Daily Report – Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Daily Report 2022

High amounts of energy are in the air for this one. Missed the last couple of days as a colleague of mine had some serious technical issues which needed help, as well as other duties that necessitated an all-nighter. And, on a personal note, have to restart a particular part of another project from scratch as I do not believe it can be completed. Yeah, the alignments are kinda like that right now (and my chart personally is getting hammered.) Enough about me. What craziness does Tuesday have?

The day starts with Pluto in Capricorn sextile 7470 Jabberwock in Scorpio, giving us some sense of balance and ability to slay a demon so to speak. It’s about that time where I decided that I have to restart a critical part of a project from scratch right now, so this definitely fits. 829 Academia in Scorpio semisextile 564 Dudu in Libra also helps in that this triggers a review of what we know, what did we find to be a bunch of crap, and what do we have to throw out? Pluto-Jabberwock fits this pretty neatly. Sagittarius Jupiter trine 4955 Gold in Aries does also give a little bit of a fortunate edge about the same time, and perhaps we have a bit of insulation from malefactors when it comes to our professions, our resources. Basically, a little bit of divine insight as to what we need to do to move forward comes to mind. 875 Nymphe in Libra semisextile Academia (so Nymphe conjuncts Dudu too),, well, this is where we consider our baser impulses just a bit. There could be some BS-ing going on when it comes to romance and affections, or perhaps just our more carnal drives. Chiron in Pisces quincunx 16089 Lamb in Leo also warns us to be wary of those who would lead us to our slaughter. To be honest, it could even be ourselves leading ourselves to our slaughter, though Pisces’ murky, deep emotional vibes color Chiron and this is, frankly, a time we need to check ourselves and make sure we don’t sacrifice ourselves in some majorly painful manner. Yes, thoughts of giving up do come to mind (and yes, I have been hit by those recently with recent developments, yet… don’t give your naysayers the satisfaction. I won’t.)

The dark night continues with some lunar action here. Moon is going to cross over into Taurus from Aries, so our feelings will shift from what we need to do, our action, our selves, and now it’s going to drift into thoughts about our security, our money, finances, that sort of thing. For a little bit yet, Moon is still in Aries as these next couple exact hits happen: Moon opposite Nymphe/Dudu, quincunx Academia, and also quincunx 100 Hekate in Virgo for a brief Yod Kite. OK, so the overall emotions are heightened in that we are at a major crossroads in what to do with ourselves and what we’ve learned, and distractions from baser desires and from just a plain lot of garbage are basically pinging us, pinging us, and driving us mad. Lunacy, and we’re a couple days away from a Full Moon!

A little later on, 3412 Kafka in Aries quincunxes 15845 Bambi in Scorpio to really show us that we need to be on the lookout and not let ourselves be victimized. Or rather, not let ourselves be prey. Moon quincunx 151 Abundantia in late Virgo, and 6583 Destinn and 763 Cupido in early Libra (off-sign conjunction for those three) as the Moon shifts from Aries to Taurus is just a mess of contradictions and a feeling that our sense of abundance is going through some rather, ahem, Kafkaesque destiny point. Sag Jupiter opposite Nemesis retrograde in Gemini is a bit of a higher wake-up call to us to not make ourselves our own worst enemies, and that is incredibly easy to do right now. As this continues, Pholus in Capricorn trine the Taurus Moon does give us a little clarity and some insulation from intoxicants, and some of us probably didn’t feel like drinking before the night hours, as one example. 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus semisextile Eris retrograde in Aries (always in Aries…) focuses us on the chaos that is being driven by our own sense of worth. Narcissus retrograde could be pointing to some people feeling that their self-worth is not much right now, maybe even feelings of worthlessness. Do not give in, this will pass! Moon opposite 9951 Tyrannosaurus further bolsters the notion that we are fighting monsters right now. Most of us probably are, monsters that probably should have been long dead like the actual T-Rex. If we keep our wits about us, we may find that the monsters we fight probably have short arms, just like a T-Rex too.

Later in the wee early morning hours, Neptune in Pisces trine 10961 Buysballot in Scorpio brings revelations about where we may be being deceived, and the goods stolen from us, as it were. Review your dreams from the overnight hours and see what all you remember, as the dream visions will be quite telling, I feel. Moon opposite 2629 Rudra in Scorpio and quincunx 666 Desdemona in Libra warns us to be quite alert for those who would torment us for over this present morning (at least in North America).

As the sun gets closer to rising, Moon trine 157 Dejanira in Capricorn might insulate us a little from some of the feelings of victimization we’ve been feeling lately. 4955 Gold sextile 128 Nemesis retrograde also helps smooth over the thoughts of self-sabotage and let’s us briefly feel that we can hold our own against our adversaries. Now, a major one. Sun, itself crossing Galactic Center today, quincunx Sedna retrograde on Algol. We need to pay special attention and ensure that we are not being betrayed, that we are not betraying ourselves, and that we keep. Our. Head. ON. Lots going on and it’s easy to lose your cool. Mercury in Sagittarius trine Kafka while also semisextiling Bambi might yield messages or insights as to how to better advance ourselves and not fall prey to malicious actors. And definitely pay attention to your gut for deceptions when Moon squares 26955 Lie in Aquarius. A friend may feel the need to deceive you to save their own ass this morning. Call them out on it or don’t, but do remember every story has two sides.

Moon semisextile Lucifer in Aries may fill some with a greater sense of self-importance, or even more so, bolstered egos, especially if things are going well for them materially. Temper the urge to brag.

As the workday gets underway, Pallas in Libra quincunx 545 Messalina retrograde in Taurus… This could be something news-related about scandals, particularly sex scandals. 666 Desdemona semisextile Rudra soon after definitely states that the devil is in the details, and I have a feeling press conferences today could be a bit awkward with revelations. Remember, sign away your soul, and the price is too damn high in the end.

Later on in the morning, Academia sextile Hekate could lead to some breakthroughs in discoveries. Moon conjunct Silver retrograde in Taurus will also have our emotions thinking about our net worth and possessions and money, or rather the lack some of us have in that department. Dudu semisextile Hekate also warns us that there could be some deceptions in our decision-making process, so be on the lookout and try not to deceive yourselves too.

As the afternoon commences, Moon square 99942 Apophis in Aquarius rears its ugly head. In fact, we have a T-Square forming, with Moon opposite Bambi in Scorpio, apexing Apophis in Aquarius and this is a particularly dangerous moment. We could be getting some news or some feelings that could have some of us freeze like a deer in headlights. Try to keep a level head and keep tabs on your immediate surroundings. Rage-outs could also happen around this time. Moon semisextile 3412 Kafka could also enhance this slightly. Black Moon Lilith conjunct 896 Sphinx in Aquarius points to a time of deep occult wisdom and knowledge if you are so inclined, and the mysteries are likely to manifest themselves all around at this time. There could be the danger of a ritualistic event or otherworldly influence that wreaks havoc. Do be careful. Apophis sextile Kafka suggests a sort of guided hand to whatever destructive influence is going on (and could mitigate it somewhat). Moon quincunx Mercury and 149 Medusa in Sagittarius also leads to some awkward conversations or some uneasy discussions around the lunch hour on the West Coast as well. Possible deceptions and betrayals as well, could even be another person in an inner circle could flip on others and betray them. Pholus in Capricorn square 763 Cupido in Libra suggests some indiscretions could come back to haunt people around this time too, or there is the risk of unwanted advances, so keep your shields up. Juno retrograde in Taurus opposite Jabberwock in Scorpio supports this chain of thought as well, and this could lead to some rough home front issues rearing their head. Misbehaving children is another possibility. Moon sextile Nessus in Pisces might smooth over the worst of the impulses and obsessions around this time, or maybe just slightly dampen the damage going on.

…I have a feeling there’s going to be some press or news announcement that ties into that entire previous passage. Could affect the markets.

As the afternoon progresses, Moon opposite 19 Fortuna and 114 Kassandra in Scorpio… Uh oh. Something tells me there’s some sort of monetary warnings unheeded that will come to pass. Moon sextile 258 Tyche around the same time could mitigate this slightly, but do brace for impact and don’t splurge today.

Nymphe semesextile Hekate in late afternoon does point to some other decisions to be made regarding carnal desires. Sun conjunct Ixion, both on Galactic Center… again, this warns us to watch for betrayals. Vesta in Aquarius apexes a T-Square between Moon in Taurus opposing 12927 Pinocchio and 42355 Typhon… OK, seriously, for all the deception aspects I’m seeing here, someone is going to be called out on their bullshit today, and it’s going to have a major ripple effect. That’s what I’m seeing here. Be aboveboard and don’t bullshit people today, it will not end well. Especially not today.

As the evening gets started, Moon semisextile Nemesis retrograde could again have us feeling that we’re not doing enough to get past some serious issues. Try to take it in stride. 8813 Leviathan sextile 10961 Buysballot could bring some deceptions to light as well, or at the very least give us an inkling that something’s going on beneath the surface we need to watch out for in our dealings with others. Moon semisextile 4955 Gold and quincunx Jupiter definitely points to some uncertainties when it comes to our luck, our money, anything involving good fortune is going to be scrutinized now. Sun hits Galactic Center exact around 6:34PM PDT and before and after we can expect some fireworks with this, as things are going to be amplified for the next day or so with this aspect. Sun quincunx North Node in Cancer will also be ratcheting up the emotional spectrum in the evening when this goes exact as well. Moon semisextile 8690 Swindle in Aries again warns us to watch out for bullshitters. Saturn in Capricorn trine Moon in Taurus does give us some ability to focus on tasks at hand and can help us get past some hurdles. Or, at the very least, we’ll know things have to get done and we’ll be better able to gird ourselves to get the work done.

Once we hit the nighttime, Moon square 1388 Aphrodite could spell trouble in paradise. 42355 Typhon exact conjunct 12927 Pinocchio at the same time, and with 4386 Lust in Libra quincunx 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus around then too, this may not be the best time to let suitors approach you as most likely their intentions are likely to be beset with ulterior motives. Even the most well-meaning person likely will have a hidden agenda of some kind. Be on guard. Moon semisextile Kaali in Aries amplifies the emotional thunder, so do be careful.

This would be a good time to warn you that Venus in Scorpio opposite Moon will also be ramping up these feelings and discord when it comes to love, relationships, sex, and money later tonight as well. Deception aspects with the asteroids, and this on top of it… A good night to just keep to yourself and not make waves, I think. You could stand to get some major project work done, but don’t be surprised if you miss a detail somewhere as your mind likely won’t be all into it. Good thing about Moon oppositions like this is: they’re short-lived. Tomorrow should be better.

We end the night with Lust opposing Eris retrograde, Mercury/Medusa square Nessus, and yeah, look I’m just going to say that there’s going to be relationship/sexual/emotional drama and likely some fights breaking out as the whole evening just looks… yeah. Think twice or three times before you go off on a major social media rant. That goes for everyone. Everyone. And yet some of us will likely rant up a storm anyways.

In closing, Tuesday is a colossal cluster-rhymes-with-duck. Don’t expect to win the jackpot today, batten the hatches, and absolutely keep in mind your self-worth, sanity, and most of all, self-preservation. Now, some people might just have a better day depending on their own individual placements, but globally, this is looking like a train wreck. I’m not going to sugarcoat it.

Tomorrow, let’s hope things are a little less crazy. Peace out and stay safe and sane everyone.