Daily Report – Friday, December 14th, 2018

Daily Report

Trying something different for today’s forecast: Adding just about all of the asteroids I have data for! This may be a bit of an overload, but we’re going to go all-out for the Friday forecast. The plus-side is, I think I’ve figured out a way to speed this up considerably, so we should be good to go with this. Brace yourselves, there’s a lot to take in.

What I can tell you is that the Moon will remain in Pisces all Friday, which will lend its power to the deeper emotions and psychic mysteries that surround us. That said, it’s going to be a bit of a roller-coaster throughout the day as the Moon does make some serious spiritual aspects with Moon conjunct Neptune and Moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius throughout the course of the day. Both of those bodies co-rule Pisces as well, so there’s some give and take and some crisis of faith we’re going to have! Be aware of this!

Now, the progressive bit of the forecast: We do begin with a Sextile between 8690 Swindle in Aries and 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius which will help mitigate some of the more shady sides of romance and amour. Ceres in Scorpio sextile 8813 Leviathan in Virgo can help smooth over some disagreements in the home as well when egos clash, though it can rear its ugly head if not careful. Nessus in Pisces trine 12927 Pinocchio in Scorpio also helps smooth over some deceptions, and we may realize that we’re the one pulling our own puppet strings in the messes we may see ourselves in. 9941 Tyrannosaurus in Libra semisextile 151 Abundantia in Virgo likewise can make it seem like we’re at the mercy of tyrants when it comes to our abundance and wealth. 389 Industria in Pisces square Ixion in Sagittarius (on Galactic Center no less) is also a rough minor aspect that requires that we watch out for the devil in the details. And then there’s 4955 Gold in Aries making a quincunx to 42355 Typhon in Scorpio which brings out some feelings of wondering if we’re doing enough to advance our careers and our moneymaking ability, or could even make us question whether we’ll actually keep what we have.

All of those asteroid aspects starting off Friday leads up to the Moon’s first major aspect to an asteroid: Moon in Pisces square 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini! We will definitely in the overnight hours figure out that for all we feel and all we fear, we very well could be our own worst enemy. 829 Academia in Scorpio semisextile 564 Dudu in Libra may reveal some deceptions and bad information when it comes to learning, higher education, and even technical documentation (as I’m helping troubleshoot another client’s technical problems, with computing being another professional focus of mine and computing tasks in general being the reason for the lapse in articles as of late). Moon semisextile Kaali in Aries brings forth even more potential for explosive confrontation, or at least the pot boiling over as it were. Uranus retrograde in Aries opposite 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Libra can also bring about some sudden dissatisfactions and crises in the wee early morning hours, so be careful if you woke up your loved ones by mistake this past night…

Ceres in Scorpio quincunx 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini can bring forward some uncertainties in how we view ourselves in love and with our significant others, or whether we’re ready or ever will be ready for said lovers in the future if we’re single and thinking of looking. It’s true what they say: We’ve got to love ourselves. Can’t hurt, right? Moon sextile 3811 Karma in Capricorn around the same time should bear some reassurance in the back of our minds or in our dream visions.

Moon trine 10961 Buysballot in Scorpio as we continue into the morning may reveal some dream visions in how we may be getting cheated by others, or could be a reassurance that the worst of the cheating is being dealt with as the wheel of karma turns. Pholus in Capricorn semisextile 99942 Apophis suggests that the more intoxicating aspects of our dreams and visions could lead to our downfall, or alternatively, perhaps there’s something that we need to discard to avoid some deleterious effects we’d rather avoid. A little vague, but that’s all I’m getting on this one at the moment.

As we begin to wake up on the West Coast, Uranus Retrograde quincunx 151 Abundantia in Virgo also helps wreak havoc on our insecurities as we may be experiencing some doubts in whether we’ll get by or not. We can. Just try to go with the flow and don’t lose your nerve. Moon semisextile 896 Sphinx in Aquarius very well could lead to us waking up to dream visions revealing answers about our relationships to others in general, or perhaps pose us with a vexing question that will occupy our minds throughout the morning hours.

Venus in Scorpio semisextile Jupiter in Sagittarius points to a decision time or some news tidbit when it comes to how we approach money, relationships, and things we value and how this affects how we see the bigger picture. Are you selling your soul for a buck? Or are you pursuing that which is most meaningful to you and will advance you further?

Now, the workday is beginning and the commute going on, and Neptune conjuncts Moon tightly just in time to really ratchet up the mind gallery. Daydreaming, late dreams, visions, psychic encounters, all of this will be greatly amplified this morning. Moon opposite 8813 Leviathan in Virgo may also bring us a psychic warfare feel to this energy as we undoubtedly will be fighting demons figuratively (or perhaps literally?) as the morning progresses. Moon square Eros retrograde in Gemini also points to some disagreements or dismay when it comes to love, sex, and relationships and our place in them. Perhaps that’s what’s feeding some of our insecurities deep down, perhaps that’s the leviathan for some of us? But don’t despair, as Moon trine Ceres in Scorpio helps give us some reassurance that the homefront is still a sanctuary of sorts, and perhaps a temple of respite. We’ll likely need it.

99942 Apophis in Aquarius semisextile 157 Dejanira in Capricorn… OK, I have a feeling the news cycle today is going to be rather potent with some either playing the victim while they were getting their just desserts, or perhaps we recognize a problem and remove that problem before it actually does make us the victim. Watch your wallets today. Moon semisextile Black Moon Lilith will also bring an air of mystery and uncertainty when it comes to our relationships with our friends and colleagues. Although, this could also lead to a little lunchtime flirtation if the chemistry matches up. 99942 Apophis trine 666 Desdemona in Libra is also acting as a potential bulwark against some unforward shenanigans. Troublemakers very well may be apprehended or foiled before they can even cause mayhem as the morning continues. Leviathan square Eros retrograde? Well, may want to think that lunchtime flirtation through just a bit, as that could be leading us into some murky waters. Watch the insecurities.

As we approach lunchtime on the West Coast of the U.S. we see 258 Tyche in Pisces make a fortunate trine to 19 Fortuna in Scorpio. We could be the recipient of some unexpected good news with that minor asteroid aspect, so count whatever blessings you get around this time!

Pallas in Libra quincunx the Moon in Pisces could throw in some doubts, especially as we may be called upon to be witnesses to something a bit… awkward. We may not even know how to approach situations regarding justice and authority and accounting for our deeds or misdeeds.

As the afternoon unfolds, Moon square 11144 Radiocommunicata in Sagittarius does point to some potentially unpleasant and unwelcome news hitting the airwaves. This is fitting as Venus in Scorpio will conjunct 42355 Typhon exactly and with some of the romantic and lustful scandals going on, we could see some awkward news coming out of Washington D.C. or another major city Friday. 666 Desdemona in Libra squaring 157 Dejanira practically guarantees that we will take the fall if we aren’t careful, so do be careful of the devil in the details! Honestly, I could even see a high-profile resignation happen today that wasn’t planned. Or, could be a security incident as New York City did have not-credible bomb threats the other day. Going to say between Noon to 2PM PST, watch your six a little more closely than usual. A lot more closely, actually. Don’t take unnecessary risks, actually.

Venus quincunx Aries 4955 Gold points to some volatility in the markets’ after-hours trading, I’d say, and some unexpected or unwelcome expenses. Or, maybe a paycheck isn’t as big as we’d like. Not the time to be buying the office a round at happy hour, regrettably. However, buying yourself a drink could be fun (in moderation) with Moon sextile 545 Messalina retrograde. Not saying an after-hours romp could happen, but maybe the seeds could be planted another way. Do be aboveboard, as with 99942 Apophis conjunct 26955 Lie in Libra around the same time, those who deceive to score some ill-gotten gains will be brought to heel very quickly.

Don’t have too many drinks at happy hour, as Moon conjunct 407 Arachne points to feeling ensnared or trapped in some way, could be a DUI checkpoint, or could be you have one too many and have to sober up before going home (Arachne is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, which also rules addictions). Moon trine 7470 Jabberwock in Scorpio around the same time can help us kick some addictions to the curb and help us slay some great demons… or a warning not to become a demon ourselves! Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces during this window of time will also point to a time where emotions will fester and boil up inside, and we need to have some constructive ways of dealing with some issues lest we cause some other type of incident. Take several deep breaths today.

Sun in Sagittarius trine Eris retrograde in Aries can bring a fun sort of harnessing chaos and discord, like say a sudden trip to see a movie. Uranus retrograde opposite 2629 Rudra does warn us against too much chaos, however. Try to maintain a little order as the evening progresses.

Neptune in Pisces square 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini warns us to be careful not to deceive ourselves, especially when it comes to love, sex, and romance. We could even be saved from ourselves as 6583 Destinn conjunct 100 Hekate in Virgo could let us see something we normally would miss, and fated events may intervene around the late hours to prevent us from falling into some dumb trap. Moon semisextile 55 Pandora also helps support this, and gives us a chance to pause and really consider if we’re in tune with ourselves, and if we’re about to open up a Pandora’s box of trouble. Listen to your gut feelings when you find yourselves at that crossroads.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile the Pisces Moon at the same time Moon sextiles Juno retrograde in Taurus can help us consider what we need to change in ourselves to better be in harmony with our loved ones. Perhaps too much time at work or focusing on financial matters? You can change things and perhaps talking thins over with your close partners or friends will help around the late hours. Or perhaps while in bed after all the conversations are finished, sometimes when drifting off to sleep is when those insights come up.

The night finishes with some other tighter aspects as 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Libra semisextiles 100 Hekate and 6583 Destinn in Virgo so don’t take the wrong path at the crossroads, lest you find yourself at the mercy of a merciless tyrant. Moon trine 4179 Toutatis in Scorpio can help us recognize some heavy feelings and allow us to mitigate that. Sun quincunx 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus warns us to be careful lest some narcissistic fool tries to separate us from our hard-earned funds on a foolish escape, and also warns us not to let ourselves be taken advantage of. Venus in Scorpio quincunx 8690 Swindle in Aries, and 19 Fortuna in Scorpio tightly conjunct 114 Kassandra further confirm this. Perhaps not the time to go around kissing frogs, as I doubt there’s a prince to be had this evening.

So Friday is a mixed bag, with the Moon making conjunctions to Neptune and Mars for some steam and psychic fire, and squaring Jupiter definitely warns us to look at the bigger picture when facing some decisions. Probably not the best night to be looking for new romance, and old romances could come back to bite us if we weren’t aboveboard before. Probably also going to see more major news as the day progresses when it comes to previous misdeeds among people in power, so whether you want to gloat with popcorn or say some prayers for these players, that is entirely up to you. It’ll be interesting to watch, either way.

OK, I’m up way too late again. I’ll end here and let you get to it. Peace.