturn is putting forth diligent work towards getting key documents signed and delivered. An example of this is legal documents and tax forms. Another representation is putting the nose to the grindstone to get important messages out. Local or intraregional travel for business and official purposes is also represented here.

The contentious square to Dejanira from these two planets shows a potential for being targeted and victimized by stern or belligerent actors. Dejanira is the victim asteroid, and in mythology, Heracles’ wife didn’t have such a good experience with the centaur Nessus. Trouble is, she became an unwitting instrument of Nessus’ wrath from the grave.

Mercury/Saturn square Dejanira also represents a smaller nation being attacked by a larger nation. Again, Russia invading Ukraine comes to mind. In this instance, Dejanira doesn’t just sit back and take it. Dejanira in Scorpio has the venom up the sleeve, so it seems. This doesn’t go well for the aggressor. The cost, however is very high for those defending.

Standing Ground at All Costs

Now we get to the fun part. Mars, Pluto, Venus, and Vesta conjunct in Capricorn is an incredible dynamo of power! I personally have Mars, Pluto, and Venus conjunct in Libra in my natal chart, and my conjunction squares Nessus in my own chart at that, so I know firsthand the high power and intensity that this formation brings in cardinal signs. (Kobe Bryant was another individual who had this pattern).

Cutting to the chase, let’s examine each of these planets and the asteroid.

Mars is power, drive, sex, anger, passion.

Venus is money, love, what we value, and what we find attractive.

Pluto is death and rebirth, tearing down outmoded structures to pave the way for new blood.

And Vesta, Vesta is the sacred flame, our highest ideal and the hill we will die on to make our point.

Combine all of these together, and we have an intense drive to pursue what and whom we want to claim as our own. Properly aspected, this multi-conjunction can grant us a major push towards achieving our goals. Negatively aspected, we can find people pursing power and gain at all costs. With Vesta added, this can add an almost quasi-religious fervor and zeal to what is being pursued right now.

Also, considering that all planets are direct, this quadruple conjunction is incredibly powerful! Add that Jupiter-Nessus conjunction with the New Moon, and we have the power to change the world. We can use this aspect and energy to build a new and better life for ourselves and those we care deeply about. Or, twisted towards malicious ends, one can engage in conduct that could effectively sterilize the planet in a final fit of fury.

Being Intuitive with Great Power

Mars, Pluto, Venus, and Vesta in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces is incredibly fortuitous for those who use this energy correctly. At best, this sextile grants an almost supernatural insight towards connecting with our higher selves and/or deeper intuition to advance our goals. At worst, it can bring a slightly reduced impact of some very hard addictions and substance abuse.

We can see where more people may swear off intoxicants or substance abuse now. Major pushes towards sobriety, if one is so inclined, are more likely to be successful now.

Intelligence gathering can also be quite fruitful, and with an increased intensity.

Creative projects with this sextile will be incredibly fulfilling right now. Do not let that Mercury/Saturn square Dejanira conflict energy dampen the inspirational vibe right now!

Building Our Better Destiny

Mars, Pluto, Venus, Vesta trine the North Node in Taurus is another amazingly fortuitous aspect. We can overcome major roadblocks right now and get ourselves on track towards our goals and our life’s purpose right now. New projects aimed towards creativity, free expression, and a way to channel that into making money can be quite fruitful now.

North Node sextile Neptune is also fortuitous in that we can use our intuition and whatever is gleaned from meditation and self-reflection to instinctively execute our plans. As Neptune apexes a Minor Grand Trine, we need to trust our gut feelings.

North Node conjunct Algol, however, warns us not to lose our heads. Shield up and let the gorgons petrify themselves. Given the harmonious aspects to the North Node now, we can use this greater insight to defeat that which would cause us to otherwise lose our heads.

Shakeups in Relationships

Uranus in Taurus square Juno in Aquarius indicates some potentially unwelcome surprises in our primary partnerships. Juno is more of a marriage asteroid in some circles, and in other circles it’s the patient spouse. Uranus is spontaneity and change.

Sometimes sudden changes don’t work out so well in those partnerships, such as one spouse taking out a bank loan on a whim to buy a new car, for example. Pursuing selfish or outlandish goals without regards to a partners feelings will not end well now.

For those who are single, this could indicate the meeting of a potential partner who may prove to be a bigger expense than you counted on. Or perhaps you spent more on a potential partner only to find they weren’t actually available. This may have even been going on for awhile and you’re just now finding out. This plays into the Mercury/Saturn square Dejanira contentiousness in this case.

Watch for Deception

Neptune in Pisces square Black Moon Lilith in Gemini warns us to beware of duplicitous encounters and individuals. With Lilith here in the sign of the twins, there are things being left unsaid. Again, unpleasant surprises corresponding with Uranus square Juno mentioned above.

This aspect also warns us to watch out for misinformation and propaganda. There is a lot being hidden from us right now. It’s more important now than it ever has been to make sure the right information is being received. Propaganda and disinformation will be incredibly pervasive now. Use your best discernment to not fall for it. Left-wing, right-wing, and even independent media must be taken with a grain of salt, especially now!

Sensual Healing

Chiron in Aries sextile Juno in Aquarius does allow for the healing of certain relationship wounds now. Chiron, the wounded healer, can help or hurt. Our sense of self and our embrace of the unconventional that our partners may desire can add new spice to the bedroom. In other ways, this could be the time for an impromptu gathering. And with measures like mask mandates being lifted, there could be more opportunities for couples to bond out in public. Still, do be alert as there is still cold and flu season going on.

To Sum It Up

This is a lunar cycle for the history books. There is a tremendous opportunity to heal some hurts and engage in our own repairs. There’s also the potential to inflict great pain and harm with the aspects active during this New Moon.

As always, set proper intentions. This lunar cycle has all planets direct for much of the month, so make the most of it! It is literally do or die time. In Europe, this is especially true.

Let’s pray sanity yet prevails, and some measure of lasting peace returns. Let’s take the Ukrainian example and stand up for our survival and self-interests. Don’t do what Putin’s doing and causing untold destruction. Let’s create. Create art, create music, create good vibes, and create a better world.

And may justice yet prevail.

Be safe, all.