Daily Report – Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Daily Report 2022

This week is continuing at a brisk clip as we are approaching the end of the effective year (as many will be going on holidays or vacations or whatnot). Thursday is going to be a mixed bag and there’s going to be some uneasiness and not feeling as centered for reasons that will be abundantly clear as we go through the day’s aspects.

First of all, the Moon starts off after midnight PST in Aquarius, but around the early morning hours before 5AM PST, Moon enters Pisces. The Pisces Moon is deep and emotional, and we’re going to be feeling a bit helter-skelter for much of the day. On top of that, the Moon is also going to be making not one but two squares to major planets throughout the course of the day. Now, to rewind and go from the top…

The day also starts off with Uranus retrograde in Aries quincunx 100 Hekate in Virgo which denotes some uneasiness when we think about the crossroads we’re in, especially as it pertains to our day-to-day tasks and vocations. We likely also feel uneasy about how our health is going, and we’re going to be feeling as if we’re not taking care of ourselves as well as we should. Really easy to do during the holidays too, with all the sugary treats being given at all the gatherings people go to. Later on, Moon still in Aquarius semisextiles Chiron in Pisces and this further compounds the feelings that we should really think about saying no if it’s something that could hurt us down the road. A little indulgence sometimes isn’t the worst thing in the world, but when “once in a while” comes all the time, then you’re just nickle-and-diming yourself to death.

As the early morning progresses, 99942 Apophis in Capricorn semisextiles the still-Aquarian Moon which further doubles down on feeling that we need to assert ourselves in order to bring about our best outcome and look the best to people in the world. 6583 Destinn and 100 Hekate in Virgo quincunx the Moon soon after is also further feeding into our insecurities, and we may feel like we’re never going to break out of the slumps we may be feeling ourselves going through. Spoiler alert: We will break out of it. Aspects aren’t forever. Uranus retrograde sextile the Moon about the same time helps us realize some ways we can break out of bad habits. Or, perhaps there’s a way to turn that habit to an advantage. Could be a way to use a little poison to fight poison, as it were. Virgo Destinn/Hekate trine Capricorn Apophis further bolsters this point. 157 Dejanira sextile the Moon as it’s about to leave Aquarius also gives us a bit of a boost when realizing that we’re not as bad off in situations as it may seem at times. Of course, if you’re continuing to put yourselves in poisonous or harsh situations, then you need to look within and ask yourself… “why am I doing this to myself?” And, of course, Pholus in Capricorn sextile the now-Piscean Moon further asks this fundamental question. So… are we going to keep poisoning ourselves? Or are we going to reach for or develop the antivenom?

Let’s keep it together as much as we can as the morning progresses, as Uranus retrograde square Apophis could lend itself to some surprises we don’t want to see, such as not watching where we’re going and stubbing our toe in the dark, or on a harsher level, unexpected events on the highways such as a semi losing a trailer suddenly on the highway. Keep your wits about you, because at the same span of time as that’s going on, Pisces Moon squares Sagittarius Mercury! There is some real potential for road rage, impatience, and waking up all grumpy (or going to bed very late… On which I plead the Fifth this time…)

Later on in the morning, 1930 Lucifer in Aries semisextile the Pisces Moon doesn’t exactly lend itself to humility among ourselves. There’s a real good chance there’s someone feeling a little too high and mighty about themselves, and probably some other deep simmering feelings about clocking someone in the jaw for playing the latest Christmas jingle one too many times at the office. Step back, and just don’t. It’s not worth the headache. Put on some headphones/earbuds, and crank the metal if you have to.

As the afternoon gets underway, Uranus retrograde quincunx Destinn closely (still with Hekate) further makes us wonder just what sort of twisted muse of fate is reveling in the chaos of this particular day. We do need to consider quite carefully that reaching for the hidden cache of whiskey or spiked eggnog may not be the best thing for us to do, no matter how tempting it is, as 157 Dejanira and Pholus in Capricorn warn us to cool it with the overindulgence if we want to look our best in the public eye.

Vesta in Aquarius semisextile the Pisces Moon further bolsters our lines of thinking about what we value and hold sacred in our hearts, and at this point in the afternoon when this goes exact, we’re probably not thinking it’s the job we’re in (unless your work truly is your passion, then go for it!)… More like we’re thinking about unwinding after a long hard day with friends. Or perhaps having some loved ones or friends over for home as Ceres in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces about the early evening. Keep your wits about you though, and try to throttle your obsessions when Moon conjuncts Nessus in the watery sign of deep, hidden emotions (Pisces). It’s really easy to panic when you’re thinking you’re going to lose it all, or lose out on a prospect or someone you really want to get with. Chill. Take a deep breath, maybe a cold shower (or, depending where you’re at, just walk outside without a jacket for a minute).

As the night descends after this topsy-turvy day, Venus in Scorpio tines the Moon in Pisces, while at the same time the Moon squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. Frankly, we’ll be more focused on pursuing our more base, earthly desires while feeling at odds with greater spiritual fulfillment, or perhaps we could act in ways that run afoul of the law. Fortunately, as Thursday ends, Saturn in Capricorn sextiles the Moon and ends as a regulator on some of the more hot and heavy feelings, but in a good way. Sometimes we have to back off in the here and now and reap further rewards down the road.

There you have it. Thursday is a mixed bag, no more Grand Trine, and the Moon makes a bunch of key squares while experiencing a nice trine and a sextile. It’s going to be a pretty heavy day in terms of how we feel about things, so don’t expect rationality to take the driver’s seat most of the day. Keep your wits about you, and keep in mind that better things are coming, just have to be ready for them. Not the day for unnecessary arguments. Take it easy, all.