Full Moon Libra – April 2023

Full Moon Libra 2023

The last Full Moon before the upcoming Eclipse Season is upon us. As pre-eclipse cycles go, this one has been quite… eventful. Expect more fast-moving events.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 16 Lib 07’20” on April 5th, 2022 at 9:34:29 PM PST (April 6th, 2022 4:34:29 AM UTC). Our primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon is quite strong this time. As the Full Moon is in the 7th sign of Libra and opposing the Sun’s 1st sign of Aries energies, our relationships and partnerships take center stage. Are those longer-term bonds serving us, or is it time to reassess these bonds? We have to make some decisions soon, if not now. Do consider carefully though, as our egos and self-interest are being tested.

The Full Moon is a culmination of the lunar cycle, and tends to be when matters face completion. Given the other aspects to the Full Moon this time, these matters and our deciding factors are going to be heavily amplified this time around.

Other Aspects to this Full Moon

What Serves Us?

Full Moon Opposite Chiron and Jupiter in Aries is a harbinger of great healing, great pain, and great catharsis. Chiron is the wounded healer, showing where we have opportunity to be healed and also to be hurt. Jupiter is optimism, expansion, and magnifies what it touches.

As Chiron and Jupiter Conjunct the Sun, this is going to play out as our identity and ego being put to a very strong test. All this opposite the Libra Moon, we have to make a decision. Are our partnerships aiding in fulfilling our goals, ambitions, and destiny? Or are our most prominent bonds holding us back?

If things are going well, then this is a time to address these issues with your significant other and strengthen the relationship. If things have not been going so well or if a divergence is inevitable, it will manifest in the next couple of weeks, and likely come to a head with the coming of the Solar Eclipse in Aries two weeks from this Full Moon.

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Full Moon Libra quincunx Uranus in Taurus definitely has an impact here. Uranus is rebellion, change, surprises, and sudden shifts coming out of nowhere. It’s not strong in Taurus, but that’s where it’s at. Financial shakeups and the impact of our relations on our money and resources are coming to a head. The economic uncertainty and unexpected events regarding money and property are also affecting our longer-term bonds.

Company relations and national alliances are also highlighted here, as astrology doesn’t just impact individuals. Some serious discussions regarding resources and partnerships between these larger entities are also in the news now. Take, for example: Finland joining NATO. So we can glean from this that long-term partnerships and alliances can be forged now too.

In this example, it appears that Finland ends its stand-alone neutrality to join a long-standing, larger alliance in an attempt to prevent harm from coming to it from nearby malicious actors and states (i.e. Russia).

Other Noteworthy Transits During This Full Moon

Communicating our Goals and Objectives

Mercury conjunct North Node in Taurus is one of the more fortuitous aspects, as this allows us to communicate our ambitions more assertively now. Our goals regarding resources and stability are in the forefront now.

There is also the matter of Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Cancer trine one another, and sextile Mercury and the North Node. The sextiles are an “easier” aspect, more readily flowing and less challenging. Challenges still occur with these aspects, but solutions and resolutions are more readily apparent and able to be acted upon.

Mars sextile Mercury/North Node indicates a possibility to act and move with more certainty to stabilize our home and private lives. Finding an apartment with more favorable lease terms or monthly rates is on example.

Saturn sextile Mercury/North Node indicates some deeper, mental work for brainstorming more efficient methods to secure ourselves. One example is coming up with a concrete, month-long plan to set up a side business. Another example would be in doing the work to clean house and catalog what needs to be sold and what you’d like to keep during Spring cleaning.

Mars trine Saturn brings two “malefics” together and indicates some more ease in identifying hidden issues in our homes and private lives before they become real burdens. Example: inspecting your home to look for any repairs that need to be done or pests to eliminate.

Some Harder Messages In and Outbound

Pluto in the first degree of Aquarius square Mercury/North Node is a bit troublesome. As far as taking care of some debts and obligations, as well as taking care of hidden issues, Pluto’s death-and-rebirth energies take center stage.

Aquarius is associated with information and technology among other things, so we need to be aware of online communications and phone calls/voicemails regarding forgotten debts. As Saturn and Uranus co-rule Aquarius, we need to also be on the lookout for both governing institutions imposing new, unpopular rules, and rebellions to such rules.

We need not look further for an example than the recent veto that was overridden in Kansas regarding transgender student athletes. There will be serious resistance to school officials doing an inspection to, ahem, make sure the students’ private parts match their birth certificate at time of birth. It’s also an example of the old guard (Saturn’s energy) attempting to fight social changes (Uranus’ energy).

This is part of a broader movement, and with Pluto being a slow mover and the Nodes not moving so quickly, expect more events like this in the near future.

Embrace Creativity

Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces notates that this lunar culmination is an ideal time to think outside the box, and an excellent time for creatives. Venus and Neptune are both in home signs, so the creativity that comes with letting the subconscious flow (Neptune in Pisces) should help beautify the home and potentially bring in resources from what people find valuable (Venus in Taurus).

Neptune in Pisces sextile Pluto in Aquarius further amplifies this, though in a muted manner. Pluto is death of the old to pave the way to the new. With this weaker, softer aspect, we can expect our intuition to pick up on new ways of doing things. Unconventional thinking should bring some rewards, and in some cases, meeting up with more unconventional friends can prove to be a productive meeting of the minds.

In the workplace, this can pay dividends in terms of new processes. For relationships, perhaps a night on the town with a group of friends in a new spot, or a venue not considered before. Neptune and Pluto like this, if we’re open to it, could also be the boost in intuition we need to avoid danger and unpleasant surprises, provided that we’re paying attention.

To Sum it Up

In short, relationships, partnerships, and alliances are all under a microscope now. For the next couple of weeks until the Eclipses begin, we’ll be weighing our links to others heavily. If it’s good, heal the wounds. If it’s not good, consider what you need to do to correct imbalances or be ready to walk.

Also consider that Mercury is about to enter its pre-retrograde shadow phase, so we may want to consider relationship changes carefully for the next couple of weeks too.

Change up what doesn’t work, and do it wisely. There’s a good chance that if we don’t, it’ll be done for us in ways we don’t expect or want.