Monthly Report – November 2017

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I think it’s high time I started to get into the realm of monthly forecasts, something a little more condensed and longer-term. Things have been a bit crazy for me so this is going to be a quick one out of necessity, and I’m not about to split this into parts since it’s already past my supposed-to-be-bedtime by the time I start this. Nah. I’m in a IDGAF mode (look it up if you don’t know what that means)… well, IDGAF except to get this done for everyone. And I think that’s the theme of November: Lots of stuff is not going to give a… you know.

Let’s begin. So some of this is already touching on the weekly report for October 30th-November 5th, so we’re going to be brief for this week. There are some pretty important highlights for this month to take into account as well, so we’re going to highlight these here, and note that the dates are based on the U.S. Pacific Time Zone (PDT/PST, or UTC -07:00/UTC -08:00, as Daylight Savings Time ends on November 5th for us), though I’ll put a range of two days if it spans two days depending on U.S Time Zones:

  • From October-November 11th – Saturn square Chiron Retrograde
  • November 2nd-4th – Sun trine Neptune Retrograde
  • November 3rd-4th – Full Moon in Taurus
  • November 5th – Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • November 5th-19th – Saturn trine Uranus Retrograde (tightest)
  • November 6th – T-Square – Saturn opposition Moon, apex Chiron Retrograde
  • November 7th – Venus enters Scorpio
  • November 10th-12th – Sun square Nodes
  • November 12th-13th – Mars with Fixed Star Algorab
  • November 12th-14th – Venus conjunct Jupiter
  • November 14th – Mercury enters Pre-Retrograde Shadow Zone
  • November 17th-20th – Mars square Pluto
  • November 18th – New Moon in Scorpio
  • November 18th-Into December – Saturn conjunct Galactic Center
  • November 20th-22nd – Venus square Nodes
  • November 21st-22nd – Sun enters Sagittarius
  • November 21st-22nd – Neptune station Direct
  • November 25th-27th – Venus trine Chiron Retrograde
  • November 27th-Into December – Jupiter trine Neptune

I have largely ignored Moon aspects for the most part except Full/New Moons for that bulleted list, as I’ve focused more on longer-term aspects (minus the November 1st aspect of Moon opposition Mars as it’s staring me in the face). Moon aspects will be touched on in upcoming weekly reports.

We begin November with Saturn square Chiron Retrograde. This is pretty rough all around as we have Saturn the taskmaster, the embodiment of restriction and discipline, making a pretty hard aspect to Chiron the wounded healer… This is where our wounds, what’s hindering and hobbling us becomes way too blatant to ignore. And there’s a lot of self-sabotage that comes to light in this time period, and we’re already seeing this in the news cycle. Some very questionable decisions are coming back to haunt people. Now, what can you do to heal it, and get past that wound? It’s going to take some doing to mend, and mend we must. We do have Mars opposite Moon going into the month as well, so we’re starting out of the gate of this month with some intense energies and feelings, and questions as to whether or not we’re making the right decisions, and probably getting pissed about it at times.

Sun does trine Neptune retrograde as well from the 2nd to the 4th, so we should be able to get some relief and get some head-clearing insights or inspirations. Perhaps one of these inspirations will be the key to get you through the rest of the month, and this is doubly-true as the Full Moon in Taurus will be occurring about the same time as this trine. Higher purposes will be quite welcome during this time as we’ll need all the blessings we can get this month.

Further on into the 5th of November, we see Mercury enter Sagittarius. So hidden secrets came to light with Mercury’s transit through Scorpio, and in spades, as well as some decidedly unwelcome communications for some of us. Hold on to your hats, because now Mercury will be firing off those missives for an extended period, as it’s not leaving Sagittarius anytime soon, and will remain in this sign all the way through December. That’s because on the 14th Mercury will enter the pre-retrograde shadow period, where things get a bit nebulous and we start gearing up for the Mercury Retrograde in December that lasts… pretty much almost until Christmas Day. Expect people not to have a filter for awhile, and for many things to get blurted out of people’s mouths and for messages to be sent before the thought is completed. Spontaneity is the name of the game while Mercury transits this sign.

There could be some more change-ups even beyond Mercury in Sagittarius period, as Saturn will also be trining Uranus retrograde from the 5th until the 19th most closely (though it will still be considered trine for the entire month, in practice). We are going to see some reigning in of the chaos just a little, and whatever form this takes, expect yourself to be a little more restrained overall. Take note of whatever radical changes you need to make, and set up some plans. It’s recommended to get those underway before the 14th before the Mercury pre-shadow period begins, although if the work involves reviewing other plans, then you might get away with it afterwards too.

November 6th could be a very rough day for some with Saturn opposite Moon forming a T-Square, apexing Chiron retrograde. There’s likely to be a great deal of anger and frustration come to the surface, and it’s going to irritate that itchy wound we’ve already got going deep down. Don’t be surprised if some more bad news dominates the reporting on national leaderships (whether U.S. or otherwise) on this day. After all, this is a global aspect. Now, if you personally have some planets or points trine Chiron on this day, you might see some mitigation, and if a Grand Trine by transit, you might actually come out alright with some inner healing. On a plus side for the T-Square, it’s a great time to figure out exactly what is pissing you off. Just don’t take a hammer to it quite yet. Wait a bit until things settle, if you can.

Venus enters Scorpio on November 7th, which will add a sultry, seductive flare to Venus. Expect some temptations to ramp up with Venus transiting the venomous house of secrets. But do remember, poison can fight poison. This will be exemplified from the 12th to 14th when Venus conjuncts Jupiter. Higher purpose and higher pay could go hand in hand, or maybe a great time to do something unexpectedly sweet (or sexy) for a loved one! Make sure you’re aboveboard though, as we have Mars on fixed star Algorab from the 12th until the 13th. This is a pretty incendiary star, and as it has the feel of Mars and Saturn, it can bring some pretty explosive arguments. So… with Venus with Jupiter while this is going on, you might have some mitigation there, or maybe it’s explosive make-up sex… go with it? If you have an important matter that’s elective, make sure your decision is as sound as it can be around this point.

Sun squares the Nodes from the 10th to 12th most strongly, so we can also expect some fated events to happen that could potentially change our lives around this time. Again, with Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mars hitting Algorab, there will be some pretty big changes in fortune we can expect. The 10th and 11th may be the better days to take advantage of this fully, though the 12th can’t be discounted either. Do note that the 10th is a Waxing Quarter Moon as well, so Moon will hit the Node at the same time as the Sun squaring it. You could have a project begin wrapping up around this time. Sun sextile Pluto will also help the finishing touches during this Sun-Node square, and help end things decisively perhaps. Go for a strong finish and seal the deal if you can.

As a reminder, from the 14th on, Mercury will be in the pre-retrograde shadow period, and this is when things start to go awry just slightly. Recommend a little more caution than you usually take for the remainder of the month with this in mind.

November 17th through 20th could get downright unpleasant potentially with Mars square Pluto. A strongly elevated chance of people being angry, and destructively so. The New Moon in Scorpio also occurs about the same time, and Saturn begins its conjunction to Galactic Center for the remainder of the month all at the same time. Saturn is still considered square Chiron for much of the rest of the month too, so you may want to use that Uranus retrograde trine Saturn energy to try to harness some control over the chaos that’s about to erupt. Basically, bunker and try to make some much needed changes inside yourself during that New Moon and set some major healing intentions! We are going to need it, and badly! Honestly… I have to say… Damn.

Look, I’m going to be honest, if there is a THE major news day of November 2017, it is going to be from the 17th to the 20th. That’s the feeling I am getting. Someone is going to get fried. To quote Captain Sulu in the opening of Star Trek VI: “My god… Shields! SHIELDS!” And as it’s New Moon time, that feel is going to be persuasive for the entire lunar cycle until the following New Moon. Just warning you.

November 20th through 22nd we have Venus squaring the Nodes, which is further going to feed into the fated feel of this time period. Basically, I would say fated aftermath. Maybe some job changes happen for some, maybe an early holiday bonus for some others… maybe both! Could be a promotion! Could be a “Happy holidays, you’re getting laid off.” too. Romantic changes as well. Likely both. This time period also coincides with the Sun crossing into Sagittarius. Do not expect people to just sit and behave for awhile. Sagittarius is a free spirit and while a bit more optimistic, well, we’re going to need some joviality (Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter). Don’t discourage the class clown too badly, just a measure of discipline so you can actually get stuff done.

And it gets even better around the time Sun enters Sagittarius, as over the 21st and 22nd, Neptune turns direct… finally! Some of our inner ruminations over the last few months can now find some outlet of expression! Don’t expect people to understand it all that well with Mercury pre-shadow. But do start the drive towards making those internal visualizations a reality. Note your dreams very closely during this time period as well, as portents are likely to come more strongly as Neptune sits motionless for a while. It’s like some people are going to be entering or leaving a mental fog as well. Psychic experiences may be a bit strange during this time as well with Neptune just sitting there. Artistic expression should be quite pronounced during this time.

From the 25th through the 27th we face the strongest trine between Venus and Chiron retrograde. This is an excellent time to consider seeing a doctor about something bothering you, or writing out your thoughts in a journal, making a piece of pottery or other artwork, or just simply something creative. Maybe even opening up to a loved on, significant other, whoever you have in your life about something bothering you. Don’t even have to say all that much. Some togetherness during this period would just honestly be good. More likely, at least in western societies, some people are going to find some joy in… buying presents for loved ones. Well, Cyber Monday falls on the 27th, so… just keep in mind the upcoming Mercury Retrograde for shipping! Honestly… I’d prioritize Cyber Monday over Black Friday, as there’s going to be some mental muddling with Neptune motionless there. People aren’t going to be thinking clearly that day, and that includes the retail clerks that are inevitably going to get cursed and screamed at. Don’t be one of those shoppers. (You could be working that cash register for some much-needed cash someday… remember that what goes around comes around).

We end the month with Jupiter trine Neptune from the 27th into December. Again… art projects, writing, hell, let’s add meditation. Chill out, chill with loved ones, chill with whoever makes you feel happy. Go to church or synagogue or temple or mosque or whatever you believe in, or just veg out in your bed or on the couch these days if you’re so inclined. Think about a higher purpose during these few days, be grateful for what you have, and pat yourself on the back once or twice for making it through this crazy month.

You’ll notice I didn’t really touch on the asteroids in this one. There’s a lot here just with the slower planetary aspects, and I didn’t have the time to add those to the mix as well. I’m hoping to have a better system for this set up for the December forecast. At any rate, this month is hyper-intense. 2017 is going out with a bang, and I have a feeling December will be even more of the same. Take it easy, fix what needs fixing, and keep going for that life you’ve always wanted. Don’t let anyone tear you down, and know your own worth, because, man, you are going to need it this month. Peace out.